Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Vs Yamato


I'll see if I can get all this down while it's still fresh in my mind. I'm n my way to Florida right now to see my mom and spend some time with my home girl Misty. Training for this fight went pretty good overall. When I first started I hadn't really realized how sore my shins still were from the last fight with Embree. My first day of training I went and kicked the sand bag as hard as I could...bad idea! It damn near dropped me to my knees. On the surface my shins seemed fine but the bruising was super deep so that one kick brought all of it right back out. Eased back in that first week and then was right back to full on training with Kirian, Jesse as well as Jongsanon a few times a week. Mentally I was feeling good, extremely motivated. Felt like I had finally got all the rust off since coming back after surgery. I was ready to get back to being me. The sessions with Sharon, my mind coach, had really helped. Physically I was feeling pretty good other than my shin and a few other minor things. About a month into training Joe, Chaz, Ky, Tiffany, Carla and Jeff all come up to train for a weekend. It was so nice having everyone together again, especially getting to train with Chaz. He's one of the few people that really keeps me on my game. Although I still do get a little paranoid when we clinch ever since blowing my knee out, not that it was his fault. Jeff did a little filming and some interviews with everyone. Joe is fighting in the Glory 4 man tournament, which is a week after my fight. He had been pretty sick lately but still got some training in while he was out. We all went over to Hooters after our Saturday session to watch some fights. It was nice but I was just exhausted and was struggling being around all that food. I sat there like a zombie. We all trained again on Sunday and then said our goodbye's. Wish we all lived closer so we could do this more often. Jeff put together a really amazing piece from all the footage he had shot, it got me all emotional. I took that Monday off as I had been training for 7 days straight and really need a break. Unfortunately I woke up the next day super sick, freaking Joe!!! I couldn't believe it. Actually I could, I seem to always manage to get sick leading up to a fight. It's tradition. Well at least I was still 2 weeks out but it still sucked. Ended up taking the following day off as well but then had to get back to work. I wasn't feeling too bad but I had a really bad cough and was super congested. I told myself years ago, “Does it really matter how you feel? If you're going to do something than do it. No excuses!” I was still killing all my workouts but it was just mentally and physically draining being sick. My weight had been coming off pretty rapidly, like a pound a day. It was crazy. I was still feeling strong so I didn't really think about it, even though I was a few pounds under what I would normally like to be at this point. I was 9 pounds out and still had well over a week. The Friday before the fight I was 9 pounds out still and went and hit with Jongsanon. I felt amazing, best day yet. Went home and rested but when I woke I felt as if I had just cut 20 pounds. I was so weak and exhausted, just a mess! I couldn't do anything. Attempted to get up and train but finally realized that there was no way and just lay back down. Eventually I did get up and went down to hit mitts with RJ, my boxing coach. I wrapped up and tried to start shadow boxing but he still wasn't there. I was struggling and feeling like I would pass out at any moment. When I finally realized he wasn't going to show I just left. I figured getting some food in me would help so I ate a ton. Started feeling a bit better. Lay back down and told myself that I would just kill it on Saturday. I hit Gaston up and told him we should meet up early so that I could take him to breakfast for his birthday. I was feeling a lot better after we ate but the longer we sat there the more drained I felt. By the time we got to the gym I was feeling like a zombie, just wrecked. Did my best to wrap up, stretch and try and get myself going. Kirian asked me what was wrong. I told him that it was probably the sickness on top of dropping all that weight. We only did about 6 rounds and then he had me go with Gaston. This was the worst feeling in the world to me especially being a week out from my fight. I had really wanted to kill it today. Normally this is when I would want to be at my best. I just wanted to roll over and die, so spent! Finally we finished and I called it a day. Kirian had a long talk with me, which made me feel a lot better. Went home and passed out. I knew that no matter how I felt, I was in the best shape that I ever had been, so I wasn't worried. Woke up on Monday feeling a lot better although