Sunday, April 25, 2010


Sitting at LAX waiting for my flight to Tokyo then on to Thailand, why don’t they have WIFI in here, LAME haha! So I’ve been planning on going back to Thailand for a while now, just haven’t had a chance because I’ve been fighting so much. Finally there’s a lull in the action so I decided to go. Took me a while to narrow down which camp I’m going to. I wanted to go back to Sasiprapa again just because I know the owner and they took real good care of me last time. But at the same time I wanted to go somewhere new. Popejoy let me know about Sangtiennoi’s camp which I really wanted to go and the WBC guys put me in touch with Sitsongpeenong, where Kem and Sittichai (the #2 guy in my weight class) are from. I ended up going with Sitsongpeenong just because both camps were about the same price but this one will probably be a little better for my career just because of their connection with the WBC and hopefully I will get a chance to train with Sittichai. Feels like I haven’t trained in a year. I mean I have been training my ass off at home with everyone but I haven’t had that real traditional Thai training in a long time. Hopefully if all goes well I will be heading back every two months or so over the next year. I might be fighting in a 16 man tournament in Thailand in August, supposed to meet with the guy while I’m over there to sign the contract so we will see. Gonna be there for six weeks, I had wanted to go for three months but I had to get back for the fights at the end of June in LA. My flight from Vegas to LA was on the smallest freaking plane I’ve ever been on (other than the one I flew over the grand canyon in). It was only two seats on either side of the isle. When I got on the plane I was like ‘what the hell’. I thought it was going to be one of the roughest flights I ever had. Usually the smaller the aircraft is the bumpier the ride is. Thankfully it was actually a really nice flight. So now I’m just sitting here waiting for about four more hours till my flight leaves, good times!
-Got about four more hours until we get to Tokyo then I think it’s like a 6 or 7 hour flight to Bangkok, I arrive at midnight. Probably not going to train in the morning session but who knows. So I was happy to see that the plane was one of the huge jumbo jets, they always seem to be smoother the larger they are. I remember last time I flew home from Thailand it was on one of those small ass planes like you would fly from Vegas to LA in. It was one of the worst flights that I have ever been on, bumpy the entire 18 hours, I don’t even know how that little ass plane held enough fuel to get us back, not to mention that I was coming down with a horrible cold and it got worse every hour. So getting onto this huge plane I felt relieved but of course, I was wrong. It was bumpy too, not to bad but enough. And the whole reason that I chose delta was because it said that they had the personal TV’s in each seat, yet this one doesn’t, oh well. I got plenty of games and movies on my iPod to keep me busy. So I get on and get comfortable in my seat waiting for everyone else to board the plane. As it’s filling up I’m noticing that no one is sitting next to me. Is it possible that I could get this whole row to myself? I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Just as it seemed like no one was this Asian couple comes by and puts their stuff in the overhead,’oh well I thought’, but then they sat in the seats in front of me. Just after that the captain gets on the intercom and says that they have closed the doors and we will be taking off soon. I couldn’t believe it. So I got settled in and we take off. I’m so exhausted from only getting a few hours of sleep last night, so I can’t wait till we get high enough where they turn off the seatbelt sign and I can sprawl out across the whole row. Finally we get there and I get nice and comfortable, just then the captain gets on and says that we’re gonna have some turbulence so he’s gotta have us buckle up, damn! I figured that it wouldn’t be too bad or last that long, I was wrong. It was really bad; I couldn’t imagine how much worse it would have been if we were in a smaller plan. Not only that, it lasted forever. Every time it would smooth out and it seemed we were in the clear it would start up again. Eventually it did stop and I was able to lay down and pass out. The captain said that the rest of the flight should be pretty smooth. Felt so good to lay down and rest, felt as if I’d start to hallucinate if I didn’t sleep soon. I ended up passing out for about 6 hours, probably could have slept longer but I’m trying to adjust myself to Thai time, it’s like 11am there right now. So my mom’s pretty freaked out about me going over there. They have had all these protests going on, which apparently happen almost every year, but this year it got outa control and a bunch of people were killed and injured. On top of that the news is blowing everything up so it looks a lot worse than it really is so she has been really worried. I’d go regardless but I hit up a few people that I know in Bangkok asking them what the real story was. They told me that it isn’t as bad as the media is making it out to be and 99% of the time the protests aren’t violent. You want to try and avoid where they are because it can get outa hand quickly but it’s not as if they are just running through the street shooting people. Besides, I’m not planning on going anywhere other than being at the camp training. I’m really looking forward to this. Almost feels as if I’m going home. Thailand is my Disney Land, a place where the sport that I love and have given my life to is from. How could you not love it there? I really hope that I can get a fight at Lumpini, which would be so amazing.

