Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I was laying in bed last night trying to fall asleep(which hardly wworks cause I have insomnia) and I had a kind of vision. I remembered one of those cell phone commercials where you see the 2 people talking and they both have counters over there heads counting down there minutes right. Each guys was different because of there different wireles plans. So then I started thinking about how we all only have a certain ammount of time on this earth. We all have a number and it's constantly counting down. Nobody knows what that number is, it could be 10 years or 10 minutes. So I was thinking, what if everyone had a counter over there head that showed exactly how much time they had left before they died. How would that change your life. Think about every time you see or talk to your family, freinds or loved ones, or just some random person. Would it change the way you act toward them. Would it change the way you go bout your life. And what if you looke in the mirror and saw your own clock ticking down. You saw the minutes, seconds and milliseconds racing away. How would you live your life. What would you change, what would you do differently. Knowing exactly how much time you and everyone around you had on this earth. Well we don't have couners but you never know. It could over be over in an instant. The next time you see someone could be the last. The next time you do something could be the last. I'm not saying this to depress everyone. I'm saying it because I get sick of all the bullshit. All the bullshit that people do to eachother(including myself). Especially all the stupid little things that cause the biggest problems that don't mean everything. Appreciate your life people and the lives of others. There time could be a lot shorter than you think. We all want to beleive that we will die of old age in our beds, but we wont. Appreciate what you have while you have it. Especially the people in your life that you care about. Everytime there's a dissaster or something horrible happens, everyone gets together and starts to appreciate there lives and the peole around them. It shows them how precious life is. Unfortunately that only lasts for about a day and we are all back on our usual bullshit. Don't wait for something bad to happen, just appreciate it now. And appreciate the good and the bad. Because without the bad, how would you even know what the good is.

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  1. Amazing post, and great insight. It's always sad to see the way people treat one another, and we're all guilty of hurting someone at some stage in our lives.

    Something that always gets to me, is when people give all their time and attention to worthy causes, but neglect those closest to them. Charity is a good thing, but instead of trying to be a "hero" to others, FIRST start by being a "hero" to those you love. Those are the people you're going to miss the most when they're gone.

    Well said Kevin.