Thursday, March 5, 2009

Title defense in Mexico

Here's is an article written for (translated for me by the author) about my title defense in Guadalajara as well as the video. I hope you enjoy it!

The seventh fight was more than stellar, more than was one of those unique and unrepeatable experiences for those of us who had the fortune of attending this event.

The fight for the international FIDAM welterweight title. The environment was electrifying previous to the encounter anxiously waited for and it didn't disapoint at all...on the contrary it exceeded by much any expectation and forecast without a doubt and it raised the bar on how a muay thai combat should be.

In the red corner RODLFO ARCE from Sityodtong Mexico with his trainer Carlos Navarro facing their biggest challenge to date in the blue corner: KEVIN ROSS comming from Las Vegas, Nevada and famous fighter from the world renowned school of Master Toddy, having in his corner the experienced Mark "the Hyena" Beecher. The stage was Set, players in place and the vibe got intense. Mr. Marco Tulio, official announcer of the nite, presented both fighters to the fans and the wai kru/ram muay music started. In the ring as well, one of the best referees in the country Pedro Joya from Lanna Muay thai in puerto vallarta was ready. Rodo opts no to do the ritual dance while Kevin performs a beautiful Ram Muay that amazes everyone. The ref. gives both fighters some indications. The staredown is very intense between the fighters and the energy is out of this world. The start of the first round is announced. Kevin starts the agressions but Rodo is not stepping back starts throwing hard jabs and lowkicks, Kevin answers with kicks of his own and they exchange combos, very close first round that Kevin seems to have a slight advantage but its minimal.

In the second round both fighters start agressive but sort of getting in a chess game of sorts where both fighter's techniques expect a mistake on their counterparts to capitalize on that. At the end of the round Rodo connects a couple of punches after the bell , reason enough why Pedro Joya instructs the Judges to deduct one point from Arce. Kevin winning the round. Without the deduction it could have been a tie in this round.

In the 3rd. Rodo comes out positive and connects with excellent technique in his punching and kicking, after a flurry of punches and elbows manages to cut Kevin Ross in the left part of his head at the end Rodo winning this round.

In the 4th. Rodo comes out again looking to impose the same pace he pushed in the third but Kevin breaks his rythm and imposes his own pace nullifying Rodo's agression and connecting with excellent boxing and knee techniques, trying various types of elbow techniques to see Rodo blocking some of them, Kevin throws a spinning elbow that is blocked by Arce , great work by Arce but the kudos are for Kevin for being the smarter and sharper fighter in this round , being victorious in the 4th.

The 5th. and last round starts and both fighters hug , separate and start to fight. Kevin takes control of this round trying various techniques including his trademark right highkick (the one he used vs. Dumaine) but Rodo showing skill and courage tries to march forward and connects some hits on Kevin which he answers with more techniue and vicious body punches and elbows, Kevin seems fresh in the end and controls the round, but Rodo never stops comming forward.
From Beggining to end a fight full of action where the agression was never one way traffic.
At the end there was a mistake announcing the scores but more or less (if the result was announced thai style) the scores would have been 49-47 on the 3 judges for the winner by unanimous decision and still welterweight champion by FIDAM:

One of the most exciting fights we've seen this far reminiscing thos classic thrillers by Bovy Sor Udomsom , Sakmonkon Sitchuchoke or Pongsiri "Rambo" por. Rumrudee...that's how good this fight was!!!

Congrats to the current champion Kevin Ross for his kindness, humbleness and sportsmanship but also a lot of respect and recognition for Rodo Arce cause he made a wonderful fight. We are pround not only of the event also the oportunity to witness this combat of epic proportions.Special thanks to the referee of the nite Pedro Joya, Fellow Judges Mr. Pion from Sityodtong Mexico, Vero Gomez from Muay thai Janjira Mexico and my friend and collaborator Jorge "cowboy warrior" Chavez for the excellent pics shown in this report that we hope you like.

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