Monday, September 22, 2014

Vs Chike

Chike and I were supposed to fight about 2 years ago in San Francisco. The commission up there not only screwed up our fight but the majority of the pro fights on the card ended up getting canceled, last minute. Gina and Mark both flew out with me. We were at weigh ins and the commission tells me that I got the wrong blood work. “How could I get the wrong blood work?”, I ask, “You guys gave me the paperwork for it.” They go on to tell me that there are two different types of hepatitis tests you can get and I got the wrong one...great!!!! No what? Come to find out that there is a 24 hour blood place we can go get it done at and they should have the results in time to be cleared to fight. I was furious, if these idiots would have checked all of this ahead of time then we could have gotten it fixed but nooooooooooooo. After the weigh ins finished up and we got something to eat someone from the promotion gave Mark and I a ride. It was an hour outside of town. We get there, get the blood work done and they tell us they will fax the results to the venue the second they are done. Obviously I was stressed but what can you do? The next day we make it to the venue and find out the blood work came and everything is a go, thank goodness. I think at least 4-5 of the other pro fights had to be canceled because of similar screw ups. This show was going to be a mess. We get into the back, I get stretched out a bit and then Mark starts wrapping my hands. As soon as he gets the first one finished someone comes in from the commission and says, “The fights off.” WHAT? No freaking way! They tell us that Chike apparently had gotten the wrong test as well but they hadn't checked. These people are the most useless bunch of idiots on earth I swear. Mark flipped out and was livid, I just kind of laughed, what can you do. Sure I was pissed but throwing a fit ain't going to help nothing. I just hoped I could at least get paid. I mean I did 99% of my job. Luckily the promoter kicked me down half, which is better than nothing. The show was a mess, pretty sure it was their last.

Chaz ended up fighting Chike back in August on Dennis's show here in Vegas. He lost a really close decision, most people, including me, still thought he won or should have at least gotten a draw. Either way it was a great fight.

After my fight with Coke Dennis asked me to fight the guy that had fought Bryce Krause on his last show. I would be defending my WBC welterweight national title. I remember watching that fight and that guy was just a sloppy brawler. The last thing I wanted was to be in an ugly fight. I would rather lost to a better, technical person than win against a scrub. If I'm going to defend my title, which I worked so hard to get, than I want it to be against someone who deserves to be in there. I told Dennis this and thankfully he agreed. He asked if I would like to fight Chike. Without hesitation I said of course, although I wasn't sure how he would make the weight as he normally fights at 155 and this was at 147. He's a great fighter and I know it will make for a great fight.

I didn't get much of a chance to rest after the Coke fight. My shin was still killing me and my body was just worn out from the tough fights I had over the past year. The first few weeks of training were pretty rough, my back had really been killing me. One morning I woke up and couldn't even sit up to get out of bed. I ended up just rolling off. It's been feeling better but it gets tight real easy. What makes everything worse is that fact that I have only been to Toddy's once! There's just no one there, fighters or trainers. Oh well, guess I'm on my own once again, nothing new. I had asked Toddy if he would help me get back to Thailand after this fight since I had no one to work with here. He didn't seem to pleased because I didn't want to go to his camp there. Luckily Shawn has been holding pads for me and Mike has been working some boxing mitts with me, bother over at Throwdown. I feel like I'm all over the place. Shawn Tompkins has been bringing me over twice a week to spar with Chris Hordecki to help him get ready for his fight. It's definitely better than nothing but Chris is a completely different fighter than Chike.

I don't just want to win this fight, I want to beat him so bad that people wonder why we are even in the same ring.


Well training has been going really good. I've been pretty worn out though and my back has still been giving me issues. It just keeps locking up, the muscles. Been lifting a lot in order to put some size on considering how much Chike is than I. Today was the best that I have felt. Shawn and I went to a hyperbaric chamber today that Rhonda hooked up for us. It was weird, makes you feel like you're on drugs, at least to me anyway. I felt really tired afterword but I had been worn out all day. Tonight, once I started training, I felt great. Did pads with Shawn then went and sparred over at Nick's. Felt really good, barely even got tired. Got about a week and a half left until the fight.


Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, Wednesday Norm was on a rampage. I woke up in the morning exhausted and my back was killing me. There was no way that I was going to be able to do my sprints. I hit Norm up and told him that I would get them done later on. Passed out after that and didn't wake back up until 2 this afternoon. I would have slept all day but luckily I set my alarm. I was so worn out. I got up and had some food then lay back down to rest some more. I headed over to the gym around 4 and got ready to attempt these sprints. My heel was still killing me from my damn shoes and it felt I was getting shin splints again on top of the fact my back was killing me. I got started, didn't feel too bad the first two rounds, but not great. By the third my back was feeling really tight and my shins were killing me. I knew that I was going to finish them regardless so I just pushed through the pain. 4th Round Norm put me up to 13.5 mph and I wanted to die. Then, just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, he bumped it up to 13.8 for the 5th round. I said, “What the hell? Might as well go to 14, don't short change me!” So he did. I don't know how my shoes didn't explode from running so fast. Somehow I got through it. Sucked ass but it made me feel good knowing that I did it. It had opened my lungs wide open, which always feels great. After that Chaz and I hit the bag for a bit then did some sparring and clinching.


Well hell week is over and I can finally rest. So happy to be done with all that. Just been trying to get some rest today. Weights pretty good, about 5-7 pounds out. Feel really good mentally, which is the most important part. My body is not too bad, just a few small injuries like my shin splints and that damn hole in the back of my heel. The worst part is my back, it's still killing me but I'll manage.


First day of dieting down and I feel pretty good, hungry but good. I probably don't even need to be as strict as I am but I just wanted to do one day and see where I end up. I went and did about 20 minutes on the elliptical then 5 rounds with Mike. I felt really good, wind felt great but my shoulders were burnt out. I did some exercises after that then went home. I had a delicious sweet potato and some asparagus, mmmmmm. Passed out for a bit then just relaxed until 2 then went to see Denny. He had one of his girls work on my back. It's been feeling a bit better but still annoying, nothing that will affect me. Went home, chilled out, played some Call Of Duty then headed back to the gym. I stretched out for about half an hour then Chaz and I did some technique sparring for about an hour. I felt pretty good. Had to teach after that. Sheila came by and gave Shawn and I another B12 shot. Definitely makes me feel a little better.. Got to have some wheat pasta with asparagus, egg whites and oil and vinegar, mmm, I'm full. It's not too bad, just hope my weight is down a bit tomorrow.


Woke up at 150.8 and I was feeling pretty good. Headed over to the gym and got on the elliptical for about 15 minutes. Right away my energy dropped. I was feeling really out of it and exhausted. Stretched out for about half an hour and felt like I was going to pass out. Chaz came in to teach his class and he wasn't looking too happy, really sucked up. I didn't think I was going to be able to get though the pads but I was definitely going to try. I started shadow boxing and was just feeling really dizzy. I tried hitting the bag for a bit, because Mike wasn't there yet, but I just couldn't do it. I decided to just go home and rest. I had a big bowl of oatmeal then passed out. I lay in bed until about 2pm. I got up and had a sweet potato, it was disgusting. I'm so sick of eating this crap. One more day until weigh ins. Went over to Bob's and got laser done on my shin and my back adjusted. Went to the gym after that. I had actually started feeling good when I was at Bob's but the second I got to the gym it was as if someone had unplugged me. I just lost all motivation. Chaz wasn't feeling too motivated either. For a second I almost said screw it but I decided to try and do a little something. We did some technique sparring for about half an hour. Actually started feeling a little better. Hit the bag for a few rounds after that. The exhaustion has just been hitting me in waves.


Tomorrow's the weigh ins, thank goodness. I actually feel really good and I think I'm already on weight. Got up this morning and Chaz and I went and did the MMA Junkie radio show over at Mandalay Bay. We were over there for about an hour, it was pretty fun. I felt good when I got up but before I went over to the show I accidentally took a bunch of vitamins on an empty stomach, bad idea. I thought I was going to puke my brains out on the way over there. Luckily I started feeling a bit better once we arrived. After that I headed back home and lay down for a while. Went to the gym around 5:30 and did some sweat work then hit some pads with Shawn. I was feeling pretty good and had some energy. I had to teach class then went over to Dana's so she could pray for me. When I got there Mike told me that she wasn't going to be home for about an hour so he just ended up praying for me. After that I went home for a little then headed to Shawn's so he could give me a hair cut. After he finished this wave of hunger hit me, it was awful. I knew that my weigh was good but I was hoping to be under so that maybe I might be able to have a little something to eat or drink tomorrow. I stopped by the grocery store on the way home to get some prune juice. The store is the worst place to be when you are starving. Everything looks so amazing, even stuff that I would never normally eat. I checked my weight when I got home, 149.Drank my prune juice, hoping to wake up around 145 so I can drink something. I'm really looking forward to this fight.


