Monday, August 26, 2013

Hard doesn't mean good...that's what she said

Can’t tell you how many times I have to stress to people the importance of slowing down and just focusing on their technique. It’s always the same excuses ‘Well if I use proper technique then it ends up being too hard” or ‘If I try and go light then my form is bad’. Just because you can hit harder does not mean you are going light!!! Then there will be times you try and show them the correct form they say “Well I can hit really hard on the pads”.
The problem is yes you can hit hard, anyone that can throw a punch, kick or any other strike and moderately knows how to do so can properly generate force, especially if they are a larger individual. The real issue though is can you do that when it matters, IE when you are in a real fight and someone is trying to seriously damage you, or when you are tired or hurt? All that ‘I can hit hard’ nonsense goes right out the window. Or the guys that refuse to defend anything in sparring and just look to club their partner and they will say ‘well their punches/kicks don’t hurt me so I just take them’. Of course they don’t hurt you, you guys are just sparring, not to mention the fact that the guy you are going with weighs about 50 pounds less then you. Get in the ring with a guy your weight, small gloves and no pads and then show me how much you can take. Did you come here to learn or did you come here to teach. Cause if you came to teach I’ll just take a break and watch. Ok vent over, here’s my point…
Just because you can hit hard does not mean you are good. Just because you can beat people up in the gym, or even in the ring for that matter, does not mean you are good. Even good people aren’t good enough, there’s always room for improvement I don’t care how good you are or think you are. Everyone is always looking for short cuts and everyone has a million and a half excuses about why they do it differently than what their trainer has told them. What I always say ‘If you can’t do it correctly slow then you sure as hell can’t do it correctly full speed”, especially when it truly matters.
It’s very difficult to pay attention to how your body is behaving when you do things at full speed so this is when we tend to not realize how awful our technique really is. I am constantly telling people, including myself, to slow down, pretend you are under water. When you put the brakes on everything you can really pay attention to all those minute details. Of course there’s a time and a place for full force strikes but for the majority of people training, especially brand new people, you need to slow your ass down if you ever plan on getting any better. Or keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll check back in with you in ten years only to see that you haven’t improved and more than likely are worse than you were before. Hard doesn’t mean good... that’s what she said!
-El Presidente

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