Friday, August 29, 2014

Vs Thompson

Well I took a whole day off after the Mauceri fight and already back on the grind. It's good and bad. Good because I don't have to get back in shape but bad because I was burned out going into that fight already, seeing as how I had been training non stop for 14 weeks (had hopes someone was going to pull out of the previous Lion Fight and I'd be able to take their spot). So now right back into this one it's pretty rough but it's only 6 weeks and then I'm going to take a serious break, which will probably only end up being a week knowing me. Good thing is I didn't take any damage in that fight so that's one less thing I gotta deal with.

Chaz came up last Saturday for the day to help me out. It was great having him here but of course the day he comes I am feeling completely wrecked and unmotivated. I picked him up at 9am, only got like 2 hours of sleep the night before, damn insomnia. Guess I can't complain considering he got on a plane straight from working all night. I feel like a zombie. We got to the gym around 9:30 then Zoila, Ky (whose fighting Andy Ristie for the Glory world title next weekend) and I hit the hill run. Nice and slow, Lumpinee pace ha. Felt like the walking dead. Not only was my brain mush but my whole body was shot. Hopefully the run would loosen me up a bit, usually does. It was pretty rough getting up that hill, not my cardio, which has been off the charts, just my legs, which felt like Jello. Ky and I got to the top of the hill and waited on Zoila. Finally she made it and we hit the rest of the run. Z was falling behind so Ky and I just went ahead. My legs started feeling better, well looser anyway, and by the end of the run I was going at a pretty good pace. Got back a little after 11. Got wrapped up and stretched out a bit more. Was supposed to hit with Kirian at 11:30 but while waiting for him I just felt like I hit the wall, as if someone unplugged me, I was dead. Finally Kirian and I got going, it was rough. Galen was in town to shooting some pics of me. I felt like I was underwater, I just had no snap on anything and couldn't get going. I hate feeling this way but considering how hard I push myself and how little rest I actually get its a miracle I don't feel like this more often. After that Chaz and I sparred. Still felt awful, like one of those dreams where you are in a fight and trying to hit so hard but it's like you are stuck in the mud. I tried using my speed but just had no snap on anything. Then I tried just using power but that was useless. Finally around the 5th-6th round I started putting the two together. I was slamming his inside leg, using good feints and everything started coming together. Chaz had caught me with a really hard kick in the back. I thought he was throwing a cross so I went to roll with it and the kick slammed me in the back. Took the wind outa me but I kept going no problem. Chaz went with Gaston for a round and ended up hurting his ankle really badly and had to stop. He was pretty hurt so we didn't end up doing any clinching. I went one more round with Gaston and I ended up doing the exact same thing. Smashed my ankle so badly that I couldn't even walk. We called it a day after that before anything worse happened. There was no way I was going to be able to train later (as we had planned on getting two sessions in since Chaz was only here for the day) even if I had wanted to. I was wrecked, physically and mentally I was done. I was 154 this morning, right where I wanted to be. I decided that I really need some recovery this weekend so I'm going to let myself eat, nothing bad, just get some good quality nutritious food in me and not worry about my diet. We headed to the Muscle Maker Grill with Ky and Galen. We probably looked like quite the bunch. Most of us limping or groaning with struggling slow steps hahaha. I got this turkey burger wrap thing, which was actually amazing, and some sweet potato fries. I was still starving though, I just wanted everything. Chaz and I said bye to everyone then headed back to my place to chill for a few hours till I had to take him to the airport at 6. Rick was home watching the world cup so we hung out with him and relaxed. Chaz and I were both icing our ankles and passed out after a few minutes. Eventually I got up and went in my room to lay down. My body was wrecked Got up around 5:30 and took him to the airport. It was so great having him out just wish he could stay for longer. He's coming out again in 2 weeks, just for the day again, which will be a week out from my fight. I ate a ton over the weekend, steak, chicken, paleo cereal, paleo pancake, had a Hawaiian burger, protein style, and sweet potato fries from The Habit, it was amazing! Jackie and I went and saw 22 Jump street Sunday night, it was pretty hilarious We went and got some low sodium popcorn and some dark chocolate almonds beforehand at Trader Joe's so that way we could have some goodies. I ended up eating way too much and felt sick, shocker I know, but this was my last cheat day so I had to hit up In-n-out after that. Got two double doubles, protein style, and fries, so amazing. Last good meal before the fight in 3 weeks. Monday morning my foot was still killing me. I decided to just rest and go in and do my sprints at night. It was hard for me to even walk, wasn't sure how I was going to do them. I'm sure most people would just rest but I ain't most people. I went in and ran them at 5. Not sure if it was because I was thinking about my foot the whole time or what but I killed the sprints. Probably the best ones I've ever ran. After that Eddie, Gaston, Zoila and I clinched for almost an hour. I was feeling great. Things finally seem to be clicking. I couldn't really sleep again Monday night, it's been bad lately, good thing I'm used to it. I was 155.5 Tuesday morning, not too bad considering all I ate this weekend. I hit mitts with RJ and was feeling great. My timing and balance are really coming together. After that Kirian put Gaston and I through this awful conditioning circuit, well they're all awful but this one was pretty bad. It was called “Ghost” apparently Cross-fit had designed it for Robert Guerrero, supposed to simulate the effort of a fight. It was 6 rounds max output. Rower, burpees and jump rope, which was interesting seeing as how messed up my foot is, all a minute each. It was pretty brutal but I was able to keep a good pace and really push it at the end. Definitely nothing compared to a fight but still a great workout. I tried to go home and get a nap in after that but no luck, was so exhausted. Went back at 3:30 stretched out then hit a 4 mile run with Eddie then pads with Kirian. Overall feeling great I'm just totally fried out. My cardio is probably the best it's ever been but my body is wrecked, especially my legs. Once again I couldn't sleep, woosah. Went in to hit sprints at 10 Wednesday morning. Foot was still messed up but much better. Those were some of the most awful sprints I have ever done, I almost quit so many times. My body is just fried. Even after the 2nd round I didn't know how I was going to be able to get through the rest. I just sucked it up and pushed through. After that I showered quick and then Jackie and I headed to do our monthly donations of food and clothes to the Milipitas Food Pantry. So happy that we are able to do that, only wish I could do more. Went back home and I tried to rest. Probably passed out for a few minutes, better than nothing. Hit mitts with RJ at 5 and felt pretty good. It can be a bit frustrating because obviously a boxers stance and the way they throw punches is completely different than the way a Thai boxer does but I make the adjustments as best I can. Zach and Willy were down from Reno, which was a nice surprise. So along with Eddie, Gaston and Zoila we all spared. I was feeling great, super sharp and fast, everything was clicking. Did about 8 good rounds and then the last round I was going with Eddie and pop! He hit me with a right body shot and I felt my rib pop out in the front, it dropped me to the ground. I tried to stand up but the pain was unbearable, I couldn't even straighten myself out. I had to take super short breaths to even breath. You could see, and feel, my ribs sticking out, damnit!!! I got out of the ring, Kirian came over and asked what had happened. I explained it to him and told him that it was the same one I had messed up previously in Thailand when I had hurt it clinching with Pornsanae. Although that time it hadn't been bulging out like this. I didn't think that I had actually broken anything but he was pretty certain I had a intercostal tear. He said that he would get me in to have it xrayed as soon as possible. “Look man, if it's broken or crack then I am going to pull you out of this fight, that's not something to play around with”, he said. I couldn't even think straight and could barely breath so the last thing on my mind was whether or not I'd be able to fight, although it was starting to hit me. As the moments went on the sense of dread and despair came over me. How the hell was I going to even think about fighting if I can't even breath without being in agony? He told me to go home, wrap it up as tight as I could, ice it and take some ibuprofen. “I don't want you doing anything else” he said. As if I could even if I had wanted to. He asked me if I needed someone to drive me home but I declined. Even if I had needed someone to I wouldn't have let them, I'm just not made that way. It was actually pretty painful just driving, by the time I got to my house I was in full on depression mode. I showered quick and then wrapped it up as tight as I could with an ace bandage, it was hard to breath. Iced it for about 20 minutes as I lay down. I couldn't get in a comfortable position to where it wasn't killing me, ugh! I tried to sleep but it was just too painful so I just lay there depressed. I've never pulled out of a fight in my entire career, no matter the injury, I wasn't going to start now. But if he hits me, which obviously he will, I'm just going to drop, how the hell can I do this? I tried not to think about it to much and went was finally able to fall asleep. I got it xrayed this morning by doctor Dan, from the gym. It was still killing me and difficult to even walk. It did however look like the rib was back in place, I still had it wrapped up though. He told me he should know the results later on today. I'm in this weird place, obviously I'm pissed but at the same time what can you do? Shit happens, this ain't my first rodeo. Sure there's part of me that wants to flip out but what good is that. Things will work out the way they are going to work out regardless so why stress? Woosah! I know if it's broke then I won't be able to fight but even if not it's going to be really rough working around it. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.
-I'm having a real hard time staying positive. I mean I know there's nothing I can do about it regardless but still. I've worked so hard for this, not just in training for this fight but in getting to this point in my career for the last almost 12 years now. You kill yourself to get to a point where all of your hard work is finally paying off and then something like this happens. But that's the way life goes and that's why most people never reach the levels they could. Things happen to us no matter what, you can either take it as a reason to quit or a reason to push past and reach levels you never dreamed. Easier said than done. Part of me just wants to get in the car and drive to Dairy Queen and drown my sorrows in a blizzard. I want to push myself but at the same time I know how bad this injury is and I know how long it takes to heal. Even if it's not broken that's a 6-8 week healing process and I'm only two weeks out from this fight.
-Well I found out nothing is broken, thankfully, he had two other doctors take a look at the xray and they both agreed, a intercostal tear. I'm grateful that it's not broken but it's still bad and I still need a find a way to not only still train at a high level in preparation but then I'm also going to need to find a way to make it through this fight. Kirian is sending me to see Monte, he works with a lot of the fighters and athletes from the gym, to get some work done on it, in the morning and then I'm going to see Jacon in the evening. Hopefully they will able to speed up my recovery time but F it, I'll go in there no matter how bad this hurts and just see what happens. I'm done feeling sorry for myself. Chaz sent me a great text “We usually have our best fights when we go in injured.” Couldn't agree more. I look back over my career and some of my best performances have been when I've either gone in sick or injured. What's worrying me most at this time is how I'm going to be able to get this last week or so in of hard training. I mean this is when things are supposed to be at their peak. Guess I'll just do what I can, luckily I'm already in amazing shape. I'll probably just rest until Monday and then see what I can manage. Woosah!

