Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sitmonchai #2

Here I am once again sitting at SFO waiting to go back to Thailand. This will be my 6th trip there, 2nd time training at Sitmonchai. Really excited because Pornsanae is back there training again, he was retired last time I was out so I didn’t get to meet him. Sitting here looking back on my life, it’s just crazy. Can’t believe all the places I’ve been, all the people I’ve met, all the things that I’ve gotten to do. So blessed! The past ten years of my life have truly been amazing, especially when I think about the fact that I shouldn’t ever be alive still. I know without question that I would at minimum be locked up if I had stayed on the same path, and that’s if I was lucky. One little decision, well not little, and I completely turned my whole life around. If I can do it so can anyone else. How bad do you want it. My freaking ankles are so jacked up from the fight, they are killing me. Thank goodness it was an easy one or I would really be hurting right now. I think it’s cause I haven’t kicked bone in 15 months, on top of the fact that I kept catching his elbows since my distance and timing are still a little rusty, good times. Hopefully they went swell too badly on the flights and hopefully I’ll be able to sleep most of the way.
-Well the flights weren’t bad at all. The flight from SFO to Japan I had no one next to me so was really able to relax and get comfortable. This was especially great when I finally realized it’s an 11 hour flight there, not an 8. I managed to sleep most of the way. Got to Japan and had about an hour till my next flight. Made my way through security and then my phone started freaking out turning off and on constantly. I couldn’t figure out how to take the battery out so I just started holding down buttons. Finally got to this reboot screen and selected ‘restart’. Well it restarted but whipped out my whole phone. All my apps, contacts and text messages gone, good start to my trip. I was just hoping there was a way to retrieve it all. The flight to Bangkok was east. It’s funny how short an 8 hour flight seems when you just got done with an 11 hour one. We landed around midnight, I was exhausted, sore and hungry. I got my bags and then headed to The Starbucks where I was supposed to meet the cab driver who works with the camp and would be driving me there. I got there and didn’t see him anywhere, as I assumed it was the same guy that had taken me last time I was out, so I just waited. I kept looking at this one guy sitting at a table but I didn’t recognize him and he didn’t seem to be waiting for me. I stick out like a sore thumb so if he had been waiting for me it would have been obvious. After about 15 minutes I started wondering what I was going to do if he didn’t show up. I tried to get on the internet so I could see if maybe Abigail had written me telling me something different but wasn’t able to. For a brief moment I thought ‘What the hell am I going to do?” but this ain’t  my first rodeo, no need to panic, woosah. Finally he shows up and grabs my bag as we walk to his cab. As soon as I step outside that familiar smell and feel of Thailand smacks me in the face. It wasn’t too hot, just super humid. It’s about an hour and a half ride to the camp from the airport, or at least that’s what I remembered it being, and about 20 minutes in I really had to go to the bathroom, great! I did my best not to think about it and tried to sleep. I was able to pass out for a bit but around 1am I woke up and my ankles were on fire and my bladder felt as if it might explode. I figured we had about 20-30 minutes left, or at least I hoped. Finally around 1:30 we arrived at the camp. Abigail was there along with Yoshi, a kid from LA that used to train with Joe at The Yard. It was great to see her again and to be back. She showed me to my room, they had added a few more new ones since last time I was out. Finally got to go to the bathroom. I tried getting on the internet but either Abigail had told me the wrong password or I had written it down wrong. I wanted to let everyone know that I had arrived safely, guess they would have to wait. I put my earplugs in so that the morning pad session wouldn’t wake me and I passed out hard. I woke up around 9, took my plugs out and was surprised to hear how loud it was, someone was crushing the pads with kicks. I walked out and watched for a bit. Pii A was sitting in his usual spot so we hung out and talked for a while and then he introduced me to Pornsanae. He was as vibrant and friendly as I had expected, his energy just pours out of him. Can’t wait to watch him fight on Thursday. We all had breakfast around 11 and then I went back to bed. I always have mixed feelings when I’m in Thailand. On one hand I am so happy to be here, to enjoy the culture and the great training, I really do love it here. But on the other hand I always get home sick and think ‘why didn’t I just stay home’, I know, it’s weird, but it happens every time. But at the end of the day I am always so grateful to be here.
