Sunday, December 22, 2013

Big fish, small pond

I hate to always pick on the MMA people (ok no I don't :P),cuz this happens across all fighting styles, across every area of life for that matter, but there just seems to be a lot more of it going on with them than others. It's a lot more prevalent anyway. We've all seen those guys, and girls, who have only a handful of fights, win
some random ass title then go around acting like they are one of the greatest fighters of all time. Don't get me wrong, they have done a lot more than the person sitting in the audience yelling out advice, acting as If they would ever get up there and do it. I'm not saying that you need to be out there fighting the best in the world to feel like you've accomplished something. Regardless of your level it's about constantly testing yourself. Constantly trying to improve and be willing to put in the work to get there. It's about knowing that there will always be someone better and always be more work to do. As soon as you feel like you've made it make sure and smash your head into the wall and get back to work. Don't be a douchebag, especially if you haven't earned the right. Look at a guy like Dana White, Mayweather, etc, they have monster ego's and a lot would call them assholes and douchebags. I would never defend them or agree with the way they act, but like it or not those guys have earned the right act however they choose. They have paid their dues, they have put in the work, the blood, sweat and tears, and made it to the top. I've never been a fan of those that run their mouths and go around talking about how bad ass they are, I feel it belittles them and takes away from all the good that they could be doing, but I have to respect the fact that they put in the work and earned the right to act however they feel. It's the guys who haven't accomplished anything, other than getting off their ass a few times and getting in the ring, or what have you, and have that same attitude that just baffles me. If you want to be a fighter, or anything in life really, than go out there to be the best, at least go out there to be the best that you can be. Test yourself, risk losing, risk failure, because if you don't than you will never achieve anything. You will definitely never know what you could have become. If you are going to do something than do it all the way or not at all. Don't half ass it, win one fight, accomplish one small thing, then use that as an excuse to act like you are better than everyone else. In some ways you are even worse than the person who never tried. You saw what you were afraid of, realized how frightened you really were and stayed safe in your little box never having to face those fears. One thing that everyone at the top has in common is that they were all willing to fail, and failed many times along the way. They never stopped trying, they never stopped testing themselves. Even if you think you are the greatest in the world and no one can touch you, and maybe you are, you still need to constantly test yourself in order to stay there.
“Once you stop testing yourself you get slow. When that happens they kill ya.”-Billy the kid(young guns)

It's easy to sit half way up a hill, looking down over everyone else and really feel
like you've accomplished something. It's another thing to be the person that's at the
very top looking out over the world. Never be satisfied, never stop learning, never
stop growing. Believe in yourself but never be satisfied. That is how you will consistently be
motivated to improve. You can always be better.

Face your fears, live your dreams.”-El Presidente'

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.