Woke up at like 6 this morning, checked my weight and was 146, which was a relief. I crashed back out for a few more hours. Checked my weight again and was 145.5. I decided to get up and have a little chicken sandwich and sipped on some water. Pretty much lay around all day. I was feeling good, a little out of it and weak but I was grateful to be underweight so I didn’t have to cut anything today. Checked my weight again and was still a pound under so I had another little sandwich and sipped some Pedialyte. Around 3 I took Shawn over to Dawn's so that he could cut a few pounds in her sauna. He said that he only had 2 left so I knew it would be easy. He did a 15 minute session then went back in for another 5 and was right on. Went back to the house and just lay around until it was time to leave. It felt so late because the sun was down but it was only 5. We took off at 5:30 to head to Stateline, stopped by Teriyaki Madness to grab food to bring. It was pretty rough driving with that amazing smell all the way out there. Got there, checked in, filled out paperwork and waited. Only had to sit around for about 15 minutes and then they got us on the scale. Originally we thought that Chaz was 5th, Shawn 6th, then I'd be 7th, then Romie then Malaipet for the main event. When I was filling out my paperwork I saw the bout sheet and it said that I was the main. I thought, “This can't be right.” I didn't really think too much about it after that. If it was cool if not whatever. They brought all of us onto the stage and had us line up to get ready to weigh in. Chike was standing next to me, didn't seem all that much bigger than I, of course I do have a distorted perspective of size. They say that they are going to start with the main event first and then work there way backwards. They call my name first, I guess I really am the main event. This surprises me seeing how stacked this card is. I end up being 146, Chike was 147.5 so he had to go cut the last half pound. They took a few pics of us then I put my clothes on and started grubbing. I saw Jack Thames sitting at the bar. Now Jack being as crazy as he is I didn't think much about it, seeing as he was supposed to fight tomorrow as well, but then he tells me that his fight got canceled. I felt so bad for him, just part of the game. Chaz and Shawn both made weight. Mason Gibson, who Shawn is fighting, came in 1.5 over but Shawn just took part of his purse instead of him making the weight. We sat down and ate our food, it was so amazing! After that Chaz and I bounced. Back in town we met up with his girl, Norm, Sheila and TJ over at Olive Garden. I was still pretty stuffed but I got some food anyway, ended up just taking it home. I feel really good mentally and physically. I know that I need to go into this one just like I did with Justin, to destroy him, no judges, no BS. Defend my title, which I still don't have and end this great year with another win. I'm ready for war, either way it's going to be fun.