Trained a little today, my ankles are still jacked up and swollen. I tried to lightly kick the bag and it almost put me on the floor. It’s going to be at least a few days before I will be able to kick. I might try and go for a run tomorrow, just not sure if it will help or make them worse. I hit the bag for like 20 minutes then finally got called over for pads. Told my trainer that I can’t kick, he said ‘ok, kick tomorrow’, I laughed and said ‘yea ok’. So we start, typical Thai pad work, nothing fancy. I was feeling really good and cracking the hell out of the pads, my hand wasn’t even bothering me, which was a surprise. It was a little sore the first round but after that I was going right through the pads with no problems, nice change for once. My trainer seemed to be hurting though, every time I would crack the pads I could see the pain in his face. After the 4th round he said ‘ok, enough, you punch too hard’ haha. I was surprised how good I felt. I mean it’s only been a week since my fight so obviously I’m still in good shape but I’ve been sitting around doing nothing all week on top of the long traveling. Of course then again all I was doing was boxing so who knows. I got a shower afterwards and chilled out then we all had diner. I’ll see how my body is feeling in the morning. I’m fighting in six weeks but I’m in no rush to start killing myself again since I just fought.
I had a great day of training yesterday. I had a new pad holder, a bit bigger than the other one so he could handle my punches better. It was good, gave me a few tricks and tips for fighting some of the top Thai’s. I felt really strong, just wanted to keep going and going. I felt great in the afternoon session as well. I just wish that I could kick. We went and watched one of the kids fight last night after training. It was in some town about 30 minutes away. At first I wasn’t going to go since I was so tired but I’m really trying to make the most of this trip since I won’t be here for very long, can rest anytime. He ended up losing a decision but it was a good fight. It was funny seeing a few people wearing my knock off T shirts in the crowd. We got back around ten, watched part of a movie and crashed out. I’ve actually been sleeping really well which is a nice change. I almost didn’t get up and train this morning, woke up feeling pretty sore. But once again I’m only here for a short time so I sucked it up and headed out. I started feeling good once I got moving around and felt great hitting pads. Felt real good in the night session as +well. Pii A asked if I wanted to spar lightly with Jun. It was tempting but I know if I get kicked in the shin, even lightly, it’s going to kill me. I told him maybe in a few days, same with clinching. I want to clinch but worrying about my ankles as well as my knee, I just don’t trust anyone not to injure me, we’ll see. Maybe as long as I tell them not to try and sweep me it will be fine.
Decided to take today off. My head was killing me when I woke up. Ankle and hand are pretty sore, no need to overdo it. Always feel like such a baby when I take breaks but I’ve learned over the years to listen to my body. So excited for the show at Raja tomorrow night. Porsnanae, Nong O, Sam A, Kongsak, Jomhod, Singdam…gonna be insane.
Once again I had planned on taking today off, but as soon as I hear people training it’s almost impossible not to. Always had the same problem when I was living at Toddy’s gym all those years. After fights I would go stay with my brother for a few days so that I would force myself to take time off. I was so sore today, my hips and legs especially, which makes no sense seeing as how I haven’t been running or kicking since I’ve been here. As usually I started moving around and felt better. I got in the ring and Kru Mee says ‘ok 3 rounds’, sounds good to me. He asked if I could kick yet, told him we could start lightly with my right and go from there. As usual, when I try to go slow, as soon as I felt that crack of the pads I just went harder and harder each time until I was going full power. I was cracking the pads so hard, felt great, but I was gassed out so quickly. I always forget how much harder it is once you start adding kicks. On top of that it felt like I was forcing them, just not flowing yet. We ended up doing about four rounds and then I finished up with some exercises. The fights last night were crazy. We left here around 2:30. It was me, Zuree, Saul,Roshaan and Papa all in his car. I was just praying that it wouldn’t take 3 hours like it had last time I was out and we went to the fights. We made it to the city in just over an hour and it looked like we were in