Monday, July 1, 2013

Sitmonchai #3

Can’t believe this is my 7th time going to Thailand, 3rd time going back to Sitmonchai, craziness. Sitting on the 11 hour flight from Seattle to Japan then another 8 hours from Japan to Bangkok. I got spoiled the last few times because I was bumped up to first class, not so lucky this time around, oh well. Got my fingers crossed it will happen on the next flight but don’t want to get my hopes up. Artem is at the camp right now, been there for a week and staying a month. Will be good to have someone to hang out with this time. Zach and Willy from Reno are also going to be going out there a week or so after I get there. I was supposed to be fighting at the end of May in Vegas but they ended up bumping it to July 26th because the Hard Rock unfortunately double booked the Joint. As was so upset especially seeing as how I was just starting to get back into the grove of training. Not to mention the fact that I passed up on being in the glory tournament in Japan because of it. Figured I might as well go back to Thailand, get some good training in and probably a fight. No way I’m sitting around for 3-4 months after having just been out for 15. I don’t have anything set over there but planning on getting something at toward the end of my trip. Nothing major, just want to stay busy unless something big comes up. Still haven’t felt like I’ve gotten back to 100% ever since getting that flu before the last fight. I feel good but then when I’m really pushing it is when I can notice. Hopefully it will clear completely up.
-the flight from Seattle to Tokyo sucked. I couldn’t sleep at all. There was turbulence for like an hour straight, it was brutal. Not to mention the fact that the food made me feel so nauseous, some of the worst I’ve ever had. I felt awful. Tokyo to Bangkok was much better, even though I am in a middle seat. I passed out for a bit but my hands and legs are so swollen. There are as bad as if I had just fought and tried flying. I was hoping to get in early enough to where I would still train in the morning but I think our flight is late so probably won’t get to the camp till around 2am, we’ll see how I feel.
Ended up getting to the camp at 2am, I was so exhausted and could barely move because my hands and legs were swollen so badly. Abigail met me out front and showed me to my room, was so great to see her. Artem woke up and we chatted for a bit, told him I probably wouldn’t end up training in the morning and we both crashed out. For some reason I woke up at 6am and actually felt pretty good so decided to hit the run with him. I was only going to do a short run but I was feeling good so we just kept going. Ended up doing about 4 miles, it was a beautiful day out. I did 3 rounds on the pads with Kongfa, just playing around really and then 2 more on the bag. I was starving after that, crushed a bunch of food and then tried resting but was never able to actually fall asleep. Artem and I hit another run in the afternoon, probably around 2 miles or so. It was so beautiful out. Halfway between a huge storm coming and a beautiful day, the sky was split in half. As soon as we get back from the run it started pouring, I love when it rains here. I got to hit with Kru Dam tonight, hadn’t hit with him since my first time here, he is by far my favorite pad holder I’ve ever worked with. We just flow really well together. I was going as hard as I could and actually felt really great. I could have kept going but after about 5 rounds Pii A told me enough so I didn’t burn myself out, it’s still my first day. My body felt good but my knee was bugging me for some reason which worried me a bit. It’s probably just a bit of swelling in there from flying. He asked me if I wanted to fight in this tournament that was coming up in a few weeks. It’s at 138.8 pounds, which definitely wouldn’t be fun to make, but the winner gets 10 G’s. I’ll think about it, I was looking more for a mid-level fight just to stay busy, nothing crazy, but don’t want to pass on a big opportunity. Asked him to get me some more details and then I will decide.
-I just had another eye episode like I did last time I was out here…this is the story from last time ....what the hell? It didn’t last as long this time and wasn’t as bad but still. Ugh. Hope it don’t happen again. In a way I just laughed about it.
I woke up this morning thinking it was 5am because that’s what my alarm said. I took my time getting ready, brushing my teeth and stretching and getting my shoes on for the run. I go out front and it looked as if everyone was getting ready to hit pads. I thought maybe they had just gotten up super early cause they wanted to get some extra work in since most people had taken Saturday off of training. Of course I should have known better since I felt as if I had gotten a full night’s sleep even though I didn’t fall asleep till after midnight and the 2am psycho dog barking alarm woke me up. Turns out I hadn’t changed my clock to Thai time so what I thought was 5am was actually 7am. I ended up just hitting the run myself, as Artem hadn’t been feeling good and wanted to rest. It was a beautiful morning out, the sun felt great. I was still feeling pretty good, did about 5-6 miles. By the time I got back it was already 8:30 and everyone was almost done so I decided to stretch out and be done. Having a day off yesterday was ok but it kind of sucks. I mean it’s not like back home, we just sit in the room all damn day doing nothing, there isn’t much else to do, drives you a little crazy. I’m still feeling all bloated, I think it’s from all the rice and sodium in everything. I think I’ll try and cut out some over the next few days and see if it helps. Pii A said that he’s going to try and get me a fight, told him around 145-147 would be fine unless it’s a Thai. I felt pretty good training tonight. I did another 3 miles with Artem, he ran but that was it. Then I did another 7 rounds with Kru Dam. I was tired but I was also pushing it really hard. Petch, little Thai kid, asked me why my legs are so small, little bastard hahaha.