Went in and saw Monte this morning to have him work on me. It was brutal but definitely felt better afterward. It really loosened me up. He also had his acupuncture guy work on me, which I'd never had done before, and then seemed to help a lot as well. I was exhausted afterward, felt like I could sleep for about a week. I was passed out most of the rest of the day after that. I'm definitely feeling better now that I've made up my mind to fight. An I hurt? Yea but does it matter? No, I'm going in there and going to give it all I have like I always do regardless. It's amazing how a slight shift in your thinking can completely change how you feel. I just lay around the rest of the day sleeping and icing my rib. Jacon got me in to see him at 6. He did some ice, stem and then had me do some stretches that would help loosen it up as well as speed up the recovery time. It hurt at first but each time it got better till it didn't hurt at all. He told me to do the stretches twice a day and to keep icing it. He said I could keep it wrapped up if I wanted to but also needed to let it breath so that it would help keep the blood circulating through it. Figured I would just wrap it up while I trained. He told me basically what happened is my rib popped out, tore the cartilage, and then by wrapping it up and resting it went back in place but that's why it's super tender. I'm definitely feeling better, if only slightly. Better than nothing. I'm going to go in tomorrow to run and then try and do some light bag work and just go from there.

Was 156.5 this morning, not too bad considering I was sitting in bed for 2 days not able to do anything. I still need to get this weight off though. Time for the suckfest diet. Hope to be close to 150 by next weekend, under would be better but I don't want to get greedy. Surprisingly I was able to push it pretty good today. My rib hurt pretty bad but not much more than it does just sitting here doing nothing. Ran the hill, decent pace, used Eddie's wrap thing to keep my rib strapped down which made it damn near impossible to breath. After that did about half an hour of bag work. I started slow just to make sure which movements I needed to be careful with. I was able to do quite a bit without too much pain. Over rotating on my hooks as well as left kicks is what really tweaks it out so just need to be careful with those. Actually I had to keep telling myself to take it easy because I was feeling pretty good, Kirian kept reminding me as well. I'm hoping that it will get a little better every day. Doubt I'll be able to spar at all but I should at least be able to do some technique stuff. Sitting down about to watch Glory 17, always makes me nervous watching my boys fight. Joe and Ky are both on the card. Ky fighting Andy Ristie for the title and Joe in the 8 man tournament, I know they'll both do great. Going in tomorrow to see Monte at 10 and hopefully he'll be able to loosen me up some more then I'll probably hit the beach after and just relax.


Monte worked on me this morning, wasn't as brutal this time, thank goodness, still rough though. Rib is feeling a lot better, still hurts but I'm able to move around much easier. Went to Baker beach this afternoon, so beautiful. Took an Epsom salt bath when I go home, so worn out now. Talked to Sharon for a bit, she's gona get a session sent over to me, although mentally everything is clicking. I know the mindset I need to be in for this fight, it's going to come down to will not skill, can't wait. Last hard week coming up. Gotta push it yet at the same time be smart and let my rib heal as much as possible.


Well I've never been so disappointed in myself in my entire life. For the first time ever I gave up during a workout, sprints. Slept pretty good last night, other than getting up every hour to go to the bathroom. Woke up at 6am and almost stayed up but was finally able to go back to sleep for another half hour or so. I was feeling extremely motivated and ready to get to work. Made my amazing protein pancake, so bomb, some coffee, watched some fights and then headed to the gym. Normally Monday's I'm really dragging ass but today was different, probably because I know it's my last hard week and I'm really starting to feel that mental switch. Body was feeling remotely good, ribs still hurting but slightly better. Stretched out warmed up and did a little jog on the treadmill. I couldn't get the YouTube on my phone to work, which was annoying cause I love watching fights as I run, even though 80% of the time I'm not even looking at it. Luckily it started working right before I hit the sprints. Ran with my mouthpiece in for the first time. Sharon wanted me to use that as my signal to switch over into fight mode so said it'd be good to start doing it in training even when I'm not sparring. I crushed the first three rounds no sweat and was feeling great, physically and mentally. Halfway through the fourth round round my legs were on fire, but that's nothing unusual. The start of the fifth round I was still feeling pretty good but that little voice started creeping in my head, which always comes at some point, “I can't do this, just give up”. Now normally when this happens I just use it as motivation to say “Don't act like a bitch”, and it pushes me that much more but right after the fourth sprint I almost fell off the treadmill. When this happened it just shut me down completely, I was done! It was like I suddenly drowned and there was no hope. WTF? That's never happened to me ever, I was furious. No matter how much it hurts, no matter how sick I am or how much I want to quit I never give up, I wanted to beat my own ass for doing that. What made it even more difficult for me to deal with is the fact that I've felt a million times worse in the past and still pushed through, what the hell was wrong with me. I couldn't even wrap my brain around it and it just made me feel even worse. I felt like the biggest bitch in the world. I'm sure it was a combination of things but that's no excuse, never again. Guess the one good thing is now I know how it feels to give up, I'd rather die than feel that again. No pain on earth could ever be worth feeling this way again. I'm going to go back in tonight and redo that fifth round just so I can have a little peace of mind. Still annoyed at myself.


