Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My inspiration

You can have your Ali’s, Petrosyan’s and your Mayweather’s; I’ll take a Gatti, Corrales or Pornsanae any day of the week over them. What I mean by this is that I would rather watch someone fight who is all heart than all skill. Not taking anything away from those ‘technical’ fighters because reaching that level of perfection in anything is something to truly admire. However, I will always prefer to watch someone who is more concerned about giving every ounce of themselves in there rather than their record.

The fighters that truly inspire me has nothing to do with their records, it’s all about how they fought. The type of fighter that you know no matter what, you are getting your money’s worth when they fight. The type of fighter that can win just as many fans when they lose as when they win, if not more.  

I remember the first fight I ever went to. I was lucky enough to be seated right next to where the fighters walked out. Watching them make their way from the back, hearing their music echo through the venue, the sound of the crowd erupting, the look of determination, and sometimes fear, in their eyes, it was all so real, raw. There was an electricity in the air, you could just feel it. I had always loved watching fights on TV and often thought about maybe one day doing it but it wasn’t until I saw my first fight live that I really knew it was something I wanted to do, even if only once. It awoken something inside of me that, even though I tried ignoring it for years, I could never forget.

Looking back, and still to this day, I would find it interesting that whether the fighter won or lost really had nothing to really do with how inspired I was by them. It had no real effect on how much I enjoyed their performance. What really inspired me was whether or not they were giving it their all. Whether they were fighting with passion, fighting with their soul or just up their making sure they won no matter what.  I remember seeing this guy go out there and give it everything that he had but came up short ended up getting knocked out in the first few rounds. Afterwards I was still just as excited to go up to him and tell him ‘great fight’ as I would have been to someone that won.

No matter how good or bad I feel I performed there will always be people afterwards that come up to me wanting pictures and autographs, telling me what a good job I did. Most times I think to myself ‘Yea right, that was the worst fight ever!’ but I think about when I watch fights and someone might not have the best performance, does this make what they did any less special? Does this negate the fact that they are in their putting everything on the line in there? I realized that I can be an inspiration regardless of how I feel about it. There is someone out there, who just like me when I first started, is blown away just by the fact that I’m in there doing it and they just hope and dream to one day be able to do the same.

I will always find the most inspiration from the ones that go out there and give it everything that they have win, lose or draw. To me, those people not only inspire others when it comes to fighting but when it comes to life. Give it everything that you have and live your life with passion!

-El Presidente'

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