Thursday, November 21, 2013


I was afraid, I lived my life in fear, I tried covering that fear with drugs and alcohol and blended. I blended in with the rest of the world and slowly watched my life slip away. I had a dream, it was there all along, but it frightened me. I ignored it, hid from it, I pretended that it wasn't there. When you have a dream, when you know something in your heart is true, you can only run from it for so long, it will find a way to enter your life. I sucked down alcohol, as if it was water, hoping to one day forget my dream all together. It caused me pain, the pain in knowing what I was meant for but being too afraid to face it. The years went on and on, the addiction got worse, as did everything around me. I thought I had finally killed it and I was happy to see it go. Through a series of tragedies the dream came crashing back like a tidal wave. It backed me into a corner and said, “I'm here and I'm not leaving. Are you going to run and live the rest of your life as a coward, as a quitter, or are you going to prove what you are made of and face me?” Another avalanche of fear washed over me but I had already made my choice. No more, I will not live in fear, I will not run from my destiny, I will not hide behind addiction. From this day forward I will dedicate myself to this dream, this dream that has always been there. This dream that for years I couldn't quite gasp what it really was but I knew it was there. And the journey began.

-El Presidente'  

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