Friday, February 21, 2014

Thank you

First and foremost I give all the Glory to God who makes all things possible. I'm so grateful to have been able to fight once again and to come out healthy and safe. Thank you to my family and friends for loving me and always being there for me especially through all the tough times. Thanks to Matt Embree and his team for fighting. Gotta thank my team CSA, Kirian and everyone there that helps me out so much, couldn't do it without you guys abandoned could never thank you enough. Jesse Burdick & Norm Turner, I hate you guys while I'm training but love you when I'm in there fighting, I can keep going forever and push the pace more than anyone else thanks to you. Jacon and everyone at Elite Sports Physical Therapy, thank you for bringing me back from my knee surgery so quickly and for continually keeping me healthy. Thank you to Deanne Ball for taking care of me constantly and making sure my body works. Thank you to Jongsanan, one of my heros who I'm blessed to work with regularly, and everyone at El NiƱos for all of their help. Thank you to Scott, Christine and Lion Fight Promotions for believing in me and continually putting on amazing fights and for helping the sport of Muay Thai grow here in the states. Thanks to my sponsors K-Hero, who does my walkout shirts, Triumph United, Osiris, and my Can't Stop Crazy family. Thank you to all my fans, you guys mean the world to me. Win lose or draw I know you guys always got my back and that's why I always go out there to give it everything that I have every time and do my best to put on entertaining fights. Muay Thai is my passion, my dream, and I will continue to fight and push myself for as long as I can....on to the next one!

-El Presidente' 

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