Saturday, September 13, 2014

Vs Mauceri


I'm at SFO right now waiting for my flight to DC and then to Connecticut Starving, exhausted but overall feeling great. Training for this fight went really well although it was an extremely long ca,p, 14 weeks. Only other time I've trained that many weeks in a row was when I was getting ready to fight Saenchai. Both times it wasn't my intention, just sorta worked out that way. I was back in the gym the week following my second fight with Embree in hopes that I'd be on Lion Fight 14 if someone was to pull out. By the time I found out that I wouldn't be on that card it was already too close to this one for me to find a fight overseas. I kept training my ass off in hopes that someone might pull out at the last minute but no such luck. It was a gamble on my part but I had to try. So that's why I've been training for as long as I have. Honestly felt like I peaked 2-3 weeks ago. Been doing my best just to maintain it and not burn myself out, which has been basically impossible. I have been so exhausted the last two weeks. My body and mind are completely fried. I took a day off here and there which helped but not enough. I'm glad all that's over and now it's time to have some fun.....well almost, still gotta starve for the next 2 days till weigh ins. I was actually only 6.5 pounds out this morning which is great. I'm just trying to make it as easy as possible since I gotta travel and stuff. It's Tuesday night right now, flights at 11pm and I get there at 7am. Only good part is that hopefully I'll be able to sleep. Today was a long one. Kirian, as usual, waited till the last minute to schedule my medicals. Almost was out of luck and would have had to fly down to LA to get them done. I would have lost it if that happened. Luckily he was able to get some set up. Had to dive out to San Jose for an EKG at 9am then stay there until 12:30for my neuro. Unfortunately the doctor got stuck in surgery so I didn't get to see him until 1:30. Nothing better than driving around, then sitting all day while starving and exhausted all for some pointless tests. I still had to get home to get ready and finish packing for tonight...woosah! I feel like a zombie. Last couple days of training my mind and body were completely fried. Honestly don't know how I was able to get through them and was even able to push pretty hard. Killing myself all day everyday as usual. I know that Chris, however inexperienced and nonthreatening he may be, is going to bring everything that he has and is going to try and make a name for himself off of me. The handful of times in the past where I wasn't fighting killers, it didn't exactly go so well. Not to say I didn't beat them because I did, I just didn't like how I fought, not that I ever really do. It's like if I don't feel threatened in there then it's hard for me to turn it on. Luckily the Embree fights kind of opened my eyes to this and made me realize that I need to fight how I fight regardless of what my opponent is doing. Even though Embree's a decent fighter I had absolutely zero concern with anything he did and even more so in the last fight since all he wanted to do was snuggle. Instead of getting mad and beating his ass I allowed it to basically take the fight out of me. I was like “well if you don't wana fight then I don't wana fight either, let's just hang out.” I'm never going to let that happen again, I'd rather lose knowing I gave it my all regardless of what my opponent does or doesn't do. Chris is trying to make his name off of me, that's not going to happen. He asked for a fight with me and that's exactly what he is going to get. I'm going in there to destroy him for every second of every round. I have a world title fight with Michael Thompson, who I've been wanting to fight for years, 6 weeks after this, July 4th in Vegas. I need to wreck this kid, make a statement, and then get right back to work. But for right now, woosah, long ass flights then a day and a half until weigh ins.