-Well other than the turbulence that flight wasn’t too bad. I had no idea when we were going to land so when we did it freaked me out. It was pouring rain in Tokyo, probably why it was so bumpy. So I go to my gate where my flight to Bangkok will be leaving from. Had about an hour so I go down to this lounge area that had internet access. It was only 6$ for 24 hours even though I would only use it for 30 minutes. So I got on and let everyone know where I was and that I was safe. Figured that I would head to the gate about 30 minutes before it left. So about 5 minutes before I was going to head over there I vaguely hear on the intercom that it’s last call for my flight. ‘Oh crap’ I thought, gathered all my stuff together as quickly as I could then ran to the gate. I was the last one there but luckily there were a few others in line so I wasn’t holding them up. This plane is a little smaller than the last one and I didn’t get my own row. It’s only like a 7 hour flight so that’s not too bad. The one good thing is this flight does have the personal TV’s. Can’t wait to get there. I really want to train in the morning but I think that I will just be too exhausted, at least for the morning session.
Well the flight over wasn’t too bad, I was pretty much passed out most of the time. It was bumpy as hell though, which is never fun. Two guys and the wife of the owner picked me up from the airport. They are really nice and speak pretty good English. The wife told me that Sittichai’s fight got cancelled because the promoter was being cheap, guess everyone has to deal with that. So hopefully he’ll be here to train with. Kem is still fighting though but they said that he would be back on Tuesday. The camp was only about 20 minutes from the airport. It is really nice and I haven’t even seen all of it yet. It’s like their own little compound. I guess there’s a big park across the way where everyone goes and runs in the morning. I wasn’t going to train because we didn’t get in until like 1 but I don’t wana waste any of the time that I have here. It’s 6am and I’m just waiting for them to come and get me for the run, can’t wait. It’s always interesting to see where God takes me. They have WIFI here which is nice but I’m going to try and stay as unplugged as possible. In a way it’s nice because I can keep in touch with everyone but at the same time it’s nice to be disconnected for a minute.
-Well they never came and got me. 6 came and went, figured they were on Thai time and would get me eventually. 6:30 then 7, still no one, ok, they ain’t coming. I tried to figure out what I should do. Should I just go out there and run or should I just rest. Part of me wanted to start training but at the same time I knew how exhausted I was and how much training would be coming. I figured that they would come and get me eventually, last thing I wanted to do was completely miss the morning session. Oh well, I just lay down and rested. Eventually I heard them upstairs hitting pads and stuff. It was killing me, I was dying to train. I didn’t want to just go up there, didn’t know if they would know who I was or if any of them spoke any English or what. Finally around 7:30 someone came and got me. They got a sick gym here, two rings side by side, bunch of bags, a few weights. It’s covered but open so you get the nice air coming in. Most of the Thai’s were young, bout 14 or 15, then there’s Sittichai, Brett and Ben from Australia. One of the trainers calls me over, his name is Lamb, and tells me to ‘shadow’. As I’m warming up he’s asking me about how many fights I have and stuff like that, speaks decent English. Do about a round of that, there 4 minutes which is so much nicer than 10, then get some gloves on and hit pads with him. He tells me to go easy today and build up, thank goodness. Its freakn hot as hell and humid, I was dying. The trainers seemed impressed enough, which was nice, and told me that I should fight soon. Tim (the owner) should be back in the next few days so I will talk to him about it. After that he had me do some clinching with Sittichai, I was surprised at how big he was. Bout as tall as me with enormous legs, of course. He’s really strong and my neck was killing me, I just was feeling really worn out. He kept trying to dump me but couldn’t. Finally I decide to try and dump him and ended up slamming him on the ground, I don’t think that he was too happy about it and kept trying to get me back. The trainers were bagging on him about it. Ended up dumping him again and he still wasn’t able to, felt pretty good. I just couldn’t keep my neck up, sucked. We did about 3 rounds and the trainer told me enough for today. I stretched out a bit then went to my room and showered. Went to the dining area, which is really nice, and had some bomb ass food. Talked to Brett for a bit, cool guy, told me he just fought at Lumpini, and had the huge gash to prove it, he’s here for 3 months. I gota crash out then train again at 3:30, my neck’s gona be sore.
-Just got done with my first day and I’m freakn dead, it was great though. Tried to get some rest after the morning session but I wasn’t able to fall asleep. Went up to the gym at 3:30 and the trainer told me to skip for 20 minutes. Had to use them big ass Thai jump ropes, sucked cause my body was so exhausted. At first I didn’t think that I would be able to get through it, just took it a minute at a time. After that I shadow boxed for a few rounds then hit pads, felt so worn out, still tired from the travel and getting used to the climate. Tim came in and I talked to him for a little bit about getting me a fight. He was with the owner of Jockey gym and they asked if I wanted to fight next weekend in Cambodia, ‘why not’. They took a few picks and asked what weight I would want to fight at. Told them 145 just cause it’s only a week away and I don’t feel like cutting too much weight, especially since the weigh ins are the day of. Only thing that sucks is they won’t pay for a trainer to go with me and none of them speak English. Gonna talk to Tim about it more tomorrow. After that I hit the bag for a few rounds then clinched with Sittichai again, freakn neck was killing me. He dumped me once but I got him back good. Think we went for about half an hour, finished up with a bunch of knees on the bag and some sit ups then stretched out. My body is so tired! Grabbed a nice cold shower afterwards, felt like staying in there forever. Got a ride over to the bank so I could change my money over. Came back and had some bomb ass diner. Hopefully I will get some good sleep tonight, gota go on the run in the morning, and we’ll see how that goes.
Brett and I went on a nice 5 mile run, probably closer to 6, this morning. There’s this beautiful park across the street near the gym, it has this gorgeous lake surrounded by lots of trees and nature. There are so many people out exercising at 6 in the morning, it’s great. The weather is overcast today so it’s nice and cool. My right calf is feeling really tight. Got back and stretched out a bit and then did three rounds of pads with Lamb. Felt ok but my legs were shot. Did a few rounds on the bag then Brett and I sparred for three rounds. It was good technical sparring, which is a nice change. Did 100 knees on the bag and 50 kicks, both legs. Did some sit ups then stretched out. The trainer wants me to go running in the morning(Sunday) then do some sit ups and stuff, it’ll be good, keep my weight down. Gotta talk to Tim about the fight and see if I can get a trainer to go with me, I ain’t gona go if it’s alone. Gona try and get some rest.
-Two days down, my calves are killing me. Feel like I’ve done more Muay Thai in the past two days than I have in the past year. Training was good tonight although my calves really made it hard, could barely get through the skipping. Energy felt good hitting pads. Did five Thai and two boxing mitts. Hit the bag a few rounds after then Brett and I clinched for a bit, finished up with one of the trainers and one of the young kids, I was spent. Did 200 knees on the bag, 100 kicks, then sit ups, pull ups and finished by stretching out then a round of shadow with the weights, I just wanted to pass out. I was still full from when Brett and I ate lunch, luckily I didn’t get sick. After I showered up I just lay in bed not wanting to move, finally mustered up enough energy to get changed and go eat, even though I was still full. Brett ended up going out but I was way too tired on top of the fact that I have to get up and run in the morning. Talked to Tim for a bit while I was eating, told him the situation and he was saying how dodgy the Cambodian promoters can be. I’ve had too many fights where you’re not just fighting the guy in front of you but the ref and the judges as well. That’s the last thing I need right now. He said that he could definitely get me a fight in Pattya in ten days but he’s also trying to get something lined up in Macau. So I told him to cancel the Cambodia one and just get one of those set. So now I’m just sitting here in bed spent, hope my legs feel better in the morning.
So I wake up at 4AM, again, for some reason I wake up at the same time everyday over here. I remember the last two times I was in Thailand I had the same problem. Ben was supposed to go running with me but I waited until 6 and he was nowhere to be found, oh well, just decided to hit the road and get it over with. I could barely walk my calves hurt so badly, I had to try though. So normally the doors to the camp are open in the morning but this time they were shut. So I open up the door and head out, it closes behind me and that’s when I realize that it locks from the inside, hope they’re open by the time I get back or else I’ll be stuck outside. So I start walking, not sure how I’m gonna get through this, it hurt so bad. I force myself to jog, barely, my legs actually started losing up a bit but not much, but when I stopped I could barely move. I thought that I remembered the way that Brett and I ran yesterday but I was wrong. This park is like a freaking labyrinth, I got all twisted around. I just kept running hoping that I would see something that I recognized. I was taking all this cuts threw different parts, not on the road, really having no clue where I was. Finally I popped out at a spot I remembered and finished up. Once I got closer to the gym I started walking, felt like a cripple. Hopefully I can get some Thai oil today.
-I was so exhausted all day, just lay around in bed half asleep, not sure why I can’t actually fall asleep during the day. It’s funny because back home I usually can’t sleep at night but can sleep all through the day but here is the opposite. There were some good fights on TV, which was cool to watch. Got pretty hungry around 2 so I went over to the dining area to get some food, unfortunately the chef wasn’t in and wouldn’t be back until around 4. Went back to my room where luckily I had some protein bars that I had brought from home. Layed back down for a few more hours and then headed back over. They cooked up some bomb fish, it was so good. I always get a little nervous eating fish though, think I’m gonna choke on a bone or something. My calves are still killing me. Once I move around a bit they loosen up but right when I get up I can barely walk. Lounged out for a bit after that and watched some fights and movies. Brett and I rode the bikes over to the market to get some food and stuff, I didn’t get anything but a Vitamilk, wish they had these back home, and some Mentos J Gona crash out soon, hoping my legs will loosen up a bit by morning.
Man, today was rough! Where do I begin? Woke up at 4:30AM, again, couldn’t fall back asleep yet I was so exhausted. My calves were still killing me but they were feeling a little bit better. Talked to Farnam last night, the guy helping me get into that tournament in August, tells me he needs all my fights and stuff that I brought him today. The last thing that I want to do is go all the way across town on my break to meet up with him but if I don’t than I probably won’t be able to fight in this thing, dang. Hopefully I can get Brett to roll with me cause he’s got a cell phone on top of the fact that he seems to know his way around he a little better than me. Finally 6 O’clock rolls around and I go out for the run. Do my best to stretch out but my calves feel like they are going to pop. Brett and Ben are already out front and we head out. Once again it hurts so bad but feels better the more I run and they start to loosen up. So we do the big loop once and the small loop about three times. When we were running the small loop, which circles some water, there were these huge Komodo dragon’s out there, or something like them. It was crazy, they were just chilling. Sure wouldn’t want one of them chasing me. Even though it sucks running this place makes it so much nice, just the atmosphere and being surrounded by people working out, it’s a nice feel. I just wanted to quit after our first lap around the small loop, my legs were just done. I had to just put my mind in a different place and push through it. Finally we finished and headed back to camp. I didn’t know how I was going to make it through training today, my entire body and mind was just gone. Just gota do it I guess. Get upstairs and stretch out and Lamb comes over and says ‘no pads today, just sparring’. Thank goodness, best news I’ve heard. Did a few rounds of ‘shadow’ then Brett and I sparred. He’s really good to work with, good technique and he’s bigger than me so it helps. I could barely get my body moving though, eventually after about three rounds I started getting loose. Brett told me that he was spent too, not sure if it was the weather today or what because it was extra hot. We ended up sparring for almost an hour and then I go on the bag. I’m thinking we are about done but I was wrong, as usual. Lamb calls me over to hit mitts, ‘what the hell’, I was thinking. I thought we weren’t hitting pads today. It was just boxing and I actually felt decent once we started going. He says ‘you can never trust them’, freaking so true. We went for about five rounds , I was totally spent after that but I still had some bag work and exercises to do. All I wanted to do was sleep but I had to eat and then head out. The food was bomb as usual. Brett was going to go with me but he was really tired, I don’t blame him, I was exhausted as well. He let me borrow his phone though which was nice of him. Lamb drove me over to the main street , got me a cab and told them where I needed to go. Farnam told me that it would take about half an hour to 45 minutes depending on the traffic. Ended up taking an hour, traffic was horrible, I was so tired. He told me to meet him in front of Raja, which was about five minutes walking from his camp, so I gave him a call when I got there. So we met up and he told me what was going on with the show and how everything was going to work. He said that the promoters wanted people from counties that bought a lot of their cars, think it’s Isuzu. They said they wanted an American as long as he isn’t black, how messed up is that? So he says that they will decide soon and let me know. Grabbed a cab back after a thanked him. First one wouldn’t take me but I found another one that would. He seemed a little confused although he said that he knew where we were going. He stopped at the UN building, which was right next door, and asked the guard out front where I wanted to go. He spoke good English and it seemed like we got everything communicated, I hoped. So we start going and he’s speaking to me in Thai as if I can understand him. Finally realize he’s talking about soccer cause he keeps saying Liverpool. He then gives me the paper, which is in Thai, and says some more about the team, which I have no idea what it was. It cracked me up. About 45 minutes in he starts talking to himself and looking around as if he’s really confused. Great. He keeps taking all these U turn and scratching his head. Finally it seems as if he has figured it out, although nothing looks familiar to me. We take a turn and then I see the park, thank goodness. He drops me off and I pay him and thank God I made it back, only took an hour and a half. Brett was in the dining room eating, as usual, stopped in and talked to him. He tells me that you really gotta watch out with the cabbies over here because they will pretend that they don’t know where they are going just to get more money out of you. My cabbie actually seemed kinda slow so I think he really was lost. I was so exhausted but the food that he was eating looked so good so I decided to get some before heading to my room. It was just fried rice with chicken but it was so good and there was so much of it. I was only going to eat half of it then see if they had a to-go container or something but I ended up putting it all down. Hopefully I won’t be sick training. I tried to lie down and pass out, not sure if I ever did but when I checked the time it was already 2:58, aw crap. Had to get up and get ready, I was so tired. I had bought some Thai oil earlier so I soaked my legs in it hoping that it would help out a bit, then headed up to the gym. One of the trainers rubbed me down with even more oil and then I jumped rope for 20 minutes. I was barely getting through it, my legs just didn’t want to work. I shadow boxed with weights after that then hit pads with Lamb. There was this guy from North Carolina, Nathan, who was there just watching. I guess he teaches English here and trains on the side a bit. I felt really strong today, other than my legs. I was still stuffed from lunch though so that made it a bit hard to push myself, I gota stop eating so much at lunch time, maybe just an apple or something. About the 5th round my body just quit, I barely made it through. Luckily after that we switched over to mitts and I actually felt pretty good. I hit the bag a few rounds then they told me to clinch. Brett and I went for about half an hour then when I thought that we were done they had me go with Ben. I was just spent but I pushed through it, finally we were done, almost. Finished up with a bunch of kicks, knees and exercises. Stretched out a bit and then I was done. I was so tired, I need to get some electrolyte drinks or something like that. I grabbed a shower, the cold water feels so good, just want to stay in there forever. I had a nice diner, as usual, water just isn’t cutting it anymore. Might run to the market with Ben to get some electrolyte powder. I need to talk to Tim tomorrow and find out what’s up with the fights. Another day down.
Well I managed to sleep till 5 today, which was nice, so exhausted though. Sounded like thunder outside when I woke up, unless if was just someone making a ton of noise upstairs. Get my clothes on and head out for my run. Brett was waiting and Ben came out a few minutes later. Well it was thunder that I was hearing, looked like it was about to rain any minute. All the boys were just running up and down the road in front of the gym. We started running up the street as well and the second we were about 100 feet from the gym it did. Son of a……….well it wasn’t too bad so we kept going, the cold rain actually felt really nice. My legs were shot, could barely move them. We keep running and the rain starts picking it up, all the boys went upstairs and were running laps around the ring, that was the last thing that I wanted to be doing. Soon enough it was really coming down, wouldn’ve just liked to keep running but you are more likely to get sick running in the rain like that, oh well. Headed upstairs and started doing laps around the ring with everyone else. It was horrible, worse than a treadmill. Running in a circle for over an hour, cruel and unusaul punishment, I seriously was considering jumping out the window. Finally the rain let up and we headed back out front to finish up, thank goodness. My legs just felt like dead weight, like I had concrete boots on. Went back upstairs and stretched out then shadow boxed. Did a few round of sparring with Brett and Sittichai. It was cool finally getting to work with him, he had good stiff punches and he’s a southpaw, which is always a pain. Once we started moving around my body loosened up a bit and I was feeling a little better. After that I did about five rounds on the mitts with Lamb and then a little bag work. I thought I was tired yesterday but today I’m just done.
-When we were running the small loops yesterday morning there were all of these huge Kimoda dragons, or something similar, just hanging out around the water. It was quite a sight, just hoped non of them felt like chasing me, so beautiful. I really want to get some photos of this park, just don’t feel like running with my camera. I’ll just have to come over on a Sunday or one of the days after my fight. Ben told me that a bunch of the young kids got ringworm, awesome, just can’t escape this stuff. He hooked me up with some anti bacterial soap, which will hopefully keep me from ‘joining the club’, as he put it. I keep telling myself that I’m not going to eat lunch everyday, cause I get too full for the afternoon training, but I just can’t help it. I get so hungry and then I eat a ton cause it’s so good. I’m gonna have to stop anyways cause Tim got me two fights linned up, both around 140, I’m about 148-150 right now. One is on the 6th in Pattay and the other is at Lumpinee on the 29th, which is supposed to be televised. It has always been one of my biggest dreams to fight there, can’t believe it.
-Ok, change of plans, looks like I’m fighting this Saturday in Cambodia but still on the 29that Lumpinee. Once again I’m not able to sleep during the day, it’s driving me crazy cause I’m so tired. Feels like I got one foot in the grave I’m so spent. Just had to suck it up and go train this afternoon. When I get upstairs Tim’s there and says that he talked to the guy about the Cambodia fight, whom he trusts, and says that it will be a fair match, no funny business, if I want it. I say ‘what the hell, why not’. I told him that I could care less if it’s fair, I’d prefer it to be unfair, at least in their minds cause I’ll smash out whoever they put infront of me. I tell him I just don’t want t go over there by myself with a bunch of people that I don’t know and that I don’t speaks language. He tells me that he’ll talk to them again and see what he can do. He asks me which trainer I wanted to go with me and that only one or two of them have passports. I tell him that I would actually like him to with me if he could. He speaks English and I would really like him to see me fight so he knows what level I’m at. So he goes and talks to his wife and apparently they are both going to come with me. The promoter just paid for his ticket out of my purse, which I could care less about, I didn’t come over here to make money. He tells me that the guy that I am fighting is a little older and that I should be able to beat him just because I am in much better shape and can gass him out, how many times have I heard that before. I’m going into this fight just as I do every fight, as if I’m fighting the baddest person on earth. Brett tells me that his old trainer fought him back in the day and that he’ll talk to him to get some pointers for me. Well finding out that I’m fighting in a few days gives me a little more pep in my step and I finish up skipping feeling pretty good. Shadow boxed a few rounds then got on the pads. Feelong a lot stronger today, still worn out but I was feeling sharp. I had to do two rounds of just leg kicks. Apparently this guy has had some issues with his knee so they want me to smash his legs out, which I always try and do anyway. I did some mitts after that then clinched with Brett and Sittichai for about an hour. Did my knees and kicks on the bag after that then my sit ups and excercises. Lamb told me to just run tomorrow morning and that’s all until the afternoon session, which was relief. I was 148 this morning and we’re fighting at 145 so it should be easy to make weight although weigh ins are the morning of over here. I guess there around 8am and I don’t think I fight until about 8pm so it should be plenty of time to get my strength back. Haven’t had day of weigh ins since the smoker days.
