Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Toyota tournament


I just got upgraded to first class on my flight from Portland to Tokyo, aw snap! First time that’s ever happened. So my last American meal before leaving was Wendy’s here at the airport. For some reason the burger was freaking huge, like it is in the commercials. It as amazing. Then I hear my name called by the people at the gate. Go up there and they give me a new ticket. He doesn’t really say anything so I’m just like ‘ok’. Then I pull up the seating chart on my phone and see that it’s a first class ticket. What the hell, wanted to ask him why but at the same time I didn’t want to mess it up, I’ll take it. I don’t even know what to do with all of this room, it’s rediculous. So that last week I was in Thailand I got really sick, think it was all the garbage I was eating, not sure. Felt like my stomach was boiling especially when I’d eat, everything made me sick. I just had to lay in bed all day, all I wanted to do was be home. The worst part was I missed the chance to train with Petchmongkol who was getting ready to fight Saenchai, I was bummed. I had tried to get out of coming back for this press confernce so that way I could be home for a little longer but they said that if I didn’t attend then I would be out of the tournament. At first I was just going to stay and not even go home but my Visa was up and plus I just needed to have a break for a minute. I was so worn out, needed to reboot the system. I just had to suck it up and buy another ticket to come right back. I felt so out of it when I was home. Seriously felt like I was on some horrible drug, couldn’t really tell If I was awake or dreaming, it was the weirdest thing. Didn’t even know if I should be driving, crazy. Was having horrible nightmares every night about a demon trying to kill me. One night I was half awake and half asleep and thought the demon was above me and I dove off of the bed. I came to face down on the floor. Not sure how I didn’t injur myself cause there was barely any room inbetween the bed and the little fridge right next to it, freaked me out. Then, just when I was feeling better and used to being home, I had to leave. Oh well, gotta take the opportunity’s when they’re there. I would have liked to have a break, longer than three days, what can ya do, my life is just crazy. At first I thought that both Liam and Saenchai were going to be in it but it’s not looking that way. Imran Khan is the representative from England. I’ve seen a few of his fights online, he’s good. They said Saenchai might not be in it because he has a fight two weeks beforehand, who knows. Yesterday Tim e mails me telling me that the press conference had been moved, of course, the whole thing is going to be pointless anyways. It doesn’t matter cause I need to get over there and start training anyway. Dennis told Chaz that if I don’t defend my title soon then they are going to strip me of it. Here’s an idea ‘GET ME A FIGHT’. Freaking guy is impossible to get a hold of unless he needs something from you. I’m bringing like 30 movies with me this time, should hold us over. I’m really looking forward to this, I’ve always wanted to fight in a tournament. I know that I can win this as long as I stay focused and fight the way that I know I can. The winner gets 30 G’s and the runner up gets 15, pretty good. First round you only get like 1 and the 2nd gets like 2 or 3, just need to stay focused. I think it’s going to be easier for me to stay focused this time. It’s only three weeks plus I know what’s on the line and pretty much who I may be up against. I’m deffinitley going to need a vacation after this. I’ll probably chill out in Santa Monica for a week afterwards.

-Well that was one of the nicest flights I have ever been on. It was amazing, nice flight attendants, great food, plenty of room, what more could you ask for. Now I feel spoiled. The flight attendant comes by with the dessert cart after dinner. She says ‘Which one would you like’ there was ice cream, cake, pie, fruit. I said ‘all of them’. She says ‘really?’ “um yea”, hahahah, it was sooo good. Watched a few movies after that and then I was out till we landed. I almost didn’t want to sleep cause it was so nice up there that I just wanted to enjoy it. I’m in Tokyo now, one more flight then I’ll be back in Thailand. It’s funny because these long ass flights seem normal to me now. I just hope that I can adjust and get right into training when I get there. I doubt that I’ll train in the morning seeing as how I arrive at midnight, maybe I’ll take a run if I’m feeling up to it. I’m so out of it right now, got about an hour and a half until my flight to Bangkok. What are the chances of another upgrade.