-Well that trip was brutal. First off my flight out of SFO got delayed 2 hours because of maintenance, which caused me to miss my connecting flight in DC. We actually landed as that flight was taking off. Next flight wasn't for another 4 hours. I was so exhausted and starving. Luckily I was able to pass out on the plane for a few hours but I was so uncomfortable. Finally got on a puddle jumper to Providence. Luckily when we got there my bag came out right away, I was having my doubts. As soon as I got my bag I opened it up and took a nice sip of the distilled water I had packed, so thirsty. Lion Fight was nice enough to have a driver pick me up. The weather was surprisingly nice out. A little humid but not bad. Took about an hour drive to make it to Foxwoods. I was half passed out in the back of the car the whole time. I couldn't believe how big the hotel/casino was. It's giant, even for a Vegas hotel, and in the middle of nowhere. I got there around 3, showered quick, unpacked and then wanted to lay down to rest but by the time I finished everything I had to go down and do the interviews for AXStv. Those are always fun but even more so when you have been traveling all day. So I get down to the room to do the interview, knock on the door, they tell me to come in but Chris is still there finishing his. They are all, “Oops, this is awkward, give us a minute.” Ha, like I care. I waited outside for them to finish and call me in. Once they finally did one of the guys says to me, “I guess it's no big deal with you Muay Thai guys.” Which was a nice compliment. Glad people can see the difference in our demeanor. I did my interview, accidentally said, “I'm gonna break my foot off in his ass.” Honestly didn't even realize it until Tiffany, who was sitting to the side waiting, tells me she heard it and was cracking up. Oops! Oh well. It's not that I didn't mean it I just didn't mean for it to come out like that. Finished that up and then had to do some photograph stuff. It was so good to see Tiff, she seemed like she was doing really well. I went to leave but Cosmo was waiting outside so we talked for a bit. He cracks me up. So surreal knowing him especially since I used to watch all his fights back in the day, still do. Some people say that same thing about knowing me, which I think is the weirdest thing ever. He was telling me how much he loves to eat and how he doesn't want to fight so light anymore ha. Said bye to him then Tiff and I walked back to our rooms. Said she was going to hit the sauna after her phone interview but wasn't sure when they closed or how much it cost. I was thinking about going as well so I went down with her to check the place out. Wow, you can really get lost in this place. Finally we found our way to the spa, it closes at 9. I was really starting to feel this weight cut so I told her that I'd just take a bath if anything. I needed to lay down and sleep. Finally got back to my room, turned the heat on, to hopefully sweat a little, and passed out. Woke up a bit later because my feet were freezing. Wtf? The heat was on full blast. I put some socks on and passed back out. Paul, this Muay Thai kid who does a podcast, had hit me up on Facebook to see if he could interview me. “Of course”, I told him so he said he would drive up with his girl at 9 tonight. It was a fun interview, always nice when you can tell the people are really into the sport. I could tell he was really stoked to do it, and nervous haha. We took some pics afterwords, chatted for a bit then said goodbye. Mark finally landed and said he was about an hour out. I cranked up the heat some more, put some sweats on, stretched out, jump some rope and then shadow boxed a bit. I figured my body could use it after all of that travel plus it would help knock some weight off. Finished up with some abs and sit ups then took a hot ass shower. My body was feeling a lot better as it had been super tight from the flights. I didn't think I had dropped much but the scale said I was down 2 pounds, nice! So that means I'm 3.5 out right now. Tiff and Jason had stopped by earlier before they went to the sauna and I checked their scale. I was 1.5-2 pounds lighter on hers and she said hers was always accurate. At most I have 3.5 but probably closer to 2, which either way I should float most over night. Easy peazy.


