Friday, September 26, 2014

vs KangEn 2/Justin Greskiewicz

IF you want to read about our first fight check it out here:


Last week I get a message on MySpace from John Wayne Parr and in the subject line it says “I'm going to make all your dreams come true.” Now immediately two thoughts come into my mind. 1, someone hacked his page and is messing with me or 2, he sent this to the wrong person. I open it up and start reading. He tells me that he told the people doing the second season of The Contender Asia that they need to put me on the show. Says he told them that I was better than any of the other American's that they had in mind. He also tells me that he will probably be one of the coaches. I couldn't believe it yet at the same time I thought, “What are the chances this actually happens?” Funny thing is that when I was watching the first season I had this overwhelming sense that I was going to be in this show one day. I even wrote it down on a piece of paper. It was one of the strongest feelings I had ever had, as if God was talking directly to me. Wayne told me to expect a call from them soon. I go about my normal day excited but not really expecting much. After my night training session I see that I missed a call and have a voice mail from an unavailable number. I listen and it's Sam Gollestani from The Contender. He say's that he's heard a lot of really great things about me and that he would really like to get me on the show. He goes on to say that he would try to give me a call again later as he was calling from Singapore. I couldn't believe it, felt as if I was dreaming. I mean was I really going to be on this show? How crazy would that be? After the excitement wears off a bit I really start to think about it. Two things concerned me. 1, the weight class is 160, which is about 20 pounds over what I normally fight at and 2, I would have to cancel the rematch with KangEn because they start filming July 2nd and it's for 8 weeks. Even though I had all these concerns there was no way I could pass something like this up. I waited for my phone to ring. Around 9pm it starts ringing and it's an unavailable number, it was Sam. He tells me again about all the great things he has heard and that he'd really like to get me on the show. He says that he's seen some of my fights and interviews online and that I would be perfect. He asks if I would be interested. I started laughing, “Of course”, I say. He goes on to tell me that I just need to do a video of myself answering a few questions that he would be emailing me and then send to him as fast as possible. He says that he will contact me through email from now on because it will be easier. The next day I got the questions, shot the video and sent it off to him. It was just a few things about my life, Muay Thai and things like that. I felt pretty weird sitting in a room by myself alone in front of the camera. I knew that if God intended for me to be on the show then that's what would happen, no point in worrying about it. It would definitely be a great experience but even if it doesn't happen then at least I'll still be able to fight KangEn. Sam told me that he would let me know by the end of the month at the latest. I know they will be receiving my video tomorrow so hopefully I will hear back from them soon. In the meantime I really need to put some weight on if I'm going to fight at 160. I'm only about 150 right now and most of these guys will probably be walking around at 180. No matter what I'm having fun, my life is so insane! I love it!


Last night, around 11, I saw that I had another missed call and had a voice mail. It was Sam again, he said that they had received my video and that they all really loved it. At first I thought he was going to finish off with 'but we aren't going to be able to get you on the show.' He goes on to tell me how genuine I came across and how they really loved how I just sent the original unedited clip, unlike all the others they had received. He tells me that they have narrowed it down to 3 American's and that they can only use one, although he is trying to push for two. He tells me that he may need to fly me out there in two weeks for a final casting. Hopefully I will know by the end of the week what's going on.


I got an email from Sam today. He said that they are giving a presentation of the fighters that they want on the show this week. I had sent him that note I had written back in the day about one day being on The Contender. He said it would be a great thing to add to his presentation. If it's God's will than it will be done. Either way I'm happy. I'm starting to feel a lot better since the last fight and my ankle has been feeling ok. Finally putting some weight on as well. I did legs twice with Norm this week, ended up with really bad shin splints in both legs, worst I've ever had. I ended up having to skip our conditioning at Palo this morning because my legs were just shot. I pushed myself really hard in sparring though and felt great. My recovery has been really good.


I got another email from Sam today. I was a little freaked out when I saw it. I thought that it was going to be him telling me whether or not I would be on the show. No such luck! He just tells me that it's taking a little longer than they had planned and that he should know by the end of the week. I just want to know either way so that I can focus on a goal. Training's going great, I'm feeling strong and in great shape and the weight is slowly going up. Unfortunately on Thursday I got sick and have been fighting this stupid cold for the past four days. I lost a bit of weight since I haven't been eating much. I haven't trained since Wednesday but I'm going in tomorrow no matter how I feel.


Dennis Warner called me yesterday and told me that he's in town and wants to meet up. Last night Shawn and I headed over to The Hilton to meet with him. I still haven't told him about the possibility of me being on the show and having to cancel his. I was hoping wouldn't have to until I knew what was happening. When we get to the hotel Dennis already has our contracts for the fights and wanted us to sign them. I told him that I still needed to talk to Toddy and that I could fax it over once I do. He tells me that he could swing by the gym later today so that he can talk to him in person. Crap! Well I emailed Sam last night to tell him that I really need to know one way or another. I guess I'll just tell Dennis if I have to, I just hope that it doesn't mess anything up. Almost got rid of this cold but still not feeling 100% but definitely better.


I got an email from Sam on Thursday. Said he was sorry it was taking so long. Tells me they have 14 of the 16 spots filled. He said that they already booked two American's but that he really wants me on. They start filing in a week and a half, I'm really starting to get frustrated. The same day I also got an email from Wayne, he tells me that he's not going to be a coach on the show. I guess the producers told him that since he's still fighting and in the same weight class that it would be a bad idea for him to coach us. What? That's the exact opposite of what I think, but what do I know. He told me that the two coaches will be Clifton Brown and Ray Sefo. What? How does that make better sense? Sefo is a heavyweight who hasn't fought Muay Thai in who knows how long. Then he tells me that the two American's are Kit Cope and Duane Ludwig. I'm not knocking either one of them, especially not Duane, but they haven't fought Muay Thai in years. Whatever, they've both payed their dues so good for them. The more I'm hearing about this show the more it just sounds wrong for me. I know it's all in God's hands regardless so I'll just see where it leads. Hopefully I will know in the next few days.


Well I ended up having to sing with Dennis, I just couldn't wait any longer. I'm actually really happy that I get to fight here in Vegas and it's this rematch. Training’s been going really good although I have the worst shin splints, can barely walk. I've been dealing with that for the past few weeks. It sucks because I can't run but I also feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. Norm's been absolutely killing me. To top it all off I decided to kick Gina right in her knee with my big toe. Damn near felt like it snapped in half. My back has been killing me as well. It's always something right? My body just feels shot. I fell like I'm in great shape, I'm just so exhausted. I put all that damn weight on because I thought I would be on the show and now I have to try and get it all off, haha. I got all the way up to 160 and now I need to drop down to 140. From one extreme to the other. Sam called me the other day telling me that the show got pushed back until August. He said that they're still considering me. I told him to call me this week to talk about it. Who knows, maybe I'll still end up getting on there.


Well training's been great, I feel beyond ready, still dealing with these shin splints though. It's weird not having ran at all for this fight, other than the conditioning stuff on Saturday's. I still feel like I'm in the best shape I've ever been in. Norm had me swimming today in order to get my lungs opened up. I thought it would be such a nice change instead of running, wrong. My body just shut down after the 2nd lap. I'm so tired but I feel great at the same time. Hit pads a few hours after my swim and it was the best session I've had so far. I'm getting really excited to fight. It's crazy how life goes sometimes. God's direction and the way things work out always amazes me. And to think, in a week and a half all of this will be over. That's how life is. There are these amazing things that we look forward to forever. They happen in a blink of an eye and then like that, it's all over and are just a memory. That's why we need to enjoy the journey no matter what is going on, even the bad stuff. It's life, enjoy it! Go after your dreams, what do you really have to lose? All's I know is that on the 25th I’m going to put everything that I have into that fight. I wont hold back for even an instant. I know that God has a plan and whatever will be will be. I will have no regrets.


Last week before the fight. I feel great, just a little drained getting these last few pounds off. Norm has me doing this straight carb diet. I just started today and I feel like I'm losing my mind. It's like my brain can't function. I think I'm going to have to adjust it a bit. I was 147 this morning, so 7 more to go. Not sure how I got through pads feeling the way I did. I felt like I was going to pass out just doing my warm up. The good thing is that I know if I can go as hard as I did feeling this way then once I get some food in me I'm really going to kill it. We'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow.


Felt way better today, still out of it and tired but not anywhere near as badly as yesterday. It's probably because I didn't keep my diet as strict. I still stuck to it just put some stuff together instead of eating each thing separate throughout the day. My body is exhausted. I was 145 this morning. James Martinez called me this morning. He said that he heard a rumor that the Chinese were having trouble getting their Visa's. Told me that Dennis had called him looking for a possible back up opponents. I will go off on someone if this fight falls through, I have gone through way too much to get here! I don't even want to consider it. I have to do the MMA Junkie radio show tomorrow over at The Mandalay Bay. Apparently that's the same show Kit was running his mouth about me on, should be interesting. Another day down.


Last day of training down. Mentally I was feeling great today, best I've felt all week. As soon as I got to the gym it was as if someone had unplugged my fuel source though. My body felt so drained. I tried to warm up and was able to get in a rhythm for a moment but then I would just crash. Nope got me stretched out and I got ready to hit pads. I didn't know how I was going to get through it. I asked him how many rounds we were going to do and he says, “three”. Thank goodness!!! I tried to get going but my body was just not having it. I did my best to just keep a good pace. My punches and elbows felt great but when I kicked it would just take so much out of me. I know that it was just from dieting but it was still frustrating. We did 3 rounds of Thai pads and then 2 boxing rounds, of which I felt much better. After that I did 2 rounds of cool down shadow boxing. Norm told me I could eat a small steak or salmon tonight. Best news I've heard all week. When I got home I grilled up a turkey burger, it was delicious. Tomorrow morning I'm going to Toddy's at 10 to have Nope give me a Thai oil massage and just do a few rounds of shadow boxing. I woke up at 144 this morning, might not have to cut anything on Friday but if I do it will only be a pound or two. I can't wait for this fight. We have to do a press conference at Caesar’s Palace tomorrow. I did the MMA Junkie radio show this morning. It was fun but I was so brain dead from dropping this weight that it was hard for me to have an intelligent conversation.