my weight had shot up to 153. Great! This was going to be rough. I prefer to be no more than 10 pounds over when I'm a week out. Oh well. Had a great session with Jongsanon then I did some bike as well as some partner drills that night. Already started my cut, just rabbit food from her on out. Tuesday I woke up around 150. Better just not good. I knew that I could still make the weight without too much trouble, I had just been hoping this would be an easy one. Guess I got spoiled these last few fights. I did a session with Kirian, just felt drained but the real work is done. I had to leave for Vegas Wednesday morning so I said my goodbye's to everyone that night. I went home and starved. Deanne had been giving me massages twice a week, which had really been helping. My shin splints had been acting up as well as my hamstring, which in turn made my knee tight. I was feeling like a mess but mentally, which is the most important part, I was feeling amazing. Headed to Vegas in the morning. I was landing at 12:10 but I had received an email from Christine saying, “All fighters must be at the press conference at 12:30!” There's no way! I was like, “You know you guys are the ones that booked my ticket right?” Chaz picked me up and we headed straight over to Fremont street, the fight was going to be right in the middle of it. First time they have ever done Muay Thai fights there. He had already picked up my IV stuff, water and pedialytes. We got down there a little before one. I still had all my bags with me so I went inside to check in and get my room. I was feeling so impatient, especially while I was waiting in the long ass line. I was so tired and hungry, just wanted to lay down. Finally got to my room, which was surprisingly nice. It was at The D hotel right on Fremont street. Now I had been worried when they told us that's where we were staying because for the most part, everything on Fremont street is straight ghetto. I even had a fridge in there. I dropped my bags off and my phone starts ringing. It was Christine asking where I was because they were waiting on me to start. I got downstairs and they were rushing me all over the place, damn near pushing me. They took as all into this waiting room. It was Cosmo, Yamato, Cyborg, Jorina, who had taken this fight on a weeks notice, NamponNampon and myself. They give us this whole spiel about how the press conference is going to go down and how we need to be all professional and blah blah blah. They take us out to the stage, which was right underneath the Fremont Street Experience, where the weigh ins will be as well as the fights. Then seat all of us on this long table and then the press starts asking questions. Typical stuff. It was nice and cool out luckily. The press conference went fine, nothing special, we were all just super tired and hungry. Probably not the best time to be asking us questions. After we finished up I went to my room to rest. I had about 7 more pounds to go. Usually float 1-2 overnight so I finally just decided to rest and cut everything tomorrow. Weigh ins were at 5 and I had to be there at 4 so I figured I would start my cut around noon. I did my best to sleep, which wasn't easy seeing how hungry and dehydrated I was. I was just hoping that I would wake up with only 5 more pounds to go. Christine let me know that I could check on the official scale around noon. I woke up at 7 the next day but luckily was able to pass out until 11 after that. My scale said that I was 146-147. Now I could be 141 because of the pound allowance, although Christine said as long as I'. under 140.4 they round down, which I had never heard and I didn't want to even push it. I was feeling pretty lousy but it was hitting me in waves. Finally checked the official scale which said I was 146. Ok, 6 pounds more, I can do this. When I had arrived on Wednesday my hair was straight black because Lacee was going to cut it for me that night. I was planning on doing a mohawk but then when I saw that Cosmo had one I changed my mind. Gotta figure something else out. I didn't have a lot of options as my hair wasn't very long. Mark says, “Why don't you do a lightning bolt?” Sounded cool but at the same time I knew how easily it could go wrong. When Lacee showed up I still wasn't certain about what I wanted. I hate getting stressed out over something as stupid as my hair. Part of me just wanted to hack it all off and say screw it. Lacee liked the lightning bolt idea. Unfortunately there was some miscomunication and she hadn't brought bleach with her. I told her not to even worry about it but she headed out and picked some up. I felt so bad as she had already came all the way here on top of the fact that she had driven to The Hard Rock first on accident. Luckily this gave me a bit more time to narrow down what I wanted to do. I ended up coming up