Well I went and did that fifth round of sprints last night. Amazing how shitty it still was even though it was only one round. Part of it I guess is normally you have four other rounds to ease into the most difficult one and get in that rhythm instead of jumping right into it. Still made me feel a lot better to get it done. Did some bag work after that then an hour of technical sparring with the guys. Rib was ok, course I wasn't letting anyone hit me in it but all the movement didn't bother it too badly. A few times it kind of pinched on me but other than that it was fine. Finished up with my exercises then went and saw Deanne to get a massage. Was feeling really out of it, drained. Had a hard time driving after that. Went and had dinner with Jackie and Liz after that. Plain old chicken with a ton of steamed veggies and pineapple, mmmmmmmmmmmm. Actually was still pretty bomb especially compared to what I would normally make. Hoping to wake up at the same weight if not a little lighter tomorrow but ya never know. Didn't have too much trouble falling asleep but you'd think I would pass out the second my head hits the pillow considering how much training I do. Got up at 8 and checked my weight, 151.5, dropped another two pounds, that made me happy. Still feeling pretty good considering how light I am, strong. Normally I would be pretty out of it at this point. Had my protein pancake, some fruit and headed to the gym. Even though I'm feeling ok I'm still exhausted, just all around worn out, I need a serious vacation.


Didn't hardly sleep at all last night, maybe like 2-3 hours, so annoying. I was so exhausted. Almost said screw it to getting up and doing sprints but I had to get up to use the bathroom and figured I might as well go in and get it over with. It's not like if I wait till later I'll feel any better. I was like a corpse walking around, just dead. I probably shouldn't have even been driving. Weight was 151, down .5 and it's probably even lower than that, perfect. I mean if it keeps going down great but I'm not worried. My body is just burning through everything I eat. Got to the gym and stretched out, my hamstrings and calves were killing me. This is gona suck! I just hoped they would loosen up after my warm up. I was so out of it, on auto pilot, mighta been for the best. Decided that I’d just do 15/15's(15 seconds on 15 seconds off, normally do 20/10's) for the last two rounds to save my legs. Smashed the first three rounds no problem. Killed the last two as well, it's amazing what a difference 5 little seconds makes. Hadn't planned on upping the incline but since I was feeling so good I went ahead and did. My legs were wrecked afterward but I was happy that I knocked those sprints out without any trouble. They were just super tight and my shin splints have been acting up as well, I could barely walk. I just wanted to pass out but did 5 rounds on the bag, nothing too crazy, and knocked out my exercises. Had to wait around for a bit after that cause I had to do an interview. If was for this charity thing so I didn't mind, that's the stuff I live for. Finally got home around 1. Got something to eat and tried laying down for a bit but I knew that there just wasn't time so I said F it, got up and made coffee and had a snack. I'm sure eventually my brain and body will just give out but till then.....Headed back to the gym and once again felt like I shouldn't even be driving. Feeling as if I might pass out at any moment. It was an overcast day, really cool and breezy, made it feel like even more of a dream. Stretched out then shadow boxed a bit. Was supposed to hit pads with RJ at 5 but didn't start till 5:30 because he was finishing up with that little pudgy kid. I was so annoyed, just at everything, which is good because it lets me know that I am ready, just hate feeling this way. I hate everyone haha. We did about 7 rounds. First 2 were rough, as always, my brain and body just weren't communicating. Finally stared pulling it together and was able to get some decent rounds in. Had to wait around on the A team after that because they were all screwing around. Again so annoyed, especially since I needed to be done by 6:30 so I could get my exercises done and get to Deanne’s for a massage. We moved around a bit, seemed as if everyone was in a pissy mood. After about 6 rounds Kirian got in the ring and gave us all a talking to. “What the fuck is going on with you guys? Your energy is putting a dark cloud through this entire gym, everyone can feel it.” he said. He was definitely right, we were all just a wreck. I did one more round after that and called it a day, I was just done. I wasn't even going to do my exercises but I did, zombie mode. Kirian came and talked with me. I just let him know that I hadn't slept last night and my body was just a wreck. Finally got all my stuff together and bounced. I was so out of it at Deanne's, even worse after. Felt like I was going to crash my car. Went and had dinner with Jackie and Liz after that. My freaking rib is so sore. Hopefully I will be able to sleep tonight. Tomorrow's my last really hard full day. Woosah!


Well this morning was rough. Slept decent last night. Woke up at 2 and 6 but other than that was able to sleep good. It's just never enough. I was 150.8 this morning. Still going down although it's slowing a bit. I'm still ahead of schedule and feeling decent. Hit pads with RJ at 10, definitely felt better than I did last night, not that I could have felt much worse. Mark was there as he just got in town for the coaches seminar Kirian is putting on. Felt really sharp, just worn out and over this. My right hand is feeling great, which is a nice change. Been hitting really hard and it hasn't been bothering me. Stretched out and did my exercises after that. I was still drenched and sweat and starting to get cold waiting on Kirian and everyone so we can get this conditioning over with. Who knows what we are doing or when we will start. Put my sweats on to stay warm and just lay on the couch to rest waiting for them. Finally hear them come in and was just waiting for them to start to get up. Guess Kirian figured I was sleeping so he was taking his time. Finally I got up and was like “are we doing this or what?” Kirian said he was just going to let me stay asleep because he knew I needed it. What's the point? I need to do this regardless so lets go. We didn't get started until about 11:30, I was so annoyed, just wanted to get it over with so I could get home and hopefully rest a little before coming right back. We were doing the tabata rounds and the air dyne and bag. I was so out of it and just didn't even care anymore. I did my best to push through but there was just nothing there, my body was spent. Punches still felt good and actually felt a little better the last 2 rounds but it still felt worthless. I ran out the door as soon as we were finished. Kirian came out after me looking concerned and asked me if I was ok. He told me he was sorry for it taking so long and really thought I was asleep and wanted to let me rest. I let him know I appreciated it and that I was just a wreck and was trying to rush home to try and rest. Told him not to worry and that I'd be fine. Got home, showered, had a snack and tried to sleep. No luck as usual but still nice to just relax. I got back to the gym at 3:30, stretched out then Eddie and I hit a 4 mile run. My legs felt like they had concrete in them. I'm so done! They started feeling a little better towards the end but as soon as we stopped my shin splints and hamstrings were on fire. Mark saw me and sad “Why are you limping man?” “Where do I even begin”, I said. Thai oiled up, did a little shadow boxing and hit the bag waiting on Kirian to finish with Gaston. Steve Rossillo, Jason Farrell and a few others were there for the seminar, which starts tomorrow. My body was shot but I was going to kill the pads. Feeling really focused and tried to break them in half with every shot. I felt super sharp and strong, my body was just fried, especially my hips. Still killed it. Did a bunch of rounds with Eddie, Zoila, Gaston and Mark afterward Kirian got me this rib protector pad thing to wear, even though I still didn't want people hitting me. It wasn't too bad wearing it, didn't affect my movement too much. It did however seem to make people want to hit me in the body more but thankfully no one did. I felt really sharp, my eyes are seeing everything as if everything is in slow motion. Luckily I looked at the clock right at 6:30 and ours is a few minutes fast because I needed to call in to do this live on air phone interview. I ran out of the ring, grabbed my phone and called in just in time. I had to go into the closet by the front desk in order to head them because the gym was so noisy. It was a good interview, not even who it was for. I was going to do my exercises after that but I was just worn out and already cooled off. I called it a day. Monte is going to see me again tomorrow at 4. Probably just have a light day after that. I'm definitely not going to train in the morning. My ribs pretty sore and I'm exhausted.


Was able to get a decent nights sleep, finally. I was so exhausted though. My brain and body are beyond fried. Woke up at 10, tried to sleep longer but it wasn't happening. Got up and had two hard boiled egg whites mmmmmmmmmm. Starting to really feel this weight cut now and I haven't even really started the hard part but me weight is ahead of schedule so that's good. Went and got all my distilled water, start that tomorrow, then went and saw Monte at 4. He loosened me up good, wasn't as painful this time but it was still rough. Said he would get me in one more time before I head to Vegas. I was definitely feeling better afterward but was so out of it. It was 5 so I rushed to the gym to a get a little training in. Almost didn't even go but I figured it would be good to move around a little. The coaches seminar was just wrapping up. Eddie and Zoila were already in the ring getting warmed up. I got my stuff on and got up there. Zoila was doing pads with Kirian first so Eddie and I just did some light technique sparring. Gaston wasn't there but he came in around 6, bout that same time Zoila finished pads. Everyone that was there for the seminar was standing around the ring watching and taking photos and videos of us training, felt like we were being stalked by the paparazzi haha. We had fun, nothing too crazy today, was good just to move around and get a sweat. Finished up around 6:30 then we all hit a run. Well it was barely a run, just above a walk haha. Did miles, we were all struggling, felt much better towards the end of it, as usual. Did some sit ups and stuff after that. Was feeling good but starving.