So I wake up at 5:45 and plan on going running with the guys, I slept again last night. Legs are feeling better, still tired and sore but at least I can move them without wanting to scream. So I stretched out in my room for a bit and then rub my legs down with Thai oil, I swear I’m immune to this stuff now. Head out around 6:20, for the first time Brett’s not out front before me. I just wait around for a few minutes, still no Brett no Ben. I go back in my room to check the time, 6:30, huh, that’s weird, maybe they went early. Then it hits me, we run at 6 not 6:30, I must be getting punchy. Oh well, just gotta do the run solo. The Thai boys were out front running up and down the street. I head over to the park, legs are feeling ok, it’s a bit over cast but it doesn’t look like it will rain, hopefully. I do the big loop, ‘kung fu in the park’ had swords today, pretty cool. When I get over to the small loop I see hundreds of people sitting around, not sure why, in a circle all in white matching shirts. Couldn’t tell if they were some sort of club or if they were protesting or what. All of a sudden I see this camera crew running towards me. ‘What they hell’, I’m thinking, what’s going on. There’s this Thai guy and girl, both speak decent English, who were television hosts. Apparently all these people were attempting to set a world record for the most people massaging eachother at a time, that’s why they were all sitting in a circle. They ask if I would like to join. Ummmmmmmmmmmm, no. I tell them, ‘that’s cool but I gota get back to training. They thank me and I run off to finish my small loops. Such a random thing, of corse random occurences don’t seem to be random in my world. After my run I head back, check my weight and I’m 148, not too bad but I thought that it would have been lower. Lamb tells me to shower and get some rest. Gonna wait for the guys to finish training then eat with them and then I’ll try and rest until the afternoon session. Last night I watched one of my opponents fights on youtube. He looks really tall but it’s always hard to tell on video. Might be an inch or two taller than me. He’s got that lazy thai style and likes to kick, a lot! I think that I will be able to pressure him and throw him off of his game. It should be a good fight.
-Well I was actually able to sleep today for the first time. Got a good hour in which was nice but I still feel so exhausted. Didn’t eat any lunch today cause I’m trying to keep my weight down. I just snacked on an apple and a protein bar, should hold me over. Talked to Peck, one of Brett’s old trainers, about the guy I’m fighting. He told me I should box him a lot and work his funny, which is what I always like to do. Went upstairs to train and Lamb tells me no training today. What, is this really possible. I felt like doing something so I ask him if I can shadow box a bit. He says yes so I start to stretch out but right as I’m getting done he tells me to ‘skip’ for 30 minutes with my sauna suit on. Aw man! So I run downstairs, grab my suit, which is about a size too small, and head back up. I’m feeling pretty good, positive, legs are pretty burnt out though. Skipping for half an hour sucked, I’ve been having a hard enough time getting through 20 minutes. And for some reason today of all days it’s super nice out. Nice and cloudy and overcast, about to rain. Felt like it was around 70 degrees cause of the wind. It was alright though because once I started sweating I was able to keep it going and it was pouring out. I finally make it through the half hour then shadow box and stretched out. Checked my weight and I was 147, two pounds over, easy. Tim tells me that my Lumpinee fight will be on the 25th because the ones on the 29th aren’t on tv. I will be fighting Ole Peenang right after the main event that night. His name sounds familiar but I haven’t been able to find anything on him. Tim said that it should be a good fight, guess he’s been living in Thailand for the past year, he’s originally from Belgium. I just gotta take it one fight at a time though and stay focused on Cambodia. I’m probably going to have to run in the morning with the sweat suit on, which will be fun, then we leave Friday morning. Can’t believe that I forgot my cup, of all the things to forget. Guess it’s better than forgetting my mouth piece. Time said that he could pick me one up when they go to the fights tonight and if not Brett said I could borrow his, as long as I clean it afterwards. My life is crazy!
-Looks like I’ll be getting a new roomate. Brett ended up getting his own room, he has a hard time living with people since he was in the army for so long. So Ben’s going to be moving in here, which is cool with me, I don’t mind at all. A new guy from the states came today, Clayton, think he’s from Georgia or something. Big tall guy, fights MMA.
-Today Ben ,adea fool of himself trying to hook the tv up,hahahaha. So he brings all his stuff over from his room and gets set up in mine. He tells me his room had a dvd player and goes and grabs it. He hooks it up and it ain’t working, then the TV stops working, great. He ends up having to go and swith the tv out from his room, he’s not making a good first impression J Probably gonna get up in the morning and check my weight then run in my sauna suit if I need to.
Woke up today feeling pretty good, a bit tired but overall good. So I got up, got stretched out a bit and oiled up. I heard Ben leave but wasn’t sure if he was just going out front to wait or what. I got my sauna suit on and headed out front. Neither Ben nor Brett were there, guess they went without me, oh well. As I was getting my shoes on Brett came walking up from his room, I guess Ben had went running by himself. Brett and I hit the road, it was a nice day out, overcast and cool. My legs were feeling pretty tired but when haven’t they been. Towards the end of the big loop my body was just spent, I was drenched in sweat, hoping the weight was down, if I was under that would be even better. Brett was doing two loops today so I just headed back to the gym. Lamb was out front and told me to skip for 15 minutes and that’s it. U was so worn out, didn’t feel like I could do anything else. I grabbed a rope and started jumping, my body just didn’t want to move. After about 10 minutes Lamb said ‘enough’, thank goodness. He gave me a quick massage then I checked my weight, 66.4, I need to be 66. He had me jump up and down a few times and do about 30 sit ups then we checked again and I was 66.2. He had me go downstairs and put some dry drawers on and I came back up and I was 66.1. Pretty good although I wish that I was under. Just gonna eat some veggies and rice today. Not sure if I’m doing anything tonight or not. Just going to rest for a bit then go eat.
-So Kevin, what was it like the first time you were massaged in the shower by a man? Well Jim I gotta tell you that in any other place it would have been pretty weird but here in Thailand, at this moment, it seemed completley normal, kind of. So I lay around for about 4 hours today, never falling asleep, Ben was out like a light the entire time. They had the cased for one of Songchai’s bad ass dvd’s in the box in the kitchen but it was empty, what a let down. They did have a few of Kem’s and the young boy’s fights, which were sick, so I watched them. 3:30 finally rolled around so I got all of my clothes and sauna suit on, oiled up and headed out for a run. It was boiling out, my suit felt as if it was melting to my skin. I just ran around the neighboorhood where the gym is. It’s weird because they have these enormous gated houses and then right across the street a shack, literally. Did about 20 minutes then I had to take the suit off, I was dying, it actually felt good to get some sun. It’s like Vegas mid July out here but humid, like a sauna. It was 95 degrees out today and like 100% humidity. After the run I headed up to the gym and Lamb had me dkip for about 5-10 minutes. I would feel ok for a minute but then my body would just shut down. After that Lamb gave me a little massage, did 30 sit ups, toweled off then checked my weight, 65.8kg, thank goodness. So I chilled out for a bit watching the guys train and had some ice cold water, so good. After that Lamb takes me downstairs to my room, I couldn’t really figure out what we were doing. He tells me to get in the shower, ok, so I go in there and he follows me. Um, ok this is awkward. I still got my drawers on and he tells me to sit down. I was so tired and out of it, had no idea what was going on. Just kept telling myself ‘this is perfectly normal’. Finally figure out that he’s giving me a massage cause the shower can get super hot water and it loosens me up. Anywhere else this mighta been really weird, and actually it still was, but I felt so much better afterwards. My first man massage in a shower, hahahaha. So afterwards he leaves and then I actually take a shower, felt better. A bit latter I was chilling watchign TV and Ben comes in with Lamb. He gets in the shower, with Lamb, and I hear ‘oh, no no no no’, then Lamb comes out of the bathroom laughing. He says ‘Ben, I no gay’,freaking hallarious, wish I coulda got that on tape. He tells me to tell Ben what he was there to do. I say ‘Don’t worry, it’s just a man massage in the shower’, only in Thailand. My life is full of crazy stories like this, just gotta laugh.
-Heading out in the morning, flight leaves at 7 so I think we’re leaving here around 5:30. Weight should be fine but I’ll check it when I get up and bring my sauna suit incase I need it.
It’s a holliday in Cambodia, got that Dead Kennedy’s song stuck in my head ever since we got here. Sitting here in my hotel in Cambodia, how do I end up in these places. I got alright sleep last night, woke up about every two hours, as I have been this whole time, pouring sweat. Figured that I would wake up on weight or maybe even lighter. Got up at 5am and went upstairs to check my weight. It said I was 68kg, how the hell did I gain almost 5 pounds overnight. I didn’t really eat much but I drank a lot so I’m probably just water logged. I got all packed up and headed out front to meet Tim. He had told me to meet him around 5:30/5:45 but came down around 6. I thought that our flight was at 7 but it was actually not until 7:45 so we had time. His wife drove us to the airport, I had thought that she was coming but she didn’t. We met up with some older Thai guy from Jocky gym and his fighter Yukiya Nakamura, Japanese kid that’s been living in Thailand for a few years. So we go and change our money over, guess they take dollars over there, then headed to the gate. Tim went to grab something to eat from BK and tells me to get something. I was starving but didn’t want to eat and deffiniltey didn’t want anything from BK. Ended up grabbing a veggie sandwich from the deli nearby. It looked healthy but when I ate it I noticed the bun was soaked in butter, oh well. The flight over was only about 45 minutes, nice and quick. Cambodia’s seems a lot like Thailand, weather, people, set up, it was raining a lot. Took about 20-30 minutes to get from the airport to the hotel, traffic was terrible. I’m glad that Tim is here cause if he wasn’t I would be so lost and uncomfortable. We get to the hotel and I head up to my room. I was surprised how nice it was. I really didn’t know what to expect before we got over here. I had no idea if we were staying in a hotel, a hut or what. I guess we can go and check our weight at 4 and then go for a run if we need to. Weigh ins are tomorrow at 7am. Feeling good, not starving or anything, just a little weak, gonna try and get some rest. Ricky sent me some of Outh’s fights. He looks decent, kicks a lot but seems to be lazy, relax style. He looks tall in the videos but it’s always hard to tell.
-Right before I fell asleep, when I was taking my nap, I just started balling. No idea why but it was uncontrollable. This has happened before. I guess it just hits me how blessed I am. Living my dream, traveling the world, touching peoples lives, it’s amazing, I love my life! Looking back at where I was 7 years ago, before I started, who woulda thought. I think about how easy it would have been just to keep going down that path and how bad it would have ended up. I know for a fact that I would be dead or in jail, it’s just crazy to think about.
-Time to go see where the weights at. Hope that it’s right on, of course if it is I’m sure that I will have to sit around while Nakamura makes weight, if he has to. I might want to drop a bit under so that way I can eat a bit tonight, we’ll see.
-Well that was fun, not really. We head over to the stadium to check our weight. It’s just Nakamura, his trainer and I. I figure that we’re just going to check our weight and run so I wasn’t to concerned about Tim not being there, I’m always wrong, why is that. Took us about 20-30 minutes to get there, traffic was a mess, again. It makes LA look like a nice relaxing place to drive. I saw three guys on a scooter with the guy on the back holding a ten foot ladder, insane. I thought that was bad until I saw a guy driving a scooter by himself carrying a bunch of wooden beams on his shoulder that had to be about 20 feet long, I couldn’t believe it. The streets were lined with shops and vendors, just like Thailand, with all these apartments over head. People were just out on their balcony’s watching the cars below, guess it’s pretty entertaining, like nascar. So we get to the stadium, it’s this huge complex that has a soccer stadium in it. They also have their gym and apartments all connected in this complex. It reminded me exactly of the gym we went to on my first trip to Thailand. For a second I thought that I had been there before till I realized that we were in Cambodia. A bunch of the fighters were playing Rattan, it’s like hacky sack with a hollow wooden woven ball. I saw my guy getting ready to go run and cut weight, he looked really tall. So we go over to the gym, where all the fighters were(who looked very intense), and they pulled a scale out and let us check our weight. They were all standing around staring at us, it was awkward. I was 67.2, pretty good. There was some talk and arguing going on, but I had no idea what they were saying. We go over to this other room further down in the complex and they have us check our weight on a different scale. On this was it said that I was 67.7, Nakamura was about 1kg over. So I’m thinking that wer are going to head back to the hotel but apparently Tim was on his way over. Nakamura actually speaks pretty decent English. He told me that he’s 22 and has been living in Thailand for 3 years now. He told me that he’s fought over here before. Tim shows up and apparently the guy I’m fighting’s trainer told him 67 not 66. So there was this whole back and forth thing happening, took forever. They had Outh, my opponent, check his weight, he was 68.4 and looked like he was dying. Tim said that we could go and they would get it all squared away. It took forever to get back to the hotel because of the traffic. Traffic laws seem to be more of a suggestion around here instead of a rule, just the same as most of the places that I have traveled in the world. We finally get back and go to the top of the hotel, where they had a little restaurant. It was really beautiful because they had an outdoor section that looked out over the whole city. I just had a bit of rice, veggies and meat. I guess the promoter called and said that they agreed to 66.5 and gave me a bit more money, fine by me. I really didn’t care as long as I get to fight. Weigh ins are at 7 tomorrow morning. They’re going to pick us up at 6 so that we can check our weight and cut any that we need to before the weigh ins, can’t wait to fight.
Where do I even begin with this? I don’t even really have time to get into it because apparently the fights start in a few hours so I will hafta get back to you.
-So I wake up at 5:30 this morning, the bus was picking us up at 6. I slept ok last night but I was getting really weird vibes here, think there’s a lot of darkness here or something. I go downstairs at 6, Nakamura and his trainer are there waiting. After a little while Tim still isn’t there so I gave him a call at his room. He says that he will just meet us down there so we head out. It was raining and kind of cool out, not the most ideal weather to cut weight in. We get over to the stadium, all the fighters we outside, some training, most of them were just starring at us, and they have us check our weight. Nakamura was right on and I was .5kg over, bout a pound. I wanted to see what Outh was at before I ate but he was nowhere to be found. A bunch of the other fighters weighed in, Tim still hadn’t arrived yet which worried me because if there were any problems or discussion on the weight I would be lost. Finally Outh shows up looking half dead still in his sweat suit. Nakamura’s trainer starts to leave and signals for me to follow him. I do at first and then I’m like, ‘Wait a minute, I need to see him weigh in because I don’t trust these people’, so I head back. He ends up weighing the same as me so we agree to fight. Good, now I can go eat. We get in the car and head back to the hotel, I was still wondering where Tim was. I had a protein bar with me so I ate half of it, didn’t want to fill up too quick. We get back to the hotel and head upstairs to the restaurant. I ask Nakamura’s trainer if I should get Tim and he either says that Tim’s asleep or he asks me if Tim’s asleep, damn language barrier. I figured Tim would figure it out so I just ordered some food. Had steamed rice, veggies, an egg and chicken, it was pretty good, I had two plates of it. Finally Tim shows up and was looking really pissed off. Apparently his phone was stolen when he went out last night. He set it down on a table and when he turned around it was gone. He told me that he had been up all night dealing with the cops, who were of no help. I felt bad for him. He tells me that he wants to try and get on a plane right after the fights are over if there are any flights. If he does I hope that I can as well, don’t want to stay here any longer than I have to. So I ask him what time the fights are tonight and he tells me that they are this afternoon, maybe around noon. What, I thought that I had like 12 hours to rest and eat more, oh well, let’s do this. He tells me that he will find out what time we are leaving and give me a call in my room so I can go get some rest. Went back to my room, stretched out and laid down for a bit. I feel alright, my bodies feels a little tired but I know that I will be good to go once I get in there. I just want to break this guys body in two and make him quit. They tell me he doesn’t train as hard as he used to, that and the fact that he had a hard time making weight makes me think I can break him but at the same time I won’t underestimate him. Just going to push the pace and keep going forward, as usual. I just want to put on a good show and make Tim proud, we’ll see what happens. I’m going to go get some food at noon and then rest until we leave.
- Well that was fun and shitty all at once. Had a bit too much to eat at lunch, I was stuffed. I tried to crash out after I ate but ended up just laying around. I was feeling good, excited, just wanted to put on a great show.Read my bible a bit as well as a letter my mom had written me when she sent the stuff I braided into my arm bands (some of her hair as well as a ribbon from her wedding dress). Started balling again, I just get crazy emotional before fights. Just knowing that I get to do what I love and know that God has blessed me so much, it’s hard to keep it all in. I just want to be better, not only in fighting but everything in life. So I got all my gear together and headed downstairs where Nakamura and his trainer were already waiting. I gave Tim a call and he headed down to meet us. We pile in the van and head to the show. Pull up to the stadium/TV station and there’s quite a few people inside already as well as a bunch just hanging around outside. The stadium was about the size of the one in Phuket. I could feel everyone’s eye’s on me as I walked in,wonder what they were thinking? There was a weird energy in the air and I could deffinitley feel it, almost as if I was being attacked. I know that God is with me no matter where I am, in this I have confidence. If I didn’t know this I might actually be a little stressed out. So they take us to the back where the “dressing rooms” are. Basically it was just a small empty room, more like a sauna, bunch of ants and bugs everywhere. They had a few plastic lawn chairs for us to sit on. Immidiatley I was pouring sweat, it was so hot! Wasn’t sure if there was a bathroom anywhere areound of even if there was if I would want to use it. I set my stuff down and grabbed a seat but I was so hot that I had to get up and go back outside, which wasn’t much better. Tim said that Nak’s trainer could wrap my hands because he didn’t know how to. Great, I thought, one of my only concerns ever going into a fight is my gimpy hand. So used to having Mark wrap it so well that now I had that on the back of my mind. I could wrap them on my own if I needed to, have before, it’s not a big deal but I would much rather prefer to have them wrapped well. I was having that weird feeling that I’ve had in my past few fights, as if I’m not about to fight, it’s really weird. I mean I’ve never been one to get nervous, usually the opposite, but lately it’s been even worse. So I have no real idea when these fights are going to start so I’m just sitting around waiting, sweating. Finally they get going, went inside and watched a bit, couldn’t believe how hot it was in there, just drenched in sweat. There was only 5 fights on the card. Nak was 4th and I was 5th. He was getting his hands wrapped so I stretched out and relaxed. Wasn’t really going to have to warm up cause I was already drenched. There were all these people in the back with us, mostly kids, just watching every little thing we did, they seemed fascinated. They ended up having shorts for us, because it’s for TV and you have to where the sponsors shorts, too bad they accidentally brought us all boxing shorts, which were huge. I was cracking up, had to roll them like 4 times and looked freaking rediculous. So I was just going to wrap my own hands but I was watching Nak’s trainer do his and they looked pretty good so I just asked him to do mine. So he starts on mine, starting with the tape, and it was just too tight so I had to do it myself. Then he does the gauze and finishes it up but it’s all loose and there was no way I was going to fight with them. I tell him that it’s ok and just end up redoing it myself. I felt bad but after all the hand injuries I’ve had I wasn’t about to risk getting another one. At first I just oculdn’t get them right, it was driving me crazy, I just had to take a deep breath and relax, which wasn’t easy cause I wasn’t almost up soon. Actually ended up doing a pretty decent job although I was a bit worried about my hands holding up, especially since the gloves we were fighting in were awful. After I finished wrapping up they had two guys thai oil me down, freaking showered me in that stuff, spicy! I was on fire and even more drenched in sweat than I was before. Stuff get’s so hot, expecially when they dump a gallon of it on you! The good thing though is that pnce the intense pain goes away you actually feel really loose and ready to go. Finally I had to go find a bathroom, I ask around and they point me around the back of the building where there’s this awesome little closet with no lights and basically just a hole in the floor. So glad I didn’t need to take a dump. Went back to our dressing room and shadow boxed a bit, I was nice and loose and completely drenched in sweat. Finally it was Nak’s turn, I wanted to go watch but I had to stay and watch all of our stuff. He heads to the ring as I wish him luck, he’s a really nice kid. I hear his fight start as the crowd goes crazy. It’s amazing how crappy American’s fans seem when you compare them to people in the rest of the world. You never hear them boo or shout out lame ass advice to the fighters, the appreciate and love every second of it, it’s like night and day. Eventually a guy comes and tells me he can lock the room up so that I can go watch the fight. Nak was fighting this really wild, awkward Cambodian, reminded me of the guy I fought in Brazil(Naldo). The only difference was that this guy was tough as hell and in pretty good shape, they were banging it out. It looked like a close fight although I didn’t get to see the first few rounds. Nak ended up loosing on points. Now it’s my turn. I say a quick prayer and head to the ring. First they bring us onto the stage, where all the important people sit, and have us stand there for a bit as the film(this was aired on TV out there), then we head to the ring. The place was packed and you could just feel the energy in the air, you could cut it with a knife. I could feel all eye’s on me, I’m sure they were thinking, “Who’s this white boy? He’s gonna get his ass whooped!” I was feeling good, not great, but ready to go. I deffinitley felt a little off being in a strange place with strange people and no one familiar to supposrt me, other than Tim who I was extremly greatful to have there. I was feeling super calm, as usualy, I just always know that God is with me, no matter what happens. Even if I get my face smashed in, even if I get killed, I know that He is with me, I know that this is what I was meant to do with my life, so what do I have to fear. So first they bring me to one corner but it ends up being the wrong side so they take me around to the red corner. I say my prayer before stepping onto the ring. Tim holds the ropes down for me and I jump over them, it’s time to go to work. The ring was really soft and squishy, almost like sand. This was gonna be interesting, the softer a mat is the more tired it makes you because you have to use more energy to push off. On the other hand it’s good because you don’t slip as much. Oath gets in the ring and the crowd erupts in applause, they really love this guy. Finally the music starts and we both do our Ram Muay’s, it had been forever since I had done one(most of the time at fights in America they don’t let us do them). I only have my shortened American version down, one day I would really like to learn the whole thing.