with a half way decent design. Modeled it off that lightning bolt from Joe Vs The Volcano ha. I had drawn out the design for her but it's easier said than done. There were a few moments there where it seemed as if it was going to be a disaster. Finally she finished and it was looking good. We bleached it so it was these black and blonde patches. She just put the bleach in and left as it was already pretty late and she had school in the morning. I washed it out when it was time and it was looking good although I wished the bleached parts were lighter. I asked if she could could back the next night so we could go over it one more time and she said she would swing by. Finally got in bed and passed out. I had Rudi come up around noon so he could help me Bic my head, as there were spots I couldn't see. After, around 1, that I started my cut in the bath just in case I would need more time. Mark came by just to give me support. Got the bath as hot as I could handle, added Epsom salt and green alcohol and got in. Time for some fun! It's definitely a lot better than a sauna but it's still pretty rough. Everything in you is screaming to just get out. Mark told me to just do a 20 minute session then check. Pellegrino came by and dropped all my shirts off that Brent had sent. I had about 2 pounds to go after the first session so decided to just do a bunch of 5 minute ones until it was off. My last 5 minute session in the bath I was feeling pretty lousy but not as bad as it could have been. Finally got out, still pouring sweat, one of the bonuses of Epsom salt. Got dried off as best I could and checked my weight, 143.2, nice! It wasn’t even 2 o'clock yet. I was still sweating so I just decided to go and sit in my room by the heater and relax, we had plenty of time. I was still having waves of feeling lousy. For the most part it was probably because I haven't really had to do this in forever so my body wasn't used to it. I checked my weight again at 2:30, was still sweating, 141.6. I was so happy, knew the rest would come off between now and the time I got on the scale. Took a hot shower and lay down. Checked one more time, 142. What the hell? Stupid scale. Well I was pretty sure that mine was at least half a pound off. Either way I should still be able to drop enough by weigh ins. We still had about 2 more hours until we would actually get on the scale. I'd chew gum and spit as much as I could just in case. Hopefully be able to pee a bit more too, although I'm sure just dust would come out. I lay down in bed and watched some fights. I was feeling really good about this fight. Finally felt like my old self. Probably also had something to do with the fact that I was finally fighting someone world class and someone I had wanting to fight forever now. We had to check in at 4 to sign posters and stuff but it was just down the hall on the same floor I was on. Christine let me go down there early so that I could go back to my room and rest for a bit. Lay back down and watched some more of Pornsanae's fights and then it was time for weigh ins. Best part about fighting in Vegas is that the Nevada commission actually has there shit together. 2 hours tops and we'd be done. Filled all my paperwork out and then went to sit down. Ran into Scotty, then saw Jose and grabbed a seat next to him. My sister showed up with Lenix, he's so cute. She had my food with her, I couldn't wait to eat. I really just wanted to drink some of the Pedialyte but I was actually feeling good at this point. No matter how much I know that my weight is right on I still get freaked out. There's always that piece of me that is paranoid I'll get on the scale, it will be over and I'll have to go cut again. It happened when I fought Malaipet, although their scale was screwed but I still had to go cut the weight. Everyone was saying, “Oh there's the hair!” Think people were worried when they saw it yesterday and it was normal haha. I told them it still wasn't finished. Around 5 Jay Gutierrez, the ring announcer, starts the weigh ins. Ammy's first, wtf? I was pissed! I was thinking, “Ok, they had better at least do the pro card with the main event first and go backwards.” No such luck. Couldn't believe it, total disrespect Just kept reminding myself that if we were in California right now we would still have about 2 more hours until the commission even bothered showing up. Malaipet's opponent, this Brazilian kid, tried acting all hard when they did their face off. Bad idea! Malaipet was just cracking up. Finally they call my name, huge applause, always makes me feel good. Got on the scale first, 141 on the dot, so happy! Mmmmmm, Pedialyte is soooooo goooood after a weight cut. Yamato weighed in at exactly the same then they had us square off. He wasn't that short, big legs, not sure why people kept saying that I was bigger than