Well the last flight over here actually went pretty quickly, although I didn’t get to sit in first class. I was still I na row all by myself but it was just a two seat row. I think that I was passed out for most of the flight. Arrived in Bangkok around 11:30, Tuesday, it was raining a little bit. I was little worried about whether or not my bags were going to arrive. When I left vegas the lady that checked me in told me that I would need to pick my bags up in Japan and then go through customs. Now I didn’t remember doing this on the way back home and seeing as how I had an hour layover I wanted to check. When I got to Portland I double checked and they told me that my bags were checked all the way to Bangkok. I was sitting there waiting for my bags to come out for what seemed like forever. I said a little prayer however I always feel bad praying for something as small as lost luggage. Just then my bag popped out. Went threw customs, passed all the guys trying to offer me a taxi, then headed upstairs where the taxi’s drop people off, it’s ten times quicker grabbing a cab that way. The first guy wanted 400 baht, it’s likea 150 baht ride, 2nd guy wanted 300 and I told him 2, he says 250, fine. I didn’t feel like waiting around all night especially since it was raining and it was only a 3$ difference. Got to the gym around 12:30am, ET was waiting for me, seemed like he had a few whiskeys in him, as usual, it was good to see him again. Got to the room, talked to Ben for a bit then crashed out. I was surprised that I was able to sleep since I had slept for most of the flights over here but I was out right away. Laem knocked on the door bright and early, can’t say I missed that, I just pretended to be asleep. I had wanted to trian but I was exhausted from the travel. Ben told him that I didn’t get in till late and he let me be. Unfortunatley I wasn’t able to fall back asleep after that, I just lay in bed until it was time for breakfast. There’s a bunch of other foreigners here this time, another American, 2 french guys and two more Aussie’s, crowded. They feed us buffet style now. I was so hungry, it was nice to eat without bubble guts for once and it was great to see everyone again. Clayton’s leaving tomorrow, Ben, Mot and him all fought on Monday. They all won, Ben and Clayton KO’d their guys. Ben by leg kick and Clayton by right hand, Mot won on points. I tried crashing out after breakfast, I didn’t fall asleep till about 2. Before I fell asleep I was so pumped to train but once I woke up I was just exhausted. Headed upstairs at 3:30 and started skipping. About 10 minutes in Bobo, his mom and Sindy all ran over to thei father, who was on the bike at the time. At first I thought that they were just messing with him but then they carried him and layed him on the floor. Everyone just stopped working out and tried to help. He was barely breathing, couldn’t tell if he was having a heart attack or what. Tim called an ambulance but after about 10 minutes he came back around, it was pretty intense. Sindy and Bobo were wreck’s, I felt so bad for them but was happy their father was ok. I guess he hadn’t eatn much today and his blood sugar just dropped while he was working out so he passed out. I finished skipping then hit the bag. I had to wait for Laem to get through with everyone else until he could hald pads for me. Most of the foreigners here now are either beginners or just not that serious, sucks to have to wait on them. Finally Laem calls me up. We just did elbows and front kicks, felt so good to be back. Tim asked me to spar with Kem, guess the guy he’s fighting is orthodox. I did about three rounds then my nose started bleeding, not because he hit me but from the climate change. I was so gassed out too, couldn’t even get my legs up to block his kicks, and his teeps was knocking my spine out of place. Felt like crap although it was fun. I was done after that, just did a few exercises and called it quits. Kem thanked me and gave me props. Guess everyone here has pink eye, awesome. I gotta be super careful not to get it, Ben has it as do a bunch of the kids. I grabbed a shower, diner, then Ben and I headed to the shop. I had to get my money exchanged and a few other things. I guess the Thai girl from the coffee shop has been asking about Ben and stalking him. She’s cute but I guess it’s a little weird for him. I saw her in there and tried to walk in front of Ben for a diversion, he grabbed an ice cream from DQ and when we walked out she was walking from Carrefour to her shop. I knew she did it just so he would see her, I was cracking up. We headed back to the gym, Ben was making a mess with his ice cream. I was on Tim’s bike which was a set up for someone like 6’ 4”, nto sure why. I’m really looking forward to training, that week home did me good. Time to get back to work.


Man I passed out at like 10 but then popped up wide awake at 2am and I’ve been up ever since. Luckily I’m not too tired although it was pissing me off. Clayton and Ben went out last night cause Clayton’s leaving tomorrow, they never came back, hope they’re ok. So get out of bed and went for my run around 6. I brought my camera along so I could get some pics of the park, it’s so nice out today. It was pouring all night and it’s all overcast now so it’s nice and cool. Had a nice jog, just did the big loop once, snapped a few pics but it did suck carrying that camera. It’s amazing how out of shape you can get in only a week. I mean it ain’t like I got fat but the last time I trained I was in fight shape and now I’m dying after a few rounds. It’s frustrating but you can’t stay in peak shape all the time. Well I guess you could but you would be misserable. I’m deffinitley feeling a lot more mentally healthy this time, a lot more focussed. I did a few rounds with Laem, everything was feeling good other than my wind. Few rounds on the bag then Laem tells me I’m donw but just then Monlit asks me to clinch with Sittichai a bit because he was fighting soon. He says just a little bit, yea right. Felt good for the first ten minutes but then my body started giving out, couldn’t even keep my head up, we ended up going for over twenty. None of the French guys trained this morning. ET is always giving me compliments, he always says ‘you superstar’, makes me smile. One day at a time, one session at a time, I’m gonna win this thing.

-UGH, couldn’t sleep this afternoon, pissed me off. I don’t know if I’m not getting enough sleep or enough nutrition or what. I also gotta remind myself that I’ve only been here for 3 days, it’s just frustrating. Once again I passed out at 10 and woke up around 4am, I really need a full night of sleep. I don’t get it at home, but when I don’t I can barely get out of bed in the morning and could sleep all day if I let myself. Yet here I can’t sleep at all, day or night and I’m twice as exhausted. I felt ok on the run but as soon as I started hitting pads I was spent. Couldn’t sleep at all after breakfast. Then in the night session I felt even worse although I did feel much better when Kem and I sparred. One day at a time.


Man, felt horrible again this morning, especially during the run. My legs are done. Luckily Laem didn’t have me kick this morning however he did make me do two rounds of nothing but knees. It’s my freaking hips, they just give out, I’ve always had issues with them. Think that’s why I don’t kick much when I fight, they just burn out really quick, it’s really annoying. Still felt good mentally which makes it much better. Couldn’t sleep this afternoon, shocking I know. I did get some wonderful news though, Gina is coming out here on Tuesday, I can’t wait to see her. She’s been having a really hard time in LA dealing with all the BS out there. She always thinks she’ll be a distraction to me if she comes around, which she is, but she does me ten times more good then bad. She hasn’t trained in over a year, I know this place will be really great for her, physically and mentally, can’t wait. Felt pretty good training tonight although my hips were killing me, I was really trying to punch hard though. Sparred with Kem again, getting better everytime although he did kick me upside my head, again. It’s going to be nice having a day off. It’s funny because I haven’t been craving sweets as much as I normally do. Usually when I’m not dieting hard, which I don’t have to out here cause of all the running and crazy training, I don’t crave them as much. I do want some of that cherry drink though.

-Last night Monlit told me that he trained Jongsanon from when he was just a baby. Said he used to push him so hard he would make him cry. Guess they were on the phone and got to talking about me somehow. He told me that I could deffiniltey win this tournament. He said I’m not like most foreigners and that I train/fight like the Thai’s. Felt good to hear. Jack said the same thing to me. I also found out that Saenchai will be in the tournament, crazy. There is a freaking hornets nest outside of my back door, not sure what to do about it. Sindy’s mom cooked us all pasta, it was so good and nice to have a change of pace.