- OUCH!!!!!!!!!! I just scrathed the cut on my head on accident! So they bring us to the center of the ring, he’s only about an inch taller than me, I think, but he’s lanky. The ref starts talking and I have no idea hwat he’s saying, as usual, then he tells us to go back to our corners. Ding, ding, round one. We meet in the center of the ring, I start popping my jab and peppering him with inside leg kicks. I’m trying to take my time, be smart, not sure how my hands going to hold up either so trying to keep from bombing away. I’m just popping off shots, everythings landing, mix in a few power shots here and there. He throws a few hard kicks, really hard! They’re easy to see coming so I block them with ease. Ding, ding, round one is over. I go back to the corner and I’m feeling pretty good. The two guys that had rubbed me down with oil are working my corner and Tim is talking to my from outside the ropes. He tells me, ‘Great job, just keep doing what you’re doing and you will win with ease.’ The start of the second round he tries to come out a lot harder, not really doing much but trying to push me back. I thump a few shots off of his head, they land clean but don’t seem to bother him much. I decide to just keep peppering him and not go for the KO. I could tell that he was starting to get frustrated. He comes in hard and tries to slam a few hard elbows off my head, a few make it threw. One knicks my nose but barely cuts it. This is when I can hear mark in my eaer, ‘No elbow wars!’, sorry Mark, you know how I get, hahahaha. I just love the elbwos, too much, especially when someone is trying to land them on me. So we’re just standing in the middle of the ring trading elbow, a few of mine get threw, ever a spinning one but no cuts. The round ends and I go back to my corner. Tim tells me to stay away from his elbows because that’s all he’s looking for and the only way he can win. I know, I know, I just can’t help it. So I go out in the third and really try to move around a bit, which I really hate to do. It works but I go right back to standing my ground. He ends up cutting me with an elbow, not a bad one and it was on the top of my head so I wasn’t worried about a stoppage. I dump him a few times, which made him really unhappy, and then I slam a cartwheel kick of the top of his head, the crowd goes nuts! It landed clean but it wasn’t hard enough. He hit me one time clean and my eyes started stinging immediatley, seemed as if they put something on his gloves, it was blinding me. I just fought threw it and kept doing what I was doing. We go into the clinch a few times but neither one of us does much, although he does rub his gloves across my eyes, I could smell something on them. He keeps slamming his hard kicks into me, most of which I block. I get away from my leg kicks that round. I go back to the corner and I’m really starting to feel the hummidity, felt like I was in a sauna. I felt strong and everything, I just couldn’t breath. I tell Tim about his gloves and he says something to the ref who goes over and checks, kind of. He says there’s nothing on them, yea right. Don’t matter. Tim tells me to go out and get back to my original game plan. So I go out there and box him up and mix in some leg kicks. I was feeling really good and everythnig was working but eventually the heat got to me again and I went right back to the elbow war. I was feeling off, just not smooth, forcing stuff. I smack another cartwheel kick off of his head, this one doesn’t land as cleanly, still gets a huge reaction from the crowd. Going into the 5th round I was exhausted and could barely breath. Tim tells me that he’s finshed and exhausted, which I know, but he’s still dangerous. I couldn’t tell if I was winning or loosing, either way I felt like garbage. I really tried to push it as hard as I could in the 5th, just couldn’t really get going. I can easily see everything that he’s doing but I’m just not able to capitolize on it. Just kep t trying to stay busy and pepper him with shots. Finally the fights over, relatively happy, no idea what the outcome will be. They announce me as the winner and I was really happy yet disappointed at the same time. I always want to better, I am better. Seeing as how I just got to Thailand a week ago and all the crap leading up to this made me not feel as bad, I can’t complain. I thanked Oath, who didn’t seem too pleased with me, his corner and the ref. The crowd really seemed to love it, which is the most important thing for me. I get out of the ring and head to the back but they stop me and have us go up on stage to meet all the dignitary people, none of which I knew who were. Nak tells me, ‘Great fight’, but tells me he wasn’t able to record it because Tim didn’t get him the camera before the fight. No worries, hopefully I’ll be able to get my hands on a copy eventually. I go into the back, grab my stuff and get changed, I’m still pouring sweat. I ask Tim how bad the cut is and he tells me that it’s long but not too deep. Don’t exactly feel like going to a hospital out here to have them stitch it up so I just say screw it, I heal pretty quick anyway. It’s even as close to as bad as the one Michael Dick’s gave me on the King’s Birthday in Thailand. I’m freaking starving and exhausted. Tim and Nak’s trainer are talking to the promoter forever, not sure what they’re syaing but it seems like they’re arguing a bit. Finally we make our way out front, they’re still arguing but at least we could wait in the van with the AC. After who knows how long they finish talking and we head out. Tim tells us the old Thai guy that set these fights up for us is beign shaddy. Says he told us one thing and the Cambodians another. The good thing is that Tim now knows the Cambodian promoter and won’t have to go threw him again. He tells me that the old guy will pay me as soon as we get back to Thailand. We get back to the hotel and I grab a quick shower and then head upstairs for diner. The shower was killing the cut on my head, stung so bad. My right shin is sore but not too bad. I blocked most of his kicks with my left shin, which isn’t sore at all but my forearms are pretty swollen from the ones that got threw. Nak’s eye is badly swollen. Had some great food and the weather outside was beautiful, so greatful to be here and doing what I love. It’s amazing how much nicer it is up here with the breeze as opposed to the sauna that we fought in. It’s funny because they whole building was covered in AC units but none of them were on. Tim tells me that he should be able to get me a copy of my fight. Says that it was televised to around 2 million people, crazy. On my way upstairs to dinner there was a guy in the elevator who had watched it on TV and was tellign me how good I did. Nak and his trainer head back to their room but Tim and I stay and chat for a while. It starts raining pretty good but the area where we were sitting was covered. It was actually really nice cause it cooled the air down. Eventaully the rain picks up and starts blowing towards us so we have to head inside. I’m exhausted, and kind of bummed I didn’t perform better but I was happy that I put on a good show. On to the next one!
Got up this morning bout 6AM, couldn’t really sleep last night. Got up, took a shower, then met the guys upstairs for breakfast. It wasn’t as good as it had been the past few days. They had a buffet style set up with fried rice that was pink, not sure why it was that color but it wasn’t too bad. Had to go downstairs and pack then met everyone in the lobby and headed to the airport. The flight back wasn’t too bad, I was so exhausted. It was nice getting back to Bangkok but I’m glad I got to see and fight in Cambodia. When we got back to the gym everyone was congratulating me, all the little thai boys had huge smiles on their faces, made me feel good. This place feels like home to me, like a family. Hung out and talked to the fellas for a bit about the fights then headed to my room to rest. Couldn’t sleep, I was so exhausted though. The WIFI was acting up so I had to go to the dining room to e mail everyone. Ben was passed out all day, he’s fighting in Pattya tomorrow. Guess he just found out that he doesn’t have to weigh in, which his good because we would have had to leave at 5AM. Hung out in the dining room, half passed out, until it was dinner time. Had some bomb food, again, and I enjoyed a nice strawberry soda with it. Cindy, the Italian girl, came back to the gym today. Guess she’s fighting in China on the 21st. Don’t really talk to her much but she seems nice enough. After dinner the kids were playing badmitten in the street out front, kind of. They didn’t have a net or anything, just used an imaginary line. Everyone was just sitting around talking, relaxing, it was really nice, I lvoe it here. It’s so beautiful, the people ,the atmosphere, a real closeness. We all just hung out talking for hours. Brett and I headed to the shop to get some goodies. I tried not to overdue it because I wanted to start training in the morning plus I promised Ben that I would pig out with him after his fight. The sunsets here are so beautiful, especially over the park. Always this beautiful pink and blue, don’t think a picture would do it justice but I will try and get one.
It’s freakn pouring outside, like a monsoon. Got up this morning at 6 and went for a run with Brett. Sleep ok last night. My body is pretty sore but I wanted to get a good sweat in. Actually felt pretty good, other than the pain in my shins. I just did the big loop and headed back. I tell him I was just running a little bit and he says ‘ok good’. Grabbed a shower and then crashed out. Today was the first day that I’ve actually really been able to fall asleep during the day. I woulda just kept sleeping if I didn’t have my alarm set to wake me up to eat breakfast. My body is just shot! The rain was so nice, hope it lets up before we have to leave for Ben’s fight. I guess it’s about an hour and a half drive to Pattya from here.
-The communication barrier here makes for some really interesting situations. Ben and I keep comparing it to that scene in ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ where the guy’s trying to teach Peter how to surf. “Don’t do anything, you’re doing too much, do nothing. Now you’re just sitting there, you gotta do more than that. Nevermind, we’ll figure it out, let’s go surf.” So Ben and I grabbed the bikes and headed out to CarreFour to get some lunch. ET was out front with two of the boys who had to cut weight for their fights tonight. We tell him that we are going to go out and he says ‘no, no, eat at 5’….I think. It’s like 4 now, so we end up just waiting. Then he says ‘Eat a lot, yea.’ So you want us to eat now or no?Finally we just decide to go eat now and we can always eat again later if we need to. He says something else to us as we head out that we can’t understand, just makes me smile. So we go to this spot near the grocery store We go to lock the bikes up but one of the locks was missing so we attempt to lock them together, which ends up being a much more difficult task then it sounds, maybe it’s the heat, ha. We finally figure it out and get some food. Chicken and rice, I could eat that all day every day. Unfortunatley the chicken was mostly bones and hardly any meat. Not sure if they gave it to us cause we’re foreigners or what. It was still really good, just not enlugh till fill us up. Hopefully we’ll get to eat at the camp before we leave. Ben was saying how nice it would be if we could actually understand what the hell they were saying to us half of the time. Probably telling us some really valuable information that’s going right over our heads, tragic! I told him we should get a tape recorder and then have it all translated for us.
So after dinner last night the kids,who were fighting, and some of the trainers were out front seeming to be about to leave. Ben and I finish eating and head back to our room. He grabs a shower and gets all of his stuff together. I just layed in bed resting, waiting. So he gets all of his stuff together and I say ‘Know about when we’ll be leaving?’ even though I know better. ‘I know nothing’ he says ‘they don’t tell me anything’, of course not. I figure they will come get us when it’s time. Of course then again I remember my first trip to Thailand when we all fought in Phuket. Anthony and I were waiting in our room figuring they would come grab us when everyone was leaving just to find out that we were left behind. Finally about an hour later, and after me thinking that Ben and I had been left, they come and get us. The trainers and Thai boys had already headed down so it was Ben, Tim’s wife and her sister, Tim, the front desk guy(who’s name I can’t remember) and I. It took us about an hour and a half to get down there. It felt like Tim was doing about 140mph the whole way but only ended up being about 80mph guess it just felt that way cause the road was crazy uneven. I had flash backs of the of the death ride on the way to Koh Tao with O and his family(go read my first Thailand trip blog if you want to know what I’m talking about). We got to the fights around 7:30 and they were set to start around 8. I didn’t know that I was going to have to buy a ticket, it was like 30$, oh well. It was a tiny little stadium. It was covered but open air, it was smaller than the one in Phuket. There were a lot of little kid fights, which were crazy. There was this one fight with these two kids, they could have only been about 7 years old, who were just amazing. I oculdn’t believe how good they were at that age, and so composed. I’m sure they have twice as many fights as I do, little bastards. Jomhod was up first. He had a great fight, always coming forward and pressing the action, but ended up loosing on points. He was really upset, I felt bad for him, he perked up once he got some ice cream. Ben was fighting 7th. The place was full of foreigners, all of which looked like they were partying. Old dirty white dudes with these super young Thai girls, makes me ill. Some of the foreigner fights were just embarrassing, complete missmatches and a few dives, shamefull but I know the Thai’s just do it cause they need money. Finally Ben was up. I told him to just go out there and do his thing, not to worry about whether he’s fighting ‘Thai’ or not. He comes out strong but the guy seems to be a lot bigger than him. He things his opponent is throwing a leg kick and goes to catch it but ends up getting kicked in the head. Luckily only the foot lands but it still rocks him pretty good. He gets his composure back and seems to be ok. The guy throws another really hard head kick. Ben has his hands up this time but the power of it still knocks him down. The ref starts counting and I think it’s over but he lets it continue. The guy wings another kick up to his head that rocks him again, this time the ref puts a stop to the fight. Felt so bad for him but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Just gotta learn from it and move on to the next one. He seemed to be ok afterwards, just upset. The kids were eating these super tastey fruits, looked like green apples but they weren’t. Lamb and Tim were really pissed off about Ben’s fight. You could tell his opponent had a lot more experience than him and wa a lot heavier. Lamb told me to fight the guy and kill him(Ben’s opponent) hahaha. We pack up and heaed to the cars. Tim had to stay for a meeting he was having the next day and Ben stayed as well. He asked if I wanted to stay but I was exhausted and just wanted to get back. So Tim’s wife drove us back with everyone crammed into her car, it was so uncomfterable. Seemed like it took forever. Lamb had me pass out on his shoulder. They were telling me how good Tim was saying that I was and saying that I should fight Pinca, made me feel good. Got back around 12:30 in the morning and I crashed out. I’m taking today off, probably going to spar with Brett tomorrow.
-After dinner Ben, Clayton and I walked over to the Carre Four for some cookies. Ben was passed out ll day. Guess him and Tim went out last night after the fights. There was this swarm of flying ants, that I thought was flying bees, was everywhere around the gym ,like a plague in the bible. Bunch of frogs everywhere too. We had to walk cause Sindy had taken one of the bikes. It’s only about a mile and it’s nice at night. Plus I was going to be stuffing my face so a little exercise was probably a good thing. So we headed down , it was a beautiful night out, all the trainers were out front chillin, as usual. First stop DQ, strawberry blizzard with M & Ms’ mmmmmmmmmmmmm so good. Then headed to the market and picked up some chocolate, cookies, coke zero, mentos, and donuts. I’m nice and full now. There was this really cute girl at the donut place, Mr Donut. Problem was I couldn’t tell if she was short cause hse was Thai of if she was just really young. She didn’t speak English, just had this really interesting look, beautiful. I think I may have got too much junk food, hahahaha. I should really try and put this all down tonight because I don’t want it sitting around during the week while I’m training. Got my fight in 3 weeks.
Well I had enough junk food last night to kill a horse and still have some left. Had breakfast this morning and just chilled out for the rest of the day. Gonna train a little bit tonight, want to get a sweat on, nothing too serious.
-Training was ok, had to skip for about half an hour, that sucked. Did a few rounds of boxing, felt ok but my right hand is sore. Finished up with some bag work and exercises. Gotta get back on schedule tomorrow.
Running ten miles in a circle around the ring is so much fun, wish we could do it everyday!!!!!!!! Had a little trouble sleeping last night but eventually I got to sleep. Woke up at 5:30 and headed out front. My shins were pretty sore today. Brett was sitting out on the bench waiting. He says we’ll probably have to run insided because it’s going to rain. Oh hell no, I don’t think I can handle that again. I fugure we can just run out front until it gets bad. But by the time I get my shoes on it’s already pouring, aw man! We discussed having a protest. Finally we trudge upstairs and start running really slow circles around the ring. Half hour goes by, this is crul and unusual punishment. After an hour I’m thinking about jumping off the balcony. Finally Laem tells me to stop and skip. At least it’s something different. My shins are killing me, either got shin splints or they’re just sore from the fight, either way they hurt. Half hour of skipping, I was only doing about a minute at a time, my legs were shot. Stretched out a bit after, shadow boxed with weight then did a few rounds with Laem. It was funny cause every other minute we hit pads I had to stop using something because it was still hurt from the fight. First no right hands then no kicks then no left elbows. After that Brett and I sparred for about three rounds. I was a lot more sore than I realised. Didn’t want to block cause my shins were killing me and I didn’t want to take it cause my arms were just as bad. Not to mention my right hand was throbbing. I was just spent and a mess. Felt like I had nothing today. Hopefully I can get some rest and my body will heal up a bit.