I was struggling this morning. Got the daily 2am dog alarm as well as the 5am one. If they would only hold off another hour it would actually be perfect. Artem and I hit the run, another beautiful day out. My hamstrings have been killing me, super tight, my legs in general are just shot. Ever since that time Chaz pulled his it always freaks me out when mine are tight. I did my best to stretch out once we got back, not that it ever makes them feel any better. I really could use a massage but want to wait till Saturday night to get one. I’m still trying to get in my rhythm when hitting pads, another reason I get so tired. I feel like I’m forcing everything, not flowing. My right kick feels really strong but my left is just flopping out there, can’t turn it over good. I’m still super bloated, feel like I got ten pounds of shit in my, probably do. I might cut back on the running a bit till my legs come back.
-today was rough, I feel so drained. We ran to the second bridge before training, it’s about 3 miles I would say. The back of my right knee has been bothering me. I felt so shot once we got back from the run, didn’t know how I was going to get through training. After the first round I was completely spent but managed to keep going. I ended up doing about 7-8 rounds and was actually going pretty hard. I’m hoping over the next few days I’ll make it to the sparring/clinching, which they do after pads but so far I have barely even been getting through all the rounds. After training I got a shower. I felt like Stallone in Rocky 4 after he fights Drago, I just wanted to stay in the shower. I couldn’t stop sweating, even after I got out. My hands been killing me on top of everything else. It was cracking me up because before training one of the boys was moping the mats. It was basically just a mop stick with a pair of boxers or something on the end. And I’m pretty sure all he was doing was spreading around water, kind of pointless ha.
I’m so drained, I just feel worthless. This freaking goose wakes me up at 4:3-0 making all kinds of noise and then a dog at 4:45 and then the psycho howling dog chorus at 5 and then I woke up at 6:30, damn! I decided just to run and skip pads, which I could barely even do. I only went to the 2nd bridge and back. I felt as if I was running underwater, every step was a struggle. I got back, stretched out, and just decided to call it a morning, knew that nothing good was going to come from me training other than burning myself completely out. I can’t believe this is only my 4th day of training, feel as if I have been here a month already. Hopefully I’ll feel better tonight. I checked my weight this morning. At first it was crazy high, I started freaking out until I realized that Pornsanae was stepping on the back of the scale hahaha he was cracking up. It was still pretty high after he stopped. It said I was like 16oish. I thought there was no way. I mean I was only 154 when I left. No way I’ve gained over 5 pounds since I’ve been here and all the training I been doing. We are going to try and get a digital scale to compare, I hope it’s wrong.
-I actually felt better running this afternoon. That’s not saying much because I couldn’t have felt much worse than I did earlier. I was feeling really motivated to hit pads, which is the best feeling, but after the first round I was just spent, damn! My hamstring was still hurting bad so all we did was hands and elbows. Ended up doing like 7-8 rounds which was good. Afterward Artem and I did some timing sparring, they kept asking me if I wanted pads and I would say no we’re fine, should have listened. Ended up cracking my shin so hard on his elbow. Luckily, or unluckily depending how you look at it, I just hit the outside muscle, not the bone. It didn’t really bother me at the time and then I ended up cracking it again. Got a shower after that and once again I just wanted to stay in there all night. For the best two nights, for the first time ever, I wished the water would be colder because I just can’t get my body temperature to drop after training. Even after I get out I’m still pouring sweat. Artem and I are making Thai Iron Chef. I tried making another latte thing with vitamilk but a little more watered down this time. It was ok but would be a lot better if it was either really hot or really cold. There’s this 3 legged zombie poodle on the run. We decided that he is the ring leader of the zombie dog gang, little hard ass, he runs the streets.
I’m falling apart. My firkin hands been killing me. My hips, knee and ankle, good times. Had a hard time falling asleep last night. Felt so fried out when I woke up this morning. Once we got going on the run I was feeling a bit better but about half way back it was like I hit a wall, I was just shot. I told myself that I would just go light on the pads but as usual, once I got going, I was crushing them. Luckily I couldn’t really do anything with my right hand or right kick, or anything on my right side. Even Pornsanae was telling me just to relax and go light. Kru Dam had a fat black lip from where I elbowed him yesterday, whoops. I finally feel like I’m leaning out a bit, thank goodness. Today was the first time I actually felt hungry, hopefully the weight will start to come off.
