Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Necessity is one of the fastest roads to accomplishment. When we are forced to get something done it sure does speed up the process. Often times we wait for the ‘right’ moment or for everything to be ‘perfect’ in order to start or go after something, whether it’s starting a new job, going after a dream, asking a girl out, getting married, etc. How often do we here ‘Well I’m going to do it but I’m just waiting for the right moment?’ Usually that perfect moment will never come, something else usually comes up first and then we put it off even longer. One of my good friends has been talking to me about moving out here for almost as long as I’ve known him, about 8 years, to come and train and step his game up. He would always say he needed to get a job and a place to live set up first before he can commit to moving out here. I always told him ‘just move out here and you will figure it out’. Of course we want things to be perfect and easy before we dive into something, but things will never be perfect and they sure as hell will never be easy. It has always been interesting to me that no matter the situation, whenever someone is forced into something they find a way to make it work. Whether it's losing a job or an unexpected pregnancy, any number of things that can just happen and all of a sudden you have to make things work. Now obviously deciding to throw yourself into a situation is a lot better than being forced into one but either way it sure does speed up the process. You have to let all your fears and concerns out the window once you are out of options. Now I’m not saying just dive into something without thinking about it first. What I’m saying is that if you are waiting for everything to be ‘perfect’ before you go after it, it will never happen. Nothing is ever perfect, as soon as you think it is something else comes up. As soon as I get such and such done first then I’m gona do it. But then once you get there something else gets in the way and you have to put it off even longer. Just go for it, you will figure it out. The hardest part is that first step. It’s real easy to get complacent and comfortable with a normal, safe life. It’s a lot harder to step out on the ledge and dive feet first into the unknown. But the risk is nothing compared to the reward, even if you never reach that actual goal you will get far more out of going after something and failing then having never tried………. Or maybe I’m just a wackadoo!