Well where do I being? Got up this morning and went to the gym. Nope rubbed me down with Thai oil then I shadow boxed a few rounds. We did a few light rounds on the pads, exactly what I needed. At 4 I drove over to Don's and he gave me an hour long massage. It was great but I felt like I was going to slip into a coma afterward. It definite made me feel better. After that I headed over to Caesar’s for the press conference. We had to dress all fancy so I brought my clothes to Don's so I could change beforehand. My mom and her new boyfriends Alex were there, they had flown in for the fight, it was so great to see her. I get up to the room where the press conference is and Christine, Anthony, Mae and Danny are waiting outside. We are all sitting there and Christine tells me that her opponent got changed. Something about the Chinese not getting their Visa's. We still didn't know if it was just hers or everyone's. We sit through this entire press conference, which started an hour late. The whole thing was annoying and seemed pointless. Finally when it was over they bring food out for everyone, wtf? This was my Q to leave. Shawn and I got ready to head out and Dennis grabs us saying that we need to talk, here we go! I was just waiting for the bad news. He says that the entire Chinese team won't be fighting because they got their visa's, just the wrong kind. He lets me know that he has a back up opponent for me, Justin Greskiewicz, but we will be fighting at 145 for the National WBC title, which is find with me. He says that next month, August 30th, they will do another show and that's when KangEn and I will have our rematch. So the good news is that I get two title fights a month apart but poor Shawn. They wanted him and Danny to fight, which is just stupid. I don't think it will happen but they are waiting until weigh ins to talk about it. It sucks but that's the fight game sometimes. What can you do? I know that God is directing me and that everything will work out. At least I get to eat a little. I'm 147 right now, after eating a bit, so hopefully I will wake up on weight. I've seen Justin fight before, we've had a few of the same opponents. He's tough and good all around. I think it will be a great fight.


Well here's what happened. Got up the day of weigh ins feeling pretty good but at the same time very tired. I think I had just put my body through so much that it didn't know how to feel with a day off. I was 143 when I woke up so I had a bowl of oatmeal with some raisins and a banana. So nice to be able to eat before weigh ins. I ate and then tried to go back to sleep. I lay there for a while but eventually got up and went upstairs to watch some fights. Around noon I weighed myself and was still 143 so I had half of a sweet potato. Shawn came by around 4 and picked me up. I had all kinds of stuff with me. Big ass thing of water, protein shake, volumaize shake, IV stuff and my back pack. Shaw said that he still hadn't heard if Dennis so he thought that he might still be fighting, who knows. We got there around 4:30 and I had to start filling out all my paperwork for the commission. They ended up telling Shawn that he didn't have a fight. Obviously he was pissed but he knew that was probably going to happen. I got all my paperwork finished and got my physical done. They actually started the weigh ins on time which was shocking. I saw Justin and normally I would have said hello but I was in a mood. They finally called us out to the scale and we both came in at 144. I didn't even look at him and they didn't have us do a square off. Just got off the scale and started in on my recovery stuff. Jolee, the girl Rhonda was having do my IV, was running late. I didn't even really need it but figured that I might as well. After waiting around, however, I wished I had said no. Finally she shows up so my mom, my brother, Gina, Anthony and I all head up to Romie's room so I can get it done. She sticks it in my left hand, which I found odd as they normally do a vein in the arm, and gets it all hooked up. For some reason the fluids weren't going down. Of course! She couldn't seem to figure out what the problem was and I was starting to get really annoyed. I told her that it was no big deal if she couldn't do it. She had one more needle so she gave it another try. Now the first one she did I barely felt but for some reason this time it felt as if she was jamming the needle straight into the bone. It was killing me and to top it off still wasn't working. After messing around with it for a bit I finally told her to stop. Well apparently Alex is a surgeon so my mom gave him a call, as he was downstairs playing black jack, to see if he could come up and take a look at it. Seemed as if Jolee took this as her cue to leave and bounced, which seemed odd to me. Alex shows up, takes one look at it and just has this look on his face like, “WTF did she do?” He tells me that she didn't even have the needle in my vein. Good times! I was so fed up at that point I just say screw it and we leave. I was so annoyed and in the worst mood. I just wanted to go home and lay down. As we make our way to Gina's car the casino is packed. Apparently there is some kind of convention going on. I was on my last nerve. We had to take my brother, mom and Alex over to the Paris so all of us had to cram into Gina's car. It was so uncomfortable. Of course traffic was bad and it took forever. Finally we got there and dropped them off. I said goodbye and them them that I'll see them all tomorrow. Finally it's just Gina, Anthony and I. Gina asks if I want to go eat and I say sure. I say that I don't care what it is but I need to be able to get something healthy. We couldn’t figure anything out and I was getting pissed off so I finally told her to just take me home. I felt bad but I just needed to be alone. Finally got home and felt a huge weight off of my shoulders. I relaxed a bit and drank my recovery shake. Even though I hadn't had to sauna or anything I was still feeling pretty worn out. Romie had brought me a tape to weigh ins from when I had fought Freddy Medrano at the Pechanga casino. I had been waiting to see it since I couldn’t remember a single thing from that fight. He dropped me in the second round with a flying knee to the jaw. It was actually the funniest thing I had ever seen. Obviously it wasn't so funny when it happened but looking at it now I was cracking up. It looked as if I was Pinocchio getting his strings cut haha. I watched it like 10 times and laughed more and more each time. Dawn was out of town and let me crash over at her place. I just wanted to make sure that I got a good nights rest and that no one bothered me. On top of the fact that she has the most amazing bed ever. I got over there and her mom had bought me a bunch of food. Olive Garden and Outback Steak House, I was in heaven. She's so sweet. I took all the food up to Dawn's room and layed it out on the bed. I had about five trays of food surrounding me. It was amazing. I didn't want to gorge myself but I was getting close. After stuffing my face I watched a few fights and passed out. I haven't slept that good in forever, I defintely need it. Woke up around 10 and felt as if I could sleep all day. I would have too but I needed to make sure that I got plenty of food and water in me. I headed back to my house and had some breakfast. I was still feeling really worn out which annoyed me. I knew I would be fine come fight time. Sat around and watched fights and tried to rest as much as possible. Mike Pyle came over for a bit and I showed him the Medrano fight as well as the KangEn one. I was icing my shin splints the whole time in hopes that it would help take the edge off. I didn't even realize the time and had to grab all of my stuff quickly and head out. I headed over to Mark's house and chilled out for a bit watching TV. We left for the fights around 5. When we got there they still weren't letting people into the back so we just chilled. I wanted to just lay down and take a nap. Around 6 they finally let us in and I immediately went into the green room, which was sick. Couches, TV's and plenty of space. I lay up on the couch for awhile. The TV in showed the ring but the view was really far away and you couldn't really see what was going on. It sucked because I wanted to watch the fights. There were seven fights on the card and I was 6th so I would at least be able to go out there and watch the first few. Nope finally showed up and stretched me out. I still hadn't heard from Toddy. Mark got my hands wrapped and I stretched out some more and just relaxed. I was feeling really good. I was really trying to just enjoy every moment. Finally the fights start and I went out to watch the first two. The theater looked packed, almost sold out. I couldn't wait to put on a show. Finally I started shadow boxing and moving around a bit. My back was a little tight but nowhere near as bad as it had been. Hit some pads with Nope and everything felt great. Still no sign of Toddy and it was my turn to go out. I'm going to have a long talk with him after all this is over. Made my way through the back and up the stairs to where we waited by the curtains that led to the stage. Mark and Nope gave me some last minute instructions and I pumped myself up. Something that I have to do before I fight because I am always too calm. I was wearing a Triumph United hat. John knew the owner and they were hooking me up with a sponsorship. Mark was holding onto my mongkol so I could put it on before I got in the ring. Finally they call my name and the crowd erupts in applause as I walk out. The place was packed, it was such an amazing feeling. As I get closer to the ring, to my surprise, Toddy is standing there by my corner. He looks me in the eye and says, “Nothing can disturb you.” There's just something about him being in my corner to where I know that nothing can get in my way. I jump over the ropes, seal off the ring, do a quick three bows in the center and then walk back to my corner. They didn't want is doing wai kru's because there wasn't time because of the TV. The ref brings us together in the center of the ring and gives us last minute instructions. Justin didn't look me in the eye, not that most people do or that it actually means anything. I was extremely confident but I wanted to take my time and make sure and finish him. We get started and move around a little. He seemed sure of himself as he was making little smirks after each exchange, which actually pissed me off. He was decent all around but nothing special. I was actually feeling really stiff. Not sure if it was the 6 months off or the fact that I hadn't warmed up good enough. I had totally forgotten to get that first wind out in the back. I always have to because my conditioning is so good. It's like getting a mack truck started. I was landing some good hard kicks to his body, which is what I had planned on. I was also standing my ground, he was trying but I was walking him down. It was nice that I didn't have to chase him around. He was still making his faces at me. I thought to myself, “Keep it up while you still can.” After the first round I was feeling good. My ankle was holding up great and my right hand was actually feeling good for once. It was great having Toddy in my corner. He is always really specific and tells me exactly what I need to hear. Mark was also getting his thoughts in, which can be difficult when two people are competing to talk. Going into the second round I wanted to continue with my hard body kicks and punch combinations. The smiles stopped in this round and I knew that I was breaking him. I caught him with an over hand right and he dropped like a sack of potatoes. I was surprised because I hadn't really let my right hand go since I had broken it in 2007, three times. He got up, which didn't surprise me as I knew he was tough. I got a little carried away and started winging over hands but was able to settle back down and get back to my combinations. I split him with an elbow at some point but it wasn't a big cut. We clinched up a few times, I could definitely notice the size difference in there. At the end of the round I landed another flush right hand that sent him reeling back all the way across the ring into the ropes. I ran after him to follow but eventually he hit the floor. HE got up but I knew that it was only a matter of time before I finished him off. Ding ding, end of round 2. Going into the 3rd Toddy told me to stay on the outside and light him up with kicks. I was finally getting into a good rhythm and started to really relax. Part of my wanted to bust out some of my crazy moves, spinning elbows, cartwheel kicks, etc, but the other part wanted to stay smart and make sure that I took him out. I kept pressing him and finally landed a flush front kick to his face.. He stumbled back into the ropes. The ref comes in and starts counting as I walk back to the neutral corner. By the time I get there and turn around there are already a bunch of people in the ring. I had no idea what was going on. At first I thought maybe the doc was checking out his eye or something but then one of the commissioners comes over and says, “Nice job Kevin, good fight!” I say, “What happened, is it over?” He replies, “Yes.” “Did I win?”, I ask. He laughs and says yes. That's when it all hits me. I was so happy and excited. I jumped on the ropes and the crowd went nuts. Toddy got in the ring and told me how happy he was for me. I thanked him for everything. I was running around hugging and thanking everyone. I told Justin how grateful I was that he took the fight and that if he ever wanted a rematch I'd be happy to give him one. He said, “You deserve it man. You're the best!” I was so happy! Randy Couture presented me with the belt, which I thought was a bit odd but always good to see him. It felt so great to have that belt around my waist, a dream come true. One of the commentators came in the ring to interview me, Blinky Rodriguez. I was hoping that I would be able to speak to the audience but it was just for TV. I made sure and thanks God first, Blinky told me how nice it was to hear a fighter giving God the glory. After my interview we took some photos and then I got out of the ring. They ended up having to take my belt back. They said they were sending it to me because the one they had was someone elses but I could take some pics with it if I wanted to. I went downstairs back to my changing room. Took a few photos and then I did an interview with Maurice for IMANtv. I was so happy but immediately I was already focused on my rematch next month. No time to screw around


Well we are three weeks out from my rematch with KangEn. Got a few nagging injuries but at least my right hand and ankle are feeling good


Two weeks to go and I've been feeling really burnt out. My injuries are feeling better but I've just been really tired. I was feeling really good on Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday morning Norm has us do these crazy ass sprints. Got through them ok but Thursday and Friday I could barely do anything. I'm feeling much better today. Just trying to refocus and get some rest. Guess the three days off after the last fight weren't enough :P It was just so much work putting all the energy into the last fight, which was supposed to be the rematch and now trying to get right back into that state of mind. I know that no matter what God is with me and things will happen the way they are supposed to.