- I was really struggling hitting pads before that. It’s like I can really get going for a bit but then I just shut down. I think it’s the heat more than anything, at least I hope so. Abigail told me that even the Thai’s have been struggling, not that I noticed. She also told me that this is the hottest province in all of Thailand, which I never knew. On a positive note I got to clinch with Pornsanae tonight. On a negative one I think I may have cracked a rib. It wasn’t his fault. He had me in a body lock and was turning to dump me but I turned real hard back into him and it crushed my ribs together. Don’t know why I gotta be so stubborn. You would think that after having blown my knee out from a similar thing I would have learned my lesson. It’s killing me, can barely breath. Hurts to laugh, cough, breath, run and when I sneeze it drops me to the floor. I’m hoping it’s just a bruise but even that takes a long time to heal. Nothing I haven’t dealt with before but we’ll see. Went and switched some money over at the bank after training, that was interesting. It took forever, sometimes it seems as if they just randomly switch people in between jobs. As in no one really knows how to do anything specifically. Here you’ll be a banker today and you’ll be a cashier. It’s crazy. One of Pii A’s birds hasn’t been singing, which he puts in competitions that they gamble on. He can’t figure out why it just stopped. Said he spent something like 80,000 baht on it, crazy.
Once again had a hard time falling asleep last night but this time it was more because of my ribs hurting. It was just impossible for me to get comfortable. No matter which way I lay it hurt bad. Once I did manage to fall asleep though I slept great. I got up this morning and thought that I would at least go for a run. I took a few practice runs in place and it was killing my rib, guess not. I just want to say F this fight but at the same time I really want to do it, damnit. Zach, Brent and Willy from Reno got here today, they train with Casey up there. We all hung out in my room and watched the Glory card from Tokyo, which I was supposed to be on but couldn’t because of the Lion Fight, which ended up getting moved anyway. My phone still won’t connect to the Wi-Fi, not sure what’s wrong with it.
Well the attempted morning run went about as good as can be expected. Every step it felt as if someone was kicking me in the ribs with a steel toed boot. I wanted to stop right away, because what’s the point, but ended up going to the first bridge and walking back from there, so frustrating. We’ll see how I feel Monday but it’s not looking too good. Worst part is I know I can push through the pain but what’s the point, I was just taking the fight to stay busy, and I definitely don’t want to injure myself further and risk missing the Embree fight, still sucks.
Wanted to at least run this morning but when I woke up my rib was killing me. Hopefully it will feel a bit better by this afternoon. Think 3 more people got here today, it’s getting pretty packed. After breakfast I couldn’t stop coughing, thought it was going to kill me because of my rib, hurts so bad.
-training actually went rather well tonight considering. Well I was able to do a lot more than I thought I was going to be able to. I started with the run and as usual ever step was killing me but I just put it in the back of my mind. I was a little worried about hitting pads. I figured that I would get going and then one wrong move would put me on the ground. I shadow boxed a bit and it felt ok, I was just trying to figure out which movements I needed to stay away from. My left kick I had to stay away from and also needed to avoid over rotating on my hooks. I did about 6 rounds with Kru Damn, I was dying but it felt great to be able to do something. It was just so hard to get into a good flow since I had to hesitate on everything.
They cooked up a bunch of fried bananas last night, so amazing, my favorite. I just can’t stop eating them. I slept really great but I was so exhausted when I woke up. I wasn’t even going to get up but Artem asked if I was going to run so I ended up going with him. I decided not to fight while I’m here, it’s just not worth the risk on top of the fact that I know I won’t be able to train properly. It’s so hard for me to stay motivated now that my next fight is so far away but don’t want to waste my time here. Artem is going to go down to the beach for a few days after his fight before he goes home. I’ll probably go with him now that I’m not fighting. Got Pornsanae to sign a pair of shorts for Jeff Dojillo, so nice of him.
-Pornsanae is such a beast. He’s only been back to the camp for a few days and he’s already going like 10 rounds crazy hard the entire time. It was so hot today, had to be like 110 with 100% humidity. My brain was cooking and I felt like I was training in quicksand. Another guy got here today, not sure where he’s from. I have no clue where all of these people are staying, I thought there was only like 7, 8 rooms here. It’s packed. There’s some bird here that sounds exactly like when you’re making a call on Skype.
Didn’t train this morning, ugh. I need to stay motivated, especially since I don’t have that much time left here. The other day after training I grabbed one of the things of water next to the ring and took a big swig. Right away all the Thai kids start cracking up and I immediately knew something was wrong with the water. It was stinging my mouth bad and a spit it out as fast as possible. They were all dying. My first thought was that something awful was in it. Finally figured out that it was straight lemon juice, which they would use to mix in with water. It was so tart I thought I was going to die.