Didn't get as good a nights sleep as I would have liked to but what else is new. It was relatively decent however. Was 151.5, pretty much stuck there now. The real suckfest diet starts today. Had a protein pancake for the last time. Figured I'd need it to have decent energy today. Chaz was supposed to land at 8:30 this morning. He didn't hit me up when he was taking off like he usually does so the entire time driving there I'm thinking “What if that fool is passed out on his couch right now.” He ended up texting my a little before I got there to pick him up so I was relieved. We headed to the gym from there. It was still early so we swung by Starbucks so Chaz could get some coffee and then to the gym. There were a few people there already getting warmed up for the seminar, which starts at 10. Got my stuff on and stretched out. Wasn't feeling too terrible. I remember last fight around this same time I was pretty out of it. I hit the hill run solo, was waiting on Zoila but she told me to go ahead without her. As usual it took about half the run for my legs to finally loosen up, even after that they were still pretty shot and on fire but I was still able to push it pretty good. Got back, Thai oiled up and waited for Kirian. Did a little bit on the bag, shins are feeling super hard. Did about 8 rounds with Kirian, was going as hard as I could, trying to break him in half. Speed and power felt great, my body's just wrecked, feeling like an old rusty bike. Moved around with Chaz for about half an hour after that. I couldn't even get my legs to work for the first few rounds, which made it pretty rough, so just used my boxing. My vision is still on point, thought it might be just cause I'm used to going with Gaston and them all the time but even with Chaz I was able to easily see everything he threw, which I'm really happy about. I called it a day after that, I was done. Did my sit ups and stuff while Chaz did some rounds with Zach, who is in town and is on the card as well, and Gaston. Everyone was looking really good. Grabbed a shower and of course the hot water wasn't on. Normally this would be great but I had already cooled off so I was freezing. I waited like 5 minutes to see if it would heat up but never did. Finally said F it and jumped in, reminded me of Thailand. I was so exhausted and starving. Said bye to everyone then headed to Denicas with Chaz, Zoila and Gaston. It was torture sitting there around all their amazing pastries, but it just motivates me. I'm coming back here bright and early before I go on my road trip down the coast after this fight. So happy that all the hard training is finally over, mostly. Now I just gotta suck up this weight and starve. This fight is going to be epic!


I was really feeling it today. Woke up at 151 starving, weak, body and brain are fried. Just glad I was able to put that one last hard session in yesterday. Tried to sleep in but couldn't even though I'm exhausted. Got up and made a pancake. Just used a banana and whites this time. Took a lot longer to cook it because it didn't have the oats to help keep it together. In some ways it was better though cause you could really taste the banana. I just put 2 strawberries and a handful of blueberries on it. I'm really hoping that I wake up lighter tomorrow, or at least the same. Either way I'll take it for what it is, no point in stressing. I tried to pass out for a bit after that but not much luck. Been watching “Starved”, a TV show that used to be on back 2005, it's so hilarious, well to me anyway. It's about this group of friends who all have different eating disorders. Anyone that's ever had to make weight can definitely relate to this show, it cracks me up. Only wish it had been on for more than 1 season. Watched this documentary on Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini called “The good son”, pretty amazing. It was about the mad he had killed in one of his fights, heart wrenching stuff. Tried to sleep after that but I was too hungry and had to pee every ten minutes from all this damn distilled water. Finally got up and had a hand full of chicken with a few slices of peppers and cucumber, so stuffed ha. Still gotta appreciate getting to eat because it's only going to get worse from here. My mom said something really insightful to me today about when she fasts. She said that she uses her hunger pains to make her feel good. As in the pain is what reminds her about what she is doing and why. It helped a bit, just had to keep reminding myself about the payoff. I was so dizzy and out of it. Did about 10-15 minutes in the Epsom salt bath hoping that it would make my body feel better on top of getting a little weight off of me. I was just worried that I may pass out considering how weak I felt. It did make me feel a little better. I didn't make it too hot like I normally would so it wasn't all that bad. Still got a good sweat on. Hit Whole Foods on my way to Li's and Jackie's. Got some butter and Nutella for pancakes and coffee for when I'm back after my fight. Also got a bunch of dried mango’s and snacks for Vegas. It was torture being in that store around all that amazing food and goodies. Got to Liz's and just plopped down on the couch dead, had a hard time driving over there. I was so exhausted and out of it. She made me a ton of steamed broccoli, grilled zucchini and a hand full of ground turkey with mushrooms. It was so good but could have used about ten pounds more of it. Chilled for a bit watching “That's my boy” and then headed home. Feeling ok, just weak, tired, sick of drinking this damn water. Going to try and sleep in tomorrow so I don't have to be awake thinking about food. A few more days.


Feeling slightly better today. Was about 150.2 when I woke up at 10. Tried to keep sleeping till about 11:30 but just lay there with my eyes shut. Had 2 hard boiled egg whites and half of a banana. Lay out by the pool for about an hour, showered and then had half an avocado, couple of slices of peppers and cucumber and a tiny portion of chicken. Gona go into the gym in a minute to run some sprints and do a little bag work. Hopefully go and see Deanne after.
-Felt so out of it at the gym, as if I was dreaming. Not that it any different than I normally feel ha. Just way worse. Took my time stretching out. Miriam was there teaching Erin Jimenez and Jason Farrell was filming it. I was surprised to see them as I thought everyone from the seminar had left last night. I guess they are leaving later on tonight. Got some of Miriam's paleo granola and kale chips to take with me to Vegas. She gave me a small sample to try because I didn't know which ones I wanted. It was so good, I just wanted to down the whole bag. I had planned on doing 5 x 3 minute rounds on my sprints, usually do 5 x 5's, but no point in killing myself. Not like you can get in any better shape the week of your fight. I was so out of it and shot though so I only ended up doing 3 rounds. Just wanted to get one more sprint session in since I missed a day or two but all good. I grabbed Eddie and we just did a nice slow 2 mile jog, felt ok, starving though. Did 5 rounds on the bag after that. Nothing crazy but got a good sweat in. Stretched out and did some abs to finish up. Went to see Deanne, she worked on me for about an hour and a half. Surprisingly my body felt good even beforehand so she kept it pretty light. There was the most beautiful sunset tonight. I'm feeling pretty good, way better than this morning. Ribs holding up ok, just sore. Went home and made a kale,spinach smoothie. Added two strawberries and a couple of pieces of pineapple to it to take the edge off. Had a few baby sized pieces of chicken after that. Can't wait to eat real food.


Woke up feeling pretty great. Actually woke up an hour early and just got up anyway. Everything was looking so vibrant and bright. Had my 2 egg whites and half an avocado. Starvin' Marvin'. Started feeling pretty lousy once I got to the gym, just out of it and weak. Moved around with RJ for about 6 rounds. It was pretty rough, not that we were really doing anything, I just couldn't function. Mush brains. Felt a little better on the last 2 rounds but still pretty awful. I was 148.5 this morning, seriously think I shit out (excuse my French) at least a pound of water at the gym. Down to drinking only a gallon of water now. It's so stupid, at first you water load till you don't even want to look at water then you cut back till you would kill someone for a sip.
-Stopped at Starbucks on my way back to the gym in the afternoon. Got a double shot of espresso in hopes that it would wake me up. No luck! I was struggling. Did a 3 mile run with Eddie at 4:30. Felt like dog shit the first 2 miles, beyond weak and out of it, but the last mile I started feeling a little better. Thai oiled up then attempted to warm up and hit the bag but I was just fried. Moved around with Kirian for about 6 rounds, there was just nothing there. Definitely was feeling better than this morning but not much. Not that it mattered, just wanted to get a good sweat. Usually I'm feeling way worse around this time so at least that's good. I didn't even bother with exercises afterward, just stretched a bit. Said bye to everyone, Katie gave me a big tub of magic bars, can't wait to eat them. Went home, showered, had a protein shake and tried to pack a little. I'm so exhausted! It's weird sometimes I just want to give up, like fuck all this. Ribs pretty sore right now but it's been ok. Gona finish packing then make an egg white salad, yum. Gotta meet Gaston at the gym at 5:30 in the morning, Caitlin’s gona take us to the airport. Not sure if I'm ever going to bother sleeping because I need to get up at 4 to finish packing and getting ready. Woosah!