One more week to go and of course, I get sick. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were really rough but I was feeling good. After my last session on Wednesday I started feeling a cold coming on. I did my best to fight it off filing myself with vitamins but no luck. Dawn was out of town so I went and crashed at her pad. Thursday I woke up feeling terrible, couldn't even get out of bed. I lay around all day just praying that I would feel better soon. I mean I definitely need a day off but being sick wasn't what I had in mind. I couldn't even make it down to teach. I rested as much as possible. Friday again I couldn't get out of bed. I was hoping to at least be able to train a little but I could see that wasn't going to happen. Sheila came by and gave me a B12 shot, which did make me feel a little bit better. I wasn't too worried about getting sick. I mean it wasn't the best thing but it's definitely better than getting sick next week. Spent the rest of the day resting. I knew that I was going to train today no matter what. I got up this morning feeling a little better. I wasn't looking forward to running with Norm but I figured that it'd be good to get my lungs opened up. I headed up to Palo at 9. It was an overcast day, on the verge of raining. Normally I would have enjoyed it but today's our last day so it's only a 20 minute run and I was hoping to get some sun. When we got up there I thought that I was feeling better, two days off had at least let my body heal a bit, but I was wrong. Just walking up those damn stairs to go and do our warm up was a bit much. Started the jog and I was just dragging ass. My body was shot and the cold was not helping a bit, it was so hard to breath. I know if I could just keep up than that would be good, I really tried to push myself. Somehow made it through. My hamstring started hurting towards the end even since Chaz popped his I always get paranoid. I was feeling worn out but my lungs at least opened up. We headed home and had about two hours before sparring. I was wondering if I should even go. I finally decided that I would and just see how I feel. Got over to the gym about half an hour early so that I could get a nice stretch and warm up in. I was feeling really exhausted. Did my best to get warmed up but I just couldn't get going. Sparred about 6 or 7 rounds and actually felt way better than I thought I was going to. I decided to stop a little early just to be safe. Sheila came by and gave me another B12 shot. She also brought me some Claratin and Mucinex. I hope that they would help at least a little bit. When I went home I was feeling really lousy. I just lay in bed and rested the rest of the day.


Well I woke up this morning feeling 10 times better. I could breath and just felt much less congested. I lay in bed until about 10. For some reason I had a ton of energy. Went to church with Chaz, John and Amber. I was really emotional and just felt like bursting into tears the whole time. I just feel so blessed to have this gift and am so grateful to be able to touch people's lives with it.


I'm still feeling better but I'm still a bit congested. Did 5 rounds with Shawn this morning and felt pretty good although it was hard for me to breath. I know that I'll clear up by fight time and even if I don't I'm not worried. I woke up at 147, which made me happy. Felt pretty good the first part of the day but after that I was having a hard time. Just felt like eating everything in sight. Git a massage at 5, which was wonderful and made me feel a lot better. I feel great other than this stupid cold. A few more days to go. Got a press conference on Thursday in China town. That should be interesting Decided to go to LA the week after the fight to hang out with my dad and brother. Just need to get away and have a healthy break. Can't wait! Well Toddy's back so hopefully I'll see him tomorrow and he can sharpen me up.


I woke up this morning feeling awful. Started blacking out as soon as I'd try and stand up. Decided to take the morning off and just rest, felt a lot better after that. I did weigh 144.8 which made me feel a lot better. Decided to try and eat a little more today and felt a bit better in the afternoon. Went to Toddy's at 4, he's finally back from Thailand as is Dayel. He said he wanted to watch me train. I had been hoping that he would hold pads for me but I knew as long as he was there that he would correct whatever Wong, the guy that had been holding for me lately, was doing wrong. Well that's what happened but it was basically 5 rounds of me being his guinea pig trying to get Wong's technique squared away. All right kicks. Fun times! It was good though because that's the one thing that I felt I was missing. Knowing I could get through that torture and still feel strong made me a lot more confident. Two more days until weigh ins. Feels like forever. Got two sessions tomorrow then maybe one on Friday. I feel great other than this stupid cold.


Well we had the press conference today. That was fun! Got up this morning and hit pads with Shawn. Felt pretty good. Still feeling out of it and weak from dieting though. We went to the press conference at noon. I was hoping that they would have my belt for me but no luck. Dennis told me that it's on its way. The good thing was that all the Chinese were there so I didn't have to stress about them not making it again. They brought KangEn and I in front of everyone. I wanted to smack him in the face and take my belt....soon enough!!! I can't wait to hit him as hard as I can. I want to break him from the inside out. There will be no question after this one is over. I'm done being nice in there. I used to not want to be angry, that's just not me, so instead I would always end up being overly nice. Not to say that I didn't beat on people but it was never anything that viscous For some reason, just recently, I figured out that I can be mean without being angry. Just started realizing that going into the fight with Justin. I can't wait for this. Sick or not I'm going to destroy him. There's nothing that he can do to stop it. Went to Toddy's at 4 and he worked on sharpening me up on a few things. It really helped, always does. Can't imagine how good I would be if he actually trained me this entire time. Going to hit pads with Mike tomorrow just to break a sweat then got about 30 hours until weigh ins. Boo!!!


Woke up this morning at 143, which was nice. Had me a big bowl of oatmeal then headed to the gym. Cold is clearing up more and more, but still there. Matt Lucas met me there to do an interview for Chaz and I clinched from about 20 minutes and then I did 5 rounds of boxing with Mike. I was feeling really sharp and strong. Did the interview with Matt and then headed over to see Bob. Got cracked then did some laser on my ankles and shins. Headed home, showered and had a little pasta. Dana hit me up and had me come over so she and Mike could pray for me, it was really nice. After that I stopped by Dawn's to give her tickets. I started feeling really out of it and tired at that point. Went home to rest a bit then went to Shawn's for a haircut. Feeling better now, just hope to wake up on weight.


Well I'm much better...and fatter :) I woke up this morning at 144, I couldn't believe it. What the hell?How did I gain 2 pounds from eating lettuce. It really pissed me off. I was feeling really out of it and weak. I had planned on just going to the gym to burn off any weight I needed to but there was no was I could feeling this way. I called Dawn up to see if I could use her sauna. She said of course so I just rested the rest of the morning until I needed to go over there, in and out of consciousness. I was feeling really weak. I knew it wouldn't be a problem to cut the weight, I was just pissed about it. Shawn hit me up and said he might have a pound to cut as well so he would come pick me up at 3 and we would go to Dawn's. I started feeling a bit better and before I left to cut the weight I checked and was down to 142.6. We head over to Dawn's around 3:20. At first I was a bit worried because the sauna didn't seem very hot and I wasn't really sweating much. Finally after about 10 minutes the sweat started to come out. I did 15 minutes and then checked my weight. Shawn was already there and I had about a pound to go, no big deal. I went back in for another and Dawn joined me. Finally she looks at the temp and says, “Man, it should be at 170!”, It was only at 140. No wonder I couldn't sweat. By that time the 15 minutes was up so I just got out and checked my weight. 139, one under, perfect. What was funny was that I felt better after cutting the weight than I had all morning. Shawn dropped me off at my house and I grabbed a nice cold shower. Chaz showed up a little later, he had cut weight over at LVAC and said that it had been a rough one. He looked pretty sucked up. I was feeling ok. We headed over to the Hilton and got there around 5. The weigh ins were at the Manilow Show Room, right next to the theater where we would be fighting tomorrow night. We get in there and do all of our paperwork and medicals. Finally an hour later the Chinese show up. Everyone was pissed how late they were but I could of cared less. I have been waiting 8 months for this so what's an extra hour? Shawn and Chaz weren't as patient. Finally after about an hour and a half of waiting we finally get on the scale. KangEn and I both weighed in at 139. We did our pose off and he tried to do that tough guy stare. He did a double take at me and I could see the doubts creep into his mind. He knows that he's not getting into the ring with the same guy he fought in China. It was the same look Matt May had in his eyes the day before I knocked him out. The second this fight starts he's really going to know, that's when I'm going to break him. I know that I can destroy this guy. I know that I have all the skill, heart and passion to be the best. Now all I need to do is go in there and show it. Show him that we aren't even on the same level. I don't just want to win, I want people to wonder why we are even in the same ring. Now I just need to get some sleep and try not to think about the fight too much. Plenty of time for that tomorrow.