-Didn’t end up training tonight either, just did the run to the second bridge which I actually felt good doing. It was so nice and overcast out. We weren’t getting fried like the other day which was a nice change. My rib was really bothering me towards the end of the run and so was my stomach. Hopefully I can kill it tomorrow.
Took me forever to fall asleep last night, not sure why. I’ve actually been sleeping really well since I have been here, well more than usual. I did have a lot of caffeine yesterday but it was earlier in the day. I still got like 5-6 hours of sleep which is great for me. I felt pretty good on the run, it was a beautiful day out. Artem just rested because all he is doing is cutting weight now. I inhaled a bug as I was running luckily I was able to cough it back up, which hurt my rib so bad. Why does Thailand hate me so much. Just did some light rounds on the bag because Kru dam wasn’t there. Hopefully he’ll be in tonight.
-Well I felt pretty good tonight. Artem, Zach, Brent, Willy and I all hit the run. It was nice and cloudy and breezy out. I did like 5 rounds of Thai pads, 1 leg kick and 1 boxing, all going as hard as I could. Other than being completely gassed I felt great. One more day of training and then Artem’s fighting. I think we will probably go to Bangkok tomorrow night after training.
I had another rough night of sleep. I was so hot and uncomfortable for some reason. I was so exhausted when I woke up. I hit the road, another beautiful morning but I was feeling fried, my whole body hurt. I got back and stretched out, I was so unmotivated but still didn’t want to waste a day. I took my time stretching out so by the time I was done I was completely cooled of and dry. Kru Dam still wasn’t there so I was just going to hit the bag but by this time I had lost all drive to do anything. I called it a day, hopefully I’ll be able to go hard tonight. There was a guy showering in the river this morning as I was running. I can’t even imagine how nasty that water it, it’s basically a sewer that everything drains to. Makes you appreciate what you got seeing that someone has to resort to using it as a shower. I kept thinking of that scene from High Strung where he’s talking about how flies constantly clean themselves even if their sitting in a pile of dog shit. Like ‘what is this shit, there it is again’.
-Had some decent training this afternoon. Zach, Brent, Artem and I all hit the run. Poor Artem was in the sauna suit, he was dying. I was actually feeling pretty good. Did about 6 rounds with Dam including one leg kick round. I’m still not flowing that great which is causing me to gas out easily, oh well. After that I quickly grabbed a shower. They said that we were going to be leaving for Bangkok around 6 or 7. But you never know. After the shower I was still pouring sweat, drenched. I sat out front in front of the fan just trying to cool down and watched Pornsanae train. Finally I started cooling off and headed back into my room. They said we were leaving in 30 minutes, at 6. I grabbed a protein shake, yogurt and some bananas, I actually wasn’t all that hungry. Finally they tell us it’s time to go. Well they had said we would be taking a van but they were sitting out front in a truck, ok. It was too of the trainers, Jay, Artem and I. So my first thought was ‘this isn’t so bad’. Yea, I was wrong as usual. They dropped us off at what looked to be a 7/11 as well as a bus stop. Aw great! I just prayed that it wasn’t going to be one of those death ride buses we were on in China. But, that trip prepared me for anything so I was ready. I felt even worse for Artem because he was cutting weight through all of this. Finally our bus comes, well it’s basically a 15 person van, and we all cram in the last remaining seats in the back. My legs were smashed up against the seat in front of me. The ride sucked, I started getting nauseous as did Artem. We stopped at a gas station for a minute to refuel and everyone got out. I had a thing of rubbing alcohol in Artems bag and it apparently opened up. The entire van stunk of it, it was hard to breath, everyone was dying. I was cracking up but felt bad at the same time. Finally we make it to our destination, took about an hour and a half. We get out and try to get a cab. No one would pick us up. I started guessing how many it would take to get one. Ended up being the 15th. We make it to Pii A’s condo. The trainer and stop at 7/11 to grab some drinks and snacks, I got some diner as well. The condo was nice, had AC, what more do you want. We hung out for a bit watching TV, couldn’t get his DVD player to work. Finally Artem and I crashed out on Pii A’s bed.
Just got back from weigh ins, they went ok. Slept good last night but it took me forever to fall asleep, it was so hot. I woke up in the middle of the night and came to as I was in the bathroom. I was like ‘Where in the hell am I?’. it was the weirdest thing. We all got up at 6am and headed to the stadium. When we get there they have all of them do a pre, unofficial weigh in. Artem was right on weight so didn’t need to cut anything. We were the only foreigners there. There were tons of fighters and I was thinking there’s no way all of them are on the same card. Turns out there’s an afternoon card and a night card but everyone weighs in at the same time. I was so hot and sticky, on top of the fact my legs were swollen from all the sitting around, weird how they do that. They all had to wait in line to see the ‘doctor’, which was basically pointless. Pretty sure all he did was check to make sure they were alive hahaha. Finally it was time for the official weigh ins, where everyone has to weigh in naked btw. They have a sauna right next to the scale so people can jump in there if they are off, pretty cool. It was funny cause no one makes a big deal out of it but as soon as Artem goes to weigh in you’d think Elvis had just walked in, everyone was crowding around. Hahaha, poor guy. Some guy comes over to me and asks if I want to fight, of course that happens, dangit. After that we sit down at the spot inside the stadium and they fed all the fighters. Had the best Coke of my life and some chicken, veggies and rice. We all went back to Pii A’s condo after that to relax. After a while we got up and had some lunch around the corner. It was so sweltering hot in there though, we were all dying. We hit the internet cafe again and then headed back to rest some more.
