Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vs Saenchai


So I’m training for my fight with Saenchai August 13 at the Anaheim Convention Center, wow, never in a million years did I ever think that I would be fighting him. Actually over the last year, ever since the Toyota tournament, it has seemed like it might happen eventually, it’s still such a surreal thing. Knowing that I’m going to be getting in there with one of the all-time great’s, craziness, the Pacquiao of Muay Thai. When we were both in that tournament I definitely wasn’t ready for him, just my physical and mental state at that time were not where they needed to be. But now I can honestly say that I feel I can beat him. It’s going to be extremely difficult and I’m going to have to kill myself in training, but what else is new. I think watching him loose to Saketdao when I was at Lumpinee definitely made it sink in that I can beat him. Not really because he lost but just being able to see the look in his eyes up close while he fought. He has fear, gets frustrated and can lose just like anyone else. Sure he’s amazing and a super ninja but I know that if I stay focused and sharp and give it everything that I have I can beat him. I’m on my way to visit my sis’ and her kids in Kentucky right now and I just realized that Eric’s(Haycraft) gym is out there. I looked it up and it’s on 30 minutes from my sister’s place so I’m going to go train with them on Saturday. Chaz hit me up and said that Nope said he was ok to start training us. He said he’s going to hit with him tomorrow and will let me know how it goes. I hope he’s better because I would rather train with him than anyone else. My hand is still bugging me from getting it worked on again. Usually the pain and the swelling go away after a few days but it’s been over a week and is still the same. Not only that but it’s also numb which is really annoying.


Well I’m 3 ½ weeks out from the fight. I’m feeling pretty good but the past week I’ve just been feeling exhausted, not sure what it is. Shawn and Chaz told me that they have been feeling the same way. I’ve been getting tons of rest but it still isn’t helping. It just feels like something is missing, ugh! Well turns out Nope was not ok, he’s getting better but still can’t hold pads for us. I’ve just been hitting with Mark and House and getting my work in with Norm. The biggest problem is my lack of sparring partners. I mean I have enough guys that I can work with but no one that can really give me the right look, not that anyone could really simulate what he does. Oh well, like always you just got to work with what you got. I’m trying to find some boxers that might be able to give me some good work.


Well I’m finally feeling better. Friday was rough, shark tank almost killed me. I went home afterwards and just lay face down in my bed for like 5 hours, too tired to move. Finally around 9pm I forced myself to get up and go to the store cause I needed to eat. I was so out of it that when I was driving I forgot where it was that I was going, I had to pull over for a minute till I figured it out. I felt like a zombie when I was walking through the store, I probably looked like some lost junkie. Finally made it home and had to force myself to eat, I could barely lift my arms up. I passed out, got up Saturday morning and had no idea how I was going to make it through Palo. My body was shot, my ankle, knee, elbow and hand all on my right side were all jacked up. I didn’t know what I would even be able to do but I forced myself to go out there anyway. Once I started moving around things loosened up a bit but I really had to dig deep. After I got done I was completely shot. Norm told me I should skip sparring and I agreed. I had to stop by the gym to grab some things so I decided to stretch out a bit. I bent over and my back locked up on me, it was the worst pain, like someone had a vice grip on a nerve on my spine. I couldn’t straighten myself back up. Finally it started to loosen up, it really freaked me out. I was so tired once I got home, I need to sleep forever. We watched Justin and Liam’s fight live on the computer that night. Had a great day on Sunday, started with a real nice church service, some bomb food for lunch and that night I went to the movies with Dawn and her friend. I just turned my brain off that day and didn’t allow myself to think about fight or training or anything like it. It was exactly what I needed. I got up Monday feeling recharged, mentally and physically. I had a great session with House, ran first, then Mark and then Norm. He tells me our workout will only be about 20 minutes, yea right! 45 minutes later we finished, I had been working out for four hours straight, may have over done it. I still had to come back that night to spar a bit. Got back to the gym at 7 and Evan and I moved around for a few rounds. I just wanted to do some light technique stuff but once we started going we really picked it up. We did 5 rounds and then Patti asked me if I could do a few with her. So I did 3 with her and then 3 more with Shawn, who was getting ready for his fight, I was shot. I way over did it! I didn’t get home till 9, it was Becca’s(Chaz’s girlfriend) birthday so I stopped by there really quick. I was so out of it and they were all partying, I just ate really quick and bounced. I woke up today feeling pretty good but my body was so worn out from yesterday. Chaz didn’t train today, he was hung over, shocker! I did a few rounds with Mark and he told me to go home, he could tell that anymore training would just be counterproductive. I had to go back at 7 and do sprints, I actually felt pretty good doing them. Tomorrow is my birthday and what do I get, SHARK TANK!!! Wouldn’t want anything else.