Mark got in late last night after I finished my weight cut. Kirian is supposed to get here this morning but he missed his flight so who knows when he'll show. I told Mark last night that I'd kill him if he starts snoring haha although it ain't like I got nothing to do today but starve. I was 145 when I got up. Wanted to check Tiff's scale and hit Christine up to see if I could check on the official one. She told me that it would be available from 1-1:30 for everyone to use. Tiff's said I was 143.5 so I know at most I have about a pound to go so I figured I would wait and see what the official scale said until I cut anything. Tiff and I walked down there at 1. It took us a bit to find cause this damn hotel is enormous. Chris Mauceri, Nick Chasteen and a few others were already there waiting. The scale was already on the stage, just wasn't plugged in. Mark and I went up there, plugged it in and then I got on. 144, so I got a pound, good, not great. I was hoping not to have to do anything. I knew I could probably float it in time but I like to make sure so I decided to just do a pound in the tub. Was still feeling ok, not too weak. I waited until 2 and then filled up my tub with as hot of water as I could stand. Added a bag of epsom salt and got in. Usually I'm dying in there and just praying for the time to pass quickly but this time I was feeling pretty good, it was actually relaxing. At the same time this worried me and I thought maybe I wasn't dropping any weight. I stayed in for 10 minutes then took a hot shower. I was still sweating pretty good when I got out so I just covered up in a towel and lay on the bed. Jason stopped by, he said he was right on weight. Thank goodness he didn't look as bad as he did last time. Hopefully he is starting to figure this stuff out. I changed quick, we grabbed our drinks and snacks then headed to the venue at 3. I had a feeling that this was going to be a total pain in the ass but I was still hoping for the best. At least I was feeling relatively good. We get there, check in and wait, wait, wait. Time was just dragging by. On the itinerary they gave us it said 'weigh ins from 3-7', which is a bad sign. $ hour window. Christine said that they hoped to get us on the scale by 5 but she had no idea. This commission out here is the worst. There almost as bad as California. Well in California they know what they are doing, they just don't give a shit, here however it seems as if they literally have never worked fights before. Woosah. So I fill out all my paperwork and wait for the doctor, or whoever the hell we were waiting on. They tell us, “we'll call you”, and seemed as if they were taking us in order. Well about an hour in one of the commission guys says to me, “You haven't gone yet?” 'No! WTF? They said they would call me when they were ready.' Finally got in line between Jason and Mark Holst. The amateurs on the card all seemed star struck, well I guess I would have been too. One girl was so sweet, she was freaking out, “Oh my God I'm so excited to meet you, this is so amazing!” It's always so surreal to me. Makes me feel so good that I've impacted these people's lives in a positive way. Finally I get called into the room, it was only for us to get our federal ID's. These freaking idiots. So the lady, whose this large woman whose eating freaking Snickers bars, puts a wrist band on me and I say, “What's this for?” She says, “It's so you can get into the fights tomorrow.” I say, “Why in the hell would you put it on my wrist now, what if I lose it?” She says, “Well then you can't get into the fights.” “Well that's smart”, I say. She just gives me this look. “What happens if it snags on something, breaks, or I lose it?” She then goes on to tell me that they've been working fights for over 20 years and in that time no one has ever lost one. Yea right! So I calmly say, “Don't you think it would be a little better of an idea to give them to us tomorrow, or just not to strap them to our wrists right away?” She says, “No, I don't want to have to come find you.” As if you would have to come find me if this is the only way I can get into the fights...woosah. Ok, obviously this is like trying to reason with a rock. She takes my photo and then gives me my ID. I tell her that I'm not trying to argue, I'm just trying to suggest better options. Why even bother? I was getting so annoyed. These people just give no shits. So back to waiting. Finally they tell us that it's time to weigh in. We all go into the theater and sit down. Of course they start with the amateurs first. These sons a bitches. It was cracking me up because the ring announcer, Jay Gutierrez, was talking as if there were a million people watching. When in reality it was just the fighters and coaches. I was like, “Who in the hell does he think is watching this?” Finally they got to the pros and then it was my turn. We both weighed in at 142. He looked a lot bigger than I thought he would be, definitely taller. Of course that is