him. There was definitely mutual respect showed, no bad blood. We had both been wanting to fight for a while now, just looking forward to putting on a show. Stood up there for a minute so all the press could get their photos and then I sat down to eat some of the food my sister had brought. A few people that had sent me money for tickets met up and picked them up. I had to wait another 30 minutes to do my interview with Miletich and Schiavello. Still crazy to me having those two interview me. I didn't feel like going all the way back to my room so I just sat there and snacked while I waited. It's so hard to just not binge on all the food and liquids after depleting yourself for so long. I was doing my best though as it usually messes my stomach up when I over do it. Kathleen showed up to do my IV, as did Lacee to do my hair, so I gave them my key and sent them up to my room along with my sister. I did a quick on camera interview with Christine. A bunch of drunk guys came up and told me that they would be rooting for me ha. This should be fun. Kirian comes by and says that everyone is waiting for me. What the hell? They told me that they would let me know when it was my turn. I was pissed. Went over to the trailer where they were doing the interviews and waited in line with everyone else. This was going to take forever. Luckily they let me go ahead of everyone. It was just a quick interview luckily. They know me enough, crazy! I just told them that they would see the old me, no more playing around. Finally got done and headed up to my room. Kathleen already had the IV stuff all ready to go. Lacee was waiting so we just set my IV up so I could sit on the couch while she did my hair. Multitasking! Kathleen always hooks the IV up so fast. Anything is better than the time Chaz's neighbor did it and had to poke me 6 different times before he could get it working. Come to find out later that he wasn't even a medic. I was so bruised up after that. I was feeling pretty good just from the food and liquids I had been putting down since weigh ins. The IV and Meyer's cocktail always makes me feel that much better, even when I only cut a few pounds. I was snacking on fruits,nuts, water, Pedialyte and finished the Teryaki Madness that Janelle had brought me. Lacee had brought me some bright pink dye to put over the hair we had bleached. It turned out really great, I loved it! It was funny at the press conference people kept saying, “Uuummm is that all you are doing with your hair?” I said, “Don't worry, this is only phase 1.” Then at the weigh ins I let them know that this was phase 2 but still not finished. It's been so surreal watching Muay Thai finally blow up here in the states. I knew that it would eventually happen just never thought that I would still be fighting when it did. For so long I was just focused on being the best that 'I' could be but now it's about being the best that 'we' can be. People are finally taking notice. After I finished up the IV everyone took off and I just rested. After awhile Mark, Jose and I hit up this steakhouse inside the hotel. Stephanie Joplin and Breanna Armstrong were there as well so we told them to join us. Kirian came by after and we all hung out, it was a lot of fun. I couldn't stop eating, I felt awful. It just snuck up on me. I didn't think that I had been eating all that much but when I looked back it actually was a lot. Whoops! Oh well. I was so exhausted. Said goodbye to everyone and headed back to my room. I was so full that it was hard for me to fall asleep. I couldn't even get comfortable. Luckily I was able to eventually. Woke up around 10 and hit Mark, Kirian, Jose and them up to meet up for breakfast. Rudi and Jose were already eating at the diner. Luckily they were there first because the line was crazy long. I had run into Chad Hill near the elevators. He had brought me a box of Krispy Kreme's. Son of a!!! Ha, I had to carry them around during breakfast. The service was awful, took forever. Not sure what it was because there weren't that many people in there. Jose and Rudi were just finishing up eating when we got there. They hung out for a bit then left. Kirian and Mark finally showed up. I figured for lunch I would just call it in and order to go. After we ate I headed back to my room to lay down. I was tired but unable to sleep, just rested. Mark came up and hung out for a bit. We had to go check in at 4 but it was right down the hall. At 3 I ordered some food and jumped in the shower. Chaz was on his way. Mark went and grabbed my food for me. I was still feeling pretty good, legs felt a little funny but they always do. I still had no idea how this show was going to go being out there on Fremont street. Either really good or really bad. The locker rooms were down the hall but we would have to take the elevators downstairs when