Man, that was rough! Where do I even begin? Well I woke up around 10 morning of the fight and got some food. I was feeling really good, strong. Just lay around watching fights, resting and eating the rest of the day. Chaz and I headed over to the Hilton at 5. We didn't get the green room this time unfortunately because they had to put all the Chinese in there. Actually the room they gave us was a little better because it had it's own bathroom and shower. They had the same TV in there, with the camera of the fight that was so far away you couldn't tell what was going on. At least you could hear it and know who won and when the fights were over. It was Chaz, Jack Thames, Joe Schilling and myself all in there. They put Shawn in that little closet one they had Christine in last time. I told him to just join us in our room. I got stretched out and after Mark finished wrapping Chaz's hands he did mine. My right hand has actually been feeling really good lately, a nice change. It was so great having all of us on the same card. Chaz, Shawn, Scotty Ray, Christine, Jack and me. Jack was up first so I went up to watch. He's such a nut! He fights the exact same way he spars. Just lets people hit him as he walks forward. He fought one of the Chinese guys who totally gassed out after the first round. First time I had ever seen someone get tired before Jack haha. He was having his way with him. Landing really hard kicks to his body and legs, wearing him down. His opponent was game and was landing some good shots of his own, just not enough. Jack was constantly dumping him and you could see his energy just plummet. Finally in the 3rd Jack landed a hard body kick and then two body shots and his opponent just crumbled. I was so happy for him. Chaz was up next. I knew that he could beat Chike as long as he stuck to a good game plane and stayed sharp. Either way it was going to be a great fight. We all walked out with him and then stood off to the side to watch. It starts and they are just feeling each other out taking their time. Chike wasn't moving around as much as I thought he was going to. They were going back and forth, it was close. The only thing I gave the edge to was Chike in the clinch. The pace picked up throughout and was still pretty even although I thought that Chaz was landing the more effective combinations. Every round Chaz seemed to be getting more and more comfortable and letting loose. The 4th round was Chaz's best, right up until the point he got dropped with an elbow. It was one of the nastier ones I had ever seen. Put him face down into the canvas, which is usually a sign that you ain't getting back up. It had hit him right on the temple. Surprisingly he got right back up as if nothing had happened, the rest of the round was close. He did really great and I was proud. They ended up giving a majority decision to Chike, which means that one of the judges had it a draw. If Chaz hadn't been dropped he would have won. I still thought it should have been a draw. Either way he did great against a really experienced, tough guy. Of course he was bummed but he knew that he had performed well. He ended up having to get 6 stitches. Luckily they had a doctor there to do them, nothing worse than going to the emergency room. Christine fought an amazing fight, she really dominated. So much so that when they went to announce the decision I went down to the back because I already knew. Once she was back in her dressing room I went to congratulate her. She looked pissed. I said, “No! They didn't seriously screw you over did they?” I couldn't believe it, I was so pissed. Felt so bad for her. It's one thing when you lose because someone is better but to get screwed by idiot judges is the worst. I guess it was because they had fought under san shou rules and her girl had thrown her down a few times, which is major points in that sport. Ridiculous! Shawn was up next. I didn't think that his would get out of the first few rounds but his Chinese opponent came to fight. He was big and in shape. Shawn hit him with some good shots and anyone else would have went down. At one point Shawn elbowed him as the ref was coming in to break them. Right after that his opponent elbowed him back as the ref was in between them. I thought he was going to lose it but he kept his composure and went back to work. There was another point where Shawn slipped and the guy went to soccer kick him in the face, only thing that stopped it was the fact the ropes were in the way. I was pissed, these mother fuckers. Shawn ended up winning a decision, it was a good fight. He told me that he was having a really hard time with his footing in the ring and kept slipping. After that I went down and started getting ready. I was feeling really good, although a bit tired from sitting around all night. I started hitting pads with Mark and felt really strong although my sinuses were still bad. I just wanted to get out there. Finally it was my time, I was ready for war. We made the long walk up the stairs all the way to the waiting area right behind the stage. It was all very surreal. It was pitch black behind the curtain but you could hear the buzz of the crowd, I couldn't wait. Finally they announce my name, the crowd explodes into applause as I make my way out. It was the most amazing feeling. The past 6 and a half years had brought me to this moment. For an international title and my revenge, time to go to work. I said a prayer then jumped over the ropes. Toddy came up on the ring apron and gave me some last minute instructions. It wouldn't matter who was across the ring from me with him in my corner. I could hear them announce KangEn and he came in the ring but Toddy kept my attention on him. Tony Weeks brought us together in the center of the ring. KangEn was trying to give me this friendly look but I was having none of it. I remember last time! We can be friends later. We went to touch gloves, for some reason I thought he was going to push me so I shoved him first. Looking back I don't think that's what he was trying to do but either way I wasn't there to mess around. He tried pushing me back at the same time but I had already moved him to far. You could hear the whole crowd go, “ooooohhh.” They knew it was about to get crazy. He went back to his corner but I tried staying in the center. I wanted him to know that this was my ring and I wasn't going anywhere. Finally Tony tells me to go back to my corner. The bell rings. I went straight after him and could tell immediately that this was going to be a war. He had clearly trained hard for this one. He fought completely different than he had last time. It was as if I was fighting a different person. This threw me off. My distance and timing were completely wrong and I was trying way too hard to knock him out. This was causing me to miss a lot and opening me up for his counters. He clipped me really good right off the bat with a right hook that shook me. His punches seemed ten times harder than last time and he was landing a lot. My equilibrium was all out of whack because his punches looped around to the back of my ear a lot. There was a moment that I clearly remember. For a split second a part of me just thought, “Why don't you just give up, it would be so much easier to just let him knock you out.” As soon as that thought entered my mind the stronger side of me said, “F that, he's gona have to kill me first!” As soon as that argument with myself was over all the doubts were gone. He ended up cutting me in the 2nd round with an elbow. I knew it wasn't bad and was only on the side of my head. I was still feeling really off and was having a hard time getting my legs under me but I just kept grinding and pushing forward. I was landing some really hard shots but he was connecting with a lot of numbers. In between rounds I was feeling frustrated, I just couldn't seem to get anything working. My wind felt great it was just my muscles felt shot, maybe because he was blasting me with kicks. The 3rd round I was feeling a little more solid and was starting to get in a bit of a rhythm. Going into the 4th Mark was telling me to box more. After that I started letting my hands go and everything seemed to loosen up. At one point I teeped as he came off the ropes and then just touched him with a left hand. He fell to the ground and was laying there for a second. I wasn't sure what was going on because I didn't think that I had hit him that hard. Toddy was screaming at the ref, “Why don't you count?” I thought, “Oh hell no, not again.” Finally KangEn gets up, there was no way in hell I was going to let this go to the judges. I went after him hard and could see he was running out of steam. I gave it every thing that I had and knew it was only a matter of time. Throughout the fight, each time we had clinched up, I would get double under hooks and kept trying to bring my knee up to his face, but each time it was just out of range. Moments after going after him since the knockdown we clinched up again. This time I brought the knee up and felt it smack him in the jaw. I could feel the life start to go out of his body and I smashed him in the face one more time and let go, he was out before he hit the floor. I went over to the neutral corner thinking, “Don't you dare get up!” he was flattened on his back but lifting his head and arms. A few seconds went by as Tony counted. Finally he waves it off as KangEn flattens back out. The crowd explodes, loudest thing I have ever heard. I couldn't believe it. Immediately this wave of emotions hits me. 6 and a half years or pain and sacrifice had all brought me to this moment. Toddy jumped in the ring, I dropped to my knees and thanked him. I couldn't even begin to hide my emotions and was balling. He picked me up and said, “You did it baby, you did it.” I walked over to the corner, dropped to me knees and thanked God. Got up, climbed up on the ropes, the crowd was still going crazy. I could see everyone's faces clearly. Friends, family, training partners, everyone that had helped get me here. I thanked them all. I just wanted to hug each person individually. KangEn was still on the ground. Anthony Brown and Mark got in the ring and I told them both how much I appreciated them. Mark says, “You're a bad dude.” Finally the emotions settle down a bit, KangEn gets to his feet and they bring us together in center ring to announce it. They say, “And, by way of knockout, the NEW wbc international champion....KEVIN ROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!” Best thing I have ever heard. 8 months of waiting, all the rehab, training, had all payed off. I was so happy. Took forever to finally get out of the ring because we had to take about a million pictures. Once I got out of the ring everyone was trying to come up and congratulate me but the commission was dragging me into the back so they could pay me and give me my drug test. I made my way back downstairs to my dressing room. Everyone that I passed told me what an amazing fight it was as they congratulated me. Once I get back to my room the commissioner gives me a cup for my drug test. Problem was I really didn't have to go. I figured that I could at least get enough out for the test. He told me just to try so I did. It was almost to the line but not enough, damn! He let me know that we would have to do it again but now I really didn't have to pee. I started chugging as much water as I could handle. Must have put down almost a gallon. I could barely even breath because I was so full. Everyone was sitting around waiting for me to be able to take a piss. It sucked! I felt as if I could go but I didn't want to waste it and not be enough only to have to start this process all over again. The fact that everyone was waiting on me didn't help any. I felt bad but I wanted to leave just as much as they did. I went and got my head stitched up in the meantime. Ended up having to get 6 stitches, no big thing. Just a few more to add to the collection. Chaz and I had hoped to get sushi afterwards but they closed at 11 and it was already freaking midnight. I continued drinking as much as I could. Chuck, the commission guy, was cracking up saying, “This is gonna be a good story for him to tell.” Finally around 12:30 I decided I'd give it a try again, I just barely got it over the line. Thank goodness!!! Everyone applauded haha. We all walked out and I said goodbye to everyone. Norm and Sheila gave me a ride home. We stopped by the Peppermill to get some food on our way back. For some reason, the second I got out of the ring, I couldn't stop sneezing. It was as if I had the worst allergies of all time. When we got outside I could finally see why. There was smoke and ash blowing in from the fires in California, the air was awful. I'm just glad it hadn't hit me during the fight. It was horrible, I couldn't breath. By the time we get to the Peppermill my legs were really starting to swell and the pain was setting in. I gimped into the booth and sat down with my belt. I was so tired but had to eat something. It was really nice hanging out with Norm, Sheila, AJ and TJ. Normally I would be out drinking, doing something that I would regret. This was so much better! Had some sliders, they were ok. Then we all shared an enormous sundae. It was so good! I was starting to pass out by the time we left. They dropped me off at my house. I said goodbye and thanked them for everything. I was so tired but couldn't fall asleep until almost 8am.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Vs Chike

Chike and I were supposed to fight about 2 years ago in San Francisco. The commission up there not only screwed up our fight but the majority of the pro fights on the card ended up getting canceled, last minute. Gina and Mark both flew out with me. We were at weigh ins and the commission tells me that I got the wrong blood work. “How could I get the wrong blood work?”, I ask, “You guys gave me the paperwork for it.” They go on to tell me that there are two different types of hepatitis tests you can get and I got the wrong one...great!!!! No what? Come to find out that there is a 24 hour blood place we can go get it done at and they should have the results in time to be cleared to fight. I was furious, if these idiots would have checked all of this ahead of time then we could have gotten it fixed but nooooooooooooo. After the weigh ins finished up and we got something to eat someone from the promotion gave Mark and I a ride. It was an hour outside of town. We get there, get the blood work done and they tell us they will fax the results to the venue the second they are done. Obviously I was stressed but what can you do? The next day we make it to the venue and find out the blood work came and everything is a go, thank goodness. I think at least 4-5 of the other pro fights had to be canceled because of similar screw ups. This show was going to be a mess. We get into the back, I get stretched out a bit and then Mark starts wrapping my hands. As soon as he gets the first one finished someone comes in from the commission and says, “The fights off.” WHAT? No freaking way! They tell us that Chike apparently had gotten the wrong test as well but they hadn't checked. These people are the most useless bunch of idiots on earth I swear. Mark flipped out and was livid, I just kind of laughed, what can you do. Sure I was pissed but throwing a fit ain't going to help nothing. I just hoped I could at least get paid. I mean I did 99% of my job. Luckily the promoter kicked me down half, which is better than nothing. The show was a mess, pretty sure it was their last.