Well shark tank was a blast as usual, especially doing it again on Friday. I’m definitely feeling better, well mentally that is, my body is DONE. Ky come down Friday and trained with us, kicked me in the nuts twice, bastard, haha. I dropped 3 people this week with body shots, I’ve really been focusing on them a lot, even more than usual. I almost died after Palo. I felt great while I was doing it, I was killing it, I couldn’t do any weights because my back was jacked from shark tank. Afterwards I sat down and kept feeling like I was going to pass out, I couldn’t breathe and my vision kept going dark, it was the worst feeling. I felt better once I sparred even though my body was just hurting everywhere. Shawn fought Saturday night, lost again, he just hasn’t been able to get going, not sure what it is. My body is so sore, I could use a week off. Two more weeks to go. I’m trying to wrap my mind around all of this. On one hand it’s just another fight but on the other it’s the biggest thing ever in the history of American Muay Thai and will cement my name in the record books, especially when I win, I know that I can.


I’m sitting here a week out from my fight, how the hell did I end up here? On one hand it feels so normal to me and it ain’t no thing, but on the other I’m like ‘WTF, this is crazy!’ I know that god has brought me here and regardless of the outcome He will use this for His glory, so what is there to be concerned with? I’m just grateful to be here, I know that I can do this and I know through Him I can do anything!


Felt amazing today, killed it! My body was still hurting from this weekend but I was on fire. Did an hour with House then 7 rounds with Nope, he’s finally able to train us, and I didn’t feel tired at all and I was trying to break him in half with everything that I threw. Did a 3 mile jog after that, my legs were tired but more so from the previous week than anything else. I’m ready to go! I know I can do this, doubt definitely creeps it’s ugly head in once in a while, I mean this is one of the greatest fighters of all time, but I know that I can win. I watch tapes of him and I feel confident sometimes and others I just don’t know. But no matter who he’s fought or how many people he has beaten, he has never fought me. Maybe if we fought 10 times he would win 9 of them, but not this one!


Another day closer. Felt amazing training today, killing it once again, don’t think I’ve ever felt this good. I actually felt terrible before training, just drained from the weight cut and stuff but once I got going I was on fire. Went with House for about an hour and I was just lighting the pads up. We’ve been working these sick body shot combos this whole camp, I believe that is what is going to make the difference in this fight. After that I did 6 rounds with Nope. Once again I was feeling spent before we started but once I got going I was crushing the pads and felt great. My mom, Alex and Brent had all came in and they were watching, it was nice having them there. After I got home I talked to Brent on the phone for a bit, he gave me this real nice heart to heart pep talk, I just feel so blessed to be here doing what I love. I know that no matter the outcome God is using me to touch countless people’s lives, what more could you want out of life! John Wolcott did this real nice article on me for

and then Scott Hirano came in and got some really great picks of my training.