it was time to fight. We went down to my locker room. Cosmo and I were sharing the big main room. Hung all of my stuff up and just relaxed. It was about 5 and the amateurs had just started. They had a stream playing in the main room but it was really choppy, unwatchable, oh well. At least we would have an idea of how the fights were going. Kirian and Mark headed down to check out the venue. I guess we were going to be warming up upstairs and then they would take us down right before our fights to these tents where would could wait and warm up more up we wanted. I started getting stretched out a little, Jeff was taking pics. I knew that it was going to be a great fight. Just needed to get going right away, no waiting, be me. Had to do our drug tests. They had a bathroom in the room connected to our, which Cyborg was using for her warm up room. She had been so sucked up at weigh ins but was back to being huge. They had the gloves in that big main room where the stream was. We would be using the Lion Fight Twins gloves, same ones I had used against Bernie accept I had the black ones this time. They're ok, definitely prefer the Fairtex ones. The Twins guy was there, always forget his name. He told me to hit him up and he'd send me some free gloves. He was telling me how for some reason people keep cutting the thumb strap on them. Well maybe if someone would make gloves where the damn thumb wasn't connected in a way that doesn't make you hold your hand in a tweaked out position that wouldn't happen. It's like you learn how to punch correctly yet the way they make gloves forces you to hold your hand in a completely different position, I hate that. Went back to the locker rooms, I had told Scotty that I was going to walk out with him. This was going to be his retirement fight so I wanted to be there. It was a rematch with Jose. Unfortunately, with having to go up and down the elevators, it was going to take too long and would be cutting it close to when I should be warming up for mine. I gave him a big hug and told him to just enjoy every moment, soak it all in. Went back to my room and got wrapped up. Mark did an amazing job, as he always does. Couldn't wait to fight. Put the gloves on but didn't tie them yet, never do until the last minute so that way I can use the bathroom. Did some boxing mitts with Kirian, was feeling really fast and sharp. Did a little clinching with Chaz after that. Ended up tweaking my elbow out, my bad one. It's been messed up for over 2 years now. Got real bad once I was coming back off surgery since all I was doing was holding pads. I let it go on for way too long instead of taking care of it and now it's just permanently screwed. I can't even hold pads for people anymore because it hurts so bad. Luckily it doesn't bother me too much to use for hitting but sometimes I will hyper extend it and it's brutal. No big deal! It was almost time to go so I went to the bathroom quick, got my gloves tied and then did some Thai pads with Kirian. My kicks were feeling extra fast and strong, along with everything else. Time to go to work. Apparently earlier the elevators had gotten stuck, and there was only two. Luckily they let us use the service elevators. We made our way down. They brought us to the tent waiting area, it was right behind where we would walk out. I still had no idea how the venue looked or how it was all going to work. It was kind of cool out so I kept moving around so I didn't cool off too much. Gaston and Caitlin were there waiting with us. Scotty came to walk out with us as well. I couldn't wait. Finally they give us the go and I walk to right behind the stage. They had Yamato walk out first I was wearing my karate kid headband, that I had bought on Ebay and the vest Mark had gotten me for me. Finally I hear my song, “I'm the best around”, and I walk out as the crowd goes crazy. One of the funnest walk outs I have ever done, everyone was loving it. It was amazing being right under the Fremont Street Experience, all the lights, all the people out there in the open, it was a great set up. Say a prayer as I kneel down by the steps and the climb up and jump over the top ropes. I seal off the ring as I say a quick prayer in each corner as Jay Gutierrez gets on the mic and announces us both. Mark gets my mongkol and all my gear off and then we both meet at center ring. Tony Week's gives us our final instructions and then sends us back to our corners. I say a final prayer and ding ding, round 1. We start out quick, I'm using my front kick here and there. He ends up grabbing it and trying to take me down, which he is unable to do. Off that we clinch and I turn and dump him to the ground easily. We get back to it, just feeling each other out. Still trying to find my rhythm and range. He ends up catching my front kick and countering with a hook but it