Chaz ended up fighting Chike back in August on Dennis's show here in Vegas. He lost a really close decision, most people, including me, still thought he won or should have at least gotten a draw. Either way it was a great fight.

After my fight with Coke Dennis asked me to fight the guy that had fought Bryce Krause on his last show. I would be defending my WBC welterweight national title. I remember watching that fight and that guy was just a sloppy brawler. The last thing I wanted was to be in an ugly fight. I would rather lost to a better, technical person than win against a scrub. If I'm going to defend my title, which I worked so hard to get, than I want it to be against someone who deserves to be in there. I told Dennis this and thankfully he agreed. He asked if I would like to fight Chike. Without hesitation I said of course, although I wasn't sure how he would make the weight as he normally fights at 155 and this was at 147. He's a great fighter and I know it will make for a great fight.

I didn't get much of a chance to rest after the Coke fight. My shin was still killing me and my body was just worn out from the tough fights I had over the past year. The first few weeks of training were pretty rough, my back had really been killing me. One morning I woke up and couldn't even sit up to get out of bed. I ended up just rolling off. It's been feeling better but it gets tight real easy. What makes everything worse is that fact that I have only been to Toddy's once! There's just no one there, fighters or trainers. Oh well, guess I'm on my own once again, nothing new. I had asked Toddy if he would help me get back to Thailand after this fight since I had no one to work with here. He didn't seem to pleased because I didn't want to go to his camp there. Luckily Shawn has been holding pads for me and Mike has been working some boxing mitts with me, bother over at Throwdown. I feel like I'm all over the place. Shawn Tompkins has been bringing me over twice a week to spar with Chris Hordecki to help him get ready for his fight. It's definitely better than nothing but Chris is a completely different fighter than Chike.

I don't just want to win this fight, I want to beat him so bad that people wonder why we are even in the same ring.


Well training has been going really good. I've been pretty worn out though and my back has still been giving me issues. It just keeps locking up, the muscles. Been lifting a lot in order to put some size on considering how much Chike is than I. Today was the best that I have felt. Shawn and I went to a hyperbaric chamber today that Rhonda hooked up for us. It was weird, makes you feel like you're on drugs, at least to me anyway. I felt really tired afterword but I had been worn out all day. Tonight, once I started training, I felt great. Did pads with Shawn then went and sparred over at Nick's. Felt really good, barely even got tired. Got about a week and a half left until the fight.


Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, Wednesday Norm was on a rampage. I woke up in the morning exhausted and my back was killing me. There was no way that I was going to be able to do my sprints. I hit Norm up and told him that I would get them done later on. Passed out after that and didn't wake back up until 2 this afternoon. I would have slept all day but luckily I set my alarm. I was so worn out. I got up and had some food then lay back down to rest some more. I headed over to the gym around 4 and got ready to attempt these sprints. My heel was still killing me from my damn shoes and it felt I was getting shin splints again on top of the fact my back was killing me. I got started, didn't feel too bad the first two rounds, but not great. By the third my back was feeling really tight and my shins were killing me. I knew that I was going to finish them regardless so I just pushed through the pain. 4th Round Norm put me up to 13.5 mph and I wanted to die. Then, just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, he bumped it up to 13.8 for the 5th round. I said, “What the hell? Might as well go to 14, don't short change me!” So he did. I don't know how my shoes didn't explode from running so fast. Somehow I got through it. Sucked ass but it made me feel good knowing that I did it. It had opened my lungs wide open, which always feels great. After that Chaz and I hit the bag for a bit then did some sparring and clinching.


Well hell week is over and I can finally rest. So happy to be done with all that. Just been trying to get some rest today. Weights pretty good, about 5-7 pounds out. Feel really good mentally, which is the most important part. My body is not too bad, just a few small injuries like my shin splints and that damn hole in the back of my heel. The worst part is my back, it's still killing me but I'll manage.


First day of dieting down and I feel pretty good, hungry but good. I probably don't even need to be as strict as I am but I just wanted to do one day and see where I end up. I went and did about 20 minutes on the elliptical then 5 rounds with Mike. I felt really good, wind felt great but my shoulders were burnt out. I did some exercises after that then went home. I had a delicious sweet potato and some asparagus, mmmmmm. Passed out for a bit then just relaxed until 2 then went to see Denny. He had one of his girls work on my back. It's been feeling a bit better but still annoying, nothing that will affect me. Went home, chilled out, played some Call Of Duty then headed back to the gym. I stretched out for about half an hour then Chaz and I did some technique sparring for about an hour. I felt pretty good. Had to teach after that. Sheila came by and gave Shawn and I another B12 shot. Definitely makes me feel a little better.. Got to have some wheat pasta with asparagus, egg whites and oil and vinegar, mmm, I'm full. It's not too bad, just hope my weight is down a bit tomorrow.


Woke up at 150.8 and I was feeling pretty good. Headed over to the gym and got on the elliptical for about 15 minutes. Right away my energy dropped. I was feeling really out of it and exhausted. Stretched out for about half an hour and felt like I was going to pass out. Chaz came in to teach his class and he wasn't looking too happy, really sucked up. I didn't think I was going to be able to get though the pads but I was definitely going to try. I started shadow boxing and was just feeling really dizzy. I tried hitting the bag for a bit, because Mike wasn't there yet, but I just couldn't do it. I decided to just go home and rest. I had a big bowl of oatmeal then passed out. I lay in bed until about 2pm. I got up and had a sweet potato, it was disgusting. I'm so sick of eating this crap. One more day until weigh ins. Went over to Bob's and got laser done on my shin and my back adjusted. Went to the gym after that. I had actually started feeling good when I was at Bob's but the second I got to the gym it was as if someone had unplugged me. I just lost all motivation. Chaz wasn't feeling too motivated either. For a second I almost said screw it but I decided to try and do a little something. We did some technique sparring for about half an hour. Actually started feeling a little better. Hit the bag for a few rounds after that. The exhaustion has just been hitting me in waves.


Tomorrow's the weigh ins, thank goodness. I actually feel really good and I think I'm already on weight. Got up this morning and Chaz and I went and did the MMA Junkie radio show over at Mandalay Bay. We were over there for about an hour, it was pretty fun. I felt good when I got up but before I went over to the show I accidentally took a bunch of vitamins on an empty stomach, bad idea. I thought I was going to puke my brains out on the way over there. Luckily I started feeling a bit better once we arrived. After that I headed back home and lay down for a while. Went to the gym around 5:30 and did some sweat work then hit some pads with Shawn. I was feeling pretty good and had some energy. I had to teach class then went over to Dana's so she could pray for me. When I got there Mike told me that she wasn't going to be home for about an hour so he just ended up praying for me. After that I went home for a little then headed to Shawn's so he could give me a hair cut. After he finished this wave of hunger hit me, it was awful. I knew that my weigh was good but I was hoping to be under so that maybe I might be able to have a little something to eat or drink tomorrow. I stopped by the grocery store on the way home to get some prune juice. The store is the worst place to be when you are starving. Everything looks so amazing, even stuff that I would never normally eat. I checked my weight when I got home, 149.Drank my prune juice, hoping to wake up around 145 so I can drink something. I'm really looking forward to this fight.


Woke up at like 6 this morning, checked my weight and was 146, which was a relief. I crashed back out for a few more hours. Checked my weight again and was 145.5. I decided to get up and have a little chicken sandwich and sipped on some water. Pretty much lay around all day. I was feeling good, a little out of it and weak but I was grateful to be underweight so I didn’t have to cut anything today. Checked my weight again and was still a pound under so I had another little sandwich and sipped some Pedialyte. Around 3 I took Shawn over to Dawn's so that he could cut a few pounds in her sauna. He said that he only had 2 left so I knew it would be easy. He did a 15 minute session then went back in for another 5 and was right on. Went back to the house and just lay around until it was time to leave. It felt so late because the sun was down but it was only 5. We took off at 5:30 to head to Stateline, stopped by Teriyaki Madness to grab food to bring. It was pretty rough driving with that amazing smell all the way out there. Got there, checked in, filled out paperwork and waited. Only had to sit around for about 15 minutes and then they got us on the scale. Originally we thought that Chaz was 5th, Shawn 6th, then I'd be 7th, then Romie then Malaipet for the main event. When I was filling out my paperwork I saw the bout sheet and it said that I was the main. I thought, “This can't be right.” I didn't really think too much about it after that. If it was cool if not whatever. They brought all of us onto the stage and had us line up to get ready to weigh in. Chike was standing next to me, didn't seem all that much bigger than I, of course I do have a distorted perspective of size. They say that they are going to start with the main event first and then work there way backwards. They call my name first, I guess I really am the main event. This surprises me seeing how stacked this card is. I end up being 146, Chike was 147.5 so he had to go cut the last half pound. They took a few pics of us then I put my clothes on and started grubbing. I saw Jack Thames sitting at the bar. Now Jack being as crazy as he is I didn't think much about it, seeing as he was supposed to fight tomorrow as well, but then he tells me that his fight got canceled. I felt so bad for him, just part of the game. Chaz and Shawn both made weight. Mason Gibson, who Shawn is fighting, came in 1.5 over but Shawn just took part of his purse instead of him making the weight. We sat down and ate our food, it was so amazing! After that Chaz and I bounced. Back in town we met up with his girl, Norm, Sheila and TJ over at Olive Garden. I was still pretty stuffed but I got some food anyway, ended up just taking it home. I feel really good mentally and physically. I know that I need to go into this one just like I did with Justin, to destroy him, no judges, no BS. Defend my title, which I still don't have and end this great year with another win. I'm ready for war, either way it's going to be fun.


