Sunday, June 29, 2014


Anytime you have a goal that you are trying to accomplish you can be guaranteed of one thing, you will have setbacks, you will have failures. The difference between successful people and those that aren't is the manner in which they view these bumps in the road. I've always been one to view them as tests to see how bad I really want something. I know that the more difficult the journey is the greater the reward will be in the end. Sure it's hard not to get discouraged when everything seems like it is against you, trust me I know. But dust yourself off and get back to work and keep grinding to you get there.

My first professional fight, which was in Guadalajara, Mexico, and I had taken it on about 2 weeks notice against a local guy who already had a record of 30-1. He had just recently lost his first pro fight and I was being brought out there as a tune up, I assumed, but that's another story all together. About a week before the fight I was sparring and smashed my shin so badly that I couldn't even walk. If I even touched it I almost dropped to the floor in agony. Backing out of the fight was never even a question that even entered into my mind. I've always been the type of person that as long as I'm breathing then I'm fighting. Even if someone has to pick me up and prop me up against the ring post then I'm still going to go in there and give it everything that I have. Most people in the gym looked at me as if I was crazy for even considering still fighting. “How the hell are you going to fight if you can't even walk?” they would say. I would chuckle and say “Just watch me”.

It's all too easy to have these bumps in the road completely derail us, and who would blame you? But that's the problem. Most wouldn't blame you but do you want to be like most? Would it have been smarter to cancel the fight and wait till I was healthy, ya maybe. But where do you draw the line? What level of a setback do you chose to overcome or chose to let slow you down? Well that's all on you. All's I know is when you have something you want more than anything, something you believe in, something that you know that you were meant to do, you can't let anything, no matter what that may be, stand in your way.

If you allow setbacks to derail you every time they happen, as they assuredly will, how will you ever find out how far you can truly go. Take a chance, push through the pain, and I guarantee you that you will be happy you did. Or just quit and go back to sitting on the couch.

“Face your fears, live your dreams”

-El Presidente'    

Friday, June 27, 2014


The world ends when you're dead. Until then, you got more punishment in store. Stand it like a man... and give some back.”-Al Swearengen (deadwood)

What is it that makes one fighter quit and another push through when things aren't going their way? Why will you see one person get a little cut over there eye, start complaining and find a way out and then see another, that looked as if they got hit in the head with an ax, continue fighting as if nothing even happened? In the face of certain defeat what causes a person to go forward anyway. I don't think this is something easily summed up but I will do my best...from my point of view obviously.

When it really comes down to is heart, but what is heart? Heart, to me, is giving everything that you have for something until there is no more, and then pushing it even further. It's wanting and believing in something so much that it becomes bigger than you. More than any fatigue, any pain, any fear, any doubt. It's like the motivational speaker Eric Thomas says “When you want something as bad as you want to breath”.

There's a few certainties in this life. One being that there's going to be pain and failure and plenty of them, so get used to it! The majority of people give up as soon as things get rough. Hell most people give up way before that just at the thought of things being difficult. Whether that be a fight inside the ring or the everyday fight that is life. This is a reason the majority of the world settles for mediocrity. I can't say that I blame them. There's nothing fun about pain, fatigue, failure and most don't want to think about it let alone face and overcome it.

For me it's easy, this is what I love and this is what I know I was put on this earth to do win, lose or draw and I'm going to give it everything that I have, and more, no matter what. When it's all said and done only I know if I gave it my all and I'm the one that has to live with it. I'm the one that has to look myself in the mirror everyday. I'm the one that knows the truth deep down. It doesn't matter how good or bad the public thinks I did. All that is just for people's egos anyway. There's only one person that can truly judge effort and that's you.

I had a fight once when I was an amateur and for a brief moment in there I held back. Obviously the only person that knew this was happening was me but when I looked back on that moment it made me nauseous. I promised myself from then on out to never again hold back, to never again allow anything to keep me from giving it my all in there. I don't care what happens to me, as long as I'm breathing I'm fighting, and if I stop you better hope it's permanent cause if not I'm coming back at you as soon as I start up again. But hey, that's just me.

I don't expect everyone to be this way. Sure from my point of view it's easy to think someone's acting like a little bitch or being a coward but that's because I look at it from my way of thinking. Not everyone goes in there to put their life on the line, and I don't expect them to. However I think if you're not going in there with that mentality then you will always hold something back. No matter what, when things get brutal in there, as they eventually will, you will never be able to give it your all cause you are holding on to that last little bit and that's what separates certain fighters from the rest. To me it's easy, no one's safe, no one's guaranteed a win, no one's guaranteed anything. Whether you give it your all or play it safe, anything can happen so you might as well go in there and throw caution to the wind. At least you will be able to hold yourself up with pride knowing that there was nothing more you could have done.

What do you want your legacy to be? What do you want to be remembered for? When all the fans have gone, when the phone has stopped ringing and the feeling of victory has faded away, you are going to be left all alone with the knowledge of what it is that you truly gave. Make it worth remembering!

Face your fears, live your dreams”

We all gotta go out, I refuse to sit on my stool and let it happen, I'm going out fighting”-El Presidente'

Lion Fight 15

Lion Fight 15, first time on the east coast and wow, where do I even begin. Let's start by giving an enormous shot out and thank you to Scott Kent, Christine Toledo and everyone else on the Lion fight team. The things you guys do, especially the ones most never see, are the reasons you guys are leading the way and continuing to push the growth of the sport. I have fought all over the world on all kinds of promotions and I can easily say that your show is leaps and bounds above everyone else in every single area. You are truly setting the bar for how it should be done and only getting better. I can't thank you enough for believing in me after coming back from my horrible ACL injury, when most didn't give me much of a chance of returning at all let alone getting back to a high level. You continue to believe in me and set me up with amazing fights and I couldn't be more grateful.

I gotta give a huge shot out to all of my sponsors and all they've done to support me. My first sponsor who believed in me from the get go Brent Magnussen with Khero Clothing who has always done my walkout shirts, your friendship and support mean the world to me. Can't Stop Crazy which is not only a company but a way of life and was originally started for a way for a few of our closest friends, who just happened to be some of the top Thai boxers in North America, as a way to represent ourselves and put out the products and images/interviews that people would know were from us. Osiris Shoes and Triumph United, I have always loves and rocked all of your gear but to actually know you guys and have your support is truly amazing to me,thank you so much. Action Pro Gear for hooking me up with all of their quality gear and being so easy to work with. And Muay Thai Addicts for doing my walkout shirts for this fight and making me sick custom shorts.

Thank you to Kirian Fitzgibbons, one of the most amazing people, coaches and friends I have ever knows, and everyone at CSA, you guys are amazing beyond words. Thank you to Jesse Burdick for constantly working with me and getting me stronger and faster all the time. Thanks to The A Team: Gaston, Zoila, Eddie Pez and Bryan Petro, I couldn't do it without you guys. Thanks to Chaz Mulkey for coming out and working with me the weekend before the fight. I know what a busy schedule you have and truly appreciate the time. Thank you to my boxing coach RJ for keeping my hands sharp and fast. Thank you to Jacon and everyone at ESPT for all of their continued help keeping me at my best. Thank you to Deanne Ball for keeping my body working and healthy. And last but not least thank you to all of my fans. You guys have been there with me through it all and I will never be able to thank you enough for the love and support you have given me throughout the years.

World title fight July 4th at The Pearl at The Palms in Vegas against Michael “Tomahawk” Thompson on Lion Fight 16. This has all the makings to be fight of the year/decade, don't miss it!
"Face your fears, live your dreams"-El Presidente'