Sunday, April 6, 2014


We all have 'somedays' in our lives. We all have things in our lives that we say we will someday get to. Someday I'll take my wife on that trip, someday I'll spend more time with my kids, someday I'll quit drinking, someday I'll go back to church, someday I'll go after my dreams, someday I'll live the way I know I should. We all have these things but what we need to realize is that 'someday' we won't be here anymore. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, we aren’t guaranteed today for that matter. All we really have for sure is this moment, right now, if that. Our lives are like a breath on a cold day, we shine for a moment and then we are gone in an instant. So, with that in mind, take all of these 'somedays' and start making them today. How long have you been putting off things that you know you should be doing? Has any of that time you've waited helped? If anything I'm sure it has only hurt and made it even more difficult for you to go after those things. Do it today, do it right now, don't wait. Fix the things in your life that you need to while you still can. Live your dreams, no matter what. If there's something in this life that you know you should be doing, DO IT! It's real easy to put these things off, put them into the back of our minds and eventually even forget about them completely. But every now and again they come up, and they always will. Often the things we truly want seem far too difficult to ever achieve, so we sit back and get comfortable in our daily lives. But isn't it far better to go after what you want and fail rather then to constantly succeed at mediocrity? Most people aim low so that they know they will succeed rather than to shot for the stars and fail. No matter how afraid you are, no matter how hard it seems or how far away it is, go after it. Whether it's a dream, a change of attitude, a relationship, whatever. There's a great song lyric by Switchfoot that says,"This is your life, are you who you want to be?" I love this lyric, your life is up to you. You can't always change the things that happen to you but you can change how you react to them. Go after the things in this life that you know are right, and you know that you are meant for. Why put it off any longer? All you have is right now!

"Face your fears, live your dreams!"
-El Presidente'

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