So Saturday night I took two of those devil sleeping pills. I just wanted to make sure that I got a good nights rest but I was so out of it Sunday that I didn’t even feel like I had a day off, as if it was all just a dream. Woke up this morning still feeling out of it, would have loved to just sleep all day. Drug my ass out of bed and hit the road, my legs were still shot from last week, especially my hips. It was a nice overcast day out which helped, thought that it might rain. Barely got threw the big loop and still had five small ones to go, I was struggling. Not sure how I got through it feeling as I was, just took it one lap at a time. When I got back to the gym I was dead. Seriously thought about just laying in bed and passing out. Of course I knew that Laem would come knocking on my door eventually so what’s the point. I go upstairs feeling like a crippled zombie, my hips were hurting so bad. Stretched out as best I could, wanted to tell Laem ‘no kicks today’ but then I said screw it, I’ll just suck it up and do what I can. Laem calls me over and luckily we do almost all elbows and punches, thank goodness. Made it through training and I was dead. Tim told me that we had to leave at 9:30 to go and get fitted for my suit. Barely had enough time to shower and eat. As I was getting done forcing my food down as quickly as possible Tom tells me that it got moved to noon so we don’t have to leave until 11. Of course, so I go back to my room and Tim’s wife tells me to go ahead and switch to Clayton’s old room now so I can get away from Ben and his pink eye. I move my stuff quickly and lay down. Of course the don’t I don’t get to rest I actually fall asleep, was only for 15 minutes because I had to get up and leave. Tim, Laem and I head out, took us about an hour to get there. We met up with some of the other fighters at Tim’s promoters offices. One of them was really short, Ben’s height, guess he normally fights at 61kg. His buddy was taller than me, he fights at 70kg. Then there was a tall skinny asina looking guy, probably about 6’2”. We went next door and got fitted, took about half an hour. They said that I needed black shoes, which I didn’t bring. Tim said that we could stop and get some for cheap on the way back so we head out. Tim asks if I wanted to stop and eat, I was a bit hungry but more exhausted than anything and it was already 1. We drove for about half an hour then stopped. Tim had to drop us off because he was heading in a different direction so Laem and I got a cab. We took that for about 20 minutes and then stopped to shop. We go to this shoe store, go in and look around, then I tell Laem I don’t have any money with me. He says that we can come back tomorrow. I’m just going to see if he has some I can borrow or something. Finally we get back to the gym and it’s a little after 3. I just wanted to pass out. I get to the room and crash out in the bed, don’t think I ever actually fell asleep though. Once again I was serioulsy considering not training but I just sucked it up and went upstairs, felt like the walking dead. I could barely jump rope, had to stop every five seconds. Laem has me kicking, all I could do was lift my legs up, barely, no power. Finally it’s time to do boxing mitts, which I normally love but I have cuts on my fingernails on both hands so it’s killing me to make fists, I was so frustrated. Did a little bag work after then clinched with Kem. We start going then I decide to try and dump him, why not. Well he goes flying, couldn’t have been more perfect, and slams on the ground hard. The whole gym goes silent, you could hear a pin drop, everyone stopped what they were doing. Kem looked embarassed at first then pissed then gets up slowly. Sittichai comes and grabs me quickly and starts clinching. He says ‘oh no, no, you die now’. Aw great, what did I do. Finally Kem comes back around and I try appologizing, I felt bad cause he’s got a fight soon and I just hoped that I didn’t hurt him. He says no problem but I’m just waiting for the payback once we start going again. He never did get me back but I think he’s just waiting for the right moment. Tim comes by and tells me that the promoter of the Thai fight tournament, who had already asked me to do theirs, won’t let me fight if I do this one. I was going to take a day to decide what I was going to do but he tells me they need to know right away. I end up staying with the Toyota one because they had offered first and I already agreed, hopefully the Thai fight people will change their minds, when it rains it pours. For some reason I thought the press conference was tomorrow and I wasn’t going to be training so I was really pushing it hard today. Come to realise that it’s not till Wednesday, oh well, still good to push. Laem wants me running three big loops Monday, ain’t no way in hell. That’s like 15 freaking miles, what am I training for a marathon?


Well I felt pretty good during the run today, strong throughought most of it. Another beautiful day at the park. Unfortunatley when I got back and started hitting pads my hips were done, freaking sucked, I was so frustrated. Sparred with Kem and Sittichai right before padwork, that didn’t help. I was waiting for Kem to get my back but I think he was pretty tired. I just wanted to pass out after training and not even eat but I grabbed some food then passed out. I felt so weak this morining that I wanted to make sure I ate more today to give me some more energy. I layed up for about 2 hours then got some lunch. I layed back down for a few more hours, when I woke up I had the worst migraine. I tried my best to get up and train but finally decided it was a bad idea. I just layed in bed seeing as how it was impossible to fall asleep with all the noise. I kept expecting Laem to come knocking at any minute to give me a hard time but he never did. Think he knew that I needed a rest. Got up at 6 and had some dinner. Tim came in with a WBC belt, they had to loan me one since I didn’t bring mine for the press conference. Tild me Laem is going to go with me which makes me feel a lot better. I have to get up at 6:30 and go to Lumpinee, guess we’ll be gone all day. Sucks but I could deffinitley use the break. Ben and I headed to Carrefour after we ate, grabbed a few things then went to the coffee shop. His girlfriend was happy to see him, hahahahaha. Gota grab a cab at 11pm to go and get Gina, can’t wait.