usually the case when it comes to weigh ins. That first sip of pedialyte is like heaven. Back to more sitting and waiting but at least I can eat and drink now. We still had to do our interviews with Pat and Schiavello as well as see the doctors. It's so difficult to not just gorge myself but I'm doing my best. I still couldn't believe how unorganized these people were, unreal. Finally did my interview and then got in line for the doctors. It looked as if I would be the last one. Holst, Cosmo, Chris and a few others were ahead of me. It had already been 4 hours. We were waiting up on the stage. I started eating this giant salad I had picked up from the restaurant, along with a bunch of other food for after my IV. Mark see's this bullhorn in the closet and grabs it. “what the fuck, over, why's this taking so long?” Ha. So the rent a cop comes over, AKA 'The fun police', and tries telling Mark to put it away. Then he tells him he needs to leave. Marks like, “No, what are you gona do? You don't even have a gun.” It was hilarious yet at the same time I was so annoyed with everything and just didn't feel like dealing with anymore. Tiff was cracking up and got a bunch of it on video. Finally they call me in and I was shocked to see 3 doctors back there. How in the hell could this be taking so long? Come to find out that they were just as annoyed as we were. None of the fighters had any of the right paperwork, which wasn't even their faults. I had told the commission that we needed it and they told me I didn't. I explained this to the doctors and they had about the same response as me, “Those freaking idiots.” So the place I had been waiting on the stage was pretty dim and it was super bright in with the doctors so when they did my eye exam it was really difficult. Actually had to do it twice. Always freaks me out especially after all the eye issues I've had in the past. Finally finished up and headed back to my room. Jason was in there passed out. The chic doing our IV's had to run and pick up some more supplies so I just let him rest and started eating and relaxing. I was actually feeling fine so I didn't mind waiting. They finally showed up after about 30 minutes. Jason was still asleep but I told them to wake him up and do his first cause he needed it more than I. We finished up the IV's, nice and easy, said by to the girls, thanked them and lay back down. Jason wanted to hit up this nice steak spot they have here for dinner a bit later. Told him to hit me up, I was still stuffed. Finally after a while he called me, although I was still so full I went down. Mark said he was just going to chill. I was still craving sweet potato fries and the only place that had them was this bar near the restaurant. I was going to stop by and pick some up to go but they wouldn't let me in. I had on shorts and flip flops. I was like “You know this is a bar right.” And we're not talking about some upscale fancy place, this was your everyday college bar. I was cracking up. I asked the guy if I could just run in, order my fries and wait out front. Nope. Ok well can you just order it for me and I'll give you the money? Nope. Sons a bitches. Finally I just called Mark and had him come down and get them for me. Told him to just bring them back to the room and I'd eat later. I headed down the the steak spot. Funny thing is this was a 5 start restaurant and they let me in there with what I was wearing, yet this P.O.S. Bar was acting all stuck up, sheesh. Jason and his coach were there waiting for me. I got this giant 50$ steak and some sauteed mushrooms. You could definitely taste where there 50 dollars went, it was so amazing. I was so full that I could barely breath but I had to try a few bites. I saved the rest to have with my breakfast. I was exhausted and stuffed but feeling great. We all went back to my room so Jason could grab his stuff and then said goodnight. Mark was there hanging out. Ate some of my fries, which weren't all that great, they had this cheese stuff on them which was nasty. I just wanted to pass out. I just hoped that Mark wouldn't snore all night. I still had no clue when Kirian was getting in. I told Mark to just crash on the bed until we figured it out but he slept on the floor. Watched some TV for a bit then passed out, sort of. Seemed as soon as I fell asleep Mark started snoring and woke me up. I let it go for a bit but then finally smacked him upside his head with a pillow. My ear plugs helped a bit but I could still hear him. I tried covering my head with a pillow as well but could still hear him a bit. Luckily I was able to finally fall asleep. I kept waking up every hour or so because I had to pee, so annoying. I got up around 10 and made some oatmeal I had brought. Put a bunch of fruit and sun butter in there, it was so amazing. I lay back down till 12 and then just ordered up some room service because I didn't feel like going anywhere. Got an omelet with bacon, avocado and I added my left over steak. So amazing, I