Well here's how it all went down. I woke up around 8am and figured that I might as well get some more food in me. I made a protein shake and went back to bed. Woke up again at 11 and just lay there until 1. Got up, ate, watched some fights and lay around some more. Sucks sitting around all day. The sun started to go down, felt so late once again. I was feeling really good, just sleepy. Finally around 6:30 Chaz and I hit the road. I was so happy and grateful to God for allowing me to do what I love . Living your dream everyday is the greatest feeling. We got up to Buffalo Bills around 7, it was freezing out. We go inside the venue and it was a pretty nice set up, stadium seating with a big open floor. They had the same ring set up that we had used on a few previous Dennis shows. Chaz, Shawn, Romie and I were all in the same corner, which was nice. Went into the back and dropped all of our stuff off, it was about 7:30. Went around saying hi to everyone that was there. It was pretty cold inside too so I knew that it would take me a bit in order to warm up. I stretched out for a little while then went to go find Dennis to give him all of my ticket money. I kept running into people that I knew every 5 seconds so it was taking me forever. Finally I tracked him down, gave him the money and headed back. They were already in the middle of the rules meeting by the time I got back there. After that nonsense finished I went back to warming up. Mark finished wrapping Chaz's hands then got started on mine. I was so pissed when I realized that I had forgotten the necklace that I always keep wrapped around my wrist when I fight, my good luck charm. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. Mark did a great job on my hands, the felt really strong, but every time, in the back of my mind, I worry about breaking them again. Shadow boxed a bit and watched a few of the fights. Chaz was up. He'd had a rough run of it since turning pro, since he was only fighting savages, so I was really hoping this one would go his way. He was fighting Bryce, who had been in the game for a long time and was tough as nails, it would definitely be a test. I knew that Chaz could beat him as long as he stayed focused and fought smart. They started out slow, just feeling each other out. They ended up in the clinch, Chaz locked on to him good and was slamming him with brutal knees. Finally the ref breaks them up. Chaz steps in with this short left hook which lands right and Bryce's chin. He didn't even see it coming and was out, there was no getting up from that. I was so happy for him, he really needed that win. Shawn was up next, I did not envy him. Manson is a really awkward fighter who has been in the game forever. It was for the WBC national title. Shawn knew that he was going to have to wait, pick his shots and not run into anything stupid. Manson is usually really good at lulling people into playing his game but Shawn took his time and stuck to the plan. The crowd wasn't too happy about it, as there wasn't a lot of action, but Shawn did what he needed to do and was slamming him with hard leg kicks. Manson didn't come out for the 2nd round. I started hitting pads with Mark after that. I was feeling good but something felt a little off, not sure what it was. I watched a little bit of Romie's fight, it looked like war! I guess Romie had dropped his guy twice but ended up getting cut and stopped in the 4th from elbows. Malaipet and James Cook were up next. Apparently they had fought once 5 years early and it had been close. I was only able to watch a little bit as I was still warming up. From what I saw Malaipet was just screwing around with him in the beginning but by the 3rd his expression had completely changed. James is a tough guy with a lot of experience. I think Malaipet figured he would be able to get James out of their relatively quickly but that didn't happen. James didn't come out for the 5th round, I guess he ended up with broken ribs. Finally it was my turn. As I took my hoodie off my rosary got snagged and broke. I briefly thought, “That's not a good sign.”, but then put it in the back of my mind. They announce my name, I was ready! Made my way to the ring, heard the roar of the crowd but couldn't see anyone as the spotlight was blinding me. Even my walk had felt a bit off. Said a prayer as I knelt down by the steps, climbed up then hoped over the ropes. Got focused then sealed off the ring. I wish they would give us more time so that we could do the Wai Kru. I was feeling good, confident. I went back to my corner , Mark took off my mongkol, shirt and Nokweed, the ref, brought Chike and I to center ring. There was nothing personal so this wasn't one of those mean stare downs, as most of mine never are, just a show of confidence. We touched gloves and went back to our corners. Ding ding, round 1....I didn't write up how the fight went down, and it was 5 years ago so would be pretty tough to remember how I was feeling and what all happened. If you want to watch it just go to youtube and look up 'Kevin Ross vs Chike'. Enjoy

A few things I do remember is that I had, for the past few years, this inflamed nerve it my right shin. It was the most painful thing in the world anytime it got hit. Felt as if I was being stabbed with a hit knife. My doctor once gave me a cortisone shot in it but the pain of having it done wasn't worth the relief I got from the shot. It was something I just learned to deal with over the years. Well in the first round Chike slammed my shin with a kick. I thought my shin snapped in half as he hit that very spot. Good times! Another thing was at the start of the 5th round he smashed my nose in with an elbow, which at the time I actually thought we had smacked heads. I was out for a second and hit the floor. I didn't know what had happened and was going to take my time getting up but when I saw that the ref wasn't counting I immediately got up. Looking back, if you look at where Nokweed's eyes are and his perspective from that side, you can see that it would have just looked like a slip. I went after him right away. I told him later on that if he would have hit me once more he probably would have knocked me out hahaha. He said that the fact I went right back after him is why he didn't think I was hurt. I actually don't have much recollection of that entire fight. This was also the start of my nose getting smashed in and disfigured, damn you Chike :P I remember I was extremely emotional after this fight. Couldn't keep myself together. People would ask me if I was ok and I just shook my head. I had to sit down for quit a while and get myself together, on top of the fact my head was killing me and I was really out of it.

-Side note: When I started this camp Toddy had told me that he was leaving to Australia to do a seminar. He said just to get my training in with Shawn and Mark and once he got back he would make sure I was ready. He left and a few weeks later I asked his son, Dayel, when he would be back. He tells me, "Not till next year." What? My fight was on December 5th. This was the last straw for me, after a long list of things over the years, and when I decided to no longer train with him.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vs Mauceri


I'm at SFO right now waiting for my flight to DC and then to Connecticut Starving, exhausted but overall feeling great. Training for this fight went really well although it was an extremely long ca,p, 14 weeks. Only other time I've trained that many weeks in a row was when I was getting ready to fight Saenchai. Both times it wasn't my intention, just sorta worked out that way. I was back in the gym the week following my second fight with Embree in hopes that I'd be on Lion Fight 14 if someone was to pull out. By the time I found out that I wouldn't be on that card it was already too close to this one for me to find a fight overseas. I kept training my ass off in hopes that someone might pull out at the last minute but no such luck. It was a gamble on my part but I had to try. So that's why I've been training for as long as I have. Honestly felt like I peaked 2-3 weeks ago. Been doing my best just to maintain it and not burn myself out, which has been basically impossible. I have been so exhausted the last two weeks. My body and mind are completely fried. I took a day off here and there which helped but not enough. I'm glad all that's over and now it's time to have some fun.....well almost, still gotta starve for the next 2 days till weigh ins. I was actually only 6.5 pounds out this morning which is great. I'm just trying to make it as easy as possible since I gotta travel and stuff. It's Tuesday night right now, flights at 11pm and I get there at 7am. Only good part is that hopefully I'll be able to sleep. Today was a long one. Kirian, as usual, waited till the last minute to schedule my medicals. Almost was out of luck and would have had to fly down to LA to get them done. I would have lost it if that happened. Luckily he was able to get some set up. Had to dive out to San Jose for an EKG at 9am then stay there until 12:30for my neuro. Unfortunately the doctor got stuck in surgery so I didn't get to see him until 1:30. Nothing better than driving around, then sitting all day while starving and exhausted all for some pointless tests. I still had to get home to get ready and finish packing for tonight...woosah! I feel like a zombie. Last couple days of training my mind and body were completely fried. Honestly don't know how I was able to get through them and was even able to push pretty hard. Killing myself all day everyday as usual. I know that Chris, however inexperienced and nonthreatening he may be, is going to bring everything that he has and is going to try and make a name for himself off of me. The handful of times in the past where I wasn't fighting killers, it didn't exactly go so well. Not to say I didn't beat them because I did, I just didn't like how I fought, not that I ever really do. It's like if I don't feel threatened in there then it's hard for me to turn it on. Luckily the Embree fights kind of opened my eyes to this and made me realize that I need to fight how I fight regardless of what my opponent is doing. Even though Embree's a decent fighter I had absolutely zero concern with anything he did and even more so in the last fight since all he wanted to do was snuggle. Instead of getting mad and beating his ass I allowed it to basically take the fight out of me. I was like “well if you don't wana fight then I don't wana fight either, let's just hang out.” I'm never going to let that happen again, I'd rather lose knowing I gave it my all regardless of what my opponent does or doesn't do. Chris is trying to make his name off of me, that's not going to happen. He asked for a fight with me and that's exactly what he is going to get. I'm going in there to destroy him for every second of every round. I have a world title fight with Michael Thompson, who I've been wanting to fight for years, 6 weeks after this, July 4th in Vegas. I need to wreck this kid, make a statement, and then get right back to work. But for right now, woosah, long ass flights then a day and a half until weigh ins.

-Well that trip was brutal. First off my flight out of SFO got delayed 2 hours because of maintenance, which caused me to miss my connecting flight in DC. We actually landed as that flight was taking off. Next flight wasn't for another 4 hours. I was so exhausted and starving. Luckily I was able to pass out on the plane for a few hours but I was so uncomfortable. Finally got on a puddle jumper to Providence. Luckily when we got there my bag came out right away, I was having my doubts. As soon as I got my bag I opened it up and took a nice sip of the distilled water I had packed, so thirsty. Lion Fight was nice enough to have a driver pick me up. The weather was surprisingly nice out. A little humid but not bad. Took about an hour drive to make it to Foxwoods. I was half passed out in the back of the car the whole time. I couldn't believe how big the hotel/casino was. It's giant, even for a Vegas hotel, and in the middle of nowhere. I got there around 3, showered quick, unpacked and then wanted to lay down to rest but by the time I finished everything I had to go down and do the interviews for AXStv. Those are always fun but even more so when you have been traveling all day. So I get down to the room to do the interview, knock on the door, they tell me to come in but Chris is still there finishing his. They are all, “Oops, this is awkward, give us a minute.” Ha, like I care. I waited outside for them to finish and call me in. Once they finally did one of the guys says to me, “I guess it's no big deal with you Muay Thai guys.” Which was a nice compliment. Glad people can see the difference in our demeanor. I did my interview, accidentally said, “I'm gonna break my foot off in his ass.” Honestly didn't even realize it until Tiffany, who was sitting to the side waiting, tells me she heard it and was cracking up. Oops! Oh well. It's not that I didn't mean it I just didn't mean for it to come out like that. Finished that up and then had to do some photograph stuff. It was so good to see Tiff, she seemed like she was doing really well. I went to leave but Cosmo was waiting outside so we talked for a bit. He cracks me up. So surreal knowing him especially since I used to watch all his fights back in the day, still do. Some people say that same thing about knowing me, which I think is the weirdest thing ever. He was telling me how much he loves to eat and how he doesn't want to fight so light anymore ha. Said bye to him then Tiff and I walked back to our rooms. Said she was going to hit the sauna after her phone interview but wasn't sure when they closed or how much it cost. I was thinking about going as well so I went down with her to check the place out. Wow, you can really get lost in this place. Finally we found our way to the spa, it closes at 9. I was really starting to feel this weight cut so I told her that I'd just take a bath if anything. I needed to lay down and sleep. Finally got back to my room, turned the heat on, to hopefully sweat a little, and passed out. Woke up a bit later because my feet were freezing. Wtf? The heat was on full blast. I put some socks on and passed back out. Paul, this Muay Thai kid who does a podcast, had hit me up on Facebook to see if he could interview me. “Of course”, I told him so he said he would drive up with his girl at 9 tonight. It was a fun interview, always nice when you can tell the people are really into the sport. I could tell he was really stoked to do it, and nervous haha. We took some pics afterwords, chatted for a bit then said goodbye. Mark finally landed and said he was about an hour out. I cranked up the heat some more, put some sweats on, stretched out, jump some rope and then shadow boxed a bit. I figured my body could use it after all of that travel plus it would help knock some weight off. Finished up with some abs and sit ups then took a hot ass shower. My body was feeling a lot better as it had been super tight from the flights. I didn't think I had dropped much but the scale said I was down 2 pounds, nice! So that means I'm 3.5 out right now. Tiff and Jason had stopped by earlier before they went to the sauna and I checked their scale. I was 1.5-2 pounds lighter on hers and she said hers was always accurate. At most I have 3.5 but probably closer to 2, which either way I should float most over night. Easy peazy.