So Tuesday night Laem and I catch a cab around 11 and head to the airport to meet Gina. We get there when she landed and just waited at the greeting area where I told her we would meet. Even after 9 years I still get nervous to see her. Waited and waited, I started getting worried. What if I missed her or what if she went to the wrong part of the airport. It’s not like I could call her or anything. Finally around midnight I see her, my heart just explodes and I run over and we just hold eachother. I couldn’t believe that she was here. We got a cab and headed over to the gym. I could just see it in her face that she was hurting but I knew after a few days here she would be as good as new. I was so tired but didn’t want to sleep but I had to get up at 6 and go to the press conference. Gina was so happy to be here, it seemed is if she could breath for the first time in a long time. I finally fell asleep. 6am came way too quickly, I felt so bad having to leave her on her first day here but I knew that she would be ok. Told Ben to look after her and Laem and I headed to Lumpinee. We were supposed to meet everyone that was going to be in the tournament there and then go to the press conference which was in Nakorn Pathom, same placethe fights will be. The bus was there waiting but none of the other fighters were so we just hung out for a bit. Finally Imran shows up, he was shorter than I had thought, about 5’8”. Laem says ‘let’s go eat quick’ so we head around the corner to get some food. I didn’t want to eat much because I didn’t know how long the bus ride would take and I already had to go to the bathroom. Laem kept telling me to eat so finally I gave in. Had some duck with eggs,vegetables and rice, it was amazing. Also had a nice cold Pepsi, it was so good, mmmmmm. We went back t Lumpinee where a few of the other fighters had shown up. Peter from Kenya, tall black guy. A tall Asian from Spain,Arturro Lin . Two guys from Germany, one was Valdet Gashi. A big tall Japanese guy and an Iranian, Masood Izadi. We all pile into the van and head out. I was so tired, was half passed out the whole trip up there, took us about an hour. There is this giant temple in the town, it was beautiful. We got to the hotel, which seemed pretty nice, The Whale Hotel, and waited, again. Saw Sangtiennoi there, one of the very few times in my life where I have been star struck, guess he trains Masood. Finally they bring us upstairs to where the press conference was going to be. It was being held in this huge ballroom, it was really nice, we waited some more. Finally around 10:30 they had us rehears the walk through, it was stupid. Then they tell us that the press will be there at 1, why the hell did we have to be here so early then, so we had to wait some more. About 12:30 they bring us out suits and have us get ready. Laem’s shoes were so freaking small that they were crushing my feet. I had tried them on at the gym but I didn’t have any socks on, they were still tight there but I just didn’t realise how bad they were. You would think a guy as big as him would have big feet but they were like 8’s, I wear 11’s. I was just hoping that this would all go quickly, yea right. It was nice to get all dressed up, which I rarely do. Had Laem taking pictures for me, had to wait some more. Finally the promoter comes over and says that the press won’t be there until 2, great, he appologizes. Freaking sucked, my feet were killing me, I seriously thought that they would break or explode or something. On top of that they had this stupid Thai pop song on repeat the entire time. Woosah, I was dying, we all were. Most of the guys were talking and making friends but I just kept to myself, trying to stay focused, which his hard for me to do because I’m usually very friendly. Saenchai and Pongsalek who was getting an award for Ring Magazine, were sitting right next to me. Saenchai is short, likea head shorter than me. He has an aura about him, very strong. Finally around two all the press shows up, bastards making us wait. That famous Thai announcer was announcing the event. They get us all linned up and ready and then bring us out one at a time. They take a bunch of pics then we all have to stand up on stage behind where all the dignitary guys were sitting at a long table. Everyone one of them did some long ass speech, I was dying. Finally they get to the last guy and he takes longer then all the previous, I thought I would loose it. Finally we were done but then the press wanted to get a ton more pictures. We had to done one where we were all crouched down, my legs and feet were killing me, it was torture. Finally we finished, it felt so good to get those shoes off, I seriuosly thought something was going to be broken when I got them off. We headed downstairs and waited for the vans. They took our suits from us which I was bummed about cause I thought that we would be able to keep them . The ride back to Lupinee seemed to take forever, traffic was horrible. I wanted to slam my head through the window. Tried to sleep but I couldn’t. The Japanese guy kept knodding off, it was cracking me up watching him bout to pass out, his head would go down and then that would snap him back awake, this went on almost the entire time, it was halarious. Finally we get back to Lumpinee around 5. Say goodbye to everyone and Laem and I get a cab. Took almost another hour just to get to the gym, I was so annoyed. I just wanted to be done with it on top of the fact that I was starving. When we get back Ben and Gina were eating. I thanked Laem then put my stuff up. It was so nice to be back. Got some food then Gina and I went back to the room and crashed out. Thought I’d feel better having a day off but all that running around just made me even more tired. I just wanted to sleep forever. Got up at 5:45 and I was so tired, felt like I could have slept all day, almost did. I felt terrible on the run. Got back to the gym and I was dying. Had to spar right away with Sittichai and Bobo, it sucked. I just couldn’t do anything, felt as if everyone was watching me and dissapointed. Felt like Gina was dissapointed in me as well. Maybe I was dissapointed with myself. After that I had to do pads, it was horrible, I was so spent. Finally got through training, I wanted to die. Showere then told Gina how I was feeling. She laughed and said how amazing she thought I was. Made me feel a lot better. Ate then tried to sleep, couldn’t. Was dreading training, I was so tired and sore. Laem killed me tonight. Skipped then had to clinch with Sittichai for an hour, it was ok up until the end. Just when I thought I was all done Laem has me do 7 rounds of pads. I was pissed, like ‘what the hell do you want from me’. Finally finished, he wants me to do three laps tomorrow, yea ok. I was on the cover of the Thai newspaper, pretty cool. So tired!