the clear. Just when I was about to tell them the story of all the traffic last time, bam, dead stop, ‘oh great’, I thought, not again. Luckily we were only in traffic for a minute and got to the stadium around 4. Papa asked if we wanted to eat and at the same time all of us said yes. He parked around the corner from Raja, and took us to this little food spot. It was amazing! Best chicken I have ever had, or close to it. We also had some pork, fish cakes and sticky rice and topped it all off with little personal ice creams, I got strawberry. I was so stuffed! The promoter of the event was there eating, that super young guy, so was the Petchyndee one. After that we walked over to the stadium and met everyone else. I walked in one of the shops and bought Ronnie a sweet pair of bright orange and white Thai shorts, hopefully he don’t want them so I can take them ha. We went into the stadium around 6:30, fights were supposed to be starting at 7 and Pornsanae is first. I ran into Orono, was pretty cool finally getting to meet him, just as I was going to ask him for a picture Pornsanae walks out so I wasn’t able to, bummed. His fight was so sick, stopped the guy in the 2nd round with leg kicks. Such a beast! We were all so happy for him, all got a big group shot and I got one just with him. I’m hoping that he will be back at the gym soon so I can get some training in with him. The whole card was epic. Sam A, Pornsanae, Nong O, Singdam, Somluck, Jomhod, craziness. Sam A seemed to be getting worked for most of his fight, he turned it around at the end and ended up getting a draw, which didn’t seem right to me. It was crazy to even see him having trouble with anyone, guy was just motivated, looked like a treasure troll. The atmosphere in the stadium was insane, just electric. It was so packed in there. Every time someone landed a kick the place would explode ‘oiiiiiiii!!!’. Such an amazing watching live Muay Thai at the mecca. I kept thinking what would happen if there was a fire or if the roof caved in, this place definitely wouldn’t pass a fire code inspection. Just then one of the AC generators started sparking. It was up near the top where all the Thai’s were. Everyone started yelling and running away from it, took me a while to figure out what was going on. Finally they got it turned off but it was a tense situation for a bit. I was so tired, hot, sweaty and had a headache, at least I wasn’t hungry.  Finally the fights ended and we go outside to the car. It’s always insane to me watching how they work their ‘valet’ system over here, it’s like playing Tetris with cars. One of the guys brings over this huge bag of donuts, I couldn’t resist. I grabbed a few and he tells me to take them all ‘uuuuummmmmm,ok’ haha. I ate a handful but had to give them to someone else, I gotta stop eating like this. We finally got back to the camp around midnight and for some reason the door to my room was locked. Yoshi ends up telling me that they lock them when all of us leave. That’s great but the only problem is no one could find the key. We tried breaking in, ruined two of Roshan’s credit cards, whoops. Then finally one of the kids finds the key and lets me in. I still needed to shower, felt so sticky from being all sweaty at the fights. It was so cold. I passed out hard after that with no intention of waking up and training the next morning.
I was so exhausted when I got up this morning, my eyes felt so swollen, as if I had been up all night, even though I had slept great, I think. I went outside and stretched, my hips are so tight. I starting moving around and loosening up, everyone seemed as if they were just getting finished. I thought “Great, I’m on display and I feel like crap”. Tried to do a nice and light first round, well that was my intention. Had to keep reminding myself to cause I always get carried away once I start hitting. Pornsanae asked when I was fighting, told him it was in 5 weeks. He says “Oh, sabai, sabai”(relax, relax).  I laughed, “I’m trying” I thought to myself. Did about 5 rounds and felt ok other than my hips killing me. My kicks are feeling a lot better but still a bit awkward. My right shin is starting to swell up again. Got news that my fight for March 15 is finally set. Bernie Mendietta, who is the WBC England National Champ. Justin Greskiewicz fought him a year or two ago, think he won a split decision. Told me he gave him like 30 stitches and said he’s not super technical but will just keep coming forward, should make for a good one. I think I’m going to wait until Monday  to start running, I’m pretty fried. Looking forward to getting some sweets tonight and relaxing all day tomorrow.