was stuffed. The one good thing about fighting out here is that we go on 3 hours later than normal because of the time difference. It was nice to just sit around and relax. Usually by the time I get up and eat it's already time to go to the venue. Dana gave me a call and prayed for me, which always gets me super emotional and feeling good. Finally talked to Kirian, he was here but was just going to meet us at the fights. I got all packed up around 4:30 and headed down. I kept running into fans and stopping for pictures, which is always nice. Finally we got inside, there was already a good sized crowd as the amateurs were about to start. We headed into the back where the 'security guard', same one Mark had pissed off yesterday, was checking everyone's bags. We weren't allowed to bring in any food or liquids, which is pretty normal although Vegas isn't so stupid. We had to wait in this long as line because there was only 2 people checking everyone's bags. Woosah. These people are so clueless. Finally I get up there behind Bob Karmel, they were going through his bags. They were going through his cut man stuff and taking all of it out. “What's this and this?” “Um adrenaline, you use it for cuts, every corner in the world uses it”, he says. “Well I don't know if you can have this, I gotta go ask”, the security guard says. If you have to ask someone then why in the hell are you the one checking our stuff? Woosah! Finally it was my turn and I'm thinking that I have nothing they could possible not allow in. Wrong. They take my chap stick, seriously chap stick, and then my gum, which was sealed in its wrapper. “You guys gotta be kidding me!” “Well we don't know what's in it”, he says. “It's freaking gum, it's sealed, what do you think, I manufactured it or something. If you know of something that I could have possibly put in there that is going to give me magical powers please let me know.” Woosah!!! “If someone wants to cheat then they will find a way, regardless of what you guys do.”, I say. Finally I get done with them, after they bag up all my 'contraband”, and I head into the back. We were sharing a room with Cosmo and his people. Put my stuff down and just relaxed. Kirian comes in and takes me into the side room to talk to me. He tells me that he's gotta do something about the Can't Stop Crazy logo on my shorts because Scott was pissed. I had sent my shorts in prior to coming out here to get the OK and no one had said there was an issue. Well apparently he had seen Mark wearing Joe's this morning on TV. He had went and done this news interview demo thing, as a favor to Scott, and wore Joe's shorts, that I had. because he didn't have any with him. They originally had asked me to do it but it was an hour drive one way and they had to leave at 7am. No way I was doing that the morning of the fight. So Kirian took my shorts and said he would figure something out. I had no other pair with me and there was no way I was wearing anyone else's. I just lay down for a bit and relaxed then the TV people came in to film me because they needed a shot of me shadow boxing, good times. After I got done 'being famous' I stretched out a bit and chilled. Then the commission comes in and tells me I can't wear my ankle guards. What? Why? You know these are basically just socks right? Again woosah, these idiots are just trying to make me snap, whatever. I was feeling really good physically and mentally, focused, wasn't going to let anyone mess that up. It sucked because there was no monitors for us to watch the fights and they wouldn't let us go out there. Jason was going to be up first, a few others, then Tiffany, then me and then finally Cosmo. So bummed I was going to miss Jason and Tiff's fights but at least I would get to see Cosmo and Mark's, should be interesting. I told Mark to just wrap my hands up as soon as he was done with Jason's that way we didn't have to rush. I always prefer having them done early. The amateurs were still going on, the first pro fight didn't start until 9. Finally the televised fights started. Mark wrapped my hands up, which have actually been feeling really good for awhile now, which is a nice change. I did a little shadow boxing and moved around a bit. Both Mark and Kirian were helping Jason out in his corner so I did a few quick light boxing mitts with Kirian before they headed out. Jason was up, I was so bummed I couldn't go out with him but I told him to do his thing, have fun and gave him a big hug. I was feeling really emotional, which is usually a good sign for me. Jason ended up losing his fight. Guess he got dropped twice in the first round but everyone said it still should have been a draw if not a win. You never can tell with the judges what they are going to think. I said F all that, no need for judges in my fight. Jason wasn't hurt or anything, just bummed. I'll hafta wait till I get home to watch it. Tiff was up next, I got all teary eyed giving her a hug and saying goodbye. As soon as she went