I’ve really been struggling the past few days. It’s really frustrating and the more frustrated I get the more frustrated I get about being frustrated, it’s just a downward spiral. My knee keeps filling up with fluid and swelling, especially during the run. I was dead this morning. Sparred with big Dan, Mot and Damien, just boxing which was nice, felt good. Laem just wanted me to focus and throwing a lot of punches, no power. Damien was trying to kill me, put Dan down with body shots, it was too hard to reach his head, he’s like 6’7”. Did like 7 rounds with all of them rotating in on me. Felt decent. Afterwards did some rounds with Laem, he took it easy on me and didn’t make me kick, just did boxing and elbows. Felt pretty good for the first half but my hands were killing me. I couldn’t do any knees on the bag afterwards cause my knee is so swollen. I was so dead, just wanted to eat, sleep and then pass out. But just as every other day I couldn’t fall asleep, I was so dead. It didn’t help that Gina was up reading and typing on her computer. I finally started to fall asleep around 2 but just when I was about to pass out I hear a knock at the door, of course! It was Laem, he told me to come upstairs and get a Thai oil massage. I told him I couldn’t kick or knee today because my knee was so bad, well I tried telling him anyway. We just did mitts again and he had me lightly kicking his belly pad. I felt ok but I just couldn’t get going. I had to clinch with Sittichai after that. I was just exhausted and my body was killing me. I couldn’t get motivated and it was just pissing me off. I was so happy when training was finally over. Laem keeps giving me these looks like ‘why aren’t you getting stronger’. Cause you keep running me into the ground!!! I’m getting an injection after diner, hopefully it will help. I’ll see how my knees are feeling tomorrow, so happy tomorrow is Saturday.


Ended up taking the whole weekend off and I’m feeling so much better! Laem knocked on my door at 5:30am Saturday morning to go run. My knee and my hamstring were killing me. There was just no way I was going to be able to run. I told him that I would ride the bike instead. I layed back down and had planned on going upstairs at 6:30 to ride the bike but the more time that went by the more my body was just shutting down and screaming at me that it was done. I just felt like I would go up there start training and be so frustrated and exhausted that I would just quit. Finally I decided to take the morning off and maybe the night session as well. I was just spent physically, spritually and mentally. Not to mention that I had been taking all of this out on Gina, which I felt terrible about. She took this morning off as well. So I layed back down and I was actually able to fall back asleep. After breakfast I wasn’t feeling that much better. It seemed like that more time that passed the worse I felt. I could barely walk. My hamstring felt like it was about to pop and my knee was so swollen. I decided that it would be best to just take the whole weekend off and recover. Gina trained a little bit that night and Ben and I went to 7/11 to get slurpies, they were so good!!! Sindy, Jomhod and one other Thai boy fought Saturday night. Sindy lost a decision, guess she got screwed over on a bad call. Jomhod won as did the other boy by first round KO. For lunch Ben and I went to the KFC after we did our laundry. It was so bomb even though it took forever to get our food. They serve you with actual glasses, plates and silverwear. I’m like ‘no matter how nice you try and make this place, it’s still KFC.’ Had some DQ after that. Later that night after diner Gina and I went for a walk at the park. It was so nice, such a beautiful evening. I was feeling so much better and was actually looking forward to training. We went back to the room, watched some movies and I got a good nights rest for once. Laem woke me up at 5:30 once again, I grabbed my stuff and headed out for the run. He was waiting out front wearing a sauna suit jacket, guess he was running with me. The Dutch kid was out front as well but as soon as we made it to the park he sprinted off. I felt so much better but my hamstring was still really tight. I didn’t want to slack off since Laem was there but luckily he only ran half the way with me. I kept stopping and stretching out, my legs were slowlu loosening up. Laem was waiting for me at the end of the run, he told me to do the big loop one more time, awesome! I was going to tell him that I would just do five of the small ones, which is about the same distance, but said F it and just took off. When I got back to the gym I sparred about 8 rounds with Sittichai, Mot and his brother all tag teaming me. Every round Laem would say ‘ok one more.’ Yeah right! I was feeling so much better though, real sharp, accept for the fact that the first kick I threw went right into Sittichai’s elbow, right in the soft part of my ankle. I did a bunch of boxing and elbow rounds after that. I felt good but my left shoulder was shot and I could barely keep my hand up. I had to do 50 kicks straight after that, both legs. I’ve decided that I really hate kicking, well on the pads anyway. It just kills my hips and I dread it.


There’s such a fine line between listening to your body and being a baby. Do you really need a break or are you just being weak because you are tired and sore? For the majority of my career I would always just suck it up and push through which more times than not ended up in over training. Over the past few years I’ve really tried to listen to my body more and be a lot smarter about training but I still struggle with it. I got up this morning and my body was just spent, still! My knee, hips, back and even my hands were all killing me. I kept going back and forth on whether I was going to take a break or not. Sure I could suck it up and just train but would it help or hurt me in the end. Would I just grind myself down more and end up even worse off than I am now. Finally I decided it would be best to just rest and then train tonight. I lay back down just waiting for Laem to knock at my door, he never did. I passed out for about four hours and woke up just in time to eat. I was so out of it. I felt as if I had been hit by a truck. I feel so bad taking breaks, especially since I can’t communicate to them how I am feeling. Gina and I grabbed breakfast, Bobo and Ben didn’t train this morning either which made me feel a little better. I’m still so tired, so sore, and a little annoyed. Hoping to feel better by tonight.

-Sometimes I just want to give up. When the grind gets too much, when the tiredness, the pain, the wear and tear become overwhelming. It would be so easy to just pack it up and quit. What wouldn’t be easy is looking back on my life knowing that I gave up, that I didn’t give it my all. This applies to everyday life as well. It’s so much easier to stay in your comfort zone, not push yourself, and I have done that in the past. Doing the right thing, living your life the way you know you were meant to is freaking hard, so hard, but it’s so worth it in the end!

