Friday, February 21, 2014


Some people might think this post has something to do with my last fight but I promise you it does not. I started writing this about two weeks ago so just chill....ago maybe it does a little but either way woooooosaaaaahhhh!
I used to say that I had respect for anyone that had the balls to step foot in the ring but over the years that has changed. I've realized that there are plenty of cowards that get in there just so they can call themselves 'fighters'. What I respect is the ones that go in there and give it there all. It has nothing to do with whether you are the best in the world or one of the worst, it's all about your level of commitment, your passion and what you leave I that ring. That's why there are so many fighters that I would rather watch lose any day of the week then others 'win'. Winning and losing is irrelevant! Giving it your all, being true to yourself, leaving everything in there and inspiring others is what truly matters. 

There's so many "fighters" that just half ass it in the gym, maybe fight a handful of times never truly testing themselves, and then try and hold themselves as if they are doing the same thing the true warriors are. Just because you train, and even fight, does not make you a real fighter. A real fighter is someone who gives it there all no matter what. A real fighter is someone who kills themselves day in and day out in preparation and then puts it all on the line, testing themselves each time, and letting the cards fall where they may, no excuses. I could go on and on about fake ass fighters but this isn't really about that, well it is but isn't. 

I have no respect for cowards or people that will do whatever it takes to win, whether that means running the whole time or holding and clinching the whole fight and then trying to pass it off as "tactical". And let's be clear, there's a big difference between clinch fighting and holding on for dear life to kill time so you don't get knocked out. I think it's one of the things that the UFC unfortunately has done to their organization, self inflicted. I mean you look at the fights they had back in the day, or even the ones in Pride, and those guys just went after each other. That's not to say that they don't anymore, it's just that it used to be more about the fight then the end result and that was the rule as opposed to the exception. Nowadays, with all the money involved and the vast amounts of fighters trying to come up, no one wants to risk losing their jobs so most chose to fight 'safe'. I thik it's a major reason the sport, in my eyes, has hit a plateau just as it happened in the Golden eras of boxing as well as Muay Thai.

I think one of the biggest issues is the fact that refs, judges and the every day fan can't tell the difference between fighting with movement and running. The difference between clinching and stalling. The difference between working on the ground and lay and pray. The problem is to the untrained eye it all looks very similar so you have guys passing their bitchassness off as fighting smart. Unless you've been in there it can be pretty difficult to tell the difference and unfortunately most refs and judges never have been, or at least not at any high level. 

One thing Pride did, that I think would really rejuvenate other fighting sports, is implement the yellow card. Trust me, people really start fighting once you threaten to take part of their money away. I'm all for clinching, ground fighting, counter fighting, etc, but there's a big difference between that and just fighting like a sissy. I'm a fighter but I'm also a fan and I want to see people go in there and put it all on the line......but hey, maybe that's just me.

"Face your fears, live your dreams."
-El Presidente'

Thank you

First and foremost I give all the Glory to God who makes all things possible. I'm so grateful to have been able to fight once again and to come out healthy and safe. Thank you to my family and friends for loving me and always being there for me especially through all the tough times. Thanks to Matt Embree and his team for fighting. Gotta thank my team CSA, Kirian and everyone there that helps me out so much, couldn't do it without you guys abandoned could never thank you enough. Jesse Burdick & Norm Turner, I hate you guys while I'm training but love you when I'm in there fighting, I can keep going forever and push the pace more than anyone else thanks to you. Jacon and everyone at Elite Sports Physical Therapy, thank you for bringing me back from my knee surgery so quickly and for continually keeping me healthy. Thank you to Deanne Ball for taking care of me constantly and making sure my body works. Thank you to Jongsanan, one of my heros who I'm blessed to work with regularly, and everyone at El NiƱos for all of their help. Thank you to Scott, Christine and Lion Fight Promotions for believing in me and continually putting on amazing fights and for helping the sport of Muay Thai grow here in the states. Thanks to my sponsors K-Hero, who does my walkout shirts, Triumph United, Osiris, and my Can't Stop Crazy family. Thank you to all my fans, you guys mean the world to me. Win lose or draw I know you guys always got my back and that's why I always go out there to give it everything that I have every time and do my best to put on entertaining fights. Muay Thai is my passion, my dream, and I will continue to fight and push myself for as long as I can....on to the next one!

-El Presidente' 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The willingness to prepare

“If the people knew how hard I had worked to gain my mastery it wouldn't seem wonderful at all.”-Michelangelo

The willingness to push yourself in training as well as that in competition are two totally different things but if you ever hope to achieve a high level in anything you need to have both. One thing my old trainer used to always say was, “you need to be 100% in the gym so you can be 80% in a fight.” What he meant by that is you need to do everything to the best of your ability while you have the opportunity to really work on it, once it's fight time it's a wrap. There are so many things that are out of our control when it comes to the actual competition that we should be doing everything in our power to push ourselves and be perfect in our preparation.

There are always exceptions, I've seen people that are just awful in the gym but come fight time they turn it on but that's not to say they don't put the work in cause they definitely do. It's just that in the gym they seem slow, uncoordinated, etc but then you put them in an actual fight and they become a completely different person. Then there are those that just smash everyone in the gym, crush every session but put them in a real situation and they turn into babies.

You see it all the time, people taking short cuts in their training, not giving it 100% and then after they don't perform well they have all kinds of excuses. What it all boils down to is that if you aren't willing to kill yourself in preparation then you will never perform when it matters, at least at the level you could.

Things will start getting tough in training and people will stop pushing themselves and say, “I'll turn it on come fight time.” It can be so easy to not give it your all in the gym, there's no one really watching, there's nothing on the line at that moment, no pressure, but if you can't push yourself in training what makes you think you will be able to when it really matters? Do you think you will magically be able to perform when the time comes? What you do in the gym is what you will do in the ring.

I don't think many people actually realize how much of a mental impact pushing themselves through hard training actually has on them. If you can't push yourselves through a few sprints or lifting some freaking weights how the hell do you think you are going to do it in a fight? Try being just as tired, if not more but now you have your entire face split open, legs smashed in and someone is literally trying to end you, not to mention that all of your friends, family, fans and everyone else is there watching it.

Next time you're training and things start getting tough and you start to ease back, ask yourself “Is this all you got, can you go harder or are you acting like a bitch?” Just remember your opponent, or the people who you are competing against, aren't taking any short cuts and they are doing everything in their power to crush you! At the end of every session you should know without no question that you gave it everything that you had. That way, come fight time or whatever it is you do, you know there's nothing more you could have done to be ready. No excuses! Don't act like a bitch!!!

-El Presidente'