doesn't land clean. Same thing again except this time it lands right on my jaw. My equilibrium goes and he knows it. Comes in and tries to finish me off. We end up clinched up and I take him down once more. Still trying to get my balance as he comes in winging elbows left and right. We clinch up once more along the ropes. I just hold him trying to regain my wits. Tony breaks us up and we go back to work. He catches my front kick again and counters with the same hook but this time my guard is up, luckily. Still winging elbows and ends up opening a small cut over my nose. Nothing new. We clinch up again and again I dump him to the ground easily. Finally I start to get back into a rhythm and begin working my jab. It surprises me that he isn't using his boxing more. My switch kick is working nicely as I slam a few off of his arms. He lands his own but his sneaks right under my arms and slams into my liver. My body immediately shuts down as I go back into the ropes. He tries to finish me off once more, in the corner this time, slinging elbows in combination. We end up clinching up as the bell sounds and the crowd goes wild. Not the best start to the fight but I finally was feeling loose and ready to go. Kirian worked on my cut in the corner. They told me the cut wasn't too bad and not to worry. Just keep my hands up, let that left kick go as well as my hands. Round 2. I start letting my combinations go, nothing with any real power just trying to get movie. He throws a switch kick, I grab it and sweep him. I get me thigh under his leg which takes him way up in the air. He luckily turns a bit as he lands so that all his weight doesn't come slamming onto the back of his head but it still rattles him. The crowd goes nuts. Still working my switch kick and combinations, which are landing nicely. He's trying to open up but I'm shutting down most of his offense. Still looking for big elbows. I'm really letting loose with my combinations this round and feeling good. He's able to grab my rear leg teep but can't do anything with it and finally lets go. I fire off three consecutive left kicks as the round comes to an end. Now we have us a fight. The crowd erupts in applause. I'm feeling really good now, nice and loose and my conditioning is great. Kirian goes back to work on my cut and he and Mark tell me to keep up the work. Continue with the left kicks and keep letting my hands go. Beginning of round 3 I open up with some fast combinations, all of which land nicely. My switch kick continues landing. He's only throwing single shots, most of which I can easily see. Still looking for those big elbows. Half way through the round we get into an elbow exchange, both firing them back and forth no one wanting to give way. He throws a front kick which I'm able to grab and send him on another ride, didn't get any elevation this time but the crowd loves it. He lands a nice body shot and follows with an elbow. He follows with the combination once more. I go into a spinning elbow and off of that go into the clinch where I take him down. As I try to get up my glove is stuck underneath him. Tony says, “Let him go, let him go.” I fire off three more switch kicks, all of which land solidly. He then throws his own combination ending with an elbow that cracks off of my eyebrow, opening a giant gash. I step in with a jab to the body followed by a right head kick that just grazes his chin. A little closer and it would have been lights out. He lands a hard body shot as the round comes to an end. Kirian goes to work on my cuts. He says, “Kevin you're winning these rounds, just getting the occasional cut.” I'm feeling great and can tell that my pressure and combinations are throwing Yamato off. I just need to keep him from busting me up more. Wasn't sure how the judges would be scoring it. I was out landing him 10 to 1 but it was easy to see the damage the cuts were doing. Who knows. Ding, ding, round 4 begins. I was feeling great, other than the meat hanging off my face. I start off with two fast switch kicks that land across his arms. Work him back to the ropes and the step in with a hard rear front kick to the face that snaps his head back. I was staying busy, just picking at him. He seemed frustrated and taken back by my willingness to keep pushing forward. He kept pointing to my cuts, as if to tell the ref he needs to look at them and stop it. This only confirmed my thoughts that he was tired and wanting it to be over with. I kept firing off combinations and snuck a right head kick up the just barely missed its mark. At the end of the round we ended up clinching and I turned him and pushed him through the ropes. End of round 4. I had completely outscored him that round, probably 10-1, but who the hell knows how the judges would score it. I sit down in the corner and Kirian goes back to work on my cuts. He