-UGH, I’m gonna puke. Once again I couldn’t sleep during the day. I was os freakn exhausted, my stupid brain just doesn’t go into sleep mode, pisses me off. Went and got some lunch with Ben around 1 even though I knew I’d still be full during training. I just hoped that it would give me a bit more energy. Layed around for about two more hours and still couldn’t sleep. Got up and tried to soak my shins in Thai oil, they’re still killing me. Headed upstairs and skipped for 20 minutes, I was just spent, could barely move, some how got threw it. Did a round of shadow boxing with weights then pads with Laem. Finally found some gloves that felt ok, most of them I can’t close my hand enough so that’s why it hurts so bad. Felt pretty good, he’s been killing me on the knees though. Kem came in today, was surprised how big he was, seems nice enough. Did a couple rounds of knees then Sittichai, Brett and I clinched. Brett was feeling strong and in shape, I however was dying. I dumped him once,which I knew was bad idea cause I smacked my shin , freakn hurt so bad. Ended up clinching for about 45 minutes. Did some more knees on the bag then exercises and I was spent. Finally picked up some protein, hopefully it will help with my recovery. Tim told me that they got me a new opponent cause they wanted to give me someone harder. Guess it’s a french guy from Jocky Gym . He also told me that the promoter didn’t have my money when he had met up with himlast night at the fights. He said that he should have it Friday, we’ll see. Guess there’s a big show at Lumpinee tomrrow night, everyone’s going. I was going to but I know that I’ll be exhausted and I don’t feel like spending the money, it’s like 60$. After training I grabbed a shower then stuffed my face, the food was good but a little spicy. After dinner Ben, Clayton, Sindy, Laem and I headed to the shop. We stopped at the coffee shop where Laem basically forced drinks and food in us. It was bomb though, green iced tea and this like toast thing that had sugar and butter all over it. I ended up having two of the Thai teas causeSindy didn’t want hers. I just can’t refuse free food/drinks, no matter how stuffed I am. I have the same problem with alcohol. I felt so sick, just wanted to pass out. Hopefully I won’t be raining tomorrow cause I seriously can’t handle running cirlces around the ring again.
Man, what a day! So I got up this morning and my stomach was jacked up. Guess the spicy food on top of all that junk food was a bad idea. I had bubble guts and sure as hell wasn’t about to go for that long ass run where there’s no where to go to the bathroom. Decided to just ake the morning off. Laem came knocking a little after Ben left. “You sick”, he says. Did my best to explain to him how I was feeling. He went and got me some kind of Peptobismol, helped a bit. Told me to just rest and train in the afternoon. Passed out hard, felt like it was the first time I had slept since I’ve been here. I mean I’ve been falling asleep everynight, usually, but just not feeling rested. Got up around 9 to have breakfast, felt so out of it. Tried to go back to sleep after that but just eneded up lying in bed. Had to train at 2:30 instead of 3:30 today cause a few of the kids are fighting at Lumpinee tonight. Did my 20 minutes of skipping, barely, then shadow boxed with the weights. Tim came in and asked if I wanted to fight Pinca June 2nd, ‘of course’, I said. Just gotta see if I can extend my trip an extra week, plus I gotta see if the money will be any good and if they will fly Mark out to corner me. We’ll see, that’d be sick though. After that I did about 4 rounds with Laem ,my body is killing me, no kicks today but my right hand and left elbow are feeling better. Did about 3 rounds on the bag then clinched with Sittichai for about 30 minutes. I just had nothing, he was throwing me around like a ragdoll. Just when I was getting done they made me go with Kem, not the funnest thing in the world especially when you are completley shot. He was just man handling me. Finally I was done, or thought I was, wrong again. Laem had me clinch with Ben for another ten minutes, then a round of knees on the bag, then all my exercises. I’m so freaking exhausted!
Not sure what I did to piss Laem off but he was killing me today. I had a a hard time sleeping again last night, which makes absolutley no sense seeing as how tired I was. Probably only got about 4 hours. Got up at 5:30 hurting, just sore everywhere. Once I started moving around I loosened up a bit. Brett, Ben and I headed out on the run. Don’t think that any of us were feeling it. Felt ok for the first half of the big loop but then my shins started killing me. Always dealing with these stupid ass shin splnts, sp annoying. After the first big loop I was spent. Brett headed to do the small ones and Ben and I started out on our second time around the big one, Laem’s orders. I just wanted to stop and walk the rest of the way. This much running is freaking rediculous but it does make your legs rock hard. It’s deffiniltey something that can break you mentally. Finally we finished, just took it one section at a time and made it through. I was spent, mentally and physically. My legs were shot, my shins were killing me and we still had training to do. Got back to the gym and all I wanted to do was pass out. Maybe Laem would take it easy on me today, yea right. Stretched out for a bit then shadow boxed with the weights. I could barely keep my hands up, wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through this. As always I asked God to give me strength, He always see’s me through, no matter how horrible I feel. Did about 3-4 rounds and I actually was able to go really hard and sustain a good pace. Afterwards Laem tells me to do two rounds of jump knees on the bag, one round of elbows and then I’d be done. Yea right, shoulda known better. So I got through the knees, barely, then the elbows. Ok, I’m done right, NOPE. Clinch with Ben for 30 minutes,AW MAN! Oh well, just gotta suck it up. Finally made it through that, finished with some exercises. OK, finally I’m done right, WRONG again. 300 neck exercises. At that point I just didn’t care, my mind stop functioning an hour ago and I was just running on auto pilot so it didn’t really matter. Headed downstairs and grabbed a nice cold shower, coulda stayed in there forever. Got out and didn’t want to move, just wanted to pass out. It was already 9:30, wanted to make sure I got some food in me before I passed out. Had some bomb breakfast, hopefully I can pass out for a few hour. Laem wants Ben and I to go for a run tomorrow, Sunday, AIN’T NO WAY IN HELL I’M DOING THAT!!! I need a freaking break.
-Well once again I couldn’t sleep. Pisses me off cause I’m so exhausted. At least I’m resting but I’d probably feel so much better if I was to actually sleep. 3:30 rolls around and I head upstairs. Skipped for 20 minutes, felt alright other than my shins killing me. Shadowed with the weights after that then did some pull ups. Felt strong hitting pads but by the 3rd round my body was killing me. 4th round did all front kicks which was soooooooooooo much fun! Did 3 rounds of knees and elbows after that. Then Laem calls me up to clinch, was just hoping that I didn’t have to go with Kem today. Sittichai and I traded off on Brett cause he is fighting at Lumpinee next week. After about 10 minutes Monlit calls me over and wanted me to clinch with a guy that came with Neuropol. He was built like a truck, just solid everywhere. Probably only weighed about 140. He reminded me of a smaller version of Coke. He was freaking strong and explosive, think he was trying to show me up or something. So I go with him for like 5 minutes then Brett trades in with him. After that Ben goes, I say to Brett ‘man, that little guy is strong’, Brett says ‘what, you’re way stronger, he ain’t stronger than you. I tossed him right away and I can’t even toss you’. So I have this weird problem, I’ll go with guys way bigger than me and in my head I think I’m the same size as them but then I’ll go with someone smaller who is all jacked up and I think that they are bigger than me, it’s weird. So once I realise this I go back in there and I’m throwing this guy around like he’s a little kid. It’s funny how a little shift in your thinkiing makes such a big difference. We went for a good half an hour. I was spent and so was he. One time I dumped him and cracked my shin bad, freaking killed, then I went and did it again, good times. That was enough for me. Laem had me sit down and he rubbed ice on my shins for about 10 minutes, made them feel much better. Tim said I should get an injection. Guess they got a doctor here that gives some kind of injections, like vitamins or something. I told him OK but then Brett and I were going to go to the sauna after dinner so I said maybe another time. So I finished up with some knees then called it a day. Went to the room, showered quick and had some dinner. It was some kind of pasta with Thai noodles, so good. I saw Tim leave while we were eating, he had said that he was going to take me to the doc’s but I was glad he left cause I was a bit unsure about the whole thing. Sauna should fix me right up. So I finished up eating and Brett and I were going to head out but then Ben said that he wanted to go as well so we waited for him to eat. As we were leaving the gym one of the trainers was leaving in his truck. He said that he would drop us down the road so that we could get a taxi. His truck was full and he had one of those covered beds so we couldn’t get in the back so we all just hung off the bumper, good times, gotta love Thailand. So he drops us by the main road, we thank him and get a cab. Traffic was unbelievably horrible, guess we forgot that it was Saturday night. I was getting ready to have a nervous breakdown. The last place I wanted to be was stuck in traffic. I was so tired and just wanted to relax. We’d move like ten feet then stop for 5 minutes. Finally we get there, it was in the back of this alley, hardly any lights, seemed pretty shaddy to me. So we head into the spa, wasn’t really sure what to expect. We walk in and there’s all these Thai girls sitting there on the couch by the front desk. Oh great, it’s one of these places. But then we walk past them and get into the back where the sauna, steam room, hot and cold pools are. So we get changed and put our stuff in lockers they had then head to the sauna. I’ve never in my life been in a sauna that hot before. I think in America they regulate them so that they can only go to a certain temperature, not here. Felt like my face was going to melt off. For some reason my ears hurt the worst, felt like they were on fire, I could only deal with it for like 5 minutes and had to get out. They had a cold water pool that I jumped in, felt so good. Wish we had one at the gym we could jump in everyday after training. Sat in there for a but then got in the jacuzzi, felt s good. Kept going back and forth in between the two, my body was feeling so much better. There were plenty of old naked Asians there, guess they couldn’t be bothered with wearing clothes. Some things you just can’t un-see. They had this really good iced tea stuff as well as some really good fruit that we grubbed on. After that it was about 9:30 and we decided to head back. So we go and get changed and Brett starts talking to a few of the older Thai guys that were in there about us fighting and stuff, they seemed really interested. Then one of the Thai’s starts touching my stomach, UNCOMFORTABLE! He says, ‘Oh, strong!’ I start cracking up, that’s my signal to leave. So now I’ve had a man massage in the shower as well as been felt up by an old Thai guy in a locker room, man I’m getting some serious action out here. We head out to the street to get a cab. Brett and Ben were hungry, all’s I wanted was some ice cream. So we get a tuk-tuk, Brett said there was a bunch of good places to eat about a mile or two away. So we take the death ride, it’s unbelievable how unsafe these things are, and get dropped off. We walk down the street, plenty of places to eat but nothing was really grabbing our attention. I really wanted some chicken and stickey rice. Stopped by a vendor who was grilling up some pork, it was pretty freaking good. They were kind of small so we were still hungry. Stopped by another spot that had these awesome donut type things, luckily we only got one each cause I could have eaten a whole bag of them. Finally we stop at a noodle spot, had the same stuff I used to always get was I was training at Sitkuanim. It’s just noodles and beef with some veggies. It’s so good, especially if you add some sugar on top of it, course most thins are good when you add sugar to them. I was still dying for some ice cream, really wanted some DQ but it was already 10 so they were already closed. I had to settle for some Cornetto’s from 7/11 instead. Had two of them and still wanted more. Finally got back to the gym and I was exhausted. Ben had some sleeping pills, I took two of them just to ensure that I passed out. Gonna have a nice day off tomorrow.
Slept so good last night, felt realloy out of it htough when I got up, that’s why I usually don’t like taking sleeping pills. Had some good breakfast then I had to do some laundry. They have a service here but you have to pay for it, not that it’s a lot but I still don’t see paying for something that I can do myself. I just do mine by hand in the shower with a big tub and some laundry dergent and a scrubber, fun times. Took a lot longer than I thought it would though. Watched some good fights on TV, just going to rest and have dinner later, then DQ!
-Dinner was awesome as usual then Ben and I went to DQ, sooooo good, couldn’t get enough.
Couldn’t sleep again last night, this is really pissing me off. So it’s either don’t sleep or take pills, sleep great but feel like a zombie the next day, not sure which one is worse. I might try and just take them a little earlier and see if that helps. So I got up at 5:30 exhausted and just dead. Ben and I hit the road, guess Brett had already headed out. Decidied to just do one big loop and 5 small ones. I could care less, this running is excessive. Felt ok on the big loop, well right up to the end that is. The small 5 loops is probably only about 3 miles. It’s not so much my legs being shot, although that’s a big part of it, but about ¾ of the way through I get so dehydrated. It’s so hot, even at 6am, my body just runs out of water. Last thing I want to do is carry a bottle of water on this long ass run. Tomorrow I’m gonna slam a big bottle of water right when I wake up and see if that helps. After the 5 loops we headed back, completley ehxausted. It’s like every single day I feel this way. Sure it varies but even when I’m feeling kind of good I’m still spent, sucks. Got back to the room and all’s I wanted to do was lay there and pass out. Forced myself to just move and head upstairs. Stretched and then shadow boxed with weights, after my 20 pull ups. Luckily today is sparring, no pads, don’t know if lucky is the right word. In some ways it’s better than pads, well it would be if I wasn’t so banged up. Went with Sittichai for 4-5 rounds. It was ok but I just didn’t want to check any of his kicks or throw any of mine cause my shins are killing me. After that I went with Brett for a few, felt ok. Finished up with a few rounds of just elbows on the pads, where I felt great, then did some kicks and knees on the bags. Excercises then 300 kneck lifts with the weight, which is a paint can full of cement. Finally finished, just wanted to pass out. Thought for sure that I’d be able to sleep today, wrong! Grabbeda shower then breakfast, which wasn’t great, just ok. Got back to the room and just crashed in the bed. Don’t think I ever actually fell asleep, maybe for like 10 minutes, freaking sucked. This morning I woke up just hoping that I had another hour or two to sleep but right as I grab my clock to check the time the freaking alarm goes off, UGH! Got up at 1 and got some food in the kitchen just hoping that it would give me a little more energy for tonights training. It was Tom Yum Gai, so good, had a coconut as well, which I love. It was kind of frazen though so I took half of that and half of the soup back to the room and stuck it in the fridge. Tried to pass out again, no luck. Just watched a few fights and then it was time to train again. Headed upstairs barely being able to move and once again not knowing how I was going to be able to get through this. Stretched out a bit and then started skipping. My legs were fried. I really tried to skip straight through but I couldn’t, my legs are just dead, pissed me off. Finally finished and Laem tells me to shadow with the weights. My shoulders were shot, I just hate feeling this way, I hate feeling weak. Hit pads after that, started kicking today, felt ok. My shins are still a bit sore but not too bad. My legs are shot so that just makes it ten times harder. He had me do a whole round of triple knees, alternating sides, what the hell? As if that wasn’t bad enough he has me do a whole round of just kicks immediatley afterwards. Then two rounds of jab cross. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and pass out. Clinched with Brett for half an hour after that. Felt bad cause I was so dead and couldn’t even give him good work. After that I did two rounds of jump knees then 100 straight knees, 50 kicks (both legs), and 20 push ups in between all of those, this is just nuts. I was so tired but by that point I was just on auto pilot. Finished up with my pull ups and sit ups. Couldn’t wait to eat and shower. Had to finish up with 200 neck exercises. Finally got to shower, wish it was about 5 degrees colder, either way I just wanted to stay in there forever. Diner was good but I think that they’re running out of food or something cause the meals today were a bit small. Got some sleeping pills tonight, hopefully that’ll help. That shopping center is the devil, they have so many good things to eat. KFC, donuts, ice cream, it’s killing me. Ben wanted a green tea so we went to the coffee shop. Laem and Sindy were there. I really wanted one but last time it didn’t go so well so I managed a little self control and declined. Hoping my body feels a bit better tomorrow.
Apparently I’m fighting in Cambodia this weekend, we that is according to this muay thai website. It said something about one of their fighters, The Cambodian Bull, wanting revenge and money. Says they asked me and I accepted. Pretty funny. I’ve been put on fight posters in the states before without even hearing a word about any fight. Slept ok last night but didn’t actually get to sleep until late, I just gotta force myself to go to sleep earlier. Once again I woke up just hoping that I had another hour or so to sleep, no such luck, again! So I get up and drink about half a bottle of water in hopes that it will hydrate me throughout the run. At the same time I don’t want to drink too much water cause I don’t wanna hafta take a piss, we run for over an hour and a half. Brett, Ben and I head out, my legs are feeling ok, not great. The bliseter on my heel is what’s really been killing me. The big loop didn’t seem as long today as usual. Brett was leading the pace and was actually running instead of jogging. Felt good to run like that but once we got to the small loops I was spent, not as bad as yesterday but still spent. Brett only did the big one because he is fighting this weekend. Ben and I knocked out like 5 small ones, we were both hurting. I’m just at the point now where I dread everything. I mean I know I’m going to miss it as soon as I leave but I’m just spent…..and these freaking bugs are going to give me a nervous breakdown. After we get done running I just lay in my bed, not wanting to move. Finally I force myself to get up, I can do this. Head up stairs, barley even able to make it to the top. Today is sparring, thank goodness! Not to say that sparring is that much better. No matter what we do it all kills me. Just got to accept the fact that I’ll be exhausted no matter what and just push through it. So Ben and I spar for about half an hour, sucked cause they made us use the 18oz gloves. Can’t even close my hand in those huge ass things. Decided to just work on my body shots and defence. After that I had to go do my two rounds of knees, I was just hoping that I didn’t have to clinch afterwards, I was dead. Did a few rounds with Laem, all elbows, then back to the bag for 100 kness, kicks, teeps and finishing with my exercises. Finally done! Well after my neck exercises that is. Shower was so nice, food was great but seemed a little small again. Freakn’ spent!!!
-Finally was able to sleep today after training, thank goodness, still felt exhausted though. Got up at 2:30 and had some lunch, just had the last half of the soup leftover from yesterday. Still filled me up. Had that with a protein shake, granola bar and an apple. Tried to pass out again after, think I slept for like 10 minutes then just got up. Watched a few fights and then headed upstairs. I’m really trying to stay positive and just push through the pain. Started skipping, still can’t seem to get my legs to go the whole time without a break. Stretched out, shadow boxed then got on the pads, felt ok, started kicking today. My left shin started killing me, right felt great but my hips and legs hurt. Then he dicides to make me do all kicks for a whole round and then knee’s for a whole round, he’s killing me. After that I did my two rounds of jump knees. My left knee is still swollen from who knows what, as the day went on it got worse and now I can barely move it. I was so exhausted, got to clinch with Kem for about half an hour which is so much fun, specially when you’re dead tired. He’s so strong and technical and bigger than me, just owns me. To top if off I have Laem scolding me the whole time. It’s like I know what I am supposed to be doing I just can’t cause my body is fried and having him harass me about it just makes me want to quit. It just sucked the life outa me. Did some more pads after that. Two rounds of elbows and two rounds of punches, felt good. Just when I thought that we were done Laem tells me to do ten minutes of clinching with Ben. I was so exhausted, couldn’t even knee with my left because it hurt so bad. Finally made it through then had to do 100 knees, could only hit hard with my right and just touched it with my left. Laem was sitting there yelling at me to go harder the whole time. Did my exercises after that, Ben had Laem get us this cherry drink thing that you mix with seltzer water, it’s so good. I actually didn’t want any cause it’s just straight sugar but Laem hands me a huge ice cold cup of it, how could I say no to that. Took one sip and I was in heaven, so good. Grabbed a shower, my left leg is completely swollen from my knee down. My right one is bad but just near the ankle. Hopefully it will get a lot better by morning or there’s no way I will be able to run, maybe that’s a good thing. So I go to eat and ask Gail for some ice and a towel so I can get the swelling down. She says ‘, heat ok’. So she goes and gets me these heated leave things and starts rubbing them on my leg. Actually felt good until she left one on my leg for too long and it started burning me. Said she would do it again for me tomorrow. Had these delicious leches for desert, Ben wasn’t feeling good so he gave me the rest of his food and desert. After that I head back to the room and wrap my leg in ice, feels like I’m just falling apart. Can’t wait to fight. Brett’s fighting this Saturday at Lumpinee so I’m gonna go check it out. Another day down.