-I found out a few of the people that are going to be in the tournament: Va;det Gashi, Masood Izadi, Saenchai, Peter Nic Nic, and Arturo Lin.

-Well I actually felt good training tonight, sort of. It’s like an hourly thing with me, my motivation that is. I’ll feel good and ready to train one minute but the next the exhaustion and pain will get to me and I just want to quit. Well once again I had to clinch with Sittichai right off the bat. I was feeling pretty good for the first half hour but then my body just started shutting down slowly. My shoulders and my neck were just dead. On top of that we kept hurting each other. I accidentally punched him in the eye, then he got me back, then we smacked heads. Gina came in when I was finally done and we clinched a little bit for like 5 minutes. Thought I was done, not sure why, I should have known better. I had to do pads after that, I was so dead and so annoyed the first few rounds, my hips were on fire. Then all of a sudden, I don’t know why, I just started feeling better. Everything was feeling great. After about 8 rounds he had me go on the bag for a bit, that’s when my body started shutting back down again. I thought that I was getting done and was going to go do my exercises, WRONG! He tells me to get on the bike ‘WHAT?’, was this payback for taking this morning off? I ask him how long and he says ‘3’. Ok, three minutes, I can do that. But when I get on he sets the damn thing to 30 minutes, I just started laughing. Not only that but he also sets it to level 10, I wanted to throw the damn bike out the window, I could barely move. Finally after half an hour I was done, he tells me to do my exercises but it was already ten till 6, any longer and I would miss diner. Told him that I would finish them in my room later. It was nice feeling good for once, although it was short lived, hopefully I’ll feel good again tomorrow.


I don’t even know what to say. I’m just done, DONE!!! I’ve been feeling good mentally but my body is just finished and it’s making it impossible for me to do anything. Every day I come so close to just throwing my gloves down and giving up. I’m like ‘what is the point’ I just keep breaking down more and more. The worst part is the disappointed looks Laem gives me. I got shin splints in both legs, my right knee is full of fluid, my hips are wrecked, my right hand is killing me and my shoulders are done, what the hell!!!!!!!! I still can’t run so Laem had me do two hours on the bike. I was trying my hardest to stay positive but it was getting impossible. Even after that I was still feeling ok mentally. Then he rushes me to get my gear on and spar with Sittichai, didn’t even get to stretch out. I had nothing, I couldn’t kick, punch, nothing! Every once in a while I would get a small burst of energy but it would fade fast. Laem kept telling me to kick and block more but I just couldn’t, felt like I was stuck in the mud. We did six rounds, not sure why because I was absolutely useless. After that we do pads. Laem asks me if I can kick, I tell him no so he has me go on the bag. Did 5 rounds, completely shot and useless. I’m like “YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!”. Finally he says enough. He takes me downstairs and has me lay on this wooden bench outside. He pours the scalding hot water on me which had these leaves in it and smelled like some kind of weird tea. Of course he doesn’t warn me that it was hot but it actually did make me feel a bit better. I passed out for a bit after breakfast, I was so exhausted. Gina woke up this morning at like 3am, waking me up in the process, I didn’t feel like I had slept at all. After I got up from my nap I was so spent, had no idea how I was even going to train. I considered skipping it but I knew that I couldn’t. Around 2:30 Laem knocks on the door telling me to come upstairs and get a thai oil massage. It burned so bad today, guess they got the extra hot batch, I was so tired. After that he had me skip for about 30 minutes, my shin splints were feeling a little better. I clinched for 45 minutes with Sittichai and Bobo. Bobo was slamming his knees into me so I was blocking them and Monlit tells me not to, I was so pissed. I was so dead but was somehow able to keep my motivation going. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. I thought I was done after that but Laem makes me hit pads, don’t think I’ve ever been so close to crying in training in my whole life, I just had nothing left. He wants me to train tomorrow morning but there’s just no way. I might run a little and train in the afternoon, but this is just getting pointless. Somehow I was 153 before training, I have no idea how because I feel as if I’m about 135, it’s crazy. I had ice cream with the Thai’s and then Ben and I went and got grape slurpee’s. I can’t wait to get some rest.


So Laem knocks on the door at 6am this morning. I just wanted to laugh and slam the door., all I could do was shake my head. I was so out of it and tired, I can’t believe that he wanted me to train. I passed back out, woke up at 9:30 for breakfast and literally felt like I was on drugs. I don’t think one day off is going to be enough for me to recover, at least this week all’s I have to do is get the weight off.


I got up at 5:30 this morning, Laem did wake me up which was odd. I was feeling much better, still stiff but not anywhere near as bad. I figured today would be my last day of real training and then it would be just getting the weight off. I swear I haven’t had a good nights sleep since I’ve been here. It just feels like I’m day dreaming and then I have to wake up. So I stretch out and go outside, Laem was out front he says ‘good, good’. He tells me to check my weight, 68.5 kg, pretty good. He tells me to go get my sauna suit on while I run so I grab that and hit the road. My shins were feeling better, not great but better, the swelling in my knee had gone down a bit and my hips weren’t killing me. I felt a little cold coming on this morning but I will fight it off no problem. So last night Gina and I were watching ‘Funny People’, well about 3/4th’s of the way through it it just stopped. It was Ben’s bootleg so I couldn’t tell if the dvd was messed up or if there was another disk or what. So I go knock on his door, it’s about 11pm but I figured that he would be up since he had slept all day. I knocked a few times and nothing. So this morning Ben tells me that he was up all night, I told him that I had been knocking on his door. Well apparently I was standing just to the outside of where he could see so every time he went to see who it was it looked as if there was no one there so he just assumed it was someone knocking on a door close to his, pretty funny. So after I ran the big loop this morning I was still feeling ok, my hips were a little sore but I was managing. The last five loops the weight cut was really getting to me, I was so thirsty, I wanted a grap slupree so bad. The last loop we sprinted, I was drenched after that., I thought that I had to be right on weight, or at least close. We got back and I check, 66.5kg, 1.5 off, nice. So first Laem tells me to stretch out and then we’ll do a few pad rounds then a few on the bag, ok, no problem. But as soon as I get done stretching he tells me ‘no training today, just running’. I was lost, either way I was feeling good. He had pink eye, GREAT! Then he tells me he’s going to give me another one of those hot water, tea leaf, massages again and then for me just to go for another run at 3 for about half an hour and to still eat a lot. Part of me likes to train a bit the last week before a fight just to stay sharp but I’ve killed myself over here and a few days off will probably do me good. He gives me the tea bath, wish I had a Jacuzzi with it instead. I’m feeling good now, I can’t believe that I’m about to fight in this, it’s surreal. It’s amazing where God has brought me in my life, I just want to do good and fight the way I know I can.