Mark got in late last night after I finished my weight cut. Kirian is supposed to get here this morning but he missed his flight so who knows when he'll show. I told Mark last night that I'd kill him if he starts snoring haha although it ain't like I got nothing to do today but starve. I was 145 when I got up. Wanted to check Tiff's scale and hit Christine up to see if I could check on the official one. She told me that it would be available from 1-1:30 for everyone to use. Tiff's said I was 143.5 so I know at most I have about a pound to go so I figured I would wait and see what the official scale said until I cut anything. Tiff and I walked down there at 1. It took us a bit to find cause this damn hotel is enormous. Chris Mauceri, Nick Chasteen and a few others were already there waiting. The scale was already on the stage, just wasn't plugged in. Mark and I went up there, plugged it in and then I got on. 144, so I got a pound, good, not great. I was hoping not to have to do anything. I knew I could probably float it in time but I like to make sure so I decided to just do a pound in the tub. Was still feeling ok, not too weak. I waited until 2 and then filled up my tub with as hot of water as I could stand. Added a bag of epsom salt and got in. Usually I'm dying in there and just praying for the time to pass quickly but this time I was feeling pretty good, it was actually relaxing. At the same time this worried me and I thought maybe I wasn't dropping any weight. I stayed in for 10 minutes then took a hot shower. I was still sweating pretty good when I got out so I just covered up in a towel and lay on the bed. Jason stopped by, he said he was right on weight. Thank goodness he didn't look as bad as he did last time. Hopefully he is starting to figure this stuff out. I changed quick, we grabbed our drinks and snacks then headed to the venue at 3. I had a feeling that this was going to be a total pain in the ass but I was still hoping for the best. At least I was feeling relatively good. We get there, check in and wait, wait, wait. Time was just dragging by. On the itinerary they gave us it said 'weigh ins from 3-7', which is a bad sign. $ hour window. Christine said that they hoped to get us on the scale by 5 but she had no idea. This commission out here is the worst. There almost as bad as California. Well in California they know what they are doing, they just don't give a shit, here however it seems as if they literally have never worked fights before. Woosah. So I fill out all my paperwork and wait for the doctor, or whoever the hell we were waiting on. They tell us, “we'll call you”, and seemed as if they were taking us in order. Well about an hour in one of the commission guys says to me, “You haven't gone yet?” 'No! WTF? They said they would call me when they were ready.' Finally got in line between Jason and Mark Holst. The amateurs on the card all seemed star struck, well I guess I would have been too. One girl was so sweet, she was freaking out, “Oh my God I'm so excited to meet you, this is so amazing!” It's always so surreal to me. Makes me feel so good that I've impacted these people's lives in a positive way. Finally I get called into the room, it was only for us to get our federal ID's. These freaking idiots. So the lady, whose this large woman whose eating freaking Snickers bars, puts a wrist band on me and I say, “What's this for?” She says, “It's so you can get into the fights tomorrow.” I say, “Why in the hell would you put it on my wrist now, what if I lose it?” She says, “Well then you can't get into the fights.” “Well that's smart”, I say. She just gives me this look. “What happens if it snags on something, breaks, or I lose it?” She then goes on to tell me that they've been working fights for over 20 years and in that time no one has ever lost one. Yea right! So I calmly say, “Don't you think it would be a little better of an idea to give them to us tomorrow, or just not to strap them to our wrists right away?” She says, “No, I don't want to have to come find you.” As if you would have to come find me if this is the only way I can get into the fights...woosah. Ok, obviously this is like trying to reason with a rock. She takes my photo and then gives me my ID. I tell her that I'm not trying to argue, I'm just trying to suggest better options. Why even bother? I was getting so annoyed. These people just give no shits. So back to waiting. Finally they tell us that it's time to weigh in. We all go into the theater and sit down. Of course they start with the amateurs first. These sons a bitches. It was cracking me up because the ring announcer, Jay Gutierrez, was talking as if there were a million people watching. When in reality it was just the fighters and coaches. I was like, “Who in the hell does he think is watching this?” Finally they got to the pros and then it was my turn. We both weighed in at 142. He looked a lot bigger than I thought he would be, definitely taller. Of course that is usually the case when it comes to weigh ins. That first sip of pedialyte is like heaven. Back to more sitting and waiting but at least I can eat and drink now. We still had to do our interviews with Pat and Schiavello as well as see the doctors. It's so difficult to not just gorge myself but I'm doing my best. I still couldn't believe how unorganized these people were, unreal. Finally did my interview and then got in line for the doctors. It looked as if I would be the last one. Holst, Cosmo, Chris and a few others were ahead of me. It had already been 4 hours. We were waiting up on the stage. I started eating this giant salad I had picked up from the restaurant, along with a bunch of other food for after my IV. Mark see's this bullhorn in the closet and grabs it. “what the fuck, over, why's this taking so long?” Ha. So the rent a cop comes over, AKA 'The fun police', and tries telling Mark to put it away. Then he tells him he needs to leave. Marks like, “No, what are you gona do? You don't even have a gun.” It was hilarious yet at the same time I was so annoyed with everything and just didn't feel like dealing with anymore. Tiff was cracking up and got a bunch of it on video. Finally they call me in and I was shocked to see 3 doctors back there. How in the hell could this be taking so long? Come to find out that they were just as annoyed as we were. None of the fighters had any of the right paperwork, which wasn't even their faults. I had told the commission that we needed it and they told me I didn't. I explained this to the doctors and they had about the same response as me, “Those freaking idiots.” So the place I had been waiting on the stage was pretty dim and it was super bright in with the doctors so when they did my eye exam it was really difficult. Actually had to do it twice. Always freaks me out especially after all the eye issues I've had in the past. Finally finished up and headed back to my room. Jason was in there passed out. The chic doing our IV's had to run and pick up some more supplies so I just let him rest and started eating and relaxing. I was actually feeling fine so I didn't mind waiting. They finally showed up after about 30 minutes. Jason was still asleep but I told them to wake him up and do his first cause he needed it more than I. We finished up the IV's, nice and easy, said by to the girls, thanked them and lay back down. Jason wanted to hit up this nice steak spot they have here for dinner a bit later. Told him to hit me up, I was still stuffed. Finally after a while he called me, although I was still so full I went down. Mark said he was just going to chill. I was still craving sweet potato fries and the only place that had them was this bar near the restaurant. I was going to stop by and pick some up to go but they wouldn't let me in. I had on shorts and flip flops. I was like “You know this is a bar right.” And we're not talking about some upscale fancy place, this was your everyday college bar. I was cracking up. I asked the guy if I could just run in, order my fries and wait out front. Nope. Ok well can you just order it for me and I'll give you the money? Nope. Sons a bitches. Finally I just called Mark and had him come down and get them for me. Told him to just bring them back to the room and I'd eat later. I headed down the the steak spot. Funny thing is this was a 5 start restaurant and they let me in there with what I was wearing, yet this P.O.S. Bar was acting all stuck up, sheesh. Jason and his coach were there waiting for me. I got this giant 50$ steak and some sauteed mushrooms. You could definitely taste where there 50 dollars went, it was so amazing. I was so full that I could barely breath but I had to try a few bites. I saved the rest to have with my breakfast. I was exhausted and stuffed but feeling great. We all went back to my room so Jason could grab his stuff and then said goodnight. Mark was there hanging out. Ate some of my fries, which weren't all that great, they had this cheese stuff on them which was nasty. I just wanted to pass out. I just hoped that Mark wouldn't snore all night. I still had no clue when Kirian was getting in. I told Mark to just crash on the bed until we figured it out but he slept on the floor. Watched some TV for a bit then passed out, sort of. Seemed as soon as I fell asleep Mark started snoring and woke me up. I let it go for a bit but then finally smacked him upside his head with a pillow. My ear plugs helped a bit but I could still hear him. I tried covering my head with a pillow as well but could still hear him a bit. Luckily I was able to finally fall asleep. I kept waking up every hour or so because I had to pee, so annoying. I got up around 10 and made some oatmeal I had brought. Put a bunch of fruit and sun butter in there, it was so amazing. I lay back down till 12 and then just ordered up some room service because I didn't feel like going anywhere. Got an omelet with bacon, avocado and I added my left over steak. So amazing, I was stuffed. The one good thing about fighting out here is that we go on 3 hours later than normal because of the time difference. It was nice to just sit around and relax. Usually by the time I get up and eat it's already time to go to the venue. Dana gave me a call and prayed for me, which always gets me super emotional and feeling good. Finally talked to Kirian, he was here but was just going to meet us at the fights. I got all packed up around 4:30 and headed down. I kept running into fans and stopping for pictures, which is always nice. Finally we got inside, there was already a good sized crowd as the amateurs were about to start. We headed into the back where the 'security guard', same one Mark had pissed off yesterday, was checking everyone's bags. We weren't allowed to bring in any food or liquids, which is pretty normal although Vegas isn't so stupid. We had to wait in this long as line because there was only 2 people checking everyone's bags. Woosah. These people are so clueless. Finally I get up there behind Bob Karmel, they were going through his bags. They were going through his cut man stuff and taking all of it out. “What's this and this?” “Um adrenaline, you use it for cuts, every corner in the world uses it”, he says. “Well I don't know if you can have this, I gotta go ask”, the security guard says. If you have to ask someone then why in the hell are you the one checking our stuff? Woosah! Finally it was my turn and I'm thinking that I have nothing they could possible not allow in. Wrong. They take my chap stick, seriously chap stick, and then my gum, which was sealed in its wrapper. “You guys gotta be kidding me!” “Well we don't know what's in it”, he says. “It's freaking gum, it's sealed, what do you think, I manufactured it or something. If you know of something that I could have possibly put in there that is going to give me magical powers please let me know.” Woosah!!! “If someone wants to cheat then they will find a way, regardless of what you guys do.”, I say. Finally I get done with them, after they bag up all my 'contraband”, and I head into the back. We were sharing a room with Cosmo and his people. Put my stuff down and just relaxed. Kirian comes in and takes me into the side room to talk to me. He tells me that he's gotta do something about the Can't Stop Crazy logo on my