Well got about an hour or two of sleep. By the time I got done eating, packing and everything else it was close to midnight. I tried sleeping but knowing I had to be up in a few hours made me want to say F it and stay awake. Luckily I was finally able to pass out. Got up at 3:30 exhausted but wasn't feeling too terrible. Shaved, showered and finished getting all my stuff packed up. Felt so rushed even though I had gotten up half an hour earlier than I had planned to. Weighed 149, wtf, so annoying. Only thing I could figure is my body is just holding to everything, but still. Whatever! Had two hard boiled egg whites, which will be my last food until after weigh ins. Let my pups out, fed them, said goodbye and then headed to the gym at 5. It was still dark out. Had to run inside to grab the banner for the fight. I assumed that meant Kirian wasn't coming with us, even though he was. Caitlin and Gaston got there at 5:30 but we had to wait on Kirian who showed at 5:40. I was feeling pretty shitty, just worn out, tired and short tempered. Woosah! Made it to the airport on time now just sitting on the plane. Hopefully we will be able to check into the hotel when we get there since it will still be early. I just want to lay down.
-I was totally out on the plane. We landed hard, it startled me because I was half asleep and hadn't realized we were even close. Got our bags and Sean was there with “the film crew”, who were there to film Tiffany and I. We had to wait for her because she wasn't landing for another half an hour so. Told Gaston to just go ahead to the hotel and try to check in and Kirian went to go check on Alexis (who is fighting the day after us in the UFC). Got myself a double shot of espresso in hopes that it would 'clear me out' a bit. Not like I'd be sleeping anyway. But no dice, just made my stomach hurt. Tiff finally shows up, I could tell something was wrong but didn't want to bug her about it, especially with the filming going on. We got her luggage and walked to Sean's car. The film guys asked if we wanted to take their Porsche instead since it would look better on camera. Sure. We hopped in there with the camera man. He's like “Ok, talk to me about the fight.” I just pretended I was sleeping, so annoying. I ain't here to act man, I'm exhausted, cutting weight and the last thing I'm gona do is be your dancing monkey. I had told Jen, media person for Lion Fight, when she asked about this that it would be dumb to film us because we are basically going to be like the walking dead at this point, not exactly filming material. Unless they wanted to film me sleeping what's the point? So apparently Tiff's new boyfriend, which I didn't know she had, is super jealous of me. Why, I don't know. Guess he thinks her and I used to hook up or something, which is silly, so he's been hounding her with texts ever since she landed. What a dick! Felt so bad for her, the last thing she needs to be dealing with right now. So glad I don't gotta deal with stuff like that. Got to The Palms but we had to wait on the guys driving Sean's car, which had all of our bags in it. Thakoon walked out front, it was so good to see him. He was there to help out Rungravee. I just wanted to lay down, so exhausted. Finally they showed up so we can check in. Said bye to Thakoon and that I'd see him later. Went inside and Rungravee is sitting off to the side on his phone. Said a quick hello, he was looking skinny, to him then went to reception. Tiff was able to get her room but mine wasn't ready yet but Gaston had left me a key for his. Said bye to Tiff and headed up. Ran into Sven Bean in the lobby and talked real quick. I checked my weight on Gaston's scale when I got up there, it was 1 pound under what mine said and I know mines at least a pound off. Still 8.5 over, woosah! Lay down and passed out for a bit. Finally my room was ready at 11:30, which was directly across the hallway. Grabbed all my stuff and went over. Gaston said he was 11 out, now I don't feel so bad. I was finally able to go to the bathroom and checked my weight again, only 7.5 out, nice. Been in and out of consciousness. Always feel stuffy and half sick while cutting weight but I know I'll be good after some fluids and food. Still gonna have my sis bring me something for my immune system. Gotta do the AXStv interview at 4 then Kenny is coming by to pick us up to go to Syndicate to cut some weight at 6:30. So tired!!!!
-Well that sucked, not that weight cutting is ever fun. I was actually having a pretty rough time doing the AXStv stuff, just couldn't think clearly. My brain was mush. Think it's more from the lack of sleep but the weight cut definitely ain't helping. I kept getting on a roll then stumbling at the end and having to redo it. I told them they just need to have a script for me to read ha. After Bennie shot a few photos and then I went back upstairs and lay down. I'm still going back and forth with this fight. That weird part of me that just wants to quit and give it all up, what is that? I just equate it to the weight cut on top of the injury, trying not to think about it. Kenny picked Gaston, Kirian and I up at 6 and we headed over to Syndicate. Time for the suckfest. Definitely not the worst I've ever felt, bout the same as the last few times. Thai oiled up, put my sauna suit and sweats on and stretched out. I was already sweating pretty good. I was only 6.5 out so I didn't want to kill myself. Just get about 3-4 off and that would be fine. Probably float the other 2 overnight. Jumped rope for 10 minutes, I was struggling. Did 2 rounds on the bag then took the sweats off, only leaving the sauna suit on. I was pouring sweat anyway so didn't need anymore help. Did 3 more on the bag after that then 2 just shadow boxing. I got on the elliptical for 5 more minutes then stretched out, I was so fried. There was part of me wondering if I may have lost all the weight because I had sweated so much and felt pretty dead. I grabbed an ice cold shower, which was so nice I wanted to just stay in there forever. I checked my weight, 143.5, exactly what I had planned. Nate Diaz, Jake Shields, Gilbert Milendez and Jongsanon were all there, they had been filming The Ultimate Fighter, so came by for a workout. Talked them for a bit, was good seeing them, and everyone else at the gym who I hadn't seen in a while. I was feeling pretty weak. Gaston was finishing up and Jason (Andrada) showed up at 8:30, he was going to give us a ride back to the hotel. We dropped Kirian off at The Mandalay Bay, where he was staying, so he could get a workout in with Alexis. I was half passed out in the back seat the whole time. We stopped by the grocery store after we dropped him off so we could get a few things for after weigh ins. I kept almost blacking out as we were walking around the store. I feel a bit better now, just exhausted. Hopefully I'll be able to drop another 1-2 pounds tonight, that would be ideal, and then I won't have to cut anymore tomorrow. Christine said I could check my weight on the official scale in the morning so at least I'll know for sure where I'm at. Just need some sleep now.