Man, Laem is the devil, he must be related to Norm! Didn’t fall asleep till around midnight but slept good after that but once again I woke up just moments before my alarm was set to go off. Ben slept through his alarm, I tried to wake him up but he was out, lucky. I hit the road alone since Brett is just cutting weight. I felt good running which really surprised me seeing as how last night I was wondering if I was even going to be able to train. When I went outside all the Thai’s were just running up and down the street with ET riding his bike behind them, whipping them with his stick. He says ‘No run at park, going to rain,you get sick’. I tell him not to worry, I could care less if I get sick, I can’t deal with the boredom of running up and down that street a million times. It was a bit overcast but didn’t look too bad, it was actually kinda nice out. I head out, legs were feeling good other than that stupid blister on my heel. I felt great on the big loop and when I got to the small one it started getting really dark out. I thought it was going to end up raining but it never did, there was a really nice breeze. So I started doing the loops, still feeling good, it’s all mental so I just stayed focused. My legs were starting to go a bit towards the end but not too bad. I finished up and headed back, felt like I was going to have a great day of training. My knee and shins were feeling a bit better. When I got back to the room Ben was still passed out so I headed upstairs and got ready. Started shadow boxing and my energy just got zapped, sucked, I felt so dead. Then Laem just murders me on the pads. I think he gave me Ben’s rounds as well. My right kick felt great,still ain’t kicking with my left but my hips were gone. They were killing me, had to do my bag work after that. Think it was 45 minutes of clinching, luckily it was with one of the younger boys but I was still exhausted, could barely move. Had to do a few more rounds of elbows with Laem, I think he was trying to break me. Finally I got done and had to finish with my exercises. He he hooked me up with another one of those bomb ass cherry drinks, I just can’t say no. Gonna hafta stop soon cause it’s deffiniltey going to make it hard to make weight. I grabbed a shower after that and then had some breakfast. Finally they gave us a bit more food, I was stuffed. Passed out for a few hours afterwards, which was really nice, felt like I could have slept all day. Got up, had my protein shake, apple and granola bar then passed out, kind of. My body is so shot. Headed upstairs around 3:30 and started skipping. I just couldn’t get motivated, I was feeling really negative, just couldn’t break it. It’s like part of my loves this so much, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else, but the other part wants to just give up and leave. After that I got stretched out, hips are killing me. Got on the pads and I was feeling a little bit better. I was killing the kicks, felt great, but when I had to do multiple ones my hips would just give out. He was pushing me really hard again. After that did two rounds of knees and two rounds of elbows, I was dreading having to clinch. I mean I love clinching but when my body is this spent it seems pointless. Finally they called me up and I went with one of the young boys at first but I knew that wouldn’t last. Laem wanted me to just wreck him, guess he’s got a fight coming up so they wanted me to push him hard. I felt bad and didn’t want to just man handle him but all the trainers were yelling at me so finally I just started throwing him around, dumping him every 5 seconds. After that I had to go with Sittichai for half an hour, deffinitley not as much fun. Usually I feel good with him, we go back and forth, but today I was exhausted and was owning me. I could barely move, he’d grab my neck and my body would just give out. Laem was yelling at me to stay strong but the best I could do was continue moving forward. Finally he started tiring out and I started throwing a milliong knees. After that we were done, thank goodness. Thought I was done but then Laem wanted me to do a round of elbows with him, I was on auto pilot by that point. He kept having me do spinning elbows, which I love but it was killing my back. I did a round of shadow boxing with the weights after that and could barely keep my hands up. Thought I was done but then he tells me to do a round of just elbows with holding the weights, just wanted to throw them at him. He’s the devil, the Thai version of Norm. I know I’ll be in great shape come fight time but when we’re training I just hate him. I finally get finished with all my exercises and Laem gives me the cherry drink, what the hell, so good though. Grabbed a nuce cold shower then had dinner, thought I was going to pass out at the table, I’m so exhausted. Trying to eat as much as I can but I don’t think I could fit anymore in. After diner Ben, Laem and I headed to the market. First we stop by the coffee shop, of course. Laem was once again trying to feed me with goodies but I had to pass this time. He did manage to push a few small things in my face. So after that I picked up some Brands Chicken, supposedly good for you and some eggs and we headed back. It’s so nice walking around here, other then when you’re exhausted. I love Thailand, miss home though. Another day down. It’s going to start flying by fast soon, yet at the same time it will be slow. I need to ask Tim the name of the guy I’m fighting, see if I can get some info on him, not that it matters.
Man everyday is harder than the previous. Didn’t fall asleep till like midnight, I need to start forcing myself to get to bed earlier but for some reason I just want to take advantage of the time I’m not training and stay up. If I go to sleep the next thing will be training, so I put it off as long as possible. Woke up before my alarm again but luckily this time it was only 2:30. Had 3 more hours to sleep but of course it felt as if I just blinked and it was time to get up. Part of my just wanted to say F it and take the day off. I forced myself to hit the road. Just gotta take it one step at a time, no matter how hard it is you can make it. We start running, felt ok, kept a real good pace but the flies were driving me insane. I just want to light myself on fire so that they will leave me alone. For some reason people around here have no sense of personal space, even when you’re running. They kept running right next to me, like inches away, even though they have the whole road to us, so I would run faster even though my legs were dead. It actually makes me feel better to run faster but I just can’t keep the pace up. I usually slow way down when I hit the small loops but today I burned through them, just wanted it to be over with as soon as possible. Finally I finished up and headed back, Ben was nowhere in sight, left him in the dust. I decided tha I wasn’t going to kick or knee today, my hips were just killing me. So I do my warm up then Laem has me get on the pads, just punches and elbows, felt great. After that I did some bag work then it was time to clinch. Started with two of the younger boys for about 15 minutes but then it was time to go with Sittichai, we went for about 45. I was so exhausted, I just couldn’t get going. Then I started to notice how tired he was, this gave a sudden burst of energy and I started kneeing him like crazy. Finally we finished and I did a round of elbows with Laem then all my exercises. Laem had another cherry drink for me, what’s he trying to do to me. Checked my weight, I was 147 after training, not too bad, fighting at 142. Brett’s fight a Lumpinee ain’t happening, guess Peck, his old trainer, never set it up, he was pissed. I guess he’s going to fight on that same card with Ben near Pattya which is good caust it’s only 5 days away. Still felt bad for him though. Finished up then grabbed a shower and breakfast. It was really good, I was stuffed but still wanted more. I crashed out hard afterwards. Laem has been having us go about half an hour more each session, damn devil! Slept for like two hours, I feel like a zombie. Forced myself to get up and have my protein, apple and granola and then passed back out. Didn’t know how I as going to be able to train feeling like I id at the time. Fell asleep for another hour or so and felt much better, still tired though. Headed upstairs and started skipping, I just hate junping rope, almost as much as I hate running. Still couldn’t get myself to go the whole time. Laem had me hit pads ith Mong today, ‘s cool, crazy as hell. He has an interesting style but once I got the feel for it we were able to work good. It was nice to hit pads with someone new, closer to my size. Did about 5 rounds with him and then a few on the bag. I knew I’d get called over to clinch at any minute. I was dreading it yet I love it at the same time. Finally they call me over. It was round Robing with Kem and Sittichai, feakn brutal. I’ve been struggling the last few days in the clinch, think my body is just dead. We went for almost an hour, I was so drained. Finally finished, I was so relieved. Finished up with all my exercises. Once again Laem had the cherry drink for me. Afterwards I got a shoewr and food and just didn’t want to move. Ben, Clayton and I headed over to the pharmacy after dinner to get some sleeping pills and some soap. I stopped by the 7/11 to get some Vitamilk, so good, whish we had it back home. When we got back to the gym we found out that the military had sent in tanks to break up the protestors. Apparently all the trainers are red shirts and headed down to there. I’m sure if my moms watching the news she’s freaknig out.
So I wake up this morning feeling like a zombie. The sleeping pills worked great and I slept like 7 hours but I was in a fog once I woke up. I was so close to just staying in bed, Ben did, not sure how I managed to get up. I hit the road alone, legs were still feeling tired so I figured I would just do a light jog but the further into the run I got the better my legs felt. However once I hit the small loops my legs just shut down. It was hot and the sun was blazzing even though it was only 7am. Luckily after my 2nd time around the loop the clouds started coming out and cooled it down a bit. Got back to the gym and just flopped down on my bed, Ben was still passed out. I just lay there for a minute then I hear a knock at the door. It was one of the ladies from the kitchen saying ‘phone for you’. I figured it was my mom calling, one of the generals was shot in the head yesterday and things have been escalating so I’m sure she’s freaked out. I pick up the phone and to my surprise it was Gina on the other end. It was so good to hear her voice. She was freaked out as well, guess my mom had called her and told her about everything that’s been going on over here, well at least what the news was portraying. I had to calm her down then send my mom an e mail to let her know that everything was fine. I talked to her for a bit, let her know how I was feeling, this morning I just wanted to throw in the towel and quit. I was dead, mind, body and spirit. She always knows how to talk to me, just let me know what I needed to hear and I felt ten times better. After that I went to train. Sparred with Sittichai, Brett and Bobo (sindy’s brother). I felt ok but I just couldn’t get my arms moving. I was dying, did a few rounds with Laem, just elbows and front kicks. He told me to do knees on the bag and I just couldn’t, had nothing left. Almost told him no but I walked over to the bag, right before I started he asked if I was ok. I told him my hips were killing me and my body was just dead. Felt like I was about to have a breakdown. He says ‘ok, shadow then finish’. Thank goodness. Did my shadow boxing with weights, I could just feel my body shutting down. Did my exercises then he gives me the cherry drink, I was done, so spent. At breakfast the past two days the eggs have been shapped like hearts, hahahaha. After eating I passed out. Woke up around 1 just feeling dead to the world. I needed a break badly. I figured that I could train tonight and take the rest of the weekend off. But the closer it got to training the more unmotivated I felt. Mentally and physically I just couldn’t move. I finally decided no to train. Ben was still out, he said that he felt hungover all day from the sleeping pills. I passed out but I knew that Laem would come by knocking at any minute. Finally around 4 I hear the knock. Laem comes in and asks what’s wrong. Ben tells him that he feels crappy and he says ok and tells him to rest. He asks me and I try and explain to him how exhausted I am. I felt bad but if I just keep training I’m going to feel worse and worse. He says ok and tells me to come upstairs and he’ll give me a thai oil massage and then I can rest. I go upstairs feeling like I’m in the twilight zone. Everyone was up there training, made me feel like a wuss. Layed down on the ring and he gave me a massage. Made me feel a lot better but I was still out of it. He had me do two rounds of shadow boxing, felt like I was going to pass out. He says ‘ok tomorrow training’ I say ‘no, Monday, weekend rest’ then he says ‘ok tomorrow just clinching’ “NO!” ‘ok tomorrow just running’ “No, I need break, Monday be strong” finally got through to him, I was relieved. Grabbed a shower then lay back down, feel as if I could sleep forever. Hopefully this time off will do me some good.
Slept all day today, mostly, just layed around when I wasn’t asleep. I can’t belive how tired I am, I just feel dead. Just gonna rest some more, maybe go get some cookies. Another day off tomorrow, hopefully it will help.
Another day of rest and I’m feeling much better and I’m actually looking forward to getting back into training. The protestors situation seems to be getting worse everyday. It’s so sad. Like 25 people have already been killed. Not sure if it’s going to affect my fight or not. I know either way I’ll get to fight somewhere. I know that God is in control and that it will all work out.
-Well I wasn’t going to eat anymore sweets this weeking but………….slept and rested all day, can’t believe how tired I still am. Legs feel a hundred time’s better, ready for another hard week. Diner was nice, rice, eggs, beef and veggies, and a banana for desert. Watched some fights that were on TV, they were pretty good. That dark kid I was clinching with fought, he lost on points but it was a great fight. Tehn all of a sudden Brett says ‘I’m going to get ice cream, you coming?’ “UMMMM yea” I’m so weak when it comes to sweets. We went and got the bikes and head to the store. Sindy and Bobo’s parents were arriving as we were leaving, they seemed really nice. I talked to Brett about the possibility of my fight being cancelled. He said that he thinks the riots will be over in time cause they are really starting to crack down on them. We went to Dairy Queen and I got the biggest blizzard that they have, which actually isn’t that big at all, strawberry with kit kats,mmmmmmmm. Brett was looking at my like I was nuts, as was the two Thai girls that worked there. I’m looking forward to getting back on the grind tomorrow.
Well I thought I was feeling better this morning, wrong. Slept great last night, probably fell asleep around 9. Got up and hit the road. Forgot to put a bandaid on my blister and thought about heading back but I figured it had probably healed enough and I’d be ok, I was wrong! I start running and it’s a nice overcast day, not too hot. The pain in my heel is really starting to bother me but I’m managing. I’m running along, trying to stay mentally focused and motivated, about half way through I just stop. I’m freakn pissed, sick of being tired, sick of not being able to perform the way that I know I can, sick of this stupid blister on my heel. I sit down on the road and take my shoe off. My foot was cramped up and my heel was killing me, my sock was soaked in blood. I just walk for a minute with my shoe untied, I just felt like giving up. F that! Tied my shoe and just started running. Sometimes, no matter how tired or hurt you are, just keep pushing forward and it will all work out. That’s what I do in my fights, always go forward no matter what, and I know that no one will ever break me or make me quit. Nine times out of ten it will end up breaking them, that’s how I got my nickname. So I make it through the big loop, told myself I would do at least two small loops and then see how I felt. I was just frustrated and when you’re mentally not there it doesn’t even matter how physically fit you are, it just won’t work. Especailly when your body is already as shot as mine is. I got through the two small loops, felt ok, but I didn’t to push it so I headed back after that. I just hoped that I would feel ok during training. Sometimes when the run sucks I actually end up feeling good during the training so I was hoping that would be the case today. Got back to the room and just layed down for a minute. Finally I managed to get up and head upstairs. I really tried to get myself in a good positive mentally frame of mind but it just wasn’t happening. After the first round of pads I was dying, what the hell. Felt as if it was my first day here. My body was killing me and I couldn’t breath. Made it through four rounds of thai pads and two boxing rounds, barely. I tried explaining to Laem how I was feeling, not sure if it got through or if it even mattered. Hit that bag after that, kind of. I just wanted to sneak off and go to my room, almost did. I was dreading clinching, hoped I’d be able to skip it, I was wrong, of course. Laem clicked at me as he does and says ‘clinching clinching’. Great! I just gotta suck it up. It was Sittichai, Bobo and I. I was just dead, did like 30 minutes rotating with all three. Finally Laem said ‘enough’ think he could tell how dead I was, I couldn’t do anything. I finished up with my exercises but only did half of what I normally do. Went downstairs, grabbed a shower, and just layed in bed, thought about passing out. Finally got up and headed to the kitchen, had a nice breakfast then went back to my room to pass out. I thought I would fall asleep the second my head hit the pillow, wrong again. I didn’t sleep at all, put me in an even worse mood then I already was. Listened to my hypnosis thing that Sharron made for me, it helped. I felt refocussed and I was ready to train. My body still felt shot but mentally I was ready to go. Headed up stairs, jumped rope, which I actually felt good doing for once, stretched out and shadow boxed, still feeling good. Finally it was time for pads. Started going and I was feeling good, hips were tight and were starting to bug me. Second round felt good but towards the end my legs were shutting down. I felt way better than this morning but still shot. I made it through the 5 rounds of Thai pads then felt great on the 2 rounds of boxing. Finally I got to the bag to do my tow rounds of jump knees. Got through them but I could barely get up off the ground. Hit the bag after that, elbows and teeps mostly. Did my sit ups and pull ups to get them out of the way. I knew Laem would be calling me over to clinch at any minute, I was hoping that he wouldn’t today. Ben came up just to ride the bike for a minute, Brett and him are fighting near Pattya. Wish I could go but I have to train. Finally Laem tells me to go clinch. It was Sittichai, Kem and I. ‘Oh great!’, I thought, ‘this is going to suck’. Luckily Sittichai was in the middle this time. Kem and Monlit, his trainer, were working him over. Kneeing him so hard I thought they would break his ribs. I was dying and I was only doing like 5 minutes at a time, can’t even imagine how he was feeling. We went for half an hour. I dumped Sittichai once and Monlit told me it was a foul. Yea right, for some reason it’s only a foul when I do it, whatever. So he explains to me the difference, which makes no sense to me cause it looks like the exact same thing. I’m like ‘what are they going to get out a magnafying glass to see if it’s legal or not?’ So then I do it again, the exact same way, and he says ‘yea good’. The grey areas in this sport are rediuculous, especially over here. I always wonder if there’s an actual book with what is legal and what isn’t. It’s like the traffic laws here, they’re more of suggestions then actual laws. Finish up clinching then do my neck exercises. Laem asks me if I have any more of the cherry drink, which he had asked me to pick up. I tried telling him I didn’t want anymore, which he didn’t seem to get. Finally just told him that it was making me sick so he would understand, which it dffintley wasn’t but I gotta stop drinking it. He tells me that tomorrow he can’t train me because he’s going to the fights. First he tells me to just run and hit the bag a bit then clinch but later on Tim tells me and says that Bong will hold pads for me. Think we’re just doing it in the afternoon but who the hell knows. Either way I just pray I feel better in the morning.
Well I didn’t sleep at all last night, not even close, how is that possible. I was so tired and just couldn’t click over to sleep mode, this has got to stop. You would think that after almost 30 years I would have figured out how to fall asleep. Around two I was going to take a sleeping pill but I figured if I did that I would never wake up for training. Turned out not to matter anyway. I don’t think that I actually fell asleep until about 6 or 7am. I was so frustrated on top of the fact that I felt like I was coming down with a cold. The fact that Ben likes to keep the room like an igloo doesn’t help. I almost got up and went running at 5:30 but figured that would just be counter productive. Laem came in around 8, I figured that he was coming in to give me grief but he just said something to Ben about what time they would be leaving and didn’t say a word to me. It wouldn’t have mattered because I wasn’t going anywhere. I woke up around 10 to eat, I was so out of it, half dead but at least I wasn’t feeling sick anymore. Stuffed my face and then lay back down. Wasn’t able to fall back asleep which is probably for the best so I can fall asleep tonight. Ben and Brett took off at 11, I gave them my best, it was pouring outside, like a monsoon. It was nice and cool out, I just prayed they got their safely. Tried to fall asleep again but just lay in bed till about two. I was feeling so unmotivated, just dead, and the more I feel like this the worse it gets, like a terrible downward spiral. Tried to get motivated by watching some fights and listening to music, started feeling a little bit better. I’m so greatful to be here but it’s just the daily grind and feeling exhausted that just kills me. I told myself that today would be a good day no matter what. No matter how hard it got I was going to stay positive. It’s like when you’re in the middle of the fight, exhausted and hurt, you forget how much you love this and just want it to be over with as soon as possible but the minute it’s over you want it back. I go upstairs feeling as motivated as ever. I start jumping, feeling good, get through the 20 minutes and still feel positive, ready to go. Shadow boxed then got my gloves on. Went with Jack, he deffinitley had a different style, not as brutal. Still got me tired because I wasn’t used to it. I’m so sick of kicking, my hips are killing me. Felt good boxing but it was totally basic. Did about nine rounds in total and felt ok. Did my knees on the bag after that, I was struggling but not as bad as I have been. Finally Sittichai tells me to come clinch, I wasn’t dreading it as much as I normally would be. It was Sittichai, Kem and I. First it started with Sittichai in the middle but after about 10 minutes it was my turn. It was rough to say the least. I do fine with Sittichai, we go back and forth but with Kem I get owned. We went for about 45 minutes, Kem cut out after about 20 thank goodness. I felt pretty good, strong, up until the last 5 or 10 minutes. Then, just when I thought that I was done, Monlit tells me to do another 10 minutes with Bobo. We start going, my body was so dead and I couldn’t do anything. Monlit was telling me to stay strong but I just had nothing left, felt like a ragdoll. Finally after about 5 minutes he says enough. I tell him that I’m sorry, I was just exhausted. He says ‘ok, ok’. I go and knock out my exercises. Felt a lot better today, still not 100% but way better than I had been feeling. I realized that it’s the monotony that just sucks the life out of me. I mean back home it gets monotoniss too but it’s not the exact same thing every day 6 days a week. The only thing that ever changes here is we might spar a few times. It’s like you kill yourself all day, finally get through it, then you have to wake up and do the exact same thing again. Guess the grass is always greener on the other side. Everything has it’s good and bad, just gotta appreciate it all. Jack was telling me that he’s seen the guy that I am supposed to be fighting. Said that he is 17 and a little shorter than me. He likes to move around a lot. Says for me to pressure him, Bovy style, sounds good to me, what else is new. After I finissh eating I’m gonna take some sleeping pills and crash out, so tired.