-Felt pretty good training tonight. This afternoon I made a little concoction: Vitamilk and instant coffee, it was ok, a little too thick. Probably be better if I water it down a bit more. I ended up going for a run. I just went on the route we used to do in the afternoons. Of course at first I couldn’t tell if I was on the right path because all the farms are all grown over now and I can’t see where anything is. I finally saw the Tesco and knew I was going the right way. I felt ok but my shins were cramping up really badly and I was barely even running, it’s a start. My hips are still killing me. I did my best to stretch them out. I was actually feeling really motivated to hit pads, which is a wonderful feeling. Did like 5 rounds of Thai pads, 2 leg kick rounds and one boxing. That knot on my shin is acting up but I just kicked threw it. Pii A asked if I wanted to do technique sparring, which I did but figured it would be best to wait until Monday. I just shadow boxed and finished with my exercises. The Japanese kid was watching that YouTube video of Pacquiao doing his ab routine and following along.  One of the trainers says “Pacquiao technique” and then falls on his face like he just got knocked out. We  were all dying laughing. Pii A gave me a pair of shorts from the gym as a present, so nice of him. Looking forward to relaxing.
Ugh, got so much junk food last night. I feel like a terrible person. I just couldn’t stop. It’s just so cheap here, I made myself sick. Felt terrible when I got up this morning, as if I’d been up all night getting wasted. I need to get my act in gear, only 5 weeks left. I just chilled out today, so tired. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. I’m sure my morning session will be rough while I sweat out all this garbage. Watched some dope fights on TV today. It’s so nice being able to watch them on TV here. Got a week left here. Will be happy to go home but gona miss these guys.
-I decided to kill off all the junk food. Don’t want it sitting around. I’m such a fatass. Days off are such a waste of time, all they do is make me feel worse, never feel better.
So annoyed right now, even though it’s my fault. Actually that’s probably why I’m so annoyed. Training was great this morning, even though my hips are killing me. Started kicking with both legs, felt good. My left shin is a little sore too but nothing I can’t push through. Went for a run this afternoon with Maggie, Yoshi and Takori, bout 15-20 minutes. Felt good but my right shin was cramping up. I felt great on the pads and was pushing really hard. Did like 7-8 rounds including 1 boxing and 2 leg kicks. Pii A asked me if I wanted to clinch. I declined, think it’s a bad idea. Then he asked if I wanted to technique spar with Kongfa. Against my better judgment I said sure. I told him my shins are still messed up and to be careful with my knee. Well what’s the first thing he does, caught my kick and kicks me square in the shin on my support leg as hard as he could, wtf? Thank God he didn’t hurt it too bad. But then he keeps doing it every time so I just stopped kicking. After the round I tried explaining to Pii A about my leg and my surgery, wasn’t sure if he understood. I brought Yoshi over and asked him to try and explain. He just told him my knee was hurt and Kongfa said ‘ok, sorry’. I told him no problem and that it was fine, even though he did it 2 more times after that and split the inside of my lip wide open. Which again wasn’t really his fault, he didn’t hit me hard I just didn’t have a mouth piece in, which I rarely go without, and my teeth split my top lip. I’m so annoyed! After that round I just thanked him and got out the ring. Think I’ll just be safe the rest of the time I’m here and not spar or clinch, which sucks. I just wanted to call it a day after that but I finished up with some exercises. I was still annoyed at diner. Woosah! These mosquitoes are pissing me off. Woosah. And the internet’s acting up. Woosah!!!! 
-Something seriously weird is going on with my eyes and its starting to freak me out. It’s like this circular kaleidoscope thing flashing sort of, not really color just light, hard to explain.