Well here's how it all went down. I woke up around 8am and figured that I might as well get some more food in me. I made a protein shake and went back to bed. Woke up again at 11 and just lay there until 1. Got up, ate, watched some fights and lay around some more. Sucks sitting around all day. The sun started to go down, felt so late once again. I was feeling really good, just sleepy. Finally around 6:30 Chaz and I hit the road. I was so happy and grateful to God for allowing me to do what I love . Living your dream everyday is the greatest feeling. We got up to Buffalo Bills around 7, it was freezing out. We go inside the venue and it was a pretty nice set up, stadium seating with a big open floor. They had the same ring set up that we had used on a few previous Dennis shows. Chaz, Shawn, Romie and I were all in the same corner, which was nice. Went into the back and dropped all of our stuff off, it was about 7:30. Went around saying hi to everyone that was there. It was pretty cold inside too so I knew that it would take me a bit in order to warm up. I stretched out for a little while then went to go find Dennis to give him all of my ticket money. I kept running into people that I knew every 5 seconds so it was taking me forever. Finally I tracked him down, gave him the money and headed back. They were already in the middle of the rules meeting by the time I got back there. After that nonsense finished I went back to warming up. Mark finished wrapping Chaz's hands then got started on mine. I was so pissed when I realized that I had forgotten the necklace that I always keep wrapped around my wrist when I fight, my good luck charm. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. Mark did a great job on my hands, the felt really strong, but every time, in the back of my mind, I worry about breaking them again. Shadow boxed a bit and watched a few of the fights. Chaz was up. He'd had a rough run of it since turning pro, since he was only fighting savages, so I was really hoping this one would go his way. He was fighting Bryce, who had been in the game for a long time and was tough as nails, it would definitely be a test. I knew that Chaz could beat him as long as he stayed focused and fought smart. They started out slow, just feeling each other out. They ended up in the clinch, Chaz locked on to him good and was slamming him with brutal knees. Finally the ref breaks them up. Chaz steps in with this short left hook which lands right and Bryce's chin. He didn't even see it coming and was out, there was no getting up from that. I was so happy for him, he really needed that win. Shawn was up next, I did not envy him. Manson is a really awkward fighter who has been in the game forever. It was for the WBC national title. Shawn knew that he was going to have to wait, pick his shots and not run into anything stupid. Manson is usually really good at lulling people into playing his game but Shawn took his time and stuck to the plan. The crowd wasn't too happy about it, as there wasn't a lot of action, but Shawn did what he needed to do and was slamming him with hard leg kicks. Manson didn't come out for the 2nd round. I started hitting pads with Mark after that. I was feeling good but something felt a little off, not sure what it was. I watched a little bit of Romie's fight, it looked like war! I guess Romie had dropped his guy twice but ended up getting cut and stopped in the 4th from elbows. Malaipet and James Cook were up next. Apparently they had fought once 5 years early and it had been close. I was only able to watch a little bit as I was still warming up. From what I saw Malaipet was just screwing around with him in the beginning but by the 3rd his expression had completely changed. James is a tough guy with a lot of experience. I think Malaipet figured he would be able to get James out of their relatively quickly but that didn't happen. James didn't come out for the 5th round, I guess he ended up with broken ribs. Finally it was my turn. As I took my hoodie off my rosary got snagged and broke. I briefly thought, “That's not a good sign.”, but then put it in the back of my mind. They announce my name, I was ready! Made my way to the ring, heard the roar of the crowd but couldn't see anyone as the spotlight was blinding me. Even my walk had felt a bit off. Said a prayer as I knelt down by the steps, climbed up then hoped over the ropes. Got focused then sealed off the ring. I wish they would give us more time so that we could do the Wai Kru. I was feeling good, confident. I went back to my corner , Mark took off my mongkol, shirt and Nokweed, the ref, brought Chike and I to center ring. There was nothing personal so this wasn't one of those mean stare downs, as most of mine never are, just a show of confidence. We touched gloves and went back to our corners. Ding ding, round 1....I didn't write up how the fight went down, and it was 5 years ago so would be pretty tough to remember how I was feeling and what all happened. If you want to watch it just go to youtube and look up 'Kevin Ross vs Chike'. Enjoy

A few things I do remember is that I had, for the past few years, this inflamed nerve it my right shin. It was the most painful thing in the world anytime it got hit. Felt as if I was being stabbed with a hit knife. My doctor once gave me a cortisone shot in it but the pain of having it done wasn't worth the relief I got from the shot. It was something I just learned to deal with over the years. Well in the first round Chike slammed my shin with a kick. I thought my shin snapped in half as he hit that very spot. Good times! Another thing was at the start of the 5th round he smashed my nose in with an elbow, which at the time I actually thought we had smacked heads. I was out for a second and hit the floor. I didn't know what had happened and was going to take my time getting up but when I saw that the ref wasn't counting I immediately got up. Looking back, if you look at where Nokweed's eyes are and his perspective from that side, you can see that it would have just looked like a slip. I went after him right away. I told him later on that if he would have hit me once more he probably would have knocked me out hahaha. He said that the fact I went right back after him is why he didn't think I was hurt. I actually don't have much recollection of that entire fight. This was also the start of my nose getting smashed in and disfigured, damn you Chike :P I remember I was extremely emotional after this fight. Couldn't keep myself together. People would ask me if I was ok and I just shook my head. I had to sit down for quit a while and get myself together, on top of the fact my head was killing me and I was really out of it.

-Side note: When I started this camp Toddy had told me that he was leaving to Australia to do a seminar. He said just to get my training in with Shawn and Mark and once he got back he would make sure I was ready. He left and a few weeks later I asked his son, Dayel, when he would be back. He tells me, "Not till next year." What? My fight was on December 5th. This was the last straw for me, after a long list of things over the years, and when I decided to no longer train with him.

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