-This day is dragging on forever, as most fight days do. We ate again, slept two more times and still have about an hour till we leave. I tried to figure out if we are going back to the gym after the fights, I sure hope so, but the communication wasn’t really working out. I’m becoming addicted to those pork bun things they have at 7/11. I know they are so bad for me but I can’t help it, I don’t even want to know how they make them. I tried to make an ice coffee out of the instant coffee and some vitamilk, it was ok.
Well where do I begin. Finally left for the fights around 6:30-7. I was just praying my stomach would hold together after everything I had eaten during the day. Petch was telling me how nervous he was. 100 fights and still nervous, there’s no hope for anyone ha. Finally got to Lumpinee around 7:30 and once again sat around and waited. They said that Artem probably wouldn’t end up fighting until around 10, great! So we sat and waited, Pii A shows up and brought a bunch of boxes of Krispy Kremes, I can’t get away from these frikn things. After awhile a bunch of other people from the gym showed up. Kenny, who had fought earlier at Omnoi and won, his dad, he girl, Yoshi and some others. Finally Pii A tells Muu, the other trainer, Artem and I to head to the back, where we waited even more. It was so hot and my shins, ankle and hand were so swollen, they were killing me. Rob Cox walks by in a hurry, runs past me to the bathroom. After a while he comes out and apologizes saying he had to hurry or he was going to shit himself hahaha. We chatted for a bit and he went back to watch the fights. Abigail, Jun and Baipei showed up. Finally Pii A get Petch, who was the fight before Artem, wrapped up and ready to go and then wraps Artem’s hands. A bunch of foreigners, who were walking by to go to the bathroom, stopped and asked if they could get their picture with Artem. Even had a guy, who was from Canada, stop by and take a pic with me. Told me that he’d be routing for me against Embree, even though they are both Canadian. Finally it was Petch’s turn, Pii A told me that I wasn’t allowed to corner him because I was wearing a tank top, oh well. Artem looked a bit worried by this but I told him that I would still be close enough to where he could hear me. Petch ends up knocking his guy out cold in about the 3rd round, was viscous. It was Artem’s turn, he looked like he was feeling good and ready. They have him and his opponent sitting next to each other waiting to go out, gotta love Thailand. Finally they are up, both seal the ring and perform their Wai Kru’s. First bell sounds, the guy lands a hard kick but then Artem answers back with a good combination and one of the punches seems to rock him. He goes in to follow up and finish him off but his opponent throws a hail mary left hand which lands squarly on Artems jaw as he was throwing a punch of his own, he goes down hard. For a minute it looks as if he’s trying to get up but then his body just goes limp, he was out. Felt so bad for him, he worked so hard to get here. Then again how many people can say they got to do this. Either way he will come back a better, stronger fighter. He was ok, just bummed, luckily he wasn’t nauseous or anything, he hit his head pretty hard on the canvas. I ended up having 3 different people come up to me and offer me fights while we were there, of course that happens when I can’t take one, sheesh. They also offered Artem another one on the 15th, there was no way though, he needs time to let his brain heal on top of the fact that we were gona be on the beach. Finally we all pile into Pii A’s car and head home. Was so hungry. Thankfully we stopped and got McDonald’s, so nasty but so amazing. We got back to the camp a little after midnight. I was so tired, sweaty, sticky and just wanted a shower. And wouldn’t you know it, all the water was off. Pii A said that it happens sometimes late at night cause no one works then, aw great. Luckily around 3am the water came back on and I got to wash the filth off. Felt even worse for Artem cause he still was covered in all that Thai oil and Vaseline. I wasn’t able to fall asleep till about 5am, guess I was just worked up from the long day, but was so exhausted. When I woke up the next day I was so out of it. Felt so fat too. Had some breakfast and then later Artem and I went to 7/11 to gorge ourselves on junk food, I mean I couldn’t let him eat alone. Felt so disgusting afterward. I need to get some rest tonight, only have one more day to train before we hit the beach.