-Here is the write up I did about what happened to my eyes that night
Thank God For Sight:
Back in 2010, when I was training at Sitsongpeenong, I got pink eye really bad (the day before I left). One of the worst experiences of my life, I would never wish that on my worst enemy. I was completely useless. I couldn’t go outside as the sun, even with my eyes shut, was too intense for me. I couldn’t even look at a computer or TV screen. My vision was gone and my eyes just leaked 24/7. I got some eye drops that were supposed to clear it up. They really bothered me as I put them in, burned a bit. The more the days went on the worse the burning got and my eyes had showed no improvement. I decided to stop putting them in as I just had a sense that something was wrong. Finally one day I was on the phone with my mom and she had told me how when I was a kid I had gotten pink eye and apparently was allergic to the drops given to me so they had to give me some special kind. Well I told my doctor this and was able to get the correct medication and it cleared my eyes up, finally. Well the redness had gone away as had the leaking eyes, only problem was my vision was a mess. It was that feeling of it the middle of the night and someone turning the lights on all of a sudden. Everything bothered them. Any kind of light whether it was the sun or artificial, and when sweat got in them it burned like crazy. I could see but everything was blurry, as if I was under water with my eyes open. Needless to say this freaked me out. One of the things I was worried most about was whether I would be able to pass the vision test and still be allowed to fight. I was thinking that there was no way as I could hardly see anything. I finally was able to get in to see the ophthalmologist and have my eyes checked out. I explained to him what had happened. He told me that the infection had scarred my retinas and that my vision was permanently damaged. He did however tell me that it was still good enough to fight. I remember thinking ‘how freaking bad does your eye sight have to be not to pass that test?’ as I could barely see anything at all. He told me that it wouldn’t get any worse but that without surgery it would never get better. He also told me that the surgery might not fix it and there was a chance it might even make it worse. “Ah well that’s a refreshing thought, thanks Doc.” Well I had been living with my eyes like this for a while now and could basically function fine. I could drive and get around without too much trouble. The only thing that would really freak me out is the sun was almost unbearable so I just had to get super dark shades. Another bring problem, when I trained, was that when sweat would get in my eyes it would burn so bad it was unbearable and it would make it to where I couldn’t see. It was like having salt poured in your eyes. Obviously this worried me but I figured I would just have to deal with it and fight anyway. So I told my Doc I would think about it and get back to him. I remember thanking God that I was still able to fight and praying for Him to restore my vision but that I was just happy to be able to see and to be able to continue doing what I love. A few months went by and it seemed like I was getting better at my messed up vision. Luckily the pain went away when I had sweat in it, and for that I was extremely grateful. Well I had that eye test done before so I didn’t have to get another vision test until the following year. So early 2011 I went back to the same doctor and got my yearly eye exam for the commission. My doctor asked how my eyes were. I told them they were ok and that they didn’t bother me much but I figured I must just be used to them by now. So he gives me all the normal tests and stuff. He has this weird look on his face the whole time, I didn’t think too much of it. Finally he finishes and asks me “So you went and had the surgery done then?” I say ‘No, why?’ He tells me that all of the scar tissue is gone and my vision was better (can’t remember the exact numbers it was when it was at its worst or what it was at this point but it went from extremely bad, to not great but pretty good). He looked extremely puzzled. I tell him “No, I thought it had been getting better but I figured I had just gotten used to it.” He couldn’t believe it, neither could I. He says “That is one of the strangest things I have ever seen.” He tells me congrats and sends me on my way. I left amazed but knowing that God had been the only one who could have restored my vision and I got on my knees and thanked him for my sight. The following year I got my yearly exam once again and came to find out that my vision had been restored to 20/20, unreal. Well here I am almost 3 years after that original vision scare. I was sitting on my bed in Thailand, at Sitmonchai, watching a movie on my computer. All of a sudden my eyes started getting all weird. Kind of hard to explain it but it’s almost like when someone takes a picture and you just have that flash of light in your eyes for a while after. It’s as if it’s in the corner of your eye and when you try focus on it, it keeps moving. Well it was like that accept this was more of a big circle and it was all these really tiny like triangles that were all different colors like a kaleidoscope, spinning around and changing colors. Needless to say it was really freaking me out. I kept trying to remember if I had been poked in the eye or had gotten something in it. Started thinking that maybe it was from staring at the computer screen too long or something. So I closed my computer and tried to read a book. Well my eyes started getting worse and the