I started kicking pads with Kirian. I was feeling so strong, everything was sharp and fast. I got a real nice warm up in and then called it. Got my cup and gloves on and did my best to stay lose waiting for them to call me up. It was pretty freezing down there so wasn't too easy and unfortunately I didn't bring none of my sweats. Cosmo turned on his usual praise/worship music. I was emotional before that but it just pushed me right over the edge. I was a wreck, fighting back tears. I', just so grateful to be doing what I love. When I look back at what it took for me to even begin starting training, then making it to the point I'm at now, after all the set backs, losses, injuries, etc, it's just all so much. No matter the outcome I'm living my dream, what more could you ask for? I had a nice sweat going but Tiffany's fight seemed to be taking forever and I was starting to cool off. We could hear the crowd going nuts and from the sounds of it she was winning, but ya never know. Finally they finished, Tiff had easily won all 5 rounds. Everyone wished us luck and we headed out to wait by the entrance. Time to put on a show, I was feeling great. Suddenly the security guy tells Kirian that he can't wear his hat. What? Is that a joke? He says that they don't allow hats in the corner. Craziest thing I ever heard, but I'm starting to get used to that out here. Kirian was heated, not much we can do about it now. He takes his hat off, splashed some water on his head and does his best to slick it back. He was pissed. Mother fuckers!!! Gotta love Connecticut. Chris went out first and had a good ovation from the crowd. Then my song comes on 'Vivir mi vida' by Marc Anthony. The crowd erupts and the emotions hit me like a wave as I walk out. Coban was one of the commissioners, he checked my gloves and stuff and sent me to the ring. The venue was a lot smaller than the Hard Rock, a lot more vertical to so it felt like the entire crowd was right on top of us. The front row was pretty much eye level with the ring. Felt a bit claustrophobic. Knelt down, said a prayer by the steps and then jumped over the top rope. Bowed to all four sides and then started to seal off the ring. One of the commissioners was standing in the way so I waited by him. I wanted to just kick him but luckily Dan Miragliotta, our ref, told him to get out of the way. Made my way around the ring and then waited in my corner. Jay Gutierrez introduced Chris and then myself, both to loud applause, and then Dan called us to center ring. He gave us our final instructions, we touched gloves and headed back to our corners. Kirian gave me a quick sip of water, I arched my back over the ropes to stretch, ding ding, round 1. We touch gloves and immediately he gives me a hard left kick to the body. Mother fucker haha, I gotta stop touching gloves with these fools. It had some power on it but didn't phase me none, luckily. He immediately started throwing bombs, which I was able to see quite easily, block, deflect and counter. We ended up clinching up after the first exchange. I could tell he didn't have much of a clinch but he was strong and felt super heavy. Felt as if I was grappling with Eddie's big ass. I went to dump him but he was able to stay on his feet and turn through it. He came right back at me hard and a slammed a short, sharp up elbow into his forehead. It split him open immediately. He came at me even harder, I could tell there wasn't going to be a lot of finesse in this fight. We clinch up again near the ropes. I wasn't trying to do anything fancy in there as I knew it would be a difficult task seeing his weight, so I just kept it calm, landed a few knees here and there. We separated and the blood was already pouring down his face. We end up clinching again along the ropes where Dan finally calls time. They had to give his cut a look at. We were both covered in his blood. I waited in the neutral corner. I could see the cut was bad, high up on his forehead but it was leaking into his eye already. Two doctors, as well as Dan, were looking at it and from the looks on their faces I thought they may stop it. The crowd was screaming, “Let them fight, let them fight!” I was almost positive it was over yet at the same time I knew that I needed to stay amped up in case it wasn't. I was in this weird place where on one hand I wanted it to be over so I knew I would be healthy to go right back into training yet at the same time it was only a minute into the fight, I wana work. Finally I said F it and started hoping around just in case. The doctor was shaking his head, I think they would have stopped it but it being so early on top of the crowd in there ear the let it continue. I was a bit surprised yet happy I was going to get to fight more. They start us back up and Chris comes at me ever harder than before. I knew he would be desperate so I just allowed him to swing away and just evaded everything, I could tell he was getting tired. His strikes had decent power but I was