Felt awful when I got up this morning. So bloated, sore, tired, fat, ugh. Didn’t train. All we did yesterday was eat and sleep. Had more donuts last night, bad idea! I felt like the fattest P.O.S. training tonight and of course it’s the day Scott from Boons shows up to film me. He brought me a new pair of dope custom shorts. I did my best to eat better but Artem forced me to get crepes with him. And when I say forced I mean he said “hey, wana get crepes”, hahaha oh well. I’m definitely going to do some running while we are at the beach, or at least I plan to. Hopefully I can get a good morning session before we head out.
Where do I even begin? The last few days have been interesting that’s for sure. Well on Tuesday when I woke up I was feeling pretty lousy so I didn’t even bother training. I had a quick breakfast at 10, felt a bit better after that, and then we headed out in the cab to the beach. I was so happy to be going, only good part about me not fighting. I was so exhausted and passed out on the way down there only to be awoken to the sounds of our taxi’s screeching tires as we were sliding into the back of a huge truck, and just stopped inches from impact. Apparently the truck had decided to suddenly cross three lanes of traffic without signaling and came to a dead stop right in front of us. It reminded me of the Family Guy episode where they were making fun of Asian drivers “Good luck everybody else.” It was a great way to start the trip. They had told us it would take about two hours or so to get there but only took about an hour and a half. Hua Hin is so beautiful, something out of a movie. A 5 star hotel surrounded by slums, craziness. As we waited to check in we could just feel the breeze from the ocean coming through the hotel, it was amazing. I couldn’t believe that it was only 70$ a night and that’s for a 2 bed and daily massages. Anywhere else in the world it probably would have been at least a few hundred a night. Finally checked in and headed up to our room. It was on the 20th floor and overlooked the pool and the ocean, breathtaking. We chilled out for a bit then headed downstairs. There was this little cafe, juice bar right before this long boardwalk that led out to the pool, which was surrounded by fish ponds and trees with hammocks hanging from them. We hit the pool, which was so warm it might as well have been a Jacuzzi. It had a swim up bar where we got some lunch. As usual Artem was pressuring me to drink, I have the worst friends ha. He usually manages to convince me about once a year when I see him. It’s always a bad idea. Had a few beers and then hit this little water slide they had. It was actually a decent size with a few turns in it and went into the pool. I hit it hard and went flying, almost out of it, and slammed into the water getting a gallon up my nose. Artem goes after me and ends up going so slow then he has to get up and walk the last little bit. I was like ‘What the hell did you do?’ Says he has no idea ha, maybe Russians don’t slide well. We go back up and this time I watch him as he attempts it again. He was bouncing all over the place, I couldn’t figure it out, and once again has to pull himself the last little bit. I go down and once again I am flying, even more than the previous one. He just looks at me stunned. He tries telling me that it must be his shorts, ha. I literally have to slow myself down each time in order to keep from flying out of the damn thing and this guys going like 2 miles an hour. Each time I try and figure out what it is that he’s doing wrong. Finally I notice his legs are all over the place and tell him to try and keep them together and pointed straight down. This seems to help and he actually makes it all the way to the pool this time, still not very fast. I go down once again slamming into the sides and getting another gallon up my nose once I hit the pool. I tell him I can only handle one more cause it’s wrecking me each time. He goes down again and this time actually gets some speed, apparently he had been picking his legs up all the other times. I tell him “If you were a natural athlete like me these things would just come to you and you wouldn’t hafta have someone babysit you” haha. He goes once more and this time is flying, finally. It was surprising me how empty the resort was. I mean there was literally half a dozen people at the pool and hardly anyone inside, especially seeing as how it was summer time here. I was thinking that maybe because it was still early in the week but who knows. We headed back to the bar and hung out for awhile. The bartenders were this Thai guy in his 30’s and a girl, who seemed to be still in training, about in here mid 20’s. They were real friendly and a lot of fun. Both spoke relatively good English. They kept having us try all these different kinds of drinks that they made, most of which were pretty good. Even though all I wanted was something fruity but they wouldn’t make it for me, not sure why. I started getting real hungry and we had already been out baking in the sun for a few hours. There was this steak buffet going on from 7-9 but it was only 5 so we decided to split a sandwich from the coffee bar. It was ok but the fact that I was pretty positive it had been sitting out all day in the heat didn’t make me feel too great. Grabbed a shower in the room which was amazing, felt so good to take a real shower with hot water and everything. I just wanted to sit in there for an hour. We just rested after that, the beds were amazing. The room had a big flat screen too but only 3 English channels, but luckily they were all movie channels. We headed down to the restaurant around 8. It was on the 2nd floor and overlooked the ocean, beautiful. There was only two other groups of people there, weird. Now we were both imagining these fat juicy steaks that were the most amazing things ever, but we were sadly mistaken. Seemed like they microwaved them a week ago and kept them under a heat lamp hahaha, ok maybe not that bad but definitely not what we were hoping for. They also had a little buffet set up with all these side dishes but once again we were left disappointed. These tiny ass baked potatoes, smaller