I'm so stuffed and I haven't even had an actual meal yet. Ugh, the extremes of fighting. Slept pretty good last night, well it was in hour intervals but the were consistent. Woke up with about 2 pounds to go. Hoped to drop another pound of before I actually have to bath anything and then should only be about 15-20 in the tub. I tried crashing back out but mostly just lay there with my eyes shut. Took the rest of the Xpel I had with a little sip of water. If only I could poo haha, think there's at least 2 pounds of food still stuck in me. We have to check in at weigh ins at 3:30 so I planned on cutting it all at 2 just in case. Christine hit me up around noon and let me know that Sven was dropping off the official scale so we could go check if we wanted. I grabbed Gaston and we headed out, nice and slow ha. I was having the worst cotton mouth, felt like I smoked a pound of weed and not in a good way. We looked everywhere but couldn't find Sven or the scale. We walked around and searched all the rooms. They had the stage and everything set up so we just waited there for him. He showed a few minutes later. I was freezing my ass off, so cold in there. The lack of body fat wasn't helping. Got on the scale and was 141.6, Gaston 145, so we both had a pound or 2 we needed to drop. Easy but still shitty. I went back to my room and lay up till about 2. I grabbed some of Gaston's green alcohol, filled the tub up with as hot of water as I could stand, poured about 2-3 cups of Epsom salt and the bottle of alcohol in there. I figured that I could knock it all out in about 10-15 minutes. It was actually kind of nice because the tub had jacuzzi jets so turned those on and just tried to relax. There's always a few moments there where you don't think that you will be able to sweat and start panicking a little. So I did the first 5 minutes completely submerged, the next 5 sitting up with just my legs covered, I was actually feeling pretty awful at that time but have definitely been way worse. I then did another 5 submerged and a final 5 just legs again. Figured I would do a little more than I planned just to be safe. Last thing I would want to do is get out and see I wasn't there yet. It seemed as if I had sweated a ton, maybe I'd be under but you never know. I did my best to dry off, as I was still pouring sweat. Scale said I had gained .2, WTF? No way in hell! I had moved the scale a bit so I placed it back to where I originally had it and checked again, it said I was under. I went and checked on Gaston's just to be safe. It said I was under as well. I was still sweating so I counted my tickets and money and got that all taken care of. Dried off and check again and was .6 under, perfecto. I actually didn't feel too terrible, just happy to be done with that part. I went and took a cold ass shower, I could have just passed out in there. Got out, dried off, brushed my teeth and checked my weight again just in case. Still .6 under. I had a little sip of Pedialyte, it was so amazing and so difficult not to just chug the entire thing. I probably could have had a little bit more, I mean there was still 3 hours till we were actually getting on the scale, but I refuse to risk anything. I chilled in my room for a bit then headed down to the weigh ins at 3:15. I always like getting there early and being the fist to get all of my paperwork and medical checks over with so I can just sit down and relax. I know that most would rather show up as late as possible but I hate to waiting in line, even more so when I'm dehydrated and starving. I actually got there so early that not even all of the commission was there yet. Which thankfully is not the norm for the NSAC. I got all of my paperwork and sat down to wait. I was freezing to death, thankfully I had worn my hoodie but it was still cold. I wish I had brought my sweat pants as well .Talked with Sindy Huyer and her brother quick. It was good seeing them after so many years, even though she's fighting Tiff. I had to get up and sign my contract thing again because they didn't have my win bonus written into the first one. I'm like how in the hell can you guys hold me responsible for this, I barely know what my name is right now. Finally they tell us that the weigh ins will start in 15 minutes, then 10 and then 5. They were torturing me. There were so many people in there, I was getting claustrophobic and really annoyed. I just hate having tons of people crowding around me, especially in this situation. Duke Roufus was there, stopped and talked him for a bit, it had been like 10 years since I'd seen him. Finally they start calling the fighters to the scale and the sons of bitches start with the amateurs again, wtf? Woosah! I was having the worst weight cut headache. Zach and Gaston easily made their weights, as did everyone else. Finally my turn. 139.6, bam! Took some photos. Thompson was about as tall as I thought would would be, just not as thick, not that weigh ins ever give you a real sense of how big someone is, and not like those things ever matter. It was so good to have some fluids in me. I was going to do my best to rehydrate and refuel as smart as possible. Take my time, make sure I eat all the right things, last thing I wanted was to have stomach problems. I got enough going against me with this stupid rib injury. I had some of the oats I had made with sun butter and some fruit, so amazing!!! Kirian had a carb, amino drink for me so had some of that, trying to get as much fluids back in me before I have any real food. Just going to snack and then get my IV and grab dinner after. I sat there and sipped on my drinks and had some snacks waiting to do my interviews with the AXStv people and some others. I said by to my mom, sisters and nephews, who had all shown up to watch. Heather and Mark were there as well. Did my interview thing for Jen Wenk with her camera guy. I could tell that they had never really done this stuff before, ha. I then sat in line waiting for my interview with Pat Miletech and Michael Schiavello. Thompson and his coach, Daniel Bell, were in line in front of me . We joked around a little, seem like great guys, we definitely both have respect for each other, this is just business. Did my interview with Chingay Andrada first while Kirian held my place in line. After I finished up with her I went back in line. Adrian Marillo was in my spot, told him he could have it and he said “no, no, you're 'El Presidente'” ha. Finished off my Pedialyte and almost a full gallon of water as well as my oats. I was feeling pretty good, same as last fight. Finally went in to talk with Pat and Michael, always good seeing them. They didn't have much to ask as they know me pretty good by now, so we just caught up and chatted. Pat says to me “You know you should change your nickname to Kevin 'Mother Fucking' Ross hahahaha. I was dying, the TV people however were not ha. I said “Hey you're the commentator, feel free.” I said bye to them, grabbed all my stuff and headed up to my room. Gaston was already done with his IV in his room so I told them we could just go to mine. I got comfortable in bed, grabbed some snacks and this amazing fruit platter my sister had made. Kathleen came in and hooked me up, she always makes it look so easy, especially compared to some I've had do it in the past. I was feeling really good. Still doing my best not to rush anything but the food and liquids are so good it's hard not to. I was already so full and hadn't even had a real meal yet. We were planning on going to Nove, nice steak place inside The Palms, at 8 but then pushed it to 9, everyone was still pretty full. Finished up my IV, said bye to Kathleen and her daughter and just lay down for a bit hoping to get hungry soon. We had a reservation for 9:30 but then it dawned on me that they may have a dress code. I looked it up online and it said 'business casual', what the hell does that mean? I had to look it up. I had some decent clothes with me that I'm sure would be fine but honestly it was the last thing I felt like dealing with right now on top of the fact I doubted everyone had clothes. I called the restaurant up just to check and sure enough, 'business casual'. Seeing as how we're staying in the hotel and I'm the main event for the fight I'm sure we could get away with whatever but I just said screw it and told Chaz we should go to Nora’s up the street. He agreed and said he'd pick us up out front at 9:30. I still wasn't hungry. Gaston, Caitlin, Zach and I headed down and met up with and headed to the restaurant. I knew this place had sounded