Yesterday I started feeling like I was getting sick, nothing serious, body aches, a little stuffy and I could feel a cold coming on. I did my best to fight it off but when I got up this morning it hit me. I actually don’t feel that bad, if I wasn’t about to fight I’m sure that I would barely notice it. But the cold and the fact that I’m cutting weight just makes it ten times worse. Oh well, what can you do. I somehow seem to manage to get sick before almost every fight so why should this one be any different. At least it’s not too bad. I decided to skip my run this morning. I probably could have done it but I didn’t want to break my body down anymore then it already was. I went upstairs and checked my weight, 68.5, not too bad. I crashed out after that, it felt so good to sleep. I managed not to gorge myself at bearkfast for once although it was difficult. I passed out after breakfast, I got Gina some oatmeal last night from the store so I had a bit of that for lunch. I crashed out again after that, I had the worst body aches, just wanted to lie in bed. Checked my weight at 3, 68.5, same as yesterday, so I put my gear on and headed out. Once again it was really cool out, about to rain, which was nice but was deffinltey not going to help me get the weight off any easier. I thought it was going to hard for me to start sweating but after about 5 minutes I was soaked. I actually felt pretty good which made me think that I was loosing much weight but just like yesterday when I got to the end of the run I was hurting. I went upstairs and Laem told me to skip for 15 minutes, I really tried but had to stop after about 2, my body was just not having it. I decided to just jump on the tire while I shadow boxed with the weights. I finally got finished and checked my weight. I was just hoping that I was close. 66.5, thank goodness! I felt like crap after that, I was so out of it, stupid cold. Hoping to feel better tomorrow.


Monlit and Laem came knocking on my door last night. Monlit had a big ass needle in his hands and says ‘Tonight, I’m doctor”, with a big smile on his face. “aw crap” I thought I was just getting the normal injection, who the hell knows what this one is. He tells me to lie on the bed so he can inject me. Everyone seemed to be getting a kick out of this other then me. The needle was really big so I was just laying there waiting for the pain. The actual needle didn’t hurt that bad but the injection stung a bit. I woke up this morning feeling ten times better. I forgot to turn the sound on my alarm on but I woke up at 6am anyways. I weighed 67.5, I’m shrinking. It was another cool day out, I felt good on the big loop and then my body crashed. Ben was getting done with his first small loop by the time I got there, he was dying too. He did two more then headed back. I did 3 more and then did the 4th one fast. I was exhausted and drenched. I got back to the gym and I was 66.5, nice!

-Chilled out most of the day, probably on slept for like 30 minutes. I’m feeling pretty good, just tired from the weight cut. Laem had me go up and get a massage at 2:30 and then I hit the road. For once the sun was out even though it looked like It may rain. I was so hot in the damn sauna suit, felt like It was melting to my skin. It’s funny because every time during the first half of the run I feel good and don’t think that I’m going to break a sweat but the second I turn the corner and head back I start pouring and feel awful, felt like I was going to pass out today. When I get back to the gym Laem doesn’t have me skip, which is good cause I don’t think that I would have been able to. I got as dried off as possible and I was 65.8. Laem tells me to cool off for a bit then run a bit more until I’m at 65. I couldn’t handle the suit anymore so I ran without it, felt so much better. I did about 20 minutes and when I got back I was 64.8. I’m so glad the weigh ins are the day before the fight. I think they are going to give me another injection tonight, hopefully it will kick the rest of this sickness out of me.


