Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I've survived damn near everything!

So I was laying in bed last night thinking how I could make things better for women in this country(Just kidding, that's for you Anthony Brown haha). For real though, one of my homeboy's (thanks JT) got me a card for my B-day yesterday. It said,"For your birthday here's a badge you've earned the right to wear", then it had a button on the inside that said, "I've survived damn near everything" on it. That was the most perfect thing I thought. I wouldn't even be able to count all the times I've almost died, been severely hurt or ruined my life, over the years, particularly back when I was partying. I was talking with a friend about that the other day and they said that I must have an angel looking out for me. I said I think I got about 30 and they're all putting in over time on weekends and holidays ha. When I was younger I never thought I'd make it to the year 2000, I don't know why but it was just a feeling I always had. Ironic thing is that I was about half a second away from actually getting killed about an hour before New Years, but that's another story. At that time I was definitely on the path to never seeing the new millennium. Fortunately I was blessed with a lot of really great friends and family who helped me get through everything and luckily I found my calling in life (fighting). I'm extremely blessed to be alive and extremely blessed to have all of you in my life. I'm thankful everyday, all day, for the things I have. One of my friends is going through some shitty times right now. I just had to tell her that even shit can taste good if you realize that it may be your last meal. What I meant was that we never know which day is our last and when you look back over your life you realize that all the shitty times as well as the great times is what made you who you are. So appreciate the shit cause without it you never know where you'd be! Take care of yourselves everyone. Love yourselves and especially each other because just as it could be your last day it could be the person right next to you's as well. Life is not something we get to try at, it's one shot, make it a good one no matter what. APPRECIATE THE SHIT!

-The end

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  1. Well said, and it's nice to know I'm not the only one that survived damn near everything, LOL! To survival, and all the shit that comes with it! :)