than a baseball, shriveled brussel sprouts, they did have these bacon bits, which were ok but they were real burnt, better than nothing. All in all it was ok but I started having the worst headache ever since the pool, one of the most painful ones of my life. Felt like every second someone was slamming a sledge hammer into my skull. I’m sure it had something to do with me slamming into the walls of the slide over and over again, that and baking my brain in the sun all day. The food helped a bit but not much. We had ice cream for dessert, again ok but not what I was hoping for, then headed back to the room. I was hurting bad and started to feel like I was coming down with something. I climbed into bed and starting having horrible hot and cold sweats, coughing, sneezing, which was murder on my ribs. It was only like 9pm but luckily I passed out. Woke up the next day still feeling lousy but luckily the headaches had passed but I could barely move. Artem had set up our massages at 11 but there was no way I could even get outa bed, I just passed back out. I felt bad cause I didn’t want to ruin Artem’s vacation but then again I originally wasn’t even supposed to be there. I ended up staying in bed all day, only getting up for diner to go to the restaurant. I was so hungry but had no appetite, couldn’t think of anything to eat but managed to put down some soup. They had this Thai mother and daughter singing all these American love songs, super depressing, and still no one there. After diner I passed out. Woke up the next day feeling just as bad, missed my massage again. I did manage to get up and hit the pool with Artem for about an hour. Felt good just to go out and get some fresh air again. Artem kept trying to get me to hit the slide again but I had seriously messed my ribs up even worse from all the times I went down the first day. Note to self: don’t go down a crazy water slide over and over when you have cracked ribs. I could barely breath and every time I sneezed or coughed it dropped me on the ground. Had diner at the same spot again, same two girls singing and for whatever reason the service was terrible. I mean it took almost half an hour to get our check. I was getting ready to lose it on someone. It was raining a little bit that night, which was beautiful, the air was so cool and relaxing. The next day I woke up and was actually feeling a little better, slightly, like 5% but it’s a start. Artem had to leave at 9:30 to head to the airport. We got up, had a light breakfast, showered and said by to him. I was so tired but the stream for the M-One fights was on and I didn’t want to miss them. On top of the fact I had to leave at noon. The fights were ok, went downstairs at noon where Pii Mott was already waiting. There seemed to be some confusion at first because I don’t think Pii Mott knew that Artem had already left. He got Abigail on the phone and they were talking for what seemed like forever for such a simple answer. Between her and Jun we were able to finally explain it to him. She ended up telling ,e later on that they were sending him back to the airport afterward but he was confused if he when he was supposed to go there. I was so tired and feeling like shit. Tried my best to pass out on the way back to camp. I don’t know what it is but I almost die or get in horrible accidents every time I travel on roads over seas. Well the ride to the beach seemed to go by quickly but the ride back took what seemed like forever, I felt awful on top of the fact I wasn’t exactly positive that we were going directly to the gym. Finally my worries went away when I realized we were close. He did stop and drop me off with another cab, which had happened before, but then that guy took me back to the gym. Never thought I would be so happy to be back and just sleep. Went in my room ,where they had stuck another guy who had just arrived. He was sleeping so I tried my best to be quiet and just pass out. Abigail came by and told me I could have the room next to it all to myself. So I grabbed most of my stuff and changed rooms. She brought me some medicine and some ginger tea, hopefully it helps. I did my best to pass out. I woke up around 7, normally someone gets me when it's time for diner but I figured that they didn't know I was back. Everyone had already started eating, bastards haha. I sat with Willy, Zach, Brent and them. It was weird not having Artem there. I was feeling slightly better, rib is still killing me though. I went back to my room after I ate and layed up. The internet was barely working all night, my one escape from the sickness and pain and it's not working, good times. Brent sent me a message on Facebook telling me that they are going to be showing the highlights of Pornsanae's, who had fought earlier at Lumpinee, fight on TV in a bit. I had already read that he had won, knocked the guy out after he received one of the worst cuts ever over his eye. They didn't end up showing the fight but showed his first one with Pakorn, which was weird but always a pleasure to watch. They other fights they showed were amazing! Went back to my room after that, tried watching The Fighter, and then passed out. I slept like shit, it was so loud, the neighbors were partying all night and then the loud ass pad work right outside my window first thing in the morning. Luckily I was able to really crash out hard after that. I was so out of it when Jimmy came knocking on my door for breakfast. I didn't even realize where I was since I had switched to the new room. He asks me Where Artem is, I look over to the other bed and see all my stuff “I don't know” I say, totally forgetting that he had already went back home....Pii A just bought a huge bag of McDonald’s, I couldn't help myself, I ate 3 burgers. Pornsanae was with him, face all swollen but had the biggest smile on his face, as always. It was Zach, Willy, the Dutch girl and I sitting there eating while everyone else trained. I felt bad, well not bad enough to stop ha. Abigail told me a bunch of them were going to Pornsanae's families house tonight and asked if I wanted to go. I would love to but a two hour car ride right about now sounds like the worst idea ever, bummed.