familiar. I came here a few times when I used to live in Vegas. Unfortunately all they really had was pasta stuff. I was a little worried until I saw they had rib eye. I wish I could have a big ass bowl of pasta but I never eat that stuff while in training so I'm not going to risk it affecting my stomach now. I ordered the steak with some sauteed mushrooms, artichoke hearts and a dinner salad with dressing on the side. It was killing me watching everyone else devouring pizza and pasta, especially since they kept teasing me and offering me some but I knew it'd be worth the wait, in 24 hours I can literally have anything I want. So last night I was awoken around 3 in the morning by this crazy loud commotion in the hallway. I just lay there in bed for a bit trying to wrap my brain around what was happening, as I was still half asleep. It sounded like a fight, but like there was 50 people, then it just sounded like a loud party. Then I could hear people sprinting down the hallway, kids and adults yelling, what the hell was going on? Eventually I was able to fall asleep but never did figure it out. Apparently this had been going on for 2-3 hours, as Caitlin was telling me. She said she called security like 6 times and they told her they couldn't do anything about it. Guess it was a party but people had started fighting. She finally told the hotel that she was going to call the cops and then they took care of it, wtf? Craziness. Only ended up eating about half my streak, didn't want to hurt myself plus I wanted to save some for breakfast/lunch tomorrow. I was so stuffed and exhausted, couldn't wait to lay down. Chaz dropped us all back off at The Palms and we all said our goodbyes. Zach hadn't eaten too much at the restaurant so I told him that if he got hungry to hit me up and I'd roll with him again. Headed up to my room and just plopped down on the bed, I was spent. Eventually got up and brushed my teeth and everything before I lay back in bed. I just hoped I'd be able to sleep. I wasn't too worried considering how exhausted I was, not that one dictates the other for me. Zach ended up hitting me up around 11:30 so we just headed down to the 24/7 cafe. I wasn't going to eat, just wanted my sweet potato fries, but ended up getting some bacon and eggs as well. It was actually really greasy which sucked but it was the only 'bad' thing I had eaten so no biggie. I was so stuffed. After that I headed up to my room and passed out almost immediately. Unfortunately I wasn't able to sleep through the night. Basically woke up every hour on the hour like clockwork. Stephanie dropped of her protein pancakes for Gaston and I at 8, they were so amazing and that was so sweet of her. I was still pretty stuffed so I only ate half and stuck the rest in my fridge, which I had gotten thanks to a tip from Gaston. He had told the front desk that he was a diabetic and needed to keep some medication cold ha. I had called down last night and just told them I had medication I needed to keep in the fridge and they brought me one right up, nice to know. My body was feeling really good but my brains felt like mush and my eyes were feeling puffy. I wasn't too concerned as I still wanted to get some rest. I got up around 11 and showered then hit Gaston and Zach up to see if they wanted to come over and get room service. I waited for them to come over then we ordered up a bunch of food. I got a huge cob salad, 3 over easy eggs, which I put with my leftover steak, avocado and ate a bunch of the leftover fruit. It was so bomb, had some green tea with honey wit hit, even though I woulda loved to crush some coffee. Said bye to Zach after as he had to check in at 2. Gaston and I needed to check in at 3 so he went back to his room and I lay up for a bit. I tried sleeping more but it wasn't working so I said F it and got up and watched some fights. I couldn't wait to get in there, this is going to be epic no matter what. Kirian stopped by for a minute to drop off my shorts and then headed to the venue. He reminded me that I needed to check in at 3 but that I could just go back to my room afterward because I didn't really need to stay down there until 4. The shorts turned out sick, Muay Thai Addicts did a great job. I was a little worried because I had hopped to get them before I came out here but I had brought some back ups just in case. Gaston and I headed down to check in and Patti was one of the people working the desk, so nice seeing her. Saw Duane (Ludwig) and Sven as well. Dropped my shirts and the banner off to Kirian and checked out the ring, which seemed nice. The Pearl, where the fight was, seemed like a cool venue for a fight. I had been there way back in the day for a few concerts, maybe even a UFC. After that I went back up to my room to get the rest of my stuff together and relax. I had already showered and shaved before lunch so was just waiting until I had to head down. Galen came up to shoot a few pics beforehand as well as get me heading to the venue. Chaz had come up as well, guess he had came down with bronchitis or something, great! He lay on the couch and was passed out in seconds. I was finishing getting all my stuff together. Finally finished up, woke Chaz up and we headed down. Gaston had already gone down earlier. I was finally waking up and feeling really good. It was a big difference time wise because in Connecticut we had to start 3 hours later because of the time difference so they could air live on the west coast at the normal times. It was actually nice getting to chill all day out there but then again the fights weren't over until super late so that was rough. We actually had to start even an hour earlier than normal out here because they wanted to be done in time for everyone to be able to go outside for the fireworks. I guess it'd be nice to be finished so early. There was already a huge line of people going into the venue when we got there. I saw a bunch of friends and people I hadn't seen in forever. Scotty Ray, Anthony Castrejon, Bobby and a few others, they all wished me luck. Said bye to everyone and headed inside and down to the changing rooms. I immediately regretted not having brought my sweat pants. I figured I would be warmer since I had some more meat on my bones but luckily I had my sweatshirt, I was still freezing though. There were a few other people in our locker room, which wasn't very big. They were all amateurs so they would be done soon enough. The guys Zach was fighting was in there with us as well. From the looks of him warming up Zach should walk right through him but you never know. Set my stuff down near Gaston's then tried to stretch out. The floor was tile which made it even colder in there. Luckily the had a TV in there so we could watch the fights. I stretched out for a bit then the TV people came in so they could film me 'warming up' or 'walking to the venue'. Basically we had to go down the hallway against a wall for them to get their shots. Finished up then went back to stretch out some more. Zach was up first, the TV made everyone look like Smurfs. I thought maybe they had gone overboard on the 4th of July lighting but it ended up turning out that our monitor was just outa whack. It look pretty funny. Zach was doing ok but he was loading up too much, as usual, so he was getting out pointed. If he could literally just throw a jab, not even to hit him, it would open up all his power shots that much more and make everything easier. I tried working on it with him a bit last few times he came out. He's getting it down a little bit just needs to work on it more. It was sort of a close fight but Zach was crushing him with power shots. He finally dropped him, in the 3rd round I believe, and started loosening up. He ended up taking the decision. Afterward I told him that if he could just fight all his fights like he did the last half of that one it would make things that much easier. He's just making them more difficult than he needs to and giving people opportunities to catch him. Congratulated him then got Mark to start wrapping my hands. I was still feeling really good. Maurice Smith was back there, he had been cornering the guy Zach fought. He sat down and chatted with Mark and I for a bit. My hands were feeling better then ever, finally getting back to a point where I'm not worried about them any more. Only took about 7 years ha. Fanny was fighting as I was getting wrapped up, she looked great. She actually keep sweeping her girl in the clinch, which is funny because Fanny hates the clinch. She ended up taking a decision.