able to see them so easily that even the ones that landed I was able to take like they were nothing. We clinched up and I landed another elbow into his forehead. He was coming at me so hard that it was difficult to get into any kind of rhythm. He finally throws a kick, which I grabbed but wasn't able to do anything with it since he was so heavy and his balance was so good. He pushed me back to the corner with it and I smiled. Landed another elbow to the same spot. Next time he threw a kick I leaned out of the way of it and countered with a right hand. At the end of the round we clinched up, I was just staying relaxed, too relaxed and he swept me to the floor. Luckily I was able to grab him and take him down with me so it wasn't so bad. Ding, ding, end of round 1. Kirian says, “Out work him, he's ready to be broken.”, as he gives me some water and puts my mouth piece back in. The doctor takes another look at Chris's cut but let's it continue. I could see how deep it was even from my corner. I was able to open up a little more this round and was landing some nice combinations. Chris was still trying to press in hard but I had his timing and rhythm down pretty well. We clinch up again and this time he was able to throw me and stay up right, the crowd went nuts. I had a big smile on my face as I unloaded more combinations. Rudi was sitting pretty close to the front row so I could hear every word he was saying. Landed a few more elbows into that cut as well as some hard steps knees to his guts. He was still winging power shots but they were coming more infrequent. Kirian and Mark, as well as Rudi, were all yelling “Numbers, numbers.” He threw a switch kick, which I was able to see, lean back and counter with my own kick but I slammed my foot into his knee, ouch! We clinch up near the ropes, I body lock him and then spin around to his back as I push his head in between the ropes. Ding, ding, end of round 2. Kirian tells me not to chase him with the elbows, just let him walk into them. Mark told me to try and knee him in the head as he ducks his face in a lot. Ding, ding, round 3. I was feeling good although it was a grinding fight and hard to get into a nice rhythm. Chris throws a teep, which I catch and slam a hard elbow right into his cut. It sounded like a watermelon exploded. He comes back at with some hard shots. I let him push me back to the ropes as he throws another teep. I catch it and sweep him good. His back leg actually kicks me in the face as he spins to the floor. The crowd goes crazy. As he gets up Dan takes a look at him and calls time, I go over to the neutral corner. There's blood everywhere and the one cut has splintered off into several. The doctor takes a look at it again and this time waves it off. Chris tries to protest but it was only going to get worse. The crowd applauds yet is disappointed at the same time. They wanted more action. I stand up against the ropes and say thank you to them as well as say I'm sorry. Mark does his best to wipe all the blood off me but I was still left covered in it. Felt a bit anti climactic. Yes I was happy I won and came out uninjured yet at the same time I always want to go through wars but at least I was healthy to get right back into training. I thanked Chris for a great fight. They raised my hand, announced me as the winner as the crowd erupts. Pat gets in the ring to interview me. He congratulates me, shows a few replays of the fight and then asks if I came out of this healthy. I say yea and let the crowd know about my upcoming fight with Thompson on July 4th. Afterwords I get out of the ring and go into the back. The doctor checks me out, everything is fine other then being covered in blood. As usual I was feeling a bit down about the fight, always want it to be better. Kirian reminds me that this was a dangerous fight, a lose lose against a motivated, tough, hungry fighter. I did what I needed to do and came out unscathed. It is what it is. Tried to get my stuff off so we could run out and see the main event but we couldn't get my cup untied. I just left it on and ran out there, still covered in blood. At first the commission wasn't going to let me watch, I was getting ready to lose it, but luckily they finally said ok. I just sat off to the side with Mark. It ended up being a good fight, Cosmo definitely dominated but Mark made a good showing of himself and made it at least a bit competitive. All in all it was a good night. Can't say I ever want to come back and fight here again though, this commission is just the worst. But at the end of the day if it's between fighting here or having to wait a few months then I'll definitely fight here. Woosah!!!


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    As a layperson, this is informative and very fun to read. I cannot believe that weigh ins and doctor exams are so poorly organized, nor that the goddamn fighters don't have a special security check, you guys are the reason everyone is there for chrissake.