Last day of training, was really felling the weight cut. Those guys from “Ask a fighter” came in today to interview me. I actually had no idea what they were going to do or who they were. So many people hit me up online that I can’t keep track of who is who and what is what. So I’m at the gym and get warmed up and then they ask me to do the interview. Ok, why not. So we go over to the other side where no one is and the guy starts asking me a bunch of weird of the wall questions. He asked me if I was a Pokémon character which one I would be. “How the hell should I know, I’ve never even seen that show!” I was really in no mood for this so I did my best to have fun with it so I just tried to make him really nervous, hahahahaha. Of course now is the worst possible time for anyone to interview me but I know the more exposure I can get the better it is for the sport so I’m willing to do whatever I can. Lacee did my hair for me, it turned out really great. I’m leaving tomorrow with mark to go to LA, it’s almost game time. I really feel like something amazing is going to happen. I guess we’ll find out.


I just got back from eating after weigh ins, I’m so stuffed, gained like 16 pounds. We got in yesterday at 2pm and Nokweed picked us up from the airport, he cracks me up. The drive to the hotel took longer than the flight did. We stopped by his gym on the way, Chike was the with Khunpon, it was good to see them. We got to the hotel and I layed up for about 2 hours. Joe Schilling picked us up and took us over to The Yard so I could cut some weight. I really loved his gym, had that old school feel to it. Nothing fancy just the essentials, the way it should be. I did like 30 minutes of sweat work, I was beat but was still feeling sharp. We stopped by the store on the way back for me to get some Pedialyte and things for after weigh ins tomorrow. It’s funny because I always feel better after I cut weight than I do beforehand, it’s so weird. Of course that doesn’t last too long and then I start feeling crappy again. I picked up some Aloe Juice, it wasn’t the same stuff that Jason had given me before I just hope it works just as good. I hit him up and told him what it was, he said it might not work as good because it has a lot more sugar in it but I still tried. Felt so good to drink it but unfortunately it didn’t get the same results, oh well. Mark was snoring all night, I wanted to kill him. I woke up at 144.5 and I was feeling really out of it already. I was so annoyed, I had hoped I would wake up a lot closer to being on weight. I haven’t had to get in a sauna in forever, luckily the hotel had a really nice one. We went down there with about 2 hours left before weigh ins. Mark brought me some of that Sweet Sweat stuff so I put that all over me, got my sweat suit on, and got in the sauna. I did about 5 ten minute session, I was feeling terrible, then did another 5 minutes just in the Jacuzzi, I was dying. I was at 138.5, thank goodness. Headed back up to the room and showered and rested until it was time to go. Weigh in went relatively quick, would have been a lot faster if the stupid CSAC guys would shut up, something seriously needs to be done about them. They talked to us like they were some asshole step parents trying to scold their children. Both Saenchai and I came in at 138.5. They had us square off after we weighed in. I could see him almost give me a double take, I think he was definitely surprised to see the look in my eyes and that I was not afraid or in awe of him, he knows this is going to be a fight! Finally got some liquids in me, went upstairs and Kathleen gave me an IV, felt so much better. My mom, Alex, aunt Kim, cousin and a bunch of others were all in the room, it was crowded but nice to have all of them there. Headed to get food after that. First we went to Olive Garden but they had like an hour and a half wait, I was so irritated. We put our names on the list then Mark and I went over to the mall and got some Subway while we waited. After I ate half my sandwich we got a call from everyone saying that they were just going to go over to BJ’s, which was right next door, so we went over to meet them. Ate a bunch more food and sat and talked for a bit but I was in fight mode and not really in the mood to be social so we went back to the hotel. I checked my weight and I was 153.6, crazy! I’m feeling good, tired, need to just get some rest. Feels like I’m living in a dream. I know that I am ready and no matter what I know that God is with me, just gonna get some sleep.


Today’s the day, time to make history! Feeling great.


  1. Giles6.12.11

    I love reading your journals Kevin. One day you'll have to turn them into a book! Regarding the fight - I still think if had gone one more round you'd have had him.

  2. theres Gotta be some after stories as well brah

  3. yea I know hahahaha, they're coming,thanks!