Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mexico Halloween Fight


So supposedly I'm fighting Dumaine (the guy I won my title in Mexico from) on Halloween. I've yet to have any conformation on this and it's ten days away. I've been feeling so worn out lately and I haven't trained half as hard for this fight as I normally do. I don't know what it is, maybe it's a mental thing. I've had a lot on my mind lately with the way things are going at the gym and all that madness. It just feels like everything has gone downhill over the last few years. I really need to have a sit down with MT and see what his plans are. I've been feeling like a train without a track, like I'm not headed in any real direction. We'll just have to see what happens. This is how I've been feeling in all areas of my life, not only fighting. It's time for me to take control of my life before I end up somewhere that I don't want to be. I really don't want to have to switch to MMA, not because I don't like it but because my passion is Muay Thai and if I'm going to do MMA then I'm going to switch completley over. It's not like we can fight forever so I need to do it now. I've been praying about this a lot, I really need some guidance. I know that God will open doors for me and show me the way but I don't know what that is yet. To top it all off my personal life is a mess. I mean I don't know how I'm supoosed to start a relationship when I'm in love with someone else( I won't go into names). I know that I will always be in love with her but at the same time I don't want to be alone forever (if she never figures things out). At the same time I know the pain that I cause other people when I try and have a relationship with them so why should I even try. I guess the only way I should even consider it is if I feel stronger towards them than I do her, which I really don't ever see happening, or else be alone forever. Well if that's God's will than so be it. All I know is that I can't pretend anymore. I 've just felt so lost and out of place latley. I know that I just need to trust in God and He will see me threw.


So it's been a rough road to get here. Mark and I are at the airport waiting to go to Mexico. We were supposed to leave yesterday but Ulisses called us at noon and said that our flight was leaving at 12:30 and asked if we could make it in time. Are you kidding me? I guess he thought that we were just at the airport waiting with our bags for him to call us and tell us our flight info. I had been trying to get a hold of him all week to get our flights squared away but was never able to. I really need to start pushing myself and getting on the bigger shows, it's time to step this up. If I'm going make something of my fighting career I need to do it now. Last weekend I was in Texas cornering some of my friends who were fighting out there. I didn't get a chance to train for like five days and on top of that I managed to catch a cold. I am feeling much better today thankfully. Ulisses calle dme on Friday and told me that my original opponent got injured and that they were going to have to find me somone else. It really pissed me off because originally he had told me that I was supposed to rematch Dumaine and then when he told me who got hurt it was somone completley different. He told me that he had found me a replacement but that the guy was 156 pounds, 10 pounds over what I was suposed to fight at. No big deal, nothing that I haven't done before. Weight has never been something that concerend me. I mean a fights a fight and I would rather fight someone who outweighs me than not fight at all. I'm not in this to have a perfect record. I'm not in this to boost me ego. I do this because I love to fight, I love to test myself and you don't get that be only taking the safe fights, whatever those are. I just want to put on a good show and fight the way that I know that I can.


Well everything went well. We got to the venue around 8:30 and the fights were supposed to start around 9. When we got there we went downstairs to the dressing rooms and waited. I stretched out for a while and then we found out that I would be fighting 5th. I was happy to not be fighting at the end but there's good and bad parts to that. So I had Mark wrap my hands early just to get it out of the way so that I could jsut relax. I was feeling really good, less nervous than normal which is basically no nerves whatsoever. What's funny is that this cause me to force myself to get nervous because I feel like I'm not going to have any adrenaline, which has happened before and I do not recomend it. Finally the fights start around 10:30. Tito fought 2nd so I was able to watch. His opponent was extremly slippery on the ground and he could never get a good hold of him. He eneded up loosing a decision but it was a very entertaining fight. After that I started warming up with Mark. This was extremly difficult seeing as how the floor was so wet that it felt as if we were on a slip and slide, which is always how it is. I tried to throw a few kicks but almost ate it so I decided to jsut warm up with boxing. I was feeling great and my hand was actually feeling pretty good, for once. Finally it was time for me to go out, I was feeling so calm. I walked to the ring, jumped over the ropes and waited for my opponent to come out. Finally he comes to the ring, he was deffinitley a lot bigger than me and I really doubt that he was only 156. As he jumps over the ropes he does the Van Damme splits on the floor, which got a huge reaction from the crowd. I had to just laugh to myself because it was the funniest thing that I have ever seen. We both did our Ram Muays and after I had finished mine I waited in my corner. So he ends up doing the really long one with the bird and all of that. He starts to get to the end and does the thing where you look like you are shooting a bow and arrow at your opponent. People often do this to get in their opponents head. Well I wasn't obout to let him think that he got in mine. So as he mimics shooting the arrow I pretend to catch it and then snap it in half over my knee, the crowd goes crazy. He then shoots another one which I dodge and shake my head as if to say 'you missed', I could see that this really messed with his head. Here he is knowing that he's a lot bigger than me and he's trying to drive the point in and then all of a sudden he realizes that I'm not a pushover. I could see his energy drain from his body. I thought to myself ' you got no idea what you have gotten yourself into buddy'. So I come out the first round exactly as I had planned. I knew that he was bigger so I wanted to jsut counter fight and let him wear himself out. Everything that he threw at me I could see comming from miles away as if he had mailed them. The more I did this the harder he tried to hit me which made it even easier to see. He was deffiniltey trying to knock my head off and even though I was blocking them I could deffinitley feel the size difference. Every time he would try and kick me I would teep his leg, which is really hard to time and to do in a fight. I had never tried it before other than in sparring and it was really frustrating him. I could hear Mark cracking up in the corner everytime that I did it and it was really hard for me not to laugh. I knew that I could probably go in and finish him off but I also had learned my lesson fighting Holst about the weight difference. I knew that if I was careless and he caught me with one of the haymakers that he was thowing I could be out. The 2nd round started and I picked it up a little really laying into my leg kicks and putting my punches together. I could see that the leg kicks were really bothering him and everytime I would block his he would wince in pain. I was still neverous about my right hand so I never really let it go with any power. I did the flying swithc knee(which Zambidis does a lot) and it clipped him right on the chin. He went down in a heep. I was so suprised when he got up, I thought for sure that he would be out. Right after he got up the bell sounded. Going into the 3rd I knew that I would finish him off, it was only a matte rof time. We had a quick exchange in the corner and then all of a sudden he waves his hands and says 'no mas'. I couldn't believe it. He was limping really bad and I wasn't sure if he quit because of his leg or if he jsut didn't want to het layed out in front of his hometown or what. I wasn't to terribly please with this one allthough I was happy to come out with a win. For some reason I just felt empty. I mean it's always nice to make somone quit because anyone can get knocked out but making somone quit takes some skill. The crowd seemed to really love it so that made me happy. I love the fans in Mexico, they are so gracious. We didn't end up getting out of there until like 2:30 so we just went back to the hotel and passed out.


