Friday, April 25, 2014

What it takes

Do I have what it takes?” A question asked to me regularly throughout the years, a question I had often asked myself, and still do. Whenever this question would be presented to me I always had the same answer “Everyone has what it takes, that's not the question. It's a question of whether or not you are willing to do what you have to do in order to achieve your goals, a question of what you are willing to sacrifice and endure.” No one can ever tell you whether you can make it or not, although everyone will definitely try. It's a question that only you truly have the answer to.

I allowed this question to keep me from going after my dreams for almost ten years. Could I really make it? Am I too old to start, am I too far behind? Will people laugh at me? Will I go in there and just make a fool of myself? Everyone has doubts similar to these at some point, often more than you could ever imagine. It's not as if once you begin your journey of following your dreams these questions all of a sudden go away, sometimes they get worse, especially when your dream expands. These doubts still creep in from time to time even to this day and sometimes they get the better of me but then I remember “Don't act like a bitch” and I push through.

Hard work beats talent that won't work hard.”-Tim Notke

I've always believed anyone is capable of anything that they truly set their heart and mind to. Sure genetics, natural ability and opportunity all factor in but we all have circumstances to overcome. There's so many different pieces to this puzzle that you will never have them all naturally. At some point you are going to have to work and work harder than you could ever imagine to get the rest. Unfortunately it's those that are born with the most gifts that usually end up taking them for granted and never reach the heights they could have. I'll take someone with no talent but has a strong work ethic over someone who was born with everything but refuses to push themselves. I can't tell you how many fighters I have known who could have had it all but they took their talent for granted and thought it would get them to the top without ever having to work. For the most part they are correct, it can get them extremely far, especially in the beginning, but at some point it is going to catch up to you. At some point there will be someone who hasn't been given everything that wants it more than you and that desire will overcome any shortcomings in talent they may have. What usually ends up happening though is they learn this way too late, it's like being ten years late to the prom. It's extremely difficult to suddenly develop a work ethic when you've spent your whole career coasting.

Can I make it?” My answer should be irrelevant to you. Sure it's always helpful when others believe in you but the only person that truly needs to believe in you is YOU! Even if you are surrounded by doubters, haters and a world of negativity, if you have something you want to do and believe in your heart that it is what you were meant for then go for it, believe in yourself and one day others will too.

Face your fears, live your dreams”-El Presidente'

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