says ,”Another great round, all he's looking for is the elbows.” The ref and doctor come by to check out my cuts. Kirian lets them know I'm fine. Mark tells me to keep firing off my combinations and to keep my hands up. Bell for round 5 sounds. We come together at center ring, give a quick hug and then right back to war. I fire off 6 consecutive left kicks to his body. We start trading punches back and forth, neither one of us giving an inch. After that exchange he resumes pointing at my cuts, which only motivates me to push it that much harder. He lands another elbow but at this point I could really care less. What's one more cut? I keep up the pressure and he backs into the ropes as the blood pours down my face. I can't really see anything but at least I know where he is and that's enough. I go in with a lead up elbow and he throws a hard right elbow at the same time, which slams into the side of my head knocking my equilibrium outa wack. As I stumble back I try and throw a spinning elbow to catch him rushing in but he runs into me and causes me to fall back into the ropes. Tony Weeks steps in as my head goes through the ropes. He calls time. My face was drenched in blood. Tony walks me over to the corner to have the doctor take a look at me. He asks if I could see, which I definitely couldn't but wasn't about to tell him that. Told him that I was fine and to let me keep going. He wiped away the blood and then let us get back to work. The crowd applauds in appreciation. The round resumes and we immediately go into another big exchange as Yamato tries to finish off his handy work. I walk forward through everything he does. The more I do this the more he slows down and begins backing up. I walk him back to the ropes firing off combinations. Finally he tries to come back with his own. He throws a teep which I again grab and sweep him to the ground as the crowd erupts in applause. As Yamato gets to his feet he points at my face once again as in says, “What the hell ref, look at his damn face.” I put my hands out, smile and give him a look as to say, “You're going to do a hell of a lot more than that to slow me down.” We clinch up once more, I fire off a few knees and then bend him through the ropes as Tony comes in and breaks us up. We throw a few more shots at each other and then get clinched up along the ropes. I hear the 10 second marker and just continuously fire knees into his body. Finally Tony comes in and breaks us up as the final bell sounds. I run around the ring with my hands up and the crowd is on its feet applauding what they have just witnessed. Kirian jumps in the ring, along with Chaz and Mark, as he wipes off all of the blood as best he can. The doctor comes over to me to take a look at the damage. Chaz and Mark go to work trying to get my gloves off for me. Yamato comes over to my corner and thanks us all for a great fight as we hug. I smile and thank him as well. Finally they get my gloves off and I go to center ring and await the results. I wasn't even thinking about who won or lost, I was just grateful to finally have felt like myself and to have been in a great fight. I figured they would give him the win regardless of how much I had outscored him. It would be hard to discount all the damage that was clear to see all over my face, but who the hell knows what these judges have going on in their heads. Jay Gutierrez gets on the mic and says, “Ladies and gentlemen before I announce the decision please show your appreciation to these two fighters...” The crowd once again goes into a booming applause. He goes on to say it's a split decision. Every judge had it scored 48-47 but only one for me. Yamato wins the decision, which didn't really surprise me. The crowd applauds as Yamato jumps up and down. He is visibly emotional. Comes over and kneels at my feet thanking me. I pick him up, give him a hug and thank him. I couldn't be happier. Wins and losses mean nothing to me, fights like that is what I live for. Sure I would have loved to get the W but the most important thing for me is putting on a show and being true to myself. Everything else is just extra. I go over to his corner and thank his team. Finally we all get out of the ring, the doctor is trying to escort me to the back as people are coming up and congratulating me. My sister is there with my nephews and I give them a big hug and tell everyone else that I'll be back soon because they are rushing me away. I get taken into the back for the doctor to give me another look over. He tells me that I need to go to the hospital to get stitches. I try and let him know that I have my own doctor and that she can stitch me up so I don't have to deal with all that. Keith Kizer was in there, former head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. He told me that I had to go to the emergency room or that