light, or whatever it was had went from a small object to a much larger once that was almost completely blocking all of my vision and I was having a hard time seeing anything. Not only that but I started feeling this really dark presence and I started freaking out a bit. All these scenarios started going through my head about if I went blind tonight and what would happen tomorrow. I pictured myself going through the airport blind, not being able to do anything and having to be helped the whole way. It seemed so real, and seemed like it would definitely be a possible especially if this kept getting worse. I started wondering if I should go grab someone and see if we could go to a 24 hour eye doctor, if they even have something like that. I started panicking. I didn’t know what to do. Just then I said a prayer, halfheartedly I must admit, almost a wish. I asked God to heal me and take whatever this was away and restore my vision. It was still there and the more that time passed the more I freaked out. I was thinking how fragile we are and how quickly things in our lives can change. Was I going to live the rest of my life like this, or worse? I picked up my Bible and stared reading. The more I read the more powerful the words became to me. I had opened it up to where it had last been bookmarked, can’t remember when the last time I had opened it was. It was on Psalms 91, which I had underlined all of. I started reading out loud to myself and drew strength from this. The more I read the better I felt. I thought that I was starting to be able to see but didn’t know if it was just because I was focusing on the reading or not. I felt that I could still see that weirdness in the corner of my eye. I put that in the back of my mind and continued. “No evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling.” These words were so powerful to me and I felt them giving me strength. As I finished the chapter I closed my eyes and prayed. I thanked God for everything He had done for me. For restoring my sight the first time, for always showing me the way even when I saw none, for taking any fear away from me whenever those thoughts would creep in my mind. For allowing me to turn my life around and giving me the strength to do what I do and for allowing me to touch countless people’s lives in the process. I thanked Him for allowing me this gift of being able to fight and even if I was never able to fight again I thanked Him for all I had been able to do with that gift. I thanked Him for being with me regardless of whether my vision came back; I knew that He would get me through it no matter what. I asked Him once again, this time with full faith and sincerity, to restore my sight and to take whatever darkness this was, which I could physically feel in my room, away from me and away from this place. I said Amen, opened my eyes. I looked around, my vision was back, that light, or whatever it was, was gone now. My eyes still felt a little weird, but my vision was definitely back. Almost coming to tears I thanked God once again. I was once again reminded how fragile this life, and everything we have in it, is. I’m not writing this to try and preach to anyone, or to say you need to believe this or anything like that. Just sharing what has happened to me, as I always do, and I know that there are people out there that will take some good from this. I thank God for restoring my vision, once again, and for everything that He has done in my life. I thank God for all of you and am grateful for every person I am able to affect positively in this life. “Face your fears, live your dreams”
Well that episode last night was interesting to say the least. Seriously freaked me out. My eyes seem fine now however they still feel kind of weird. It might just be me overthinking it. I got up this morning and felt so exhausted, especially mentally and spiritually. I guess that took a lot out of me. Got up, brushed my teeth, washed my face and just sat down. I knew that nothing good could come from me training this morning. It can be so hard for me to listen to my body when everything in me is saying “Don’t act like a bitch!” I lay back down and surprisingly was able to fall back asleep even though the cracking of the pads echoes through my room. I got up for breakfast and just felt like a zombie. I’m so grateful to be able to see. I got a little more rest this afternoon but I’m still feeling pretty worn out. We’ll see how tonight goes.
-Well I can still see, so that’s a plus. Training went really well tonight. I went for a little jog with Yoshi and Maggie. Got stretched out and wrapped up and started on the pads with Kru Mee. I felt really good, kicks are coming along nicely, well at least my right is. Starting to get that crack back. My left is still pretty sore but at least I can use it. I’ve been having trouble with my right knee. I can throw it fine but it just doesn’t want to seem to want to bend all the way back, like I can’t keep it tight. I can only assume this is from having it locked out for so long after surgery. Oh well, I’ll get there. We did about 6 rounds and then I did 2 boxing rounds with Kongfa, whose arms were killing him from me hitting so I backed off the power a bit. Pii A asked if I wanted to do one more round of leg kicks, of course. Pornsanae was just getting done with his rounds so he was still in the ring while I was doing mine. He told me how impressed he was by me and complimented my fighting. Gave me a few tips, which really helped. Really made my day! Afterwards Pii A asked if I wanted to clinch, which I would have loved to, but I just didn’t want to risk a stupid injury, so I declined.