So once again we got trapped in Mexico. Saturday night was Tito's sisters birthday and they rented this huge double decker bus for the part. We all met up at this restaurant, there was probably about 50 people there. We started drinking a little and Tito said that the bus would be there soon. I still wasn't sure exactly what was going on or where it was that we were going. I did know that our flight left at 9AM the next day and I know how we always party out here, I had my doubts about us making it. So finally the bus gets there, it was like one of those double deckers they have for site seeing where the whole top is open. We drove around the city on this thing for like an hour and let me tell you it wasn't exactly the safest thing in the world. I mean there's no way that this would fly back in the states. We were ducking trees and power lines the entire time. I got smashed in the face with a tree limp that almost took my head off. After the trip around the city they dropped us off at a club called 'The Lobby'. We partied there for a few hours. Tito was telling me about how there was these Mexican mafia guys going around throwing grenades into clubs, this made me feel really safe :) I don't really remember a lot of it but as usual I was dancing my booty off and somehow ended up on top of this huge platform with the owner of the club and like 10 of these really beautiful women, it was good times. But once again we missed our flight, of course. Tito came by around 3 in the afternoon and took us over to his moms house. I was feeling horrible, not as bad as last time but pretty damn close. Tito was telling me that for some reason when I get drunk that I can speak Spanish really well. I could barely keep my eyes open at his moms because I felt so sick. They let me lay down on her couch for about an hour. After that I was feeling much better. She lived in this really cool neighborhood, if that's what you want to call it. When we first walked up the entrance was like an apartments where you have to rind a bell to have somone buzz you in. But when you enter the whole thing is open with like 8 houses all in this courtyard, it was the coolest place that I had ever seen. After we left we went to meet Ulisses at The Diablitas, the place where we always party. It was the last place that I wanted to be, I just wanted to get home. When we got there he was hanging out with Jesus drinking. All I wanted to do was find out when we were going to get a flight home and get out of there. We ended up just hanging out and eating for liek 3 hours, which did make me feel much better. Finally he took us back to our hotel and told us that he would get our flights changed and get me payed the next day. He told us that he would pick us up around 11AM but I know him and we probably wouldn't be leaving for another day or two. So around 2PM the next day he calls us and says that he's on his way. He picks us up and tells us that there's no flights to Vegas until the next day, typical. He says that he'll take us to lunch and get me my money. So once again we end up at The Diablitas but this time they were closed and we end up having to hang out there for like na hour waiting for him to take care of some 'business'. Mark and I are totally convinced he's a drug dealer, maybe :) So eventually we end up leaving and going to lunch. So then we go to another place and I find out that he has a check and he is having trouble cashing it. Finally he takes us back to the hotel and says that he'll work on getting me my money. At this point I don't even care and just want to go home. I know that he will get it to me eventually so I wasn't really worried. He told us our flight was at 6AM and said that he would make sure we had a ride. Around midnight I sent him a text to see who would be picking us up. He writes back 'the shuttle will be there, hahaha', this did not leave me confident that we would be at the airport in time. I couldn't sleep the whole night. I sent him another text at 6 and he said that he was on his way. So he picks us up and says that he has good and bad news. So I ask for the bad first. He says that he couldn't get the check cashed but that the banks open at 9 so he will wire me the money. I know that he's good for it and he said that he will be coming to Vegas soon so he can always just bring it to me. He ends up giving me like 200$ in cash to hold me over and then drops us off. So now we're just waiting to finally go home. Things really need to change!
Here's the footage from the fight. It's missing some of it and it isn't that good of a quality but you get the idea.

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