Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Everything happens for a reason?

Whenever something bad happens you will hear this statement. Depending on the situation it can either bring some comfort or it can bring anger. I was watching ‘Alpha Dog’ again the other day and there’s a scene at the end of the movie where Sharron stone is talking to a reporter. She’s the mom of the boy who was murdered and is an obvious wreck. She says how people keep saying ‘everything happens for a reason’. Well all this did was anger her, she says if there’s a reason for everything I want God to come down here and tell me why he had to take my son. In an instance like this you’re more likely to bring more pain than comfort with that statement. Or when something tragic happens, like a bunch of kids get shot up at a school, we say ‘why didn’t God stop this’ or ‘why did God let this happen’? Well God gave us free will, like when you let your kid eat all the junk food they want and then when they get sick they say ‘why did you let me do that’. We have free choice and we are all sinners, no matter how good we think we are. Do I think that everything happens for a reason? Yes, but that reason is that we live in a sinful world and good and bad things will happen to the just and unjust alike. So whether things happen for a reason isn’t really what I try and think about. What I really need to keep in mind is that God is in control and regardless of what happens He can use it for good. He can take a horrible situation and help us grow through it, help us get stronger and use that strength to help others. Do I believe that I had to be an alcoholic and make all the mistakes I made in order to turn my life around and become a fighter in order to touch all the lives that I have, maybe? Do I think that I could have skipped going through all that and still accomplished the same things, sure. So sometimes we ask why, why did I have to go through that? Well often we are the reason we went through it, we made bad decisions and therefore bad things occurred. But even when situations happen because of someone else, as I said before, it’s because we live in an imperfect world, not because God wanted something horrible to happen to you. It’s always hard to understand things while we are in the middle of them. It’s only when we look back that these things become clear, if ever. Just hold onto God, know that whatever you are going through He can help you through it, He can use it for your benefit as well as others, just have faith.