-As I'm writing this out, I'm on my way driving down the coast, stopped at Nepenthe in Big Sur, this lady told me I have beautiful handwriting. What? I can barely even read it ha.

I wanted to go out with Gaston for his fight but there was only 3 fights in between us so I didn't want to have to rush. He looked great, loose and confident. Gave him a hug, told him I loved him and to have fun out there, he headed out. I did some real quick boxing mitts with Kirian before they left just to loosen up. I had been hoping we would get to use Faitex gloves, which are my favorite to fight in, but ended up having to use the Twins ones because they are sponsoring the event. They're not so bad but they are the ones I used when I messed my hand up fighting Sittisak so I have bad memories. I kept shadow boxing as Gaston's fight started. Withing the first minute he tagged his guys with one of the smoothest spinning elbows I had ever seen. The guy covered his face immediately and turned away. They should have stopped the fight right there. He had a giant gash over his eye. They finally stopped it for a minute to give it a look. I don't know what they were thinking but they let it continue. The cut couldn't have been any worse. Gaston tagged him with 3 more spinning elbows all landing and was just picking the poor guy apart. Finally the bell sounds and thankfully they stopped the fight in between rounds. It always amazes me at the fights they stop and the ones they don't. It's one thing when someone is obviously fighting back and might still have a chance, but when you are just sitting there getting beaten on and clearly not wanting to be in there they need to just be merciful and end it. Gaston was so happy and I couldn't have been any happier for him. When Kirian got back we did some kicks. I didn't want to get my cup or gloves on until the last minute so I could still go to the bathroom if I needed. My kicks felt great, super strong and smooth without even trying. I felt bad because I knew they were hurting Kirian. Everything felt great although I was having a bit of scratchiness in my throat and kept coughing. Damn Vegas! Rungravee and Adrian were up, this should be interesting! If Adrian can stay busy and move he might be able to outpoint him but that's easier said than done. That's exactly what he did the first 2 rounds. Rungravee did his normal take everything you have like it's nothing and look half asleep as he walks forward throwing power shots here and there. He didn't have his normal scowl and wasn't even doing his roll up the shorts move. At one point Adrian hit him with a nice sweep, uh oh, guess he didn't learn his lesson after doing the same thing to Coke. Rungravee started turning it up after that. He was slamming him with these viscous kicks and punches. Adrian's output started quickly slowing declining, as did his confidence. It looked like it was only a matter of time before he was going to get stopped. The last round was brutal, I thought he was going to finish Adrian off but he held tough to the end. At one point Rungravee was holding him against the ropes with one hand, smiling, and slamming him with leg kicks, damn! I was doing power kicks in between each round, felt great. Tiff was up next, I was really worried about her. Not because I thought Sindy posed a real technical threat, is was more about not knowing if Tiff was in the right mental state or not. They were pretty even most of the 1st round but then Tiff caught her with a brutal spinning elbow that dropped Sindy on her ass, she barely made the count. I was busy warming up during the rest of the fight but seemed like Tiff destroyed her and they finally stopped it in the 4th, I believe. She front kicked her in the face and Sindy turned her back, ended up finding out it was cause her boob had popped out but either way it wasn't getting any better in there, she was done. They brought me into the back to wait for my walk out. I was feeling extremely confident, focused and ready. I knelt down on the stairs to gather my thoughts. Just thanked God for bringing me here no matter the outcome. Win, lose or draw I was just happy to be able to do what I love, I knew how close it was to not even happening. Alex came by walking back from Tiff's fight and wished me luck. Tiff's nutritionist/boyfriend guy was screaming his head off “that's how you fucking do it!!!” I'm like 'wtf did you do?' I hate that stuff so much. Did my best to just ignore him and woosah. They were taking Tomahawk out first and had me wait just off stage. The audio had been messed up all night and was going in and out, it was taking forever. Finally he walks out through all the smoke, which is brutal on your lungs but luckily I had learned my lesson years ago not to breath it in. Mark still reminded me to hold my breath when I walked out. They finally called me up to the waiting spot. The tv guys says “Wait for my signal then walk.” I was feeling beyond focused and serious, ready to kill. I wasn't there to mess around. I mean I'm always there to put on a show but sometimes I get more focused on that then the fight itself. They announce my name as the music starts, I take my time to walk out. Hulk Hogan's “I'm a real American” song is blaring over the speakers, the crowd erupts as I walk out through the smoke. It was such an amazing but I was beyond focused. No smiling this time, stone faced. I was going to dominate, not letting anything stand in my way. I made my way down the stairs and right to my corner. I knelt down and said a prayer. Mark and Kirian were up on the ring apron holding the ropes down for me. I slowly made my way up the stairs and then carefully jumped over the ropes. I bowed to all 4 sides as well as to Thompson's and then sealed the ring, as did Michael. I say a little prayer at each corner, as I always do, and then waited where Kirian and Mark were holding my banner in the corner so the TV could get a shot of it. They announced us both and called us to the center. I had to get all my stuff off as quickly as possible, shirt, mongkon and flowers, and then went to center ring for the face off. When they brought us together I had this overwhelming sense of confidence and peace. Not cockiness, I just knew that I was going to do this. I had a little smirk on my face, unintentional but I was ready for the dance. Looking in his eyes I knew this would be no pushover, as I knew beforehand. The ref gives us our final instructions and sends us back to our corners. Knelt down in the corner and said one final prayer, time to do what I do. We both start with some quick punches, just single shots but they had heat on them. I was trying to get that inside leg working. Heard some guys in the crowd yell “Can't stop Tomahawk”, that's cute! I was trying to be smart but not passive, definitely needed to be careful of my rib. I was seeing everything he was doing quite easily but still wasn't in my rhythm yet. I could tell right away that he had some power. Nothing too crazy but I knew that I needed to be smart and not get caught with a shot I didn't see coming. My hands were flowing really nicely as was my head movement but I was still hesitating on my kicks. He slammed a kick off my arms on my bad rib side. Had to stop and think about it for a minute to tell if it hurt or not but it was fine, not sure how it woulda been if it had landed clean though. I hit a nice sweep when he threw a jab out although he was able to catch his balance as he spun around. We clinched up for the first time and I basically stalled out. I didn't really want to open up in there unless I had to because the uncertainty of my rib. Mazzagatti broke us up and we went back to work. I kept peppering him with punches and inside low kicks. Nothing with any power just trying to stay busy and get my range. He was throwing some heavy hands but only one or two at a time which I could easily see and avoid or just block. He throw his hooks so hard that when I evaded them it would spin him around. I could see my head movement and foot work was throwing him off. Hell it was even surprising me ha. Round ends and I'm feeling good. Get in the corner and both Kirian and Mark are happy with what I'm doing. Gave me some water and told me to keep doing what I been doing just pick it up a bit more this round. Round 2 starts. Start letting the hands go a lot more now, still no real power but a lot more activity. I land a hard step knee that sends him across the ring, he landed a hard overhand simultaneously. I go back to my combination punching and mixing in low kicks. He's still looking for power shots but they're still only one or two at a time, which I'm easily reading and countering. He lands a good switch knee but my arm takes most of it. We clinch up again, I could tell that my clinch was better and normally I would use that but still didn't want to take any risks with my rib so I just stalled out. Steve breaks us up and we go back to it. He throws a hard rear elbow from far out at the same time I threw a hook. My punch came around his head and pulled him over. From the outside it almost looked like a knockdown but Mazzagatti correctly called a slip. Went back to more of the same. Again he tried leading with that elbow which I easily saw once again and moved. The power almost made him fall. I hit that same lead leg sweep off his jab again but this time was able to get him to fall. He was landing hard shots here and there but nothing was landing too clean and even if it did I was able to see it coming and absorb without any real damage. At the end of the round we clinched up, I body locked him then tossed him over me hard. I ended up on the floor thinking “what the hell did I just do?” haha, and the bell sounded. In the corner they were telling me to use my reach and keep picking him apart. I was still feeling really good. He wasn't really throwing any kicks. The one he did throw in the 3rd I caught and dumped him. Just a lot of heavy hooks and jabs. I was still feeling a bit off with my kicks but was still throwing them. But my hands were on point. I was trying to set up some sneaky stuff but I needed him to engage more in order to do so and it just wasn't happening. I found myself waiting a bit too much in this round. I had him in the corner and was peppering him with shots. As I came in to close the distance I thought we smacked heads, which cut me, but after looking back I realized it was a sneaky elbow. It was a tiny cut on the forehead up by my hairline, nothing to worry about. He landed a hard body shot, luckily it was on my right side, as well as another switch knee. Both rattled my body a bit but I was able to take without too much trouble. We clinched for a minute at the end of the round and then the bell sounded. As I got to the corner I told Kirian we had smacked heads. He said the cut was tiny and not to worry, not that I ever would. Now normally this is where I would really be kicking it into over drive and trying to break him with my pace but everything was going so smoothly I just kept doing what I was doing. He grabbed my leg kick and tried to counter with a punch, which I saw and easily evaded. I ended up with his arm around my neck and went to turn him but ended up picking him off the ground and slamming him down. As we hit the canvas all of our weight slammed down on my head, which was under his arm. I sat up for a second thinking it might have almost knocked me out but I was fine. I kept avoiding his punches and hitting angles, each time it surprised me so I wasn't able to counter quick enough. This was all new to me, at least in a fight anyway. Landed a teep to his face which knocked his head back. Threw a slow right body kick which he caught but couldn't do anything with it so he dropped my leg. He landed a few clean powerful shots but I took them and just walked forward. I was looking for that step knee over and over but each time I went to throw it he wisely backed up. I landed a head kick over his jab but just floated my leg up there so it didn't have any power. Right after that he landed a hard cross on my jaw but I was able to take it well. I just walked forward and was looking to smash his lead leg. We clinched up briefly at the end of the round and then the bell sounded. Chaz was telling me that his leg was done and to keep going after it. Thompson still was throwing with heat so I knew I needed to stay smart. Bell for the 5th sounds and I walk to center ring and give him a quick hug. Nothing but respect for this guy. Went back to kicking his leg as he was looking for big power shots. I knew that he would try and knock me out as he was way behind on the cards. I once again landed that dip off his jab head kick but still only floated it up there. I smacked his head with my ankle, which actually didn't feel too great. We clinched up again and just stalled out. Landed a hard rear front kick to his face. Snapped his head back although he was able to catch it on the way back, however not able to do anything with it. He threw a combination of punches which I caught all of on my arms. I tried again for that step up knee to the face and fell short. I landed a lead head kick but caught him on the arms so didn't do too much damage. Was just peppering him with shots staying busy. Floated another kick over his jab but this one sailed over his head. He threw a sneaky spinning elbow, which had some serious zip on it but luckily I was able to evade. Just then a threw a jumping switch knee which cracked him hard in the jaw. I felt his head crunch as I came down into the clinch and immediately turned and swept him to the ground, going down with him. We both got up, which I couldn't believe he was still conscious, as the ten second marker clapped. The crowd was going crazy. He covered up as I tried to land a jumping elbow. It only caught his arms as the final bell sounded. The whole venue erupted into applause. I ran around the ring with my hands up then immediately went to give Thompson a hug and thank him for a great fight. He was bleeding pretty badly and his nose was definitely out of place. Went over to my corner, gave Chaz a big hug and climbed up on the ropes. The crowd erupted even louder. It was deafening. At first it was all too much, I couldn't even process not only what had happened in the fight but what it had taken for me to even get there. Scott Kent came over, congratulated me as he put the world title around my waste and the announcer reads off the score cards and says, “...and the new Lion Fight super light weight champion Kevin Ross!!!” Ron Kruck started his post fight interview as Chaz worked on getting my gloves off and the emotions just started pouring over me like a waterfall. I pulled it together for a moment and answered his questions. I quickly called Kirian over as I knew we didn't have a lot of time. I tried to briefly explain how I had moved up to Dublin after my ACL surgery to train with him and that I had promised I would bring another world title to his gym. I could barely get the words out as the emotions were overwhelming. “This is for you man.”, and I couldn't hold back the tears any longer as I gave him the belt, a hug, and broke down. The crowd erupts in applause. I know there weren't many dry eyes in that place, or even from people watching at home. It was an amazing moment, an amazing night and one I will never forget.  

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