I took this morning off again. Those freaking dogs woke me up at like 2am and I couldn’t fall back asleep forever after that. I was so annoyed, all good though, I just rested. Scott Marr, the owner of Boon, came by the gym today. He brought me two pair of shorts they made for me, which are so sick, and a bunch of other gear, so nice of him. We did a little interview and then I hit the road for a jog. I came back and stretched out, my freaking hips are a wreck, I just can’t seem to get them to loosen up. I shadow boxed, hit the bag for a bit and then finally got up in the ring to do pads. After the first kick I knew it was going to be a rough session, of course the day Scott comes to film me I’m feeling this way. Kru Mee kept asking me if I was ok, I just told him I was really tight. He says ok and then continues to have me do about a million kicks, ha. Finally make it through. I did about half a round of leg kicks after that but I had to stop because my hips were just gone. I hate when I have to bitch out like that, especially here. I spent a good 20 minutes rolling my hips out with the baseball once I was done, hopefully it will help, so glad I brought it. I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. I think I’m just going to hit the bag lightly for a few rounds in the morning. I know that if I hit pads no matter how light I try and go I will always end up cracking as hard as I can.
I skipped training again this morning. I had every intention of going but when I woke up it was already 9. Even though I slept great, and for a long time, I still felt fried out, not sure why. Another American came to the camp today, think his name is Jason, MMA guy. Maggie and I hit the road around 3:45, we were pretty much the only ones training because almost everyone else is going to Bangkok to watch Zurey fight at Raja. Got  back from the jog and did my usual warm up. Jason was in the ring getting ready to hit pads. Kongfa was saying “You do MMA with me” speaking to Jason. I guess he wanted to spar. No way this is going to end well. I was just waiting for one of them to get hurt. Kongfa just plays around in the beginning, lightly throwing kicks. I knew it was only a matter of time till Jason shot in oh him. Finally he does and gets him in the corner. It actually took him quite a while to get Kongfa down which surprised me. Then again Kongfa has a great clinch so that helps. He gets him down, mounts him, and then arm bars him. Kongfa doesn’t tap so Jason cranks it hard, which I thought was kind of a dick move, and ends up popping his elbow a bit, not too badly but he was still hurting. Not to mention his arms were already hurting from holding pads for me, now he was going to be useless. I felt pretty good training, well a lot better than I had been at least. My hips are still killing me but not on fire like they were yesterday. Finished up with some boxing, no leg kicks today, which I was more than happy to skip. Kru Mee’s been giving me some really good technical advice as we have been training. Same stuff I already know but it helps to hear it again and from a different point of view. Just talking to me more about not trying to change my style, just use it more affectively, especially when going up against high level Thai’s. Trying to mix it up more instead of being so hard headed. Two more days of training left. Gonna go down to Tesco tonight and hopefully score one of those banana crepes. I was so bummed because Pornsanae keeps asking me to clinch but I’m too worried about hurting my knee, maybe tomorrow as long as I explain it to him good enough.
I got up and ran this morning for the first time since I’ve been here. It was actually really nice, running along the river as the sun comes up, so peaceful. I got back and took my sweet time warming up. I tried loosening up my hips as best I could but it just seems pointless. It’s not like it ever makes them feel any better. Stretching is over rated ha. Kongfa was sidelined because of his elbow. I did about 4 rounds with Kru Mee, nice and relaxed, worked some technical stuff. After day I did a round on the bag. These freaking mosquitos have been chewing me up and destroyed my legs. Some of the welts are huge. John was talking to me about possibly coming to his gym in Maryland to do a seminar.
-I crashed out so hard this afternoon. I woke up a little after 2 and felt like a zombie. I went on another little jog with Maggie, it was crazy hot today. Felt really good kicking pads, gonna miss all these guys. I’ve really enjoyed working with Kru Mee. It was so funny watching Pii A describe MMA “I try and hit you once and you run away”, it cracked me up.
Over slept again this morning. Apparently when I had set my alarm I had switched it back to U.S. time. I woke up around 8:30 and could have made it if I had rushed out there but I didn’t want to push it, crashed back out. I was so bummed too because I really wanted to get in one more but I guess I’ll just push it that much harder this afternoon. I need to pack.
-I just finished my last session and just like that my time here is done. It always seems so quick at the end. I really had a great time. Only wish I would’ve been 100% the entire time so I could have gotten more training in. I’m looking forward to going home although I will miss this place. Taxi is picking me up around 2am, hopefully, my flight is at 6.