Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weight cutting

I always laugh when I hear people discussing weight cutting saying things like “That's cheating, why don't people just fight at their own weights?” Well where do I begin? For one what do you consider someone's actual weight, or there 'walk around weight'? What does that even mean and how would you determine it? I mean I train every single day, whether I have a fight or not, so is that my walk around weight, or is my walk around weight what I would be if I didn't work out? On any given training day my weight could easily fluctuate 5-10 pounds depending on how much I'm actually doing. Then you would have to take into consideration people's diets. Someone who eats a lot cleaner will be a lot leaner and lighter than someone who doesn't. Does that mean the healthier person's walk around weight is actually lighter? And how would you even determine that. I could go on and on forever but you get the point. There is no real way to determine or to regulate weight classes, other than the way they do it now. Some try things like day of weigh ins, which they do in Thailand as well as some other places. But you still have them cutting tons of weight just like anywhere else, regardless of what you believe. Now you're having people still cutting huge amounts of weight yet not giving them enough time to adequately rehydrate and get their bodies back to normal before they go into a fight. How safe is that? They've also tried doing two day weigh ins, one day before and one day of and only allowing people to gain a certain amount or they aren't allowed to fight. I for one think if you are going to do anything then that is probably the closest you will be able to actually regulate it. But people will still cut as much as they can and there will still be those that do it in an extreme, unhealthy manner.

Unfair? It would be unfair if someone could cut 20 pounds and not have to suffer, not risk hindering their performance and not have any negative or long term affects from it, that would be unfair. It's a risk versus reward thing. That's why some do more than others and some don't do it at all. If you want to fight at your 'walk around weight' then that's your choice or if you want to cut 30 pounds then go for it. Regardless of which you chose there are positives and negatives and you need to educate yourself and take them into consideration.

I would never tell anyone that they should cut a ton of weight and kill themselves just so they can be bigger come fight time. It's all about balance, just like anything else. I for one keep my weight down as much as possible by eating clean and training my ass off. Funny thing is I actually used to cut a lot more weight than I do now and I ave way more muscle on me now. Now when I say 'cut' I'm talking about time in the sauna, sweat suit, or whatever you are doing to drop the water weight. By cleaning up my diet and being a lot smarter over the years, I've gotten it to where I only ever 'cut' about 2-3 pounds, if that. Most fight I never set foot in the sauna, bath or even look at a sweat suit. I hate cutting weight and I want to do as little as possible. But that's just me.

Where do we stop? Should we dictate how many hours people are allowed to train as well or how much people diet? Take it for what it is, use it if you want or don't, just stop complaining about it and crying “cheater” as an excuse for someone losing.

Good or bad it's part of the sport, and it's part of quite a lot of sports, not just fighting. Regardless of what you do at least educate yourself so that you can do it in the safest manner possible, or you are at least aware of the risks that you are taking. The safer you do this not only the better you will perform but the longer your career will be. Constantly cutting large amounts of weight not only kills your body but the constant fluctuation can lead to serious short, and long term side affects.

The end.

“Face your fears, live your dreams”
-El Presidente'  

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