they would suspend me. WTF? I was so annoyed and pissed off. Kirian tried calming me down and just told me to do what they say. Last thing I wanted to do was have to wait in a damn emergency room for who the hell knows how long especially when I could get it taken care of right away, not to mention for free. I know what an up tight asshole Keith was so I said F it. Then he tells me that I can't go back into the hotel to get my stuff. All of my things were still upstairs in my changing room. He tells me that they can't have me walking through the hotel looking the way that I do. This further infuriates me. After everything I just went through you're really going to give me a hard time over some bull shit? He tells me to just send someone else but I let him know that I don't know exactly where all of my things are or exactly what all I need. Finally he agrees to let me go as long as I hurry and as long as I keep my cuts covered up with a towel. I just wanted to smack him. I put a towel on my head and Mark and I go run back upstairs. As I walk through the hotel everyone is gawking at me. Finally we get to the elevators and head back up to my changing room. I grab my back pack and all my things and run them back to my room quickly to drop it all off. I was exhausted and starving, all's I wanted to do was eat and lay down. Took a look in the mirror and damn, my face was jacked up. Had about 7 cuts, which surprisingly weren't even really bleeding. Kirian had done a great job at sealing them up best he could. I got changed quickly, grabbed one of the donuts from the box Chad had given me earlier, grabbed my gallon of water and then we headed back downstairs. Went back to the room where Keith, the doctor and Kirian were waiting. They pointed me to the ambulance which was going to take me. Again they said I had to go in the ambulance. Ya that makes a lot of sense. Mark was going to meet me at the hospital. Said bye to Kirian and Hopped in. We finally get to the hospital and they bring me into the back and put me on a bed. It was a big room with about 6 other people in there just separated by curtains. The doctor lady came by, who was very nice, she asked if I was ok and told me that they would get to me soon. At first I was hoping this wouldn't take too long, as I had gotten into the back so quickly, but the more I looked around the more I realized that this was going to be a long night. Every person back there was either shot, stabbed or looked half dead. The guy right across from me had been stabbed in a fight, the police were questioning him. It was hard to be annoyed when most people in there were close to death. Every time it seemed like it was almost my turn they would wheel in another victim. Emergency room in Vegas, downtown after midnight on a weekend. Ya, I was never getting out of here. Mark texted me letting me know that he was here but that they wouldn't let him in the back. Kenny had brought him and they were going to wait till I was done so they could give me a ride back to the hotel. Told him that it would probably be quite a while but he said not to worry. Every once in a while that nice doctor lady would come by and see how I was doing and let me know they would get to me as soon as they could. Unfortunately my phone was starting to die, which was going to make time go by a whole lot slower. I was getting bombarded with texts and Facebook messages telling me what an amazing fight it was. Finally around 5am, I believe, the doctor comes by to stitch me up. She injects me several times jamming the syringe deep into all the cuts, filling the with lidocaine. That definitely did not tickle. The start to go numb pretty quickly as she goes to work. This was going to take a bit. Just glad this didn't happen in Thailand where it would have probably been done without numbing first. Those were fun times. Ended up with 34 stitches, 7 cuts. I thanked the doctor and we finally got out of there as the sun was coming up. I felt so bad for Kenny and Mark waiting all this time. I thanked them and Kenny gave Mark and I a ride back to our hotel. We said our goodbyes and Mark and I stopped at a hotdog spot for some food. I was starving, luckily they were still open. Got two giant chilli cheese dogs and fries. Went back to my room and pigged out, along with the donuts and all the other junk I had brought with me. It was amazing but sure as hell didn't sit in my stomach too good. That along with the pain in my face made it almost impossible to sleep. Good times all around.

-The end  


  1. Anonymous14.2.15

    what an amazing tale man, you probably looked like quite a character with cuts all over picking up food haha. that was the greatest fight i'd ever seen. sure made Rocky looks like a bitch and that was just a movie

    1. thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it