Monday, January 23, 2017

Enjoy the ride

We all have things in our lives that we want, that we work for and dream about. Most of us feel that once we get that thing everything else in our lives will be better. We have this goal and we put all of our thoughts into achieving it but too often we forget to enjoy everything along the way. I can compare this to training for a fight. I used to be training for a fight and just dread the hard days I would have to go through. All I wanted to do was get to that day where I could finally get in there and fight. I would just get through the motions of training that would ultimately all lead up to this goal. The fight day would finally be here, the fight would happen and then in an instant, it would all be over. Afterwards I would be left with an empty feeling, a sadness, almost a depression. It's because my whole life would be centered around this one moment in time. Every second of every day would be on this moment. And then it would be gone. I realized that all those days of hard training that I would dread and get through as fast as possible were just as valuable and great as the fight day. I realized that I was rushing through my life. Sure it might not be as fun as the actual fight but I get to live my dreams every day, why would I rush through or dread that. What I'm trying to say is don't think that once you reach this goal everything is just going to magically be wonderful. If you aren't happy with five dollars in your pocket you won't be happy with 5 million. Having goals and dreams is an extremely important part of life. I believe that we all need to have these things and that we all need to go after them. But don't think that once you get there that it's going to miraculously change your life and change who you are. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy the now. Yes, that goal should drive you and keep you motivated, but don't forget to enjoy the struggle, enjoy the hard times. You're not going to be here forever, maybe 100 years’ tops, enjoy the moments that you have. Good or bad, they are all meaningful so appreciate them and ENJOY THE RIDE!  


  1. Thank you Kevin for this post. I really needed to hear that to remind me. Many thanks xx

  2. What is the best type of martial arts to start with I'm 17

    1. there is no 'best' anything, it's just a matter of finding out what's best for you and what it is you are wanting to accomplish