shorts because Scott was pissed. I had sent my shorts in prior to coming out here to get the OK and no one had said there was an issue. Well apparently he had seen Mark wearing Joe's this morning on TV. He had went and done this news interview demo thing, as a favor to Scott, and wore Joe's shorts, that I had. because he didn't have any with him. They originally had asked me to do it but it was an hour drive one way and they had to leave at 7am. No way I was doing that the morning of the fight. So Kirian took my shorts and said he would figure something out. I had no other pair with me and there was no way I was wearing anyone else's. I just lay down for a bit and relaxed then the TV people came in to film me because they needed a shot of me shadow boxing, good times. After I got done 'being famous' I stretched out a bit and chilled. Then the commission comes in and tells me I can't wear my ankle guards. What? Why? You know these are basically just socks right? Again woosah, these idiots are just trying to make me snap, whatever. I was feeling really good physically and mentally, focused, wasn't going to let anyone mess that up. It sucked because there was no monitors for us to watch the fights and they wouldn't let us go out there. Jason was going to be up first, a few others, then Tiffany, then me and then finally Cosmo. So bummed I was going to miss Jason and Tiff's fights but at least I would get to see Cosmo and Mark's, should be interesting. I told Mark to just wrap my hands up as soon as he was done with Jason's that way we didn't have to rush. I always prefer having them done early. The amateurs were still going on, the first pro fight didn't start until 9. Finally the televised fights started. Mark wrapped my hands up, which have actually been feeling really good for awhile now, which is a nice change. I did a little shadow boxing and moved around a bit. Both Mark and Kirian were helping Jason out in his corner so I did a few quick light boxing mitts with Kirian before they headed out. Jason was up, I was so bummed I couldn't go out with him but I told him to do his thing, have fun and gave him a big hug. I was feeling really emotional, which is usually a good sign for me. Jason ended up losing his fight. Guess he got dropped twice in the first round but everyone said it still should have been a draw if not a win. You never can tell with the judges what they are going to think. I said F all that, no need for judges in my fight. Jason wasn't hurt or anything, just bummed. I'll hafta wait till I get home to watch it. Tiff was up next, I got all teary eyed giving her a hug and saying goodbye. As soon as she went I started kicking pads with Kirian. I was feeling so strong, everything was sharp and fast. I got a real nice warm up in and then called it. Got my cup and gloves on and did my best to stay lose waiting for them to call me up. It was pretty freezing down there so wasn't too easy and unfortunately I didn't bring none of my sweats. Cosmo turned on his usual praise/worship music. I was emotional before that but it just pushed me right over the edge. I was a wreck, fighting back tears. I', just so grateful to be doing what I love. When I look back at what it took for me to even begin starting training, then making it to the point I'm at now, after all the set backs, losses, injuries, etc, it's just all so much. No matter the outcome I'm living my dream, what more could you ask for? I had a nice sweat going but Tiffany's fight seemed to be taking forever and I was starting to cool off. We could hear the crowd going nuts and from the sounds of it she was winning, but ya never know. Finally they finished, Tiff had easily won all 5 rounds. Everyone wished us luck and we headed out to wait by the entrance. Time to put on a show, I was feeling great. Suddenly the security guy tells Kirian that he can't wear his hat. What? Is that a joke? He says that they don't allow hats in the corner. Craziest thing I ever heard, but I'm starting to get used to that out here. Kirian was heated, not much we can do about it now. He takes his hat off, splashed some water on his head and does his best to slick it back. He was pissed. Mother fuckers!!! Gotta love Connecticut. Chris went out first and had a good ovation from the crowd. Then my song comes on 'Vivir mi vida' by Marc Anthony. The crowd erupts and the emotions hit me like a wave as I walk out. Coban was one of the commissioners, he checked my gloves and stuff and sent me to the ring. The venue was a lot smaller than the Hard Rock, a lot more vertical to so it felt like the entire crowd was right on top of us. The front row was pretty much eye level with the ring. Felt a bit claustrophobic. Knelt down, said a prayer by the steps and then jumped over the top rope. Bowed to all four sides and then started to seal off the ring. One of the commissioners was standing in the way so I waited by him. I wanted to just kick him but luckily Dan Miragliotta, our ref, told him to get out of the way. Made my way around the ring and then waited in my corner. Jay Gutierrez introduced Chris and then myself, both to loud applause, and then Dan called us to center ring. He gave us our final instructions, we touched gloves and headed back to our corners. Kirian gave me a quick sip of water, I arched my back over the ropes to stretch, ding ding, round 1. We touch gloves and immediately he gives me a hard left kick to the body. Mother fucker haha, I gotta stop touching gloves with these fools. It had some power on it but didn't phase me none, luckily. He immediately started throwing bombs, which I was able to see quite easily, block, deflect and counter. We ended up clinching up after the first exchange. I could tell he didn't have much of a clinch but he was strong and felt super heavy. Felt as if I was grappling with Eddie's big ass. I went to dump him but he was able to stay on his feet and turn through it. He came right back at me hard and a slammed a short, sharp up elbow into his forehead. It split him open immediately. He came at me even harder, I could tell there wasn't going to be a lot of finesse in this fight. We clinch up again near the ropes. I wasn't trying to do anything fancy in there as I knew it would be a difficult task seeing his weight, so I just kept it calm, landed a few knees here and there. We separated and the blood was already pouring down his face. We end up clinching again along the ropes where Dan finally calls time. They had to give his cut a look at. We were both covered in his blood. I waited in the neutral corner. I could see the cut was bad, high up on his forehead but it was leaking into his eye already. Two doctors, as well as Dan, were looking at it and from the looks on their faces I thought they may stop it. The crowd was screaming, “Let them fight, let them fight!” I was almost positive it was over yet at the same time I knew that I needed to stay amped up in case it wasn't. I was in this weird place where on one hand I wanted it to be over so I knew I would be healthy to go right back into training yet at the same time it was only a minute into the fight, I wana work. Finally I said F it and started hoping around just in case. The doctor was shaking his head, I think they would have stopped it but it being so early on top of the crowd in there ear the let it continue. I was a bit surprised yet happy I was going to get to fight more. They start us back up and Chris comes at me ever harder than before. I knew he would be desperate so I just allowed him to swing away and just evaded everything, I could tell he was getting tired. His strikes had decent power but I was able to see them so easily that even the ones that landed I was able to take like they were nothing. We clinched up and I landed another elbow into his forehead. He was coming at me so hard that it was difficult to get into any kind of rhythm. He finally throws a kick, which I grabbed but wasn't able to do anything with it since he was so heavy and his balance was so good. He pushed me back to the corner with it and I smiled. Landed another elbow to the same spot. Next time he threw a kick I leaned out of the way of it and countered with a right hand. At the end of the round we clinched up, I was just staying relaxed, too relaxed and he swept me to the floor. Luckily I was able to grab him and take him down with me so it wasn't so bad. Ding, ding, end of round 1. Kirian says, “Out work him, he's ready to be broken.”, as he gives me some water and puts my mouth piece back in. The doctor takes another look at Chris's cut but let's it continue. I could see how deep it was even from my corner. I was able to open up a little more this round and was landing some nice combinations. Chris was still trying to press in hard but I had his timing and rhythm down pretty well. We clinch up again and this time he was able to throw me and stay up right, the crowd went nuts. I had a big smile on my face as I unloaded more combinations. Rudi was sitting pretty close to the front row so I could hear every word he was saying. Landed a few more elbows into that cut as well as some hard steps knees to his guts. He was still winging power shots but they were coming more infrequent. Kirian and Mark, as well as Rudi, were all yelling “Numbers, numbers.” He threw a switch kick, which I was able to see, lean back and counter with my own kick but I slammed my foot into his knee, ouch! We clinch up near the ropes, I body lock him and then spin around to his back as I push his head in between the ropes. Ding, ding, end of round 2. Kirian tells me not to chase him with the elbows, just let him walk into them. Mark told me to try and knee him in the head as he ducks his face in a lot. Ding, ding, round 3. I was feeling good although it was a grinding fight and hard to get into a nice rhythm. Chris throws a teep, which I catch and slam a hard elbow right into his cut. It sounded like a watermelon exploded. He comes back at with some hard shots. I let him push me back to the ropes as he throws another teep. I catch it and sweep him good. His back leg actually kicks me in the face as he spins to the floor. The crowd goes crazy. As he gets up Dan takes a look at him and calls time, I go over to the neutral corner. There's blood everywhere and the one cut has splintered off into several. The doctor takes a look at it again and this time waves it off. Chris tries to protest but it was only going to get worse. The crowd applauds yet is disappointed at the same time. They wanted more action. I stand up against the ropes and say thank you to them as well as say I'm sorry. Mark does his best to wipe all the blood off me but I was still left covered in it. Felt a bit anti climactic. Yes I was happy I won and came out uninjured yet at the same time I always want to go through wars but at least I was healthy to get right back into training. I thanked Chris for a great fight. They raised my hand, announced me as the winner as the crowd erupts. Pat gets in the ring to interview me. He congratulates me, shows a few replays of the fight and then asks if I came out of this healthy. I say yea and let the crowd know about my upcoming fight with Thompson on July 4th. Afterwords I get out of the ring and go into the back. The doctor checks me out, everything is fine other then being covered in blood. As usual I was feeling a bit down about the fight, always want it to be better. Kirian reminds me that this was a dangerous fight, a lose lose against a motivated, tough, hungry fighter. I did what I needed to do and came out unscathed. It is what it is. Tried to get my stuff off so we could run out and see the main event but we couldn't get my cup untied. I just left it on and ran out there, still covered in blood. At first the commission wasn't going to let me watch, I was getting ready to lose it, but luckily they finally said ok. I just sat off to the side with Mark. It ended up being a good fight, Cosmo definitely dominated but Mark made a good showing of himself and made it at least a bit competitive. All in all it was a good night. Can't say I ever want to come back and fight here again though, this commission is just the worst. But at the end of the day if it's between fighting here or having to wait a few months then I'll definitely fight here. Woosah!!!