I passed out last night super early, was nice to sleep for once. Think I woke up around 7am and then went back to sleep. I'm so out of it! I was having the craziest, most vivid dreams, not sure what it is. Just remembered seeing this guy at the fights last time that was wearing a Winnie The Pooh shirt that said “I love carbs” on it haha. I've been lying around all day. I feel like I'm getting better, a little, still stuffy and hacking up my lungs though. I hope I feel good enough to train tomorrow a bit. I had some frog with Pii A and his momma, it was pretty bomb...Jimmy asked me why I'm black now (cause I got tan) hahaha cracks me up.
5/20 didn't happen. I'm feeling slightly better everyday, like 5%. I'm just really congested and hacking stuff up constantly. I just don't want to make it any worse. Not sure if training would help or hurt....Well, as usual, I did more then I had planned. I actually didn't feel as bad as I would have thought I was going to. I went on the run to the 2nd bridge with Zach, Willy and Brent. It was overcast and a little drizzly out, so nice. Of course all the Thai's looked at us like we were crazy for running in the 'rain'. I've never really figured out why that is. Got back and stretched. Kru Dam wasn't there so I figured that I would just kick the bag a bit, which was fine by me, I wanted to go light today anyway. I started hitting the bag and just then he shows up on his scooter. I was happy though, I only have 5 days left and want to get the most I can out of it. So I get in the ring, already drenched in sweat. Thank goodness it was so cool out. As usually I go way harder then I had planned. I actually felt pretty good other then the fact that I couldn't breath. I was sucking down wind after the 1st. We did 5 rounds including a leg kick round. Thought I was going to pass out. I did two more rounds kicking the bag after that, about 300 sit ups then called it a day. Hopefully I don't make myself worse, either way it was nice to actually do something. I was drenched in sweat, got in the shower and just stayed in there as long as I could to cool off. It didn't really help because as soon as I got out I started sweating again. Jimmy asked me what happened to my nose. Ha, where do I begin?...I have mixed emotions about leaving. On one hand I'm happy to be going home, if I wasn't so injured and sick I would probably be a lot more bummed. Who knows when I'll be back, I love these guys. I just hope I can get some decent training in the next two days.
I didn't train this morning. I tried falling asleep last night until about 3am and then finally just got up for a bit. I probably didn't end up going to bed until about 4. My alarm went off at 6 and there was no way I was going to be able to manage training. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting a little better but then I get all stuffed up again and am hacking my brains out. Hopefully I can get the rest of this cleared up before I fly home. I've been lying around all day, hoping to get a half way decent training session in this afternoon. I need to go to the bank to transfer some money for the cab ride to the airport but it's so hot and I just can't deal with that right now...Well I actually felt really good training tonight, mentally anyway. I tried really pushing it, did about 6 hard pad rounds and then 2 more on the bag. I did the run beforehand. It had been pouring earlier but stopped for a bit. I ran with the guys to the 7/ll loop by Tesco but I took a short cut back cause I had drank way too much water earlier and couldn't hold it anymore haha. The second the rest of the guys got back from their run the clouds opened up and it started pouring, a few people got caught out there in it. I'm feeling pretty worn out right now. I hope I can at least sleep good tonight and get one more full day of training in tomorrow.
Well crap, I didn't train this morning. I had another sleepless night, what else is new. It wasn't as bad as the night before but still bad enough to not train this morning. Oh well! I felt like a zombie at breakfast. I passed out again after that for another 2 hours or so. Managed to get ringworm all over my head again, wtf? It's not like I have been clinching or sparring. Son of a!!! Abigail said she would get me some medicine that will hopefully clear it up quickly. Well today was the best I felt training since I been here, ironic. Well lets just say today was the best I have felt hitting, sharp and powerful. I still gassed out pretty quickly though. I went for a run by myself before training. It was so beautiful and peaceful out. I went to the dam and back. It was pretty sunny and hot out on the way there but as soon as I hit the bridge and turned back it got cloudy. It started to drizzle the last 5 minutes of my run. Normally that would feel really good but it was actually pretty cold with the rain on top of the wind. I hit the bag for a few rounds and then went with Kru Dam. I felt like I was just crushing to pads, trying to break them in half. Maybe it was because I knew this was my last session. I finished up on the bag and then stretched a bit. I took a long shower and once again couldn't stop sweating even after I got out. I'm happy to be heading home but I will definitely miss these guys, always do. Who knows when I will be back.

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