Laem comes knocking at 5:30 this morning , I just wanted to sleep, it was pouring out. He tells me to go check my weight, 67, dang. I was hoping that I would wake up a bit closer. He tells me to go running, ain’t no way! He wanted me to so that way I could eat a bit. I’d rather starve, just went back down to my room and passed out. I was actually able to sleep which surprised me because it was so noisy from everyone training. I woke up at 9:30 and checked my weight again, 66.8. Luckily it had stopped raining and the sun was out. I was really feeling the weight cut now, I was just spent and would have much rather cut the weight sitting in a sauna. I started getting those damn weight cutting cramps about half way through the run. These stupid dogs were barking at me but only would if my back was turned to them. Anytime I looked at them they would stop and run away, I wanted to kill them. When I get back to the gem Laem has me jump on the tire for 5 minutes, thought I was going to pass out. Finally I towel off and check my weight, 64.5, thank goodness! Laem was happy, he gives me a little sip of ice cold water, it was so good but not enough. He says “No food, no water, tonight you eat many”. After that I just showered and layed down for about an hour, I was feeling really weak and out of it, the cold wasn’t helping. Laem got us a cab at 1 and we headed to the weigh ins. It took about an hour because of the traffic, woosah!!! They had them at this hospital near Lumpini, I hate hospitals. When we get there all the fighters were already there, other then Peter and Saenchai, and a bunch of press. How long is this going to take? Everywhere else in the world it takes forever, why would this one be any different. We actually only ended up having to wait about half an hour. Found out that Peter was being replaced by a French guy for some reason. Finally they start. They have Pongsalek and his fighter go first. Then they have all of go up there in our drawers, take a bunch of stupid pics and then let us get on the scale. They just set it at 65kg and if you’re at or under you pass, they don’t get specific. Everyone passed other than Imran, he was about one pound over so he had to go cut it real quick. It felt so good to get some fluids back in me. We all had to wait for Imran because they were taking all of us in buses to the hotel. Laem, Gina and I went and got some grub while we waited. Laem went off and got me a bunch of goodies from 7/11. Gatorade, Brands chicken, some other stuff just like it but it was sweet, a bunch of cakes and chocolate, he kept feeding me sweets all day, it was hard to say no. Got a big bag of fried bananas, they are so good. Went back to the hotel and waited for another 15 minutes then they pilled us all into two vans and we headed out, seemed like it took forever. Gina wasn’t feeling good, I thought she was going to puke, I started getting sympathy pains and started feeling sick too. Finally we make it to the hotel and they give us our room keys and vouchures for breakfast. They tell us to all meet in the lobby at 7 and they will take us to dinner. Gina was thinking about getting another room but I told her to see what we were working with first. I thought that our rooms would be upstairs but they take us out back and over to this other building, the old switcheroo. So we get over to this other building and it just has this lady sitting on a chair behind a fold out desk, guess she was the receptionist, ha. They put us up on the 8th floor. Not sure if this hotel was condemned or they were renovating it or what, it was empty. The room was ok other then the miniature beds they had. I really didn’t care, I just wanted to lie down. I rested for a bit and then I got super hungry. It was only 5 but I didn’t feel like waiting until 7 to eat. We headed out and just ate at one of the street vendors, it was bomb. I was feeling a lot better, still a little sick but not to the point that I thought it would affect me too much. I didn’t plan on eating as much as I had but I was stuffed. Went back to the room and layed up for a bit and then the knock came to go meet everyone in the lobby. So were all waiting for the buses to come get us but then they tell us it’s tiem to go, no buses in site. We start walking and I jokingly say “watch them take us to the exact spot we were just at”, we end up going right next door to it, oh hell no. Gina thinks they are going to give us some bad food in order to slow us down. I was still full from earlier so we just tell Laem that we’ll eat later. A few of the other guys decided to do the same. We go back to the room, rest, play some cards and watch tv. About an hour later I start to get hungry and Laem tells me that he will go and grab food for me because it was raining and he didn’t want me getting anymore sick. He comes back about 20 minutes later with some beef on a stick, rice and more junk food, aw crap! He tells me that all the places were closed and that he had to walk forever, I felt so bad. I ate the food, and some cake, and layed up. Gina and I were crammed into that little bed but I didn’t mind, it was just nice to be able to relax and rest. Laem was a snorer, great, not as bad as Ganyao or Anthony but it was still bad. I slept pretty good but Laem was up bright and early and it woke me up. Around 7 he tells me to eat so we went downstairs to the buffet. I was so hungry and hoping that they had a nice spread of food, unfortunately I was thoughroughly disappointed. They didn’t have much and what they did have wasn’t very good. I wasn’t feeling too good afterwards so I went back upstairs and layed back down. I tried to sleep but wasn’t having much luck. It was pouring outside and starting to flood. I got pretty hungry around 10 so once again Laem went out to get me some food. I asked him to just get me some white rice and chicken but he comes back with chicken fried rice and more junk food, close enough. We all had to meet in the lobby at 11 to head to the venue. I was feeling ok, it just felt nuts to be here. Part of me thinks it’s so insane but the other part of me knows it’s right where I’m meant to be. So everyone meets in the lobby and the friendliness vibe was deffiniltey gone., not completely but you could deffiniltey tell people were getting their game faces on.

-Once again we all pile in the van, this one was a tad bit nicer and roomier but not by much. It wasn’t pouring anymore, just a drizzle, but the streets were a mess, completely flooded. I had no idea how far away the venue was or how long it would take with the flooding so I just settled in and tried to rest. Only ended up taking aouut 20 minutes. It was being held in the huge grass field that was surrounded by some kind of running track. All the rain had done a number to the field, it looked like Woodstock, water and mud everywhere. I jumped out of the van and just sunk into the mud. At least this was rain, Mark and I had a similar experience at the King’s birthday accept it wasn’t water that was all over the ground. I guess we aren’t going to be able to do much warming up or stretching, it’s always an adventure. I grabbed a seat under one of the tents and just relaxed. Luckily the ring was covered. I would normally stretch out for about 20 minutes but there just wasn’t anywhere to do it. I thought about walking over to the bleachers but just walking through this mud was presenting me with enough problems. Arturro had gone to use the restroom, they had one of those bus outhouse things like they had at the King’s birthday, when he came back he was covered in mud. I had to go so bad so I sucked it up and made the walk. My flip fops would just sink into the mud with every step, it took forever. There were these huge puddles near the buses so I had no idea how I was going to get to them but luckily by the time I got to them some people had put down some wood boards to walk on. When I finally got back Laem was rushing me to get ready but right as we were about to get wrapped up they had all the fighters go in the ring so they could walk us through the opening ceremonies. They have us all do our ram muay’s at the same time then walk over to our trainers for them to take our mongkons off and then we stand in a line waiting for them to pull our names out of a hat to see who the match ups were going to be. I’m wondering how ‘random’ this is going to be. We finally finish and they tell us to hurry up and get ready. I was like ‘Damn if you didn’t keep having us do all this BS we would have been ready by now’. Laem wraps my hands, which were great, and this foreign photographer asks me if she can shoot some photos of me, I say of course. Everytime she is about to take another picture she asks, I tell her take as many as you’d like.

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