I just realised that I’ve been pretty much writing the same thing day in and day out. Seeing as how everyday here is pretty much the same I guess that makes sense. So from now on I think I’ll just stick to writing things that stand out as opposed to the monotony. Once again I couldn’t sleep last night, I’m beyond annoyed. I did fall asleep around midnight but that was only after I took some sleeping pills. I actually felt pretty good when I got up and headed out on my run. It was a beautiful day, and when I say beautiful I mean it was overcast and cool out, thought it might rain on me. I felt good during my run, as much as I hate running being able to do it here at this beautiful park sure does help. I felt good afterwards but once I started hitting pads my hips started killing me, I could barely even get my feet off the ground, pissed me off. Of course Laem just made me kick more which really helped, A LOT. Got even more frustrated while I was doing my knees on the bag. I’m more mad at myself for feeling this way than anything. When Sittichai and I clinched I felt pretty good for the first half hour but then my body just started dying on me. The inside of my right thigh was killing me, he accidentally had kneed me in it yesterday. I got Laem yellign at me to keep my head up and to get my hands on the inside. I just want to yell at him “I KNOW, I’M TRYING!”, I just can’t. I just feel like I’m getting worse everyday. But after we got done he was telling me that I was doing good, huh? Checked my weight after that and I was 147, Sittichai was the same. He tells me he’s fighting at 135, what the hell? He’s big. I mean we’re the same height he just has enormous legs. I tried to get some rest after breakfst but never fell asleep. Feeling better though, motivated. I just heard on the news that the protestors gave up cause they don’t want anymore bloodshed. . Hopefully that means my fight is will still be on. I’m just happy that no more people will be hurt. Wish my stupid hips would loosen up, I have really good kicks but the pain just makes it impossible.
-Well I was feeling pretty good into training tonight, motivated. Got upstairs and Brett was alreay back at it, hardcore. Guess he’s got another fight in two weeks so he can’t take anytime off. Said his body is feeling good other the fact that he got hit in the nuts like three times in the first round. Said it was killing him, black and blue, then apparently he thought I was missing out and decided to show me. Some things you just can’t unsee. He said the guy was just a slick southpaw. Said it was close and a good fight. He learned a lot and that’s the most important thing. So I start jumping, feeling good, motivated in knowing my fight is on. Find out that my opponent is southpaw, great. I’m used to them by now but they’re still a pain. They say that he doesn’t have much power but that he is technical and has good high kicks. Apparently Laem felt like putting on a show with me, he was killing me. Thought I would puke or pass out. Brett was sitting there watching, he was encouraging me the whole time which I really think is the only reason I was able to make it through, I was spent. I went and did my knees on the bag and barely was able to finsh. I put everything I had into those pads and had nothing left. Finally it was time to clinch, alright, let’s do this. Started out with Sittichai and was feeling about 50% but after 15 minutes I was done, had nothing left. Luckily Bobo and I were rotating in on him. I was just frustrated, he’s the one in the middle and I’m the one dying. Bobo left after half an hour. Basically the last 15 minutes was just me hanging on Sittichai not trying to pass out, which I was very close to doing. Finally I was done, Laem says ‘after tomorrow, easy’. He says so you don’t have to make faces at me anymore, or something to that affect, hahahaha, I cracked up. I’ve just been dying everytime he tells me to do something and I just give him this look of death, same ones I give to Norm. It was pretty funny. So he has me check my weight. I was only 2 pounds over, no wonder I’ve been feeling so weak. But now the fights close so I don’t want to start pigging out. I’ll deffinitley make sure I get a lunch in tomorrow. My shin splints are killing me but not as bad as they have been, my hips and my back are super tight, I’m a hot mess. After I eat, half passed out, Clayton and I go to the pharmacy to get some pain killers and calcium pills. Just as we are about to leave Brett says that everything is closed because of the curfew, what? Damn, felt even worse for him because he wanted ice cream. Luckily Clayton had a few left that he gave me. Hopefully they will help. So one more hard day, I can do this, I know that he’s going to kill me tomorrow but I’m ready. Need to make sure I get some sleep tonight.
Well once again no sleep, this has got to stop. Think it’s one of those things where I’m so tired that I can’t even sleep, lame. Took two sleeping pills and two pain killers, you wold think that would put me out. I did havea good rest though, think I fell asleep around 6am. I was just waiting for Laem to come in but he never did. I just slept then got up and had breakfast. I see Laem walk by and he daisn’t even say anything, I think he just knows how spent I am. Passed out for like two hours afte breakfast, had a horrible dream about my father dying. Woke up with the worst headache, felt nauseaus, the last thing I needed. I’ve been trying to stay away from taking pills but my body is just killing me. I started feeling a little better before training, last hard session, I can do this. Headed upstairs and start jumping, there was this other American there jumping rope but I was too tired to even talk to him. Got through the skipping ok and then Laem tells me to clinch. Now I’m thinking ‘ok, I wonder if this will be better or worse, I’m sure it sucks no matter what order you go in.’ We go for about half an hour. Sittichai is a beast, they just kill him everyday and he just keeps going, I’m sure it helps that he’s only 19. I get through that feeling ok but now it’s time for pads. I know that Laem is going to work me over, maybe even worse than yesterday. I just didn’t know if I could do it again. Right away my hips are killing me, my cardio feels great but I just can’t get my hips going. Brett was there again encouraging me, it helped but I just wanted to yell ‘I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE!’, but I did, pushed through it somehow. It was a relief knowing that I didn’t have to clinch afterwards. Well I hoped anyway but with Laem you never know. I went and hit the bag, my feaking knee is swollen bad, I think it’s from the fight because I don’t remember getting hit in it. Feels as if I got smashed in it with a bat. Mum was hitting the bag next to me, he cracks me up. Knocked out my exercises then Laem had me do a round of elbows with him. My elbows are feeling really good, although I did feel as if I would puke cause I drank way to much water beforehand. Felt good to finally be finished but then he tells me it’s a 50/50 chance if I’m going to fight or not. The protestors are gone but for now there is still a curfew and looting going on. I’ll be so bummed, I know I can get another fight but it just won’t be the same.
Well I ended up getting sick as a dog. Woke up at like 1am pouring sweat and then started having hot and cold flashes. Reminded me of a scene in ‘Walk Hard’ where Dewey is in rehab “we need more and less blankets”. I wanted to laugh but cry at the same time. I finally got up and made myself puke, knew I would have eventually anyway, it was horrible. Like paste, it would barely come out, thought I was going to choke on it. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve been this sick. Think it was from these shrimps I ate last night. I was just pouring sweat afterwards but was feeling a lot better. I layed back down and passed out. Ben came in around 5am, guess he had quit the journey. So he goes to the fight and they tell him it’s going to be just a boxing match, sounded like an all around shaddy situation, he got stopped in the first with a body shot. Laem was with him when he came in and I told him how sick I was. He gave me some kind of Thai peptobismol and told me to go back to sleep. I couldn’t even eat breakfast, didn’t even get out of bed to try. Seemed like every five minutes someone was kocking on our door, all damn day. If I had any energy I would have cracked someone’s skull. Laem telling me to train, I’m F’n sick, leave me alone! ET comes by and says something to the extent of ‘Tim being on the phone with the promoter and for me to go upstairs’. I somehow make it up there, felt like I might pass out. Felt even worse when I saw everyone training. Tim tells me that the Lumpinee fights are all off next week because of the curfew, even Radja. He says that he talked with the promoter in Pattya and that they’ll get me a fight there but it’s going to be on Monday or else he can get me a different fight on Thursday. I tell him that I’m down for whatever, I’ll see how I’m feeling tomorrow but I don’t care. Head back downstairs to bed, that was pointless. So right when I’m about to pass out there’s another knock, SON OF A! It’s ET again ‘Oh Kevin, you fight Monday at Pattya, you no check weight’. Great, leave me the hell alone! Seriously do you really need to tell me this right now. Reminded me of the squirrel master in China, you just got to laugh or else you will loose your mind. At diner I tried to get a little food in my stomach, I was starving but everything made me sick, just looking at it. Had some fruit and some rice, felt a little queezy but better. Tim told me a bunch of the boys were sick as well, guess it had been going around, good times. Tells me he can take me to the doc to get a shot and some medicine but I end up just resting after diner. Feeling a lot better now, just a bit weak and tired. Glad I don’t have to make weight. Laem gave me a thai oil massage at 4, told me to skip but I decided not to cause my knee was still swollen. I did a little shadow boxing and headed back downstairs. Hand did my laundry again, which was tons of fun. Really looking forward to this fight. Of course I’m bummed that it’s not at Lumpinee but what can you do. Just want to perform the way I know I can, better than I know, as always. I want to make Laem proud of me and be an inspiration to everyone watching. No matter what it will be fun. After that I will have about a week off before I go home. See how I’m feeling after the fight, might trian some more or just relax. I’d like to keep training because both Brett and Sittichai have fights so I want to be there for them. One day at a time. Just going to rest and relax all day tomorrow.
So Friday night, for the first time since I’ve been here, there was actually good movies on. Usually it’s Kit Kettridge, Speed Racer and all sorts of other oscar winners back to back to back. But Friday we had Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Pinneapple express, I didn’t even want to go to sleep cause it was such a special ocassion. Could this possibley continue for another night, didn’t want to get my hopes up. To my surprise they were on again last night. But as fate would have it, especially out here, we had a storm from hell and right on the good part of Sarah Marshall the cable goes out, of course, just got to laugh. Of course even the fact that we have a TV is nice so it’s hard to complain. Still feeling tired but I feel good. Just relaxing today. Gave Ben a mohawk, think we had a bit of a communiaction error as to what exactly he wanted but I think he ended up with a sick cut. Need to make sure I go to the store tomorrow during the day to get sweets because everything will be closed after the fights, stupid ass curfew.
Last night we watched one of Mung’s fights from the Queen’s birthday in 07’, it was awesome. Reminded me a lot of Jack, hands down, blocks with his face, beautiful. He KO’d the guy with a body shot then a hard right hand when his head went down. Had a hard time falling asleep last night, not too bad cause I probably passed out around 1am. Wasn’t thinking about the fight or anything, just kind of woke up once the tv was off. Got a good sleep though, feel great. Just went and bought a ton of junk food from Carrefour, it’s beautiful, the real reason I fight, hahaha. It’s funny because you want the fight to hurry up and get here yet at the same time you want it to last cause once it’s over you got to get back on the gind all over again. Think that we’re leaving around 5 or 6 but who knows. Going to eat once more before we leave. Well I’ve done everything that I can in order to get ready for this one, it’s in God’s hands now.
Another one down, that was my 41st fight and I hate it just like all the others. Not to say I hate it, I just always want to do better. Yesterday seemed to drag on forever. Ben, Brett, Clayton, Jack, Laem, Tim and I took off for Pattya around 6. Seemed like we didn’t drive half as fast as we usually do, I wasn’t scarred to death like I normally am and it seemed like we got there in the same ammount of time. The weather was wonderful, nice and cool with a breeze off of the ocean. When we were leving I couldn’t get my seatbelt on because it was stuck in the seat. I was sitting in the middle in between Brett and Laem. If we had gotten in a wreck I would have gone right threw the window. I kept trying to get the seatbelt with no luck. Just said a prayer, I know that if it’s my time to go a seatbelt won’t save me. We passed this fair on the way, if you could call it that, it was a hot mess. We were all cracking jokes about it. Talking about the ferris wheel, ball pit, circus, then the roller coaster. I was in such a good place mentally, so positive, just smiling the whole way there, so blessed. We stopped at a spot to get some money and food and drinks. They said I probably wouldn’t fight until ten but I didn’t want to put anything else in my stomach. I was dying though because there was a McDonalds and a KFC, soon enough. We arrived at Pattya around 7, fights don’t start till 8. When we arrive we see some other foreigners, one of which I thought was my opponent. Laem says ‘ok, you kill him’ but then Jack tells me that he isn’t the guy he thought he knew. So now who knows, might be southpaw might not, it doesn’t matter. We made our way to the back and just chilled out, had about an hour, not sure why we got here so early. So I’m looking at this guy who I think might be my opponent and I’m trying not to focus on how he looks in regards to whether he can fight or not. Who knows, he could be the best fighter on the planet. Finally I ask Tim who I was fighting, it wasn’t him. Turns out it’s the older, taller, rugged looking black guy. Huh, what, I thought he was 17. I could tell just by looking at this guy that there’s no way he could have made 142. Now I’m wondering if they changed my opponent or if this was the guy that I was supposed to fight at Lumpinee. His name was different too, Kotd’Or. I was going to ask Tim but then again who cares. Either way I’m fighting this guy, let’s smash him. This did give me a rattle though, just because I was expecting something completley different and now I have an unkown, of course everyone is an unkown until you actually fight them. So now I’m considering changing my fight plan up a bit, maybe I will feel him out for a bit first. Finally 8 comes around and the fights start. The tiny little kids fight first, they are so badass. I was fight #7 so I started stretching out and Laem wraps my hands and my brain started clicking over to fight mode, still smiling though. Laem’s hand wraps were sick. He did the normal thai ‘tape on the knuckles’ but he didn’t use a huge wad, felt rock hard though. I was still a bit concerned about my hand though, especially after I felt the mittens we would be fighting in. So Laem finishes up and then says that he’s gonna oil me down so I run and take a piss real quick. The guy I had originally thought that I was fighting was up now. He was up against a thai and from the looks of it things weren’t going his way. After Laem oiled me up Brett kicked me down some knowledge, chip away, and we headed back to our waiting area. Laem loads me up with vaseline, never had so much on me in my entire life, it was discusting. I start to move around a bit and Laem’s standing there with my gloves. I say not yet cause I might have to go to the bathroom again. He says ‘no, you next’. Huh, what the hell, guess I read the fight card backwards. Screw it, lets do this. So he puts my gloves on, they had absolutley no padding whatsoever. I could feel my knuckles right threw them. I just prayed that my hand would hold up. Then I realize that I didn’t have my arm bands on. Aw crap, should I go out without them, hell no. Brett asks if I want to take my gloves off, they were already tied and taped. Naw, told him to just loosen them up as much as possible and see if he could get them over my gloves. Thank goodness it worked, it deffinitley would have been in the back of my mind if we couldn’t get them on. Got my rosary, flowers and robe on and headed to the ring. Said my prayer before I jumped over the ropes, time to go to work, I was feeling good. Finally Kotd’Or gets in the ring, he was looking confident and strong. I had no idea what to expect. There was a nice breeze blowing in from the ocean, I was at complete peace. Sealed the ring off and did my wai kru. After that they bring us together, tried to get a feel for him by the look in his eyes. Hard to read but I felt like I had him, course I always feel that way. Go back to the corner and Laem takes off my robe, flowers, mongkon and rosary. He tells me to keep my guard strong and to check his kicks. So I start out slow and feel him out, which is not my style at all but there were a lot of factors working against me so I didn’t want to push it. I started popping my jab and inside low kicks. Round two was more of the same, landed some good boxing and some good leg kicks. Could pretty much see everything he was doing and was able to pick it off. Slow pace still, it’s funny because I get more tired going slow then I do going 100%. Guess it’s cause when I’m going all out I get in a rhythm and when I’m going slow I’m thinking too much. Round three, still slow but picking it up a bit, continue to pepper his legs and use my boxing. We clinch up a few times but I’m just not feeling it so I just lock him out and wait for the break. I really wanted to land a spinning elbow for Laem and I also promised Ben that I would bust out my cartwheel kick for him. So going into the fourth I was feeling nice and comfortable, got him in the corner and busted them both out back to back, he didn’t seem to happy and the ref said something about me doing the cartwheeel kick, not sure what that was about. Land some good elbows and knock his mouth piece out of the ring with a good right hand. We clinch up at the beginning of the 5th round and I land a good right up elbow, after the ref breaks us up he puts his hands on his eye, ref takes a look and calls the fight, it split him open pretty good. Felt anti climactic, still felt good to get a win and make everyone proud. Felt fine, nothing was hurt, my left shin was a little sore from checking but not too bad. Everyone told me what a good job I had done but I knew it wasn’t anything near what I was capable of. They had a hose by the bathrooms so I did my best to shower off. People kept coming by and telling me good job, made me feel good. When I was taking my hand wraps off near the stands there was this little family sitting on a mat relaxing. It was two young boys, there mother and maybe her sister. They kept looking at me and smiling and giving me thumbs up. Apparently they wanted to take my hand wraps off, not sure why, at first I thought that they wanted them so I was like ‘sure’. It was a really funny scene, the Thai people are so amazing, so warm and friendly. They were cracking me up. They just seemed so happy to be doing this. We had to stay and watch two of the boys fight, one of which might fight Jomhod. Tim had me tape it so that they could watch it again later. So afterwards Tim tells me to go get my money from the promter. They send me to this room where they are paying all the fighters. They hand me an envelope and say something to me, not like I have any idea what they are talking about. They guy from Jocky gym was in there as well and he was talking with the lady giving us the money. I say thanks and walk off. I talk to Tim for a bit and show him what they gave me. He tells me they shorted me like 500baht. Says he thinks the guy from Jocky gym took me money. He goes and talks to the promoter and sure enough that’s what happened. We drive all over trying to gind him and finally we come across him. Tim and him talk for a bit, he tells Tim that they just gave him part of my purse and he had no idea, yea right, either way we got it back and head out. Went to McDonalds afterwards, I was craving it so badly. I was nice and stuffed after that, it was nice hanging with everyone and just being able to relax. Hit the road and headed back the gym, gotta love this life.
Well some interesting things have developed in the last 24 hours. Looks like I’ll only be going home for a week and then coming right back. I’m going to be fighting in an 8 man tournament that Saenchai and Liam Harrison will also be in, July 2nd. I have to be back for the press conference which is June 9th. I’m bummed that I will only be home for a week but this isn’t something that I can pass up, this is what I have been waiting for. I haven’t gotten my ticket yet, still need to make sure that everything is cool back home before I book it. I was going to train but I’m going to need this week off because I will have to get right back on it as soon as I get back. Brett and I went over to MBK today, he is heading home in a day or so. We grabbed a cab around 4ish, took us about half an hour to get there because of the traffic. You could see all the damage from the riots, a bunch of buildings that had been set on fire, it was crazy. Went up to the food court and got our meal tickets. This brought back memories from my first trip here. I ate so much, it was amazing, then for desert we had mango and sticky rice, so good! Oh my gosh it was so good!!! Brett had a bit of shopping to do so we cruised around for a bit. When we left it toos us like 25 different cabs until we could get one to take us to the gym, it was rediculous. No one wanted to take us unless they charged us more than what the meter would come out to. Finally the same Thai chic, who turned us down earlier three times, came back around and picked us up. We got home around 8:30, so tired. I need to buy my ticket ASAP before the prices jump up. I tried to change my ticket to go home early but it was like a grand. I’m just going to rest the next few days, well at least that’s the plan, I’m sure I’ll end up training.


  1. Hi

    Me and a freind will be travelling to bkk from Australia in june for 3 and a half weeks to train at sitsongpeenong

    I have been doing muay thai for about a year, however my freind has only just started, but would like the training experience there and also to drop weight, also to check out bkk malls, stadium fights raja, lumpinee etc

    It says the cater to beginers on their website so do you think my freind will be looked after?

  2. I deffinitley think your friend will be looked after well,this is a really great camp and all of the trainers are great

  3. awesome, how long are you there for? we arrive on the 21st of June

    If you could you should upload some photos and stuff of bkk, sitsongpeenong camp etc maybe some videos!

  4. wow man just typed in your name in youtube and found fights your really good! Im going to sitsongpeenong to improve technique and cardio and hopefully have my first fight when i get back home, lookin forward to your updates!

  5. Thanks a lot, I will try and get some up, I have my camera but not the cord to hook it to my computer but I can take some with my phone,I'll see what I can do

  6. I always enjoy reading your posts, missed them. :)

  7. how long u at sitsongpeenong for?

  8. I'm here until the 31st but I should be back at the end of June

  9. awesome, ill be there from the 22nd of june, really nervous but excited already! will be a good experience to be in bkk and meeting fighters like yourself, good luck in your fights bro

  10. Cool brotha, thanks, hopefully I'll get to meet you when I'm back out, have fun and soak it all in, even the hard stuff

  11. Kevin!

    I haven't read any of your super great journals (guess they are blogs now?) in a while. Great to see everythings going good for you man. A 16 man tourney will be insane! Live that dream man, cause in a minute you are going to be old as dirt like me and then have to do it vicariously through real champions like yourself!

    I still talk to Dave Wood about the glory days at Toddy's when you would make us do 100 sit-up's and we thought that was just insane lol! You were a great teacher man! Good luck with your upcoming fights!

    See ya man and God Bless!


  12. hahahaha, good times brotha, damn 100 sit ups, I'm so cruel :)

  13. I know! and not only that but you broke them down into 4 sets of 25! I don't think Sparta was that cruel to its warriors!

    But seriously it sucked to do after your training sessions. Even 100 sit ups seemed cruel lol!

  14. Kevin,

    I had stumbled across a website ( that not only linked your blog but also mentioned you were fighting in an 8 man qualifier in Thailand.

    I was super siked to see your name on the list with all the other talent on there as you so rightly deserve to be. It's nice to see the states being represented so seriously. you are 100% backed and we hope nothing but the best for you here at home.

    Chok Dee brother

  15. this diary was so nice to read. really great and interesting (also refreshing, no holiday for me this year, and i swear i felt like i was in thailand for 30 minutes). i guess it takes a little time but don't hesitate to do the same on the next camp.

  16. Giles Wiley8.6.11

    Thanks for posting this Kevin it brings back such memories from my early twenties, of training 7 -8 hours a day 6 days a week, the constant pain, the nagging injuries, the psychological battle to keep going - you're living the dream man! I actually went back and read through some of my journals from 15 years ago. PS, love watching your